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Night in the Dungeon

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It all started out innocent enough, we had been invited to a new lifestyle party that had theme rooms, some were fairy tells like snow white and other with sex swings and circus acts. We spent the evening meeting and flirting with other couples. My wife, Angela is drawn to black men and vice versa, when she walks into a room the just can`t keep their eyes off of her. She is a very sultry lady, tall long legs and very large breast that have pierced nipples. It is not unusual for several of these men to try to chat her up, one trying to outdo the other.

We had been dancing and drinking for a couple of hours when a group of black men we had not seen approached us and ask if we had seen the private dungeon saved for VIP`s, we had not and explained we were not VIP`s. the one in charge said he was the owner of the club and had been watching us and would make an exception if ?my lady? was game for a new adventure and I was will to go along without any complaints. We looked at each other for a minute and I told her ?baby if you want to go I will be there for you and do whatever you want?. I had no idea what I was getting into, nor did she. We thought it was just a little light bondage and she would suck and fuck a couple of guys like she usually did at the parties. WRONG!

It started off simple enough, the three guys were groping her breast, reaching under her short skirt fingering her pussy and sucking her nipples, I stood off to the side watching and enjoying the show. They ask us if we would like another drink which we readily accepted, after a couple more drinks they inquired if she would like to try some lite bondage, she agreed as long as she would not be chained down, they agreed. All along one wall and along the floor were all kinds of chains and restraints. John, the leader ask if she would mind if she would face the wall and they would just secure her wrist, looking at me I could see no problem and nodded ok. MISTAKE #2 After securing her to the wall they brought us another drink, one too many I think. John and his buddies lifted up her skirt and removed her panties leaving her little short skirt on her, it was lifted up just enough I could see her pussy lips. Her shirt had been pulled open so as they moved her feet back as to bend her over the nipples swung as she moved. It started of normal enough, John ask us if it would be ok for him to fuck her with her tied to the wall, she said ?please?. It was awesome watch his huge cock as he pulled her back on it, it disappeared in my wife pussy, all 9 inches, his balls slapping her clit and she was asking for more. He looked at me asking, ?you like watching your bitch get fuck don?t you?? I said I sure do! MISTAKE#3 John offered if I would like to sit down under her spread legs and get to bird?s eye view, sounds good to me I offered. Slipping down against the wall and looking up I could watch her tits swing and bounce with every stroke. Then things went wrong, I really don?t know how or why but I found myself with my wrist tied to the same wall as Angela, they had made me remove my clothes also, at the time I had no idea why. Then it seems that black men were coming from everywhere, taking turns fucking my wife and all I could do was watch as they ravaged her pussy. She started to ask to be set free, John laughed and told her? bitch you and your man are going to see what real black men are all about?. They took a restraint with two chains hanging from it with attached to a neck collar, securing the collar around my neck they attached the chains to her pierced nipples. Attached to the neck collar was a leash that they used to pull me up to her pussy and make me lick her clit as they fucked her, every time they pulled the leash it would pull her nipples making her cry in pain or bend over for relief. That is what the goal was; keep her bent over so they could have full access to my wife?s pussy.

At this time we realize we are completely at Johns mercy, he explains that they have no desire to harm anyone and we did agree to join them, saying he had plenty of witnesses if we wanted to challenge him, he had a point but we did not want or expect this, he went on to explain we would be well served to just sit back and let he and friends show Angela and I that black men can satisfy her and I should enjoy my roll in seeing her satisfied. At the time I had no idea what my roll was nor could I have imagined it.

We agreed to go along as so neither of us were hurt but explained I did not like being tied down, he said it would just enhance her experience, I had no idea what he was talking about, but would soon find out.

As I said at first the guys, I think there was about 6 of them took turns fucking her and seem to take pleasure in making me lick her clit while joking about how she would love BDSM, whatever that is, I would soon find out. The men were wearing condoms when this began but to my horror they remove them and explain that they are each going to fill her with their seed, I had no idea what roll I would play in this. John went first, pulling of his Magnum XL he pulled my face close to her pussy and told me to watch how a BBC would satisfy my lady, I could not move, if I pulled away he would yank the collar around my neck which would hurt her nipples so I stayed still even though his balls were slapping my face. It was rather exciting to see which one of the guys notice telling John, ?You should see his hard on,? My cock had betrayed me, what could I say?

He kept fuck her all the while pulling my chain closer to her pussy, every stroke I was hit in the face by his balls which I must say were now dripping with her cum and the smell of her sex. At this point she was all his begging for him to take her pussy and give her all he had, his balls tighten and to my amazement he pumped her full of his man seed. He held her tight as she was being filled, then I saw his cum began to run down his balls and drip on my chin. He slowly deflated and his massive cock plopped out on to my face dripping with their juices, trying to pull away he yanked my chain and instructed me to clean her up, I had no trouble doing that, I love eating her creampie. What I was not ready for was next, his instructions to clean him up also, OMG.

I refused as he pressed his cock to my face, now dripping with their combined juices, he ask my wife if she would like for me to clean him up, she said ?sure he has already eat all you cum out of me?. Then she instructed me to clean up any mans cock that fill her pussy from now on. With that I opened my mouth and to his now deflated but very juicy cock in my mouth, to my shame I was now setting on a puddle on my on pre cum. From that point on I not only ate their creampies but witness my wife have 5 orgasms while being serviced by the 6 BBC`s. I would even lick the juices off their balls as her juices ran down their large balls as she came and orgasmed on the large cocks. I have no idea how much pussy juice and man seed I ate that evening but they all went twice, by the time they released us from our bonds my wife had to be helped to walk to a bench and I was helped up sitting in a puddle of my own cum, how embarrassing but to my surprise my beautiful bride thanked me for the unforgettable evening and gave me the most amazing kiss ever then licked the dried on cum off my face, telling I would always be her man and no other, to be continued?.?

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