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Naughty Girl...Fantasy about First Erotic Encounter

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I meet you for our first lunch at a pub, and am immediately attracted to you. Your self description ("real cute, petite, brown hair, hazel eyes, 105#, 34-26-36) didn't even come close to preparing me for how hot you are. And that fire in your eyes, oh my...I want to drag you out of there and devour you for lunch immediately!

But I decided I better play it cool. I start to shake your hand, but pull you towards me and kiss your cheek, whispering "its REALLY good to meet you" as I do so. We sit and the first awkward moments pass quickly. I tell you how good you look, and you blush slightly, but that look in your eyes is still there! We start to talk about your little town, my past experience there, and soon we're both comfortable. As we order lunch, our legs touch under the table, and I feel an electric spark that wont quit! We continue to touch throughout our meal, and a bit later, I start to rub your arm, then, seductively, move my hand up to her neck and shoulders, my arm brushing against your breast. I notice your nipples harden, pressing against your blouse, and I am getting a little stirring below the table.

Suddenly, I feel your hand on my thigh. I try to concentrate on the conversation, but we're talking about nothing important. I tell you how hot you're making me, and with a quick movement your fingers brush over my cock, hidden by the fabric of my pants, but obvious in it's arousal. You get up quickly, excusing yourself to go to the ladies room, leaving me with a shit eating grin, catching my breath.

When you return, you've unbuttoned a button on your blouse giving me a better view of cleavage. You catch me looking, and, when I notice I'm busted, I tell you how much I like the view. "You are a naughty girl, Lisa, just as you told me." You respond by telling me "I'm just getting started." As the waiter asks if we want desert, I tell him "definitely, but not here." I pay the check and as we start to walk out, you reach into your bag. We go through the door, and you hand me something soft and lacy.

"I want you to know I took these off for you." You tell me, and I realize that you just gave me your sexy little panties. I notice they're wet, and am this makes me even hornier. Rather than head to the car, I take you for a walk. We walk hand in hand, and as we enter the park, I put my arm around you. My hand drifts down to squeeze your cute ass, and you playfully pull away, following the path, running up the hill. I get an awesome view as you climb, right up your short skirt. I run up after you, and reaching you at the top of the hill, grab you, pulling your body against mine.

Our first kiss starts very slowly, my lips touch yours, and my tongue dances over your lips. Soon you respond, your tongue dancing with mine, and as our passion grows, our bodies press against one another. Our kiss continues, and our hands explore each other's body. I love the feel of your breasts against my chest. Needing more, I reach inside your blouse and bra and tease your nipples with my fingertips. I move my lips down your neck, kissing, licking and biting across your shoulder, to the top of your breast where I take first one, then the other nipple playfully between my teeth. I can only do this for a quick second or two, then move my lips back to yours. We kiss again more passionately, your hand moving down my stomach. As you start to rub my hard cock through my pants, I move my fingertips up your thighs. You reach inside my pants to find my hard cock poking out the top of my boxers. You teasingly rub the head, then gasp as my fingers brush ever so lightly over the lips of your pussy, returning the favor with a butterfly's touch of your clit. "I want you" I say. "I want more than we can do here in broad daylight in this park." You respond by telling me "I love to be a dirty slut, and this is really turning me on, please don't stop."

We kiss again, the heat blazing through us, a wet, sloppy kiss coupled with grinding our bodies together. Finally, we break our kiss to continue our stroll, but we can't keep our hands off one another, our bodies needing the touch.

We continue further into the park, my arm wrapped around you, feeling your body against mine. Occasionally I let my hand drop to squeeze your ass, or tease your thighs, and we stop often to kiss. When we kiss our tongues dance, you press your body against mine, and I feel your nipples against my chest. I tease you some more, the very tips of my fingers reaching inside your blouse to circle your nipples, and you moan into my mouth, letting me know you like my touch. I get hard in response, and you grind your crotch against my cock, our clothes the only thing that prevents my fat cock from going where it wants to be; inside you!

Soon we see a picnic table, and I bring you to it. I sit you down on the top of the table, and stepping between your knees kiss you more, our passion building with every second. As I break the kiss, I use my lips and tongue to tease your neck, licking, kissing and playfully nibbling my way down to the tops of your breasts. At the same time, my fingertips play with your thighs, lightly caressing them. I hear your breath become quick, a deep moan escapes you as my lips pull your nipples from your bra one at a time, only to tease them with the tip of my tongue before sucking them forcefully into my mouth. As I do this my fingers finally reach your pussy. You are so wet! I keep tracing up and down between your lips, each time pressing just a bit further, opening you for me. I kiss you again, this time you practically suck my tongue down your throat, you are so turned on.

You reach for my pants, but I tell you "not yet, Lisa." You let out a whimper, then stroke my hard cock through my pants. I pull you off of the picnic table, and bend you over it, kissing your neck, my fingers now aggressively teasing your pussy. I whisper into your ear "I am going to drive you crazy." Then I tease your ear with my tongue and teeth, as I pull your skirt up. I push firmly between your shoulder blades, pushing you forward, your ass automatically sticking out and opening up for me.. This firm push also makes it clear I am in charge, and want you to stay in this position. With a final assault on your neck, you feel my rock hard but still covered cock brush your ass and pussy momentarily, before I bend my knees, and quickly grab your cute little butt cheeks.

WIth my big strong fingers, I grab your cheeks and spread your ass, and ever so lightly let the tip of my tongue run from the top of your butt crack, barely making contact with your ass hole, all the way down to your pussy. I lick your pussy, my tongue a bit firmer, before reversing directions and teasing back up your ass once again. "MMMMMMM you taste so good, I say, though my words are muffled as my lips don't want to break contact with your pussy and ass. I keep doing this over and over and over again, each time letting my tongue penetrate your pussy, and increasing the pressure as it rims your ass hole. Finally, I start to zero in on your ass hole, replacing the efforts on your pussy by letting first one, then two fingers start to fuck you. I rim your cute little brown eye getting it very wet, and bite and nipple on the insides of your cheeks. I am loving playing with your ass, and your moans tell me how much you love me to do so. "Ohmygod that feels so fucking good" I hear you say. "MMMMMMMM yes, yes, oh shit yes..." your words turn to incoherent moans of pleasure, which raises the passionate manner of my assault, encouraged by your response.

When my thumb finally starts to rub your clit, I push my tongue into your cute little ass, not getting very far as your sphincter is still tight. But I feel you soaking my fingers, and teasingly fuck your tightest hole repeatedly with the tip of my tongue. Over and over, I keep repeating my assault on your ass, my fingers teasing your G-spot, my thumb rubbing your clit. Your breaths are becoming labored, you're moaning and telling me how much you love me attacking you in this manner.

As you start to cum on my hand, I bite the inside of your cheeks harder than I have previously, and rim your ass hole letting my wet saliva soak your back door. Your whole body is spasming with orgasmic bliss, and my fingers are soaked with your sweet juices. This, I know is just the first of what will be multiple orgasms for you this afternooon. Before your orgasm is finished, I stand and quickly unzip my pants, my hard cock popping out. You don't realize at first that I am about to penetrate you for the first time, you're still too lost in your own land of sexual rapture. But I slowly and firmly press my cock into you, holding you down with a hand on your back, the head of my cock rubbing your G-spot, increasing your pleasure before your first orgasm slowly subsides.

I am as hard as I've ever been in my life, and you feel like my fat cock is stretching your pussy, as I start to fuck you with slow, strong, deep strokes. I bend forward to lick and nibble your ear, you turn your head to kiss me, your tongue searching for mine. When you find it, you suck my tongue into your mouth, hearing me moan my approval simultaneously. I break our kiss and tell you "you are a nasty slut, Lisa, just the type of girl I hoped to meet."

With that I reach down and shove my middle finger deep into your ass, and continue to stroke long firm strokes in and out of your pussy. I can feel my hard cock through the thin membrane that separates your pussy from the depths of your ass hole. I feel your sphincter muscle grab my finger before you relax a bit. Your moans of approval urge me on, and soon you feel my ring finger rubbing alongside my cock in your pussy, gathering some of your natural lubrication, before it joins the other finger in your ass hole. It's almost impossible at first, but I eventually work both fingers in and out of your ass hole, feeling your pussy tighten on my hard fat cock, your incoherent babbling letting me know you are about to cum again.

Without warning I take my fingers out of your ass hole and simultaneously pull my cock from your pussy. Before your tight little butt can react, I push the head of my cock roughly into your little ass hole. "Oh my, oh God, Oh shit, you're so big, I feel like your splitting me open" you babble as I labor to work just a bit more of my dick inside you. I start to stroke in and out of your tightest little hole. It takes a few minutes and a lot of tiny strokes before you start to really relax, letting me slide all the way inside you. It's taken all of my energy to not cum too quickly, but now I am rewarded with a sexy sight of my cock balls deep in your ass. When I finally bottom out, I let my hands reach around, inside your blouse, to pull you upright, pushing my cock deeper inside you while I twist and pinch your nipples. I kiss you when you turn your head, a fiercely passionate kiss, then nibble my way back to your neck and finally your ear. "This time it's my turn. You are going to get your ass fucked hard like the good horny slut that you are, Lisa."

With that being said, I twist your nipples harder and start to stroke in and out of your ass. For just a second I let one hand leave your heaving tits, grabbing your hand bringing it down to your pussy. You know what I want you to do, and start fingering your pussy, rubbing your clit, as my hand returns to continue to twist and tease your nipples. Your about to cum again, this time the biggest orgasm of the afternoon, and we're both moaning and sweating as I start to really pound your sweet ass. I cup your breasts and pull myself deeply inside you, and just as my cock swells and starts to throb I feel your orgasm start to take you to a new place. We're both about to cum, and I know we're going to cum hard, when we notice one of the park workers has been watching us from the other side of the bushes that are behind our picnic table. His right arm is a blur, and even though we cannot see him, we know he's jacking off at the sexy sight of us having rough anal sex.

He doesn't slow us down one bit, we're too far gone, and moments later you and I both go over the top, my cock spasming in your ass driving you to new heights, as you cum with me. "OhmyGod yes, fuckyes, oh shit Lisa, it feels so good to cum like this" you hear me moan as I shoot string after string of my hot seed deep into your bowels. After a few seconds, with your orgasm still drifting higher, taking your mind to a place you don't recognize, you feel me pull out of your tight ass, and I push your cute cheeks together around my cock, the last few spasms of my orgasm resulting in a few last shots of cum to shoot onto your ass, some of which now stains the back of your blouse.

We see that the park maintenance man has been staring at us while stroking his cock and he shoots his load as you pull your fingers from your pussy, my cum and yours mixing as it runs down your thighs. I collapse on top of your back Our breathing is still labored, as it will be for a few minutes. You feel my shrinking cock waive goodbye as it slides off your ass, retreating to it's post-orgasm state. I whisper words of affection, telling you how much it turned me on to make you cum like that. We look up and the maintenance man has disappeared. You are still so lost you can't speak, so you turn your head, and pull my head to yours, kissing me gently. I take a very small step back, pulling down your skirt, and turn you to me. Taking you into my arms, I hold you tightly, kissing you again, before telling you "that was better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Lisa this is just the start of what I hope will be a long and passionate relationship."

You chuckle and smile at me. "Dan if this is the start, imagine where the journey will lead us."

We hold each other for a few more minutes, slowly regaining our composure. After a while, you take my hand, and we walk arm and arm out of the park and back to our cars. When we reach them in front of the pub, the waiter gives a wink. "You too look like you had quite a dessert" he says. We laugh and I tell him "the best chef in the world couldn't compete with that one."

As I get into my car I notice something is making my pocket bulge. I reach in and pull out your thong panties, and smile to myself, remembering how sweet you tasted.

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