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One night in many

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One night in many?

As she walked down the stairs I could feel my dick get hard already. Cheyenne was dressed in a short silk miniskirt, thigh high stockings, knee high leather boots, and a very tight top that accentuated her breasts. Each step she took she swung her hips just a little more than normal. She had fixed her hair the way I like and put just a little makeup on, even though she does not need it, just to accent her deep blue eyes. I could see just enough as she got to the bottom stair that she was wearing a very sheer thong that laces in the back, one of my favorites.

We had been working hard trying to get bills caught up and in doing so had neglected to spend time together. We decided to splurge a little and go out?I didn?t realize it meant ALL out. She said she just wanted to look good for me since she knew I liked it when other men looked at her and wanted her. I loved showing Cheyenne off and tonight she was going to help me do just that.

We decided to go to a local restaurant that has a bar that some of my coworkers go to. When we got there I noticed that not only were some of the guys at the bar looking at her but some of the staff as well.

We decided to sit at the bar and have a few drinks with some friends. It happened that the manager that was on duty was friends with one of my coworkers so he was over with us all quite often. We all got to drink and play a few games and listen to some good tunes on the stereo. All night it seemed that my wifes skirt got pulled further and further up as she sat and turned and moved on the stool. I happened to notice that her panties were showing from beneath her skirt and had caught the attention of the manager, Joe. I decided to sit back and see what would happen. Joe made more and more excuses to come over to the side of the bar where he could get a better view of my wife?s black lace panties. I leaned over to her after he had gone back behind the bar and told her to go in the bathroom and take off her panties and put them in her purse. She asked why and I told her about what I had been watching with Joe. She got a smile on her face and excused herself, saying she needed to go freshen up. Some of the guys jokingly asked her if she needed any help. To which her replay was ?Ya just never know??. When she returned she looked at me and just nodded letting me know she was now completely bare under her skirt. Now the fun was going to get started. She positioned herself back on her stool but in a way that not only Joe, but all the guys could see if they were looking. The conversation started up again when she came back and she kept lightly flirting with Joe just to try and get his attention again. One by one all the guys started to head out and get back home but we decided to hang out and close the place down so to speak. As we were sitting there talking to Joe, he mentioned that he saw Cheyennes bare pussy and wondered how I got her to do things like that. I just told him she would do anything I told her to. He laughed and said ?Yeah, right. She doesn?t seem like the type to take orders very well.? I said ?Really, what would you like to see her do?? I think it would be hot to just watch her pull her skirt up and show her bare pussy to me and Tommy the waiter here.? At this time Cheyenne was over playing pinball or something so I told her to come here. She walked over to where I was and I told her to lift her skirt and show that wonderful treasure to our bar manager and the waiter standing there. She just looked at Joe and slowly grabbed her skirt and pulled the bottom up to her stomach and showed him and Tommy her shaved pussy. The look on Joe and Tommy?s face was priceless. I could see the desire and lust in their eyes. They couldn?t believe she was standing in the middle of the bar showing them, perfect strangers, her bare pussy. Joe was the first one to speak and asked what else she would do. I told him she would do anything I told her to. I looked her in the eye and said ?Honey, why don?t you get down there and suck Joe?s dick for him right here in the bar. He doesn?t believe you will do anything I tell you to.? She never said a word but the smile on her face told me that she was more than fair game. ?Hold on a second? Joe said. ?I have to go lock the doors.? As he walked back over to the bar Cheyenne got down on her knees and slowly unzipped his fly and hauled his cock out. He wasn?t huge but he had some girth. He was probably about 8 inches long but about as big around as one of the bottle of hot sauce on the tables. She started licking the head and I though his knees were going to buckle on him. ?Ooohhhhhh damn that feels good!? I couldn?t believe I was just sitting here watching my wife suck this guys dick and wasn?t in the middle of it. I was actually enjoying just watching her pleasure this strangers cock like there was no tomorrow. She started sucking him into her mouth and then went down until her nose was against his stomach. ?Damn, my wife can?t even do that!? he said. Oops, I didn?t know he was married. ?One condition here guys,? I said, ?What happens at the bar?stays at the bar, Deal?!? ?No problem my friend,? Joe said.

I looked over at Tommy and the scared look on his face. He explained that he had just gotten engaged and did not want to jeopardize that relationship. But he just had to see if Cheyenne was as good as she looked. About this time I heard Joe start to announce that he was going to cum. Cheyenne didn?t even miss a beat and as he started pumping cum she started swallowing. After she was done she got up and took Tommy?s hand and led him up on the stage where the band usually plays and got down and took his dick out of his pants. She started sucking but he had other ideas and moved around to get behind her. While he had her on all fours he just flipped her skirt up and plowed his cock into my wife?s pussy in one stroke. ?OOOHHH I was wondering when I was going to get some dick in there.? Cheyenne said. Tommy pounded into my wife?s pussy for about 15-20 minutes before I saw him tense up and go stiff. I knew he was shooting his load into my wife?s pussy and I could tell by the look on her face that his would not be the last load tonight. After Tommy finished he must have gotten nervous because he got up and ran past me saying thanks and ran out the door. By the time I finished locking the door back for Joe, I looked over and saw his dick was hard again and he was getting ready to slip it into my wife?s freshly fucked pussy. ?Don?t you want any of this man?? I heard him say as he was sliding his dick in. ?Yeah, honey, bring your dick over here so I can suck on it while this stranger fucks my pussy good.? As I stepped around to the other side of the bar Joe put her on top of the bar so he could get at her from one side and I could from the other. I watched as he slid his cock in her to the hilt and kept it there for a second. Oh yeah, that feels good, Joe. You gonna fuck my pussy now? You gonna bang it?? My wife loves to talk dirty sometimes, and when she does it is enough to send you over the top. Joe decided it was time to fuck that pussy for all he was worth. He pulled out slow and slammed back in hard. Again, and again he pulled out slow, just to slam his dick back inside her. Each time I could hear a little ?unh? come out of her mouth. Just as I decided to slip my cock between her lips he decided to pick up the pace doing the same thing. ?Unh Unh Unh UNH UNH UNH? So to keep her quiet I stuck my dick in her mouth. That didn?t keep her too quiet though as she was apparently enjoying the fucking she was getting. Joe was fucking her so good that she couldn?t keep my dick in her mouth so I just decided to sit on a stool and watch. Joe kept at it for quite a while then Cheyenne started talking to him. Talking dirty. I couldn?t hear what was said but he looked over at me and smiled. I saw him tighten up. I knew he was cumming. I kept watching and I could see the cum start to leak out of her stretched pussy lips Even though his dick was filling that pussy up it was still leaking out. ?Your turn!? Joe said as he backed away and left her laying across the bar. As I moved up to put my dick in her she smiled and I could smell the cum and the sex as I got ready to put my cock in her freshly fucked pussy. ?You ready for one more hun? I got so damned hot watching you fuck a guy you?ve never met before tonight. I just have to get me some too.? She smiled and looked up at me and just said ?I?m yours aren?t I? I will do whatever you tell me to.?

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