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Oh Well, What the Heck!

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Patti was a cautious one. Being 28, 36-24-34 measurements, blue eyes, 5-8, and long reddish brown hair to her shoulders, tan, she is a beuaty.

She was a school teacher, in her third year, and already nominated for teacher of the year.

Patti is married to Tom, a quiet man, Patti is outgoing, the more friendly of the two.

Tom is 30, a man of few words, never drinks. Patti likes to drink on weekends, but has cut back out of her love for Tom, and she is cautious, because of her reputation as a school teacher.

It had been a rough week for Patti. A student who she admired, he had let his grades suddenly fall from straight A's to low D's and she found out his mother and father were in a very,very, nasty divorce.

The student, Tony, had decided, since he was 16 and had the choice, to reside with his father. Things just hadn't jelled, and the transition was rough, and his grades suffered.

Tony's dad, called Patti and was very polite, and concerned and expressed his gratitude for her concern about Tony.

"I'm tied up at work, but if you will drop by the house around 7, maybe Tony and I could discuss his options to get his grades back up where they should be," Tony suggested.

"That would be great, I've just been sick that those grades have dropped,"Patti explained. "I want him to do well, I really do, I want all my students to do well," she continued.

It was a hot spring day, unusually hot for April and Patti had gone home and Tom had called saying he was 150 miles away correcting a problem for a customer and would be at least midnight before returning home, saying, "I love you, but you don't have to wait up on me honey," he said before hanging up.

Patti changed into shorts and a tank top, and remembered her appointment with Pat, Tony's father and quickly headed that way.

What Patti didn't expect,and was stunned(that is nice word, aroused is more like it) to see Pat was a 40 year old fantasitc male specimen.

Six feet tall, tan, muscular, and a smile that would seduce nearly any woman, she couldn't help but wonder if infidelity was a reason for his divorce and the war he and Tony's mother were fighting. She felt awkward, but she was here and had agreed to meet, so "oh well,what the heck," she thought.

"Tony didn't tell me he had to work tonight, I am sorry,"he explained, inviting her in and handing her a glass of tea.

"Well, that is ok I guess. What I have in mind, is if he will do some extra work until school is out, and it is good work, I will give him extra credit, and if all goes well, by end of school he could have at the lowest, a B," she suggested.

"That sounds good, Mrs. Barnes," Pat said. He added, "Tony didn't tell me he had a model for a teacher," and added a smile and a wink.

"That is nice of you to say, but I am just me, a teacher who really has a passion for her kids," Patti said, blushing.

"I didn't mean to make you blush," he smiled. "A beautiful lady, teacher,nurse or whomever, should always be complimented and reminded of her beauty," he said.

"Well thank you," Patti said, smiling and feeling some what damp between her legs.

"Not to be nosey, but is there any chance you and Tony's mother will ever reconcile and get back together?," Patti asked, concerned about Tony, well, she wanted to make herself think that anyway.

"I doubt it, place the blame on me,I am the pig," Pat said, laughing, "I doubt if that will ever happen," he added, very serious this time.

"Would you like something to drink, scotch, rum, brandi?," Pat asked seriously.

"I love all those, but I shouldn't, I should be going," she said, smiling, thanking him just the same.

"What the heck, we're both adults, just one," he said, handing her a scotch and water.(more scotch than water)

"Well,ok, one won't hurt I guess,thank you," she said smiling.

Patti hadn't had a drink in over a year and immediately she felt it.

"You really are a gorgeous lady Patti, your husband is a lucky man," he said.

"Thanks again." she said, really feeling the effects of the drink.

Pat was smooth. He looked right in her eyes and said, "you ok?"

Laughing, partly because of the situation she was in, and partly due to the scotch, she said, "yeah, just been a while since I had a drink."

"Is husband the only man you ever dated or were there several before him, not trying to pry," Pat asked.

"Tom is my high school sweetheart, there were no others, not even for the prom," she said laughing, "I never shopped around."

Pat laughed. "I bet lots of men look at you when you walk by,especially in those shorts with those nice legs, and I love those toes, the polish on the nails," he added.

"Thank you, I try not to pay much attention, but yes, at times I notice men staring at me when I walk by," she said,smiling, "and some times my male students stare and I know they aren't staring at my face," she laughed, immediately sorry she said that.

Pats plan of seduction was working.

"Well, stand up, let me look, a really good look," holding out his hands to help her up off the soft sofa on which she was sitting.

She stood up and turned around for him.

"Take those sandals off, let me look at those feet," he said,smiling.

"Oh well, what he heck," she thought, and quickly removed her sandals.

"My my, gorgeous lady in bare feet, a real turn on," he smiled, putting his hands on her shoulder.

Suddenly her knees were weak, she felt faint, yet wet, and yes, very horny.

"I should go," Patti said, knowing she was in no shape to drive, intoxicated, and so horny she'd have to finger herself while driving.

"Just stay a while, get to where you can drive Mrs. Barnes," Pat said.

"It's just Patti," she said,still barefoot and Pat moving closer, and closer, and closer.

In a soft, yet firm voice, Pats next words were, "take off your top Patti," and kissed her lightly on the lips, and to her suprise she returned the kiss softly.

"MMMM,nice lips," Pat said, "now take off the top," Pat said.

Patti, in blind,intoxicated lust, removed her top and Pat instructed her to turn around so he could unhook her bra, and she turned around to let Pat see her luscious tits.

"Nice,very nice," Pat said, massaging, caressing her tits, "now the shorts," he added.

She took her fingers,with help from Pat and let the shorts drop to the floor and Pat knelt and removed her panties.

He laid her on the couch, and removed his clothes, and "oh my God, look at that cock," she thought, then hating herself for a minute for being in that situation.

"Oh well, what the heck," she said, "I have never cheated, this might as well be my first," she smiled, having his 9 nine inch cock pumping inside her very wet pussy. She couldn't help it, Tom was great in bed, but this, this is "special" she thought.

Tom made her cum five times in the next hour, fucking her in the living room,bedroom and shower.

"Wow, you are one good fuck Patti, you will come back won't you?." he asked.

"Oh well, what the heck, you call me at the school and we will work around Tom,ok," she said.

"You bet. And I want you to be Tony's first too," he added.

"I-I-I- don't know," and was hushed by his kiss and realized once again he was hard.

One more fuck and she was on her way, never answering her question about fucking Tony.

Going over the events of the night, all she could say was, "oh well, what the heck."

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