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Newlywed Fun Chapter 6

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Newlywed Fun Chapter 6 A smug sense of satisfaction filled Janet for the next few days. The new carpet was installed by her husband and a crew of two gorgeous, muscled young men, and Janet found she was actually relieved that Roland wasn't one of them. She had been worried that he would somehow give away their little secret.

And, with that particular worry out of the way, Janet looked forward to the wild and wicked adventures that the future would surely bring. In the meantime, Mark was just as horny and as good as ever. Every night the young married couple celebrated their new home and happy marriage by fucking and sucking until near dawn. For the young wife, life was about as perfect as it could be.

"You are starting to become a real prissy bitch," Laura said Friday morning as the two women lay naked in Laura's bed.

Janet had just rolled off Laura's face and was savoring the sweet after glow of several tremendous climaxes provided by her friend's tongue and mouth.

"What are you talking about, Laura?" she asked, determined that nothing was going to spoil the wonderful way she felt. "I'll return the favor. I always do. It's just I have an appointment at the plant nursery at noon. I promise I'll be back at two, and then I'll give you the cunt-licking of your life." "Don't trouble yourself too much," Laura replied with a touch of anger.

Janet glanced up at her, both bewildered and concerned. "I don't know what's gotten into you, Laura, but you can drop the sarcastic bullshit." The blonde's face reddened with even more anger. Laura swung her legs off the bed and stood up. She grabbed a robe off a nearby chair and pulled it tightly around her nude body. She looked back at Janet.

"That's great, Janet! You really don't know what's bugging the hell out of me, do you?" She frowned and started to walk away, but turned back again. "Well, if you'd stop thinking only of yourself, you'd realize that I don't like being a glorified vibrator for you. Your pussy gets itchy and you dash over here, or call me to your place for a fast flick, lick and suck. It's not right, Janet, and it's going to stop!" Janet stared back at her friend, the angry words hitting her like rocks. She had no idea this was the way she was being seen. Yet, at the same time, she resented Laura's attitude. Before she could stop herself, she pushed off the bed and quickly pulled on her clothes. Once dressed, she turned to face Laura. "You know, Laura," she said, "You are starting to sound just like an old, nagging wife!" She snickered bitterly as she walked from the room. "And I don't need an old, complaining bitch fucking with my head!" Janet slammed the door as she left the Springs' house and went quickly back to her own. That slut, she thought. She wanted to turn me into a lesbian, and all of a sudden I'm the fucking heavy! By the time Janet arrived home from the nursery, she had cooled off somewhat. She started unloading the bushes and squares of store-bought grass ready to be laid on the ground. She thought about what had happened and calmed considerably, even felt remorse.

Laura had, after all, been nothing short of wonderful in her friendship, and had been a fabulous neighbor. And Janet couldn't help but smile as she reflected on the sexual pleasures Laura had introduced her to only a short time ago. She decided she owed the pretty blonde an apology and a passionate rekindling session. Images of her pleasuring Laura with her tongue and fingers made Janet's pussy damp.

She unloaded the car and hurried inside to call Laura. When there was no answer, Janet figured the woman was still sulking. She took a fast shower, perfumed herself, and began to dress in an exceptionally sexy outfit.

The doorbell interrupted her before she had finished zipping up, but she rushed to answer it. She was ready with her apology, but when she opened the front door she was stunned to see Bob, police uniform and all, standing on her porch.

He flashed an easy, casual smile. "Sorry if I frightened you, Janet." "Oh, no, that's all right," she said quickly. "I wasn't expecting you, that's all." "Yeah, I can see that," he replied with a grin. "Gonna invite me in, or do you plan to keep me out here and have the neighbors wonder what a cop is doing on your doorstep?" She laughed awkwardly and ushered him inside. She struggled to hold the folds of her suit together, trying to hide her tits from his view.

"No need to be modest with me," he said with a smirk. "You and I are beyond that point, remember? Besides, the police are your friends. We're still friends, aren't we, Janet?" "Sure, Bob," she said nervously. "Let me fix us a drink." As she headed for the kitchen, Janet decided that it was his dark sunglasses as well as the uniform that was unnerving her. He was certainly an imposing presence, but there was something about his general manner that also disturbed her. She couldn't quite put a finger on it but she did not have the carefree, sexy feeling she had figured she'd have when she and Bob were finally alone together again.

Her hands shook when she poured him some whisky over a couple of ice cubes. She handed him the drink and stepped away from him, anxious to distance herself from him.

"I'm glad to see you don't object to my drinking while on duty," he said.

"Oh, sorry," she responded. "I didn't think. I wouldn't want you to break any rules, or to get into any trouble." He gulped his drink and then stepped across the room to her, his lips curved as he approached. "What's the matter, baby?" he asked. "You seem frightened. What happened to that hot little fireball at the party? Remember what we did in the basement?" She nodded and forced a smile. "Bob, listen, I've got to run," she said. "I was on my way out when you came, and..." "That's funny, I saw you drive up just a few minutes ago. You've got to slow down, sweetheart. Running here and there will make you spread yourself too thin, don't you think?" "Really, Bob, I..." He grabbed her arms and shoved his face against hers and drove his tongue deeply into her mouth and kissed her roughly. She gasped, but quickly found that she was helplessly locked by his grip. His gun belt and uniform scratched her through the delicate fabric of her pant suit and, in the next instant, it became useless for her to try and cover her tits.

"You're fighting your feelings, babe," he hissed, squeezing his fingers into her arms. "I guess I'll just have to melt you down a little bit." He French her again, this time even rougher than before. He shoved his tongue deep into her mouth, gagging her and causing her to squirm against him. Then, suddenly, he pushed her down into a chair and knelt in front of her. He took his hat off just before grabbing her legs.

Janet squealed as he snatched the pants suit and pulled. The suit slipped off of her. "Bob, stop, what you are doing?" she yelled, wiggling frantically in the chair, unable to escape him.

In another second, she was completely nude and he was pushing his face between her spread thighs, zeroing in on her cunt. He shoved his hands under her ass and clutched the firm cheeks as he burrowed against her cunt, his tongue flicking out to lick her clit.

Janet's emotions were in turmoil. She couldn't deny the pleasure of his tongue on her clit, and, while his rough treatment was somewhat of a surprise, he really hadn't hurt her. He was starting to turn her on.

The exquisite sensations of his tongue made her forget her uneasy thoughts. The pleasure was just too great. Janet was responding to the demands of her own body. She grabbed Bob's hair and ground her cunt back and forth on his mouth.

The cop lapped and licked steadily on her swollen clit while waves of searing pleasure coursed through her pussy. Bob was wasting no time in proving just how much of an expert he was at eating cunt.

Her pussy began to gush thick, hot jism. She gazed down at him and watched as he licked it up, swallowing in loud gulps. The fact that Bob was in uniform added to the raunchy delight engulfing her. Her mind entertained wild fantasies as the policeman, his face pressed against her soaked cunt, serviced her pussy.

"Oh, jeeze!" she groaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth. "Ohh, yessss, Bob, you're driving me crazy!" Her words and panting continued and intensified as he continued to patiently suck and chew on her clit. She tangled her fingers in his hair and writhed and pulled, almost falling out of the chair as an orgasm swept her away.

Abruptly, Bob jerked his head up and glared into her face. "Call me Officer Spring, bitch," he snapped, his voice harsh and cold. "Do what I say!" "Yes, yes, Officer Spring," she breathed, nodding eagerly. "Anything you say, Officer Spring." He grinned and ducked his head quickly back down to her cunt and began bobbing up and down as he sucked on her clit. Then he fucked his tongue deep into her cunt and another orgasm rocked her. He was fucking her forcefully with his tongue, driving it in and out of her quaking cunt and lashing the creamy inside of her pussy.

Janet went crazy. She whined and clenched her thighs against his head and started humping her snatch up to meet his thrust. She fucked his tongue and clutched her flopping tits. She pulled on her nipples and screamed as yet another climax seared through her body.

Bob slipped his tongue out of her cunt, lifted her slightly out of her chair, and drive his tongue straight at her puckered asshole. With his hands digging into the flesh of her ass cheeks, he managed to hold her steady as he began fucking his tongue into her ass, drilling her repeatedly.

Janet felt her arms and legs fall open, and she felt weak.

Her whole body seemed to slump. She felt herself drifting away, as if floating. She couldn't fight the sensation and wasn't even sure if she wanted to. Then she realized that Bob was carrying her in his arms, up the stairs to the bedroom.

Janet whimpered as she quickly regained control of her body and thoughts, but by then Bob had taken her into the bedroom and dropped her down on the bed. "Now," he said his tone cold.

"What?" she asked, her voice sounding feeble.

"This is about what you did to Laura!" he hissed. "You cock teaser!" "No, wait," she cried. "Bob, you've got it all wrong.

"Officer Spring, you bitch!" "Bob...I mean, Officer, what did I do to Laura?" Janet asked. "I don't understand!" "You hurt her, bitch!" he yelled. "She told me what happened when I came home for lunch." "Told you what? Did she tell you she tried to turn me into a lezbo? Did she tell you that?" "You silly cunt! Who do you think encouraged that? I told Laura to hit on you. I wanted her to get you primed. I love watching other women get it on with Laura, but you've decided it's a one act play." Bob started speaking in a softer tone of voice. "She's pregnant, finally, and this is how you treat her!" Janet realized then that he was reacting to an imagined hurt, or maybe not imagined, but unintentional at the very least. Her fear vanished and she felt sorry for the big man. He was only being protective of his wife and she decided to play along.

Bob began unbuckling his belt. The firm line of his lips gradually eased into a smirk as he jerked down his fly. He pulled out his stiff prick and crawled to the end of the bed and knelt between Janet's spread legs. He gripped the base of his cock and aimed it at her cunt.

"See how nice I've decided to treat you for what you've done to Laura?" he said.

Janet made a faked attempt to twist away, but Bob grabbed her thighs and roughly pulled them a part. Then he reached behind him and slapped a pair of handcuffs on Janet's wrists, her arms behind her back. With a lunge he shoved his cock into her cunt, driving it all the way in on the first thrust.

Janet screamed as his cock plowed through her pussy and filled her hole. He pulled back slightly and then rammed it into her again, causing her to arch her hips.

As he fucked her vigorously, a searing heat began to flare in her cunt, deep in the core of her being. She felt her juices begin to coat the tender walls of her inner cunt. Her eyes opened wide and a glow warmed her. Tingling her from head to toe, her throaty howls became shrill cries of passion.

Janet's hips rotated in quick, small circles. She began humping her ass in rapid jerks up and down, bouncing off the mattress. She shoved her pussy up to meet each thrust of Bob's cock.

The change in her couldn't be hidden from Bob. Now, even the dark sunglasses couldn't mask his glee as he looked at the sexy young woman taking the full measure of his prick.

"You love it," he hissed. "I knew you would. This is what you crave. Getting fucked is what you live for and the wilder the better. That's your style. Hell, if I stopped now you'd beg me for it, wouldn't you? Go on, admit it!" She gritted her teeth, but she couldn't control herself anymore. "Yes!" she cried, her hands reaching up to take his glasses off so she could stare into Bob's eyes.

"Yes, you bastard, I do love it!" she cried, arching her back, bucking wildly at his cock, rocking her lovely head from side to side. "I love it! I want it! So stop talking and fuck me!" Her admission seemed to spur Bob into even greater intensity, if that was possible. He growled huskily as he grabbed her tits and fucked his cock rapidly in and out of her sopping cunt. The force of his fucking grew with every stroke, and Janet was ready, matching him all the way.

The full erotic impact of being taken this way added to her bliss. It was perfect! She was handcuffed and was being powerfully fucked by this demanding policeman. His uniform completed the raunchy picture, and she grunted as pleasure ripped through her.

Her slippery cunt flexed around Bob's drilling cock. Her cunt muscles squeezed his shaft in a tight grip and she came hard. Her belly heaved and her legs opened and closed. "Ohh, yesssss!" she screamed. "Fuck me, Officer! Fuck my pussy!" The convulsions of her cunt seemed to suck - the jism right out of his balls. His cock erupted, shooting a thick blast of cum deep inside her pussy. The wads of cum splattered her womanly depths and flooded her as her pussy milked his spurting prick. And still he thrust his cock in and out of her, till the last drop of his cum juice had been deposited.

With the slightest hesitation, Bob yanked his cock out of her and moved up on the bed, straddling her body. Still breathing and gasping deeply, Janet stared wide-eyed at him as he positioned his juice-smeared cock near her mouth. He poked the head against her chin and then slowly moved it up to her lips.

"Clean it," he growled, his tone still harsh, but not nearly as cold as earlier. "Suck it clean!" Janet lapped her tongue over the cock head. She moaned in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort as Bob settled a lot of his weight on her while feeding her his meat.

She squirmed, trying to better her position. The taste of her own pussy juice on his cock excited her. The lewdness thrilled her even more when she gulped more of his sticky, wet cock between her lips. Bob groaned as his cock flared, quickly starting to harden again under her flicking tongue. And for Janet, the sheer pleasure of feeling his cock growing in her hot mouth was almost too much. She took great pleasure in turning him on so soon after her pussy had drained his balls.

Bob twitched his hips and started fucking more of his cock into her face. With one fast stroke he buried his prick to the hilt in her mouth, touching the back of her throat.

"Clean it, Janet!" he said, grabbing her by the hair and pulling lightly. "Suck it off! Yeah, that's the way." He left his cock fully lodged in her mouth, plugging it for several seconds, then began to withdraw, the shaft grazing over her lips as he eased all but the knob from her mouth.

Janet licked the slit at the end of his cock, knowing she was pleasing him. She heard his moans and felt the subtle swaying of his pelvis and hips as she toyed with his meat. She tasted the residue of his pre-cum fluids and still her cunt juice. The mixture excited the horny young housewife, and Janet quickly lapped the mushrooming head.

Bob started fucking his cock faster in and out of her mouth. This time he didn't let his prick linger, but set up a steady stroke pace that caused her lips to tingle. Then he fucked her face in slow strokes again, but gradually began to build up his speed and intensity once more.

Janet locked her lips tightly around the cock shaft, trying to coat it with her saliva and make the blowjob easier for the both of them.

"Oh, yeah, baby," he moaned, "That?s it! Suck my cock, suck it clean. Do it right, because I've got a little surprise for you when I get tired of this!" Janet was concentrating too hard on sucking his cock to pay much attention to what he was saying. Her own body was on fire now. Her pussy lips quivered and her clit trembled.

Bob whipped his cock from her mouth and eased himself down across her body. The rough material of his uniform brushed along her delicate, satiny flesh as he positioned himself between her legs. He got up on his knees and gripped her thighs, then lifted them.

"What are you doing, Officer?" she asked, only partially acting the role she had taken. "I want to suck your cock until you cum. I want to feel your hot jizz fill my mouth!" "I've got something better planned for you," he said, his voice husky with excitement. "I'm going to fuck your asshole!" His words filled the young housewife with shock. She had never been fucked in the ass before. The only time she and Mark had tried it, she had made him stop, because it had hurt.

"No, Bob, please don't!" she cried.

"What did I tell you to call me?" he said, his fingers squeezing her shapely thighs.

"I'm sorry, Officer," she answered, unable to keep the tremor out of her voice. "Just, please don't fuck my ass. I've never been fucked there before, and I don't think I could take your big cock!" Bob lifted her legs up and dr*ped them across his broad shoulders. "Don't worry, before long you'll be begging me to fuck your ass. Just relax." She gasped as he pressed most of his weight down on her upper back and shoulders, bending her almost in half. Her ass was completely off the bed and she knew he had her positioned perfectly for his plan.

She flinched when she felt his cock head probing along her ass crack, the wetness from her sucking leaving a cold trail on her flesh.

"Ohhhh, please!" she begged, unable to even wiggle. "Please don't hurt me!" He slipped his hands down to her upturned ass cheeks and pried them apart. In the next instant, he shoved his cock forward. Then his swollen cock head pushed into the tight opening.

Janet held her breath as, inch by inch; his cock sank into the tight depths of her ass. As his cock head fucked its way into her, Bob stopped for a moment to rest. Janet looked down and realized that he hadn't even buried half his member into her. It felt as if he had filled her already. Then, without warning, he shoved forward, driving the rest of the way into her.

Soon Janet realized that her ass didn't hurt, and that Bob's cock wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as it had been at first. Even more surprising to her was the realization that her ass was actually starting to clamp down on his cock each time he pulled out, trying to hold it inside.

She also realized her cunt was starting to flow and there was a familiar churning, signaling the onset of a climax. Instinctively, she began to hump her ass back at his cock as best as she could.

Bob continued to hold her steady by gripping her ass cheeks, but eventually he was able to slip his right hand up to her cunt. Janet shivered as he tickled her throbbing clit with a fingertip and then plunged two fingers into her pussy.

A violent orgasm exploded in her cunt seconds later. She writhed and contorted lewdly, straining Bob's grip as she twisted and jerked beneath him. She arched her spine as she cried out in ecstasy. Still, he continued to plow her ass with his cock, drilling his fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Ahhhh, I love it!" she admitted. "I love it! Ohhhh, yesss, yesss, fuck my ass, Officer! I'm cumming again, I can't stop cumming!" His lips turned into a wicked grin. He added a third finger to her overheated pussy and Janet immediately came as another hot tremor shot through her body.

Bob's cock exploded, filling her ass with thick hot cum. He kept pistoning his cock in and out of her, and her clenching ass muscles continued to pump him. When he was finally spent, his shoulders began to slip downwards, allowing her legs to move free and flop down on the bed.

She felt relief as the countless ripples of orgasm gradually faded. Whatever reservations she had in the past about getting fucked in her ass were gone. She had loved it! Her mind quickly worked to figure out how to let Mark know he could now have this previously forbidden hole, when a voice from the doorway shattered her thoughts.

"Well, Bob, have you left anything for me?" Laura said.

Janet's eyes popped open and she looked in the direction of the voice. She saw Laura, a sexy smirk on her face. It dawned on Janet that Laura could have seen everything. She was stunned into silence.

Bob's cock slipped out of Janet's ass with a plop and he got up off the bed, straightened out his uniform and smiled at his wife. As he removed Janet's handcuffs, he said, "Janet will always have something left when it comes to fucking and sucking," Bob told Laura. "It's just like you said, honey, this little lady is one hot bundle of sex." Laura laughed throatily as she approached Janet. Her eyes gleamed as she gazed at the younger woman displayed on the bed. Laura reached and lightly traced a circle around Janet's nipples with a fingertip, giving Janet a wink.

"Do you still feel as sexy as you look?" Laura whispered her smoldering expression and delicate touch sending fresh erotic shivers through Janet.

"You two planned this all along!" Janet said as the incredible realization sank in. She looked from Laura to Bob. "You bastards! I can't believe it!" "Oh, darling, you can believe it," Laura cooed as she began stripping off her clothes. "And you can do much more than that." Within seconds, the blonde was stripped and climbing on the bed. She deftly straddled Janet's head and lowered her bushy flaxen cunt onto Janet's face.

Janet had hardly recovered from her shock when she was expected to lick Laura's tasty cunt. She inhaled the sweet pussy aroma and savored the nectar already wetting the puffy lips. She flicked her tongue into Laura's pussy, slurping the thick, clear fluid, savoring the special passion that heated her own mound.

Soon Janet felt Bob's tongue spear into her gash and lick madly. He lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulders, so he could better get to her cunt.

Her own tongue made sweeping licks up and down the length of Laura's pussy. The woman squirmed around, mashing her cunt down on Janet's face. When Janet ran her tongue across Laura's clit, the blonde clamped her knees tightly around Janet's head.

Janet licked and sucked as fast as she could, knowing she was getting Laura off. Meanwhile, Bob was doing the same to her, and when he shoved two fingers into her recently fucked ass, her hips began to buck up and down.

Just when Janet thought she couldn't take it anymore, Laura fell to one side on the bed. Bob gave one last powerful suck on her cunt, and then he too moved away. He crawled towards his wife, his hard cock swinging between his legs.

Bob pulled Laura onto her knees, spread her legs and drove his cock into her hot, waiting cunt. Laura purred and Janet watched.

She seemed mesmerized by the sight of Bob's huge cock appearing and disappearing into Laura's hole. She began to finger her pussy, wishing she had Mark then, so she could fuck him. But, the way she felt, any cock would do! Laura started to slam her hips back to meet her husband's thrusts. Her tits swung beneath her and her head drooped down as she panted for breath. Suddenly, she arched her back, and let loose with a cry Janet was sure could be heard three blocks away. Her climax caused her body to stiffen, her hips shoved back against her husband's groin, as if she were trying to take his whole body into hers.

She began to jerk her bottom, her head whipping back and forth as her climax peaked, but at last she fell forward, collapsing on her stomach as Bob's prick popped out of her.

Janet was so horny she was about to scream! She lunged for Bob's cock, taking nearly all of it at once. Her tongue licked all around it to clean off Laura's juice, which tasted delicious. She moved her head lower and lower, till her lips were finally locked around the base of the cock, the head lodged deeply in her throat.

Janet began a swallowing motion and heard Bob groan in pleasure. She began to pump back and forth on his cock, taking him all the way down to the base each time, while she raised her right hand to cup his nuts. She gently rolled them in her palm.

His cock started to throb, signaling the onset of his orgasm. Janet quickly took her mouth off his cock, wanting him to cum in her cunt.

She pushed him over on his back and lowered her head between his legs, sucking first one, and then the other of his nuts into her mouth. She released them and began to lick her way up the length of his cock once more, knowing his immediate cum urge had faded. When she reached the top of his cock, she gently sucked in the head, whipping her tongue around it before lowering to take him all again.

She was ready to get fucked! She let his cock slip from her lips and straddled him, gripping his cock in her hands and lining it up with the entrance to her pussy. Then she dropped straight down, letting her weight drive his cock all the way up into her.

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as his cock penetrated. She felt his hands on her tits as she arched her back, his fingers pinching the nipples and making them stand out firmly. She raised herself up, hesitated a moment, and then slammed her body back down on him, feeling his cock spread the walls of her hole.

Her body was on fire. She rode him like a woman possessed, grinding her clit against his pubic bone on each downward thrust, whipping her hips in small circles to make his cock touch different places inside of her.

"Now!" she screamed. "Cum now!" Bob lifted his hips up off the bed as his hands held her. He drove his meat as far up into her as he could and his cum exploded from his balls.

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