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One Steamy Night

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There is an entire day of foreplay. You know what I like and I know what you like. We would tease each other all day. I would rub your cock through your pants to get it hard, pressing against it over and over. I would undo your jeans, pushing them down and taking your cock into my mouth for just a minute before getting up and walking away. At some point during the day you would slide your hand into my shorts only to discover there is nothing underneath them. Your probing fingers search for and find the slick wetness of my pussy. You tease my clit with a few well placed flicks. You hear my moan of pleasure and with a smile, you pull away from me as a payback. We enjoy teasing each other like this for as long as we can stand it. When we have had enough of the teasing, you take my hand and pull me into our bedroom. You quickly shut the door behind us.

Grabbing my shoulders, you slam me up against the door, crushing your mouth against mine in a hard and forceful kiss. You force your tongue deep into my mouth and my tongue responds by dancing with yours as you take my breath away. You pull your mouth from mine long enough to lift my shirt and pull it over my head. I have to quickly pull your shirt off before you grab my wrists and hold them from touching you. Again you are kissing me as you try to push down my shorts. I try to touch you but you grab my hands and hold them down, making me promise to do as you say and not touch you again. If I do, the pleasure you are giving me will stop and you will leave me alone in the bedroom. I whimper my frustration but agree so you will not stop. You release my hands and continue to quickly remove my shorts. You go to your knees, sucking my tits on the way down. You place small bites on my belly and hips and just over my pussy. You reach up and tease my nipples with light pinches, making sure they stay out. You place feather light licks on my pussy lips, forcing me to press myself against your mouth in desperate need of more. Finally you are satisfied with my begging and you push your tongue between my lips and flick my clit slowly at first then quickly. I bend my knees and open my legs to allow you easier access of my hot and wet tunnel. You slide a finger deep inside me and smile as I moan and my body quivers. You continue with this torture for a few moments, using your tongue and finger to tease me mercilessly. I grab your head to hold you there and you stop suddenly, raise up and pull me to our bed.

You push me down so I am sitting on the side of it. Standing before me, your hard cock is very evident. I undo your jeans and slide them down your legs. Your cock springs back into my face and I tease the head with the tip of my tongue before wrapping my lips around it and sucking it into my mouth. You hold my head as you try and force your shaft further back in my throat. I hum loudly to give you a stronger sensation and you moan and tell me how good it feels. You pull my mouth from your cock and finish removing your jeans. I reach around and squeeze your very nice ass. You look at me and smile your final warning. I know what you are thinking and let my hands drop with a sigh. You remind me again what will happen if I touch you without your permission and I nod my understanding. You push me back onto the bed and raise my legs into the air. Your mouth finds my pussy and your tongue slides into my hole to taste me. You moan your satisfaction and I can feel the heat of your breath against my clit. It drives me crazy and I have to clench my fists to keep from touching you the way I want to. I moan and sigh and grind my pussy against your mouth. You take your tongue away from my clit and tell me to touch myself there.

I do as you say after I hold my fingers to your mouth for you to wet with your tongue. I rub my clit softly with two fingers. You watch and moan in pleasure. You slide a finger deep inside my pussy, slowly in and out, in and out. You tell me how much watching me play with my clit turns you on, and I admit it feels very good. After a few minutes you stop me and pull me up to return my attention to your hard and throbbing cock. I slide my tongue up and down the shaft and circle the head very softly. I lick your balls and suck them lightly. I bite your thighs and listen to you breathe in a ragged breath when I return to your balls. I wrap my lips around your cock and slide up and down, going deeper each time. You enjoy this for a moment and suddenly pull my head away. You are holding my hair and you lead me around on the bed so I am on my knees facing the mirror. I reach for a pillow but you don't allow me to have one. You tell me you want to see everything, nothing in the way. You climb onto the bed behind me, still holding my hair. You pull my head back and suddenly I feel you slam your cock deep inside my soaking wet pussy with ease. I cry out in shock and pure pleasure. You start to move inside me hard and fast. I watch you in the mirror, getting more turned on because I can see your face and watch your body moving, slamming into me. With each pounding you give me, I moan and whimper and cry out my pleasure. Each thrust feels amazing and better than the last.

You slow down to allow each of us to catch our breath, then start pounding my pussy again without warning. You do this for a while and decide you weren't finished tasting me yet. Now I am soaked with my pussy juice. You flip me over and lift my legs again, not wasting any time getting your tongue on my clit. Your finger fills the hole your cock left a second ago. I cry out. My hand does not listen to my brain and involuntarily reaches down to touch you. That's stop. I know what I did wrong and beg you to keep going. The only way you will continue is if I can't possibly touch you. You reach into the drawer and pull out the restraints. I smile. I enjoy them, I'm not afraid. You proceed to tie my wrists to my ankles and flip me back over to my stomach. You get off the bed, walk around in front of me and grab my hair again. I know what you want me to do, so to tease you I hold my mouth closed tight. You don't allow it and find a way to make me open my mouth for your cock. You push yourself into me and start thrusting. I try to pull away but you don't let me until you are ready.

You tell me that I will do exactly what you want me to do, but with my mouth full I cannot reply. After what seemed like an eternity, you pull my head off of your cock and I take in a much needed deep breath. You bend down and kiss me quickly. I cannot move, I can only let my head relax over the side of the bed. Again you climb behind me and situate yourself to work around the restraints you have placed me in. You tease my pussy with the head of your cock, rubbing my clit over and over. Finally you slide deep into me with one quick thrust and we moth moan loudly in unison. You stop moving and tell me that if I want you to fuck me I have to beg for it. Slowly you move within me and refuse to give me the fucking you know that I want until finally I can't stand it anymore. I have no shame and I beg for the pounding that I love. That turns you on and suddenly I get my relief as you start hammering my pussy. You continue relentlessly as you hear me whimper and cry out in pure ecstasy. I can only see your body moving if I lift my head, which is not easy with the pounding I am getting. You grab my hair and pull my head back so I can watch you move. The sight drives me crazy.

With your other hand you give my ass a sound slap. Again and again you leave your mark on my ass as I cry out in pain and pleasure. I can't take it anymore and beg you to stop. You drop my head and grab my hips, pounding my pussy faster and harder than ever before. The pleasure inside me builds and builds into one endless wave crashing over me and I can no longer breathe. I can only feel. I feel your cock driving into me with such force that nothing else matters, only the pleasure you give me. Finally I cum in a mindless frenzy, crying out my delight. You growl at the pleasure you feel when my juices surround your swollen cock. You know I love the sound and it makes my orgasm even more intense. Without relenting, you continue at the same speed, drilling my hot pussy. When you cannot hold back any longer, you explode with such fury that it tears a loud growl from your throat. I can feel your hard cock twitching and throbbing inside me and I squeeze my pussy tighter. I want to feel every shot of cum squirting in my pussy. You groan as you feel the cum being squeezed from your rock hard cock. You lean into me, giving me a few last thrusts before you fall onto my back, exhausted and happy.

You kiss me gently on my back and shoulders. I turn for a deep french kiss. You roll over and untie my hands and feet. I curl up into your side and we lay there contentedly. After all the roughness and fury of our fucking, we kiss each other tenderly. I tell you I love you and you tell me you love me in return. We are exhausted and fall asleep quickly, lying naked in each other's arms.

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