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My new angel

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Our eyes met from across the restaraunt. I could see the sparkle in hers. She was dressed to kill, sleek dress that made me wonder if she was wearing panties or not. She looked at me and smiled intently, her eyes shyly looked down. I could already see the quiet submission in her. We walked towards one another, as we neared one another she held out her hand still not looking up into my eyes. I reached for her hand and if I did not know any better I would swear I saw her knees buckle a bit. I pulled her to me to give her a gentle kiss but I had to pull her face up to mine. "Hello my angel," I said as I kissed her very softly on the cheek. She batted her eyes in submission as we walked to a table.

We enjoyed our dinner with wonderful conversation, and occassionally my hand would trace up her leg as we set together in the booth. Each time I caressed her leg she would open them a bit farther as if inviting me to venture further into her. I leaned over and whispered into her ear that she would be mine in do time. She laid her head on my shoulder and caressed my roaming hand. Our evening passed quickly when she said she wished to take a walk and asked if I would like to walk with her. I assured her I would love to for "any man would be a fool to deny such an angel." I reached for her hand and she shyly held on and followed me.

We walked the neighborhood and almost the whole time she held me as if she was breakable, as if she was a beautiful china doll that needed care and attention. And that I gave her with my warm touch and firm lead. We arrived at a building and she asked if I would like to go in. I wondered if this was her place but the look in her eyes told me it was a place for us, for the moment we were in.

We went up the stairs and reached a door, she handed me the keys and asked me to escort her into the room. I opened the door and walked in. She shyly followed. I asked if we were alone, she calmly replied, "We are, and I am under your spell, please cast me as you desire." I fully understood. I led her to a chair and asked her to sit, there so happened a blindfold next to it so I placed it gently over her eyes. I told her to remain motionless until instructed otherwise. She shook as she responded a simple "yes."

I noticed there were many toys in the room, and the next room was filled with only a bed with four posts, neatly adorned with ties at each post. It was obvious at this point that we both understood our desires. I took my shoes off, and softly walked back to my angel. She had done as told and had not moved. Except for the trembling I could see in her skin as it softly shuddered about. I leaned to her ears and whispered for her to reach forward. She did so and her hands landed onto my hips. I asked her to hold onto my hips and to caress my sides but NOT to go under my clothing. She did as requested. Her breathing began to quicken, then without warning I pushed her hands down and away from me. She began to protest but i told her protest would be a bad choice, that she was to submit to all I asked of her. She nodded her head in approval. I asked her to stand and she did. I turned her around and pulled her abruptly to me, my cock had grown and she let out a muffled moan as her ass cradled my stiffening cock. I asked if she wanted to enjoy the pleasures I could give her and she quickly responded yes. I told her to lift her shirt over her head and she did without hesitation. Then to remove her bra. Her ass was now moving and caressing my cock and it felt wonderful. I took here arms and lifted them high over her head and instructed her to leave them. I reached around her body to caress the stiff nipples that were aching for attention. The responded to my touch and her soft moans were getting more pronounced. Her breasts were magnificent, and I could not yet tell her I craved them as I did. Without warning I left her standing there, she stood quietly for a second then lowered her arms. The crack of a flogger I found on a table slid across her mini skirted ass. She jumped and lifted her hands back up immediately. I moved around her quietly and sat in the chair that was still in front of her. I told her to lower her arms and very seductively to remove her mini skirt. She began to move her body rhythmically almost immediately and began a slow strip tease of sorts. I was filled with anticipation as she lowered her skirt. The sweet aroma of her pussy was beginning to fill the air. I was met with a naked pussy in front of me, my hunch had been correct, no underwear. I asked her to once again lift her arms and she did so very willingly. I leaned forward and took in the sweet aroma of her bare pussy. It was beautiful and I knew I had to taste it, but I was going to wait.

I took her hand and turned her around and sat her back down onto the chair. I placed ties around her ankles and secured each one to the legs. She was submitting beautifully. Her arms stayed up into the air as instructed. I asked her to lower them and reach out for my aching cock. She quickly found it as I told her to remove my pants. She hurridly had them off of me, followed by my underwear. I then asked her to discover my cock with her hands, to learn how it felt, how it was shaped, to feel the smoothness of the head and balls that I kept shaved. But NOT to stroke or caress in a sexual manner. This was discovery. She did as asked and was showing me that she could do exactly as expected.

I then secured her arms to the chair as well. When she was least expecting it I grabbed her hair and pulled her face forward where it met my cock. She eagerly opened her mouth in anticipation of my cock and quickly found the head and engulfed it into her mouth. I told her now to explore my cock with her mouth and find three things she could do with her mouth that would get my attention, and when I pulled my cock from her mouth I wanted her to tell me exactly what those things were. She played with my cock orally for about five minutes before I pulled my cock from her mouth. She leaned forward as if searching, wanting my cock again. I grabbed her hair pulling her hair back asking what she learned. She quickly said, "First, I learned that if I sucked on the head in a rotating motion it would cause your cock to bounce with joy. Second, learned that if I took your cock deep down my throat that you would twitch with pleasure. And third, I learned that you love a slow making love kind of motion with my mouth." Very good," I responded. I want you to remember those techniques as you pleasure my cock again. I pulled her hair forward and her mouth eagerly found my cock again, only this time she concentrated on those three things. She worked my cock eagerly making me feel intense pleasure. What amazed me was that she was moving her hips and moaning more and more. I pulled my cock from her mouth and asked, "are you close to cumming." "Yes Sir, she responded. That is not allowed my angel. I will have to punish you. I removed her rea\straints, told her bend over which she did without hesitation. The flogger cracked around her ass in a very gentle way. It served as a reminder of her submission.

My angel was now bent over, showing a beautiful ass to me. I stood her up and lead her into the back room. I put one foot between her legs and and spread her legs wide apart. I pushed her forward over the bed and knelt down behind her. Her ass and beautiful pussy was staring me in the face and I could not resist the urge to lick the bottom of her pussy up the crack of her ass. She arched her back in approval. She began to stand but I forceably pushed her back down over the bed and told her to enjoy the return for her masterful cock sucking earlier, but to NOT cum. "If you feel yourself on the verge of orgasm you are to immediately tell me," I said. But I knew the signs and would probably be way ahead of her. I begain once again to lick her pussy and ass. It was very obvious she was turned on as she was wet as could be. The flow of her incredible juices was filling my mouth with pleasure. I love licking a woman and controlling her feelings. I licked her slowly with my tongue barely breaking the folds of her pussy. I spent a lot of time on that softness between pussy and ass, she tasted and felt wonderful. I rimmed her ass frequently her hips were moving with my attention. I noticed she began to tremble and knew she was getting close to her first orgasm so I stopped my assault. I stood up and she just started to say something but caught herself. I could tell she was pissed I stopped but that big orgasm was to be for later. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to a standing position. I turned her around and pushed her down onto the bed. Remember she was still blindfolded through all of this and she tried to catch herself as she landed onto the bed. I grabbed her legs and flung them up over her shoulders as I dove between them eagerly. My tongue found her ass and probed inside before heading up to her pussy where I literally went crazy. I told her to grab her ankles and keep her legs outstreatched and tight. She gave me that great pussy for any desire I had. In the midst of my licking she said, "Oh My, I am about to cum." I immediately stopped and got off the bed telling her to remain in that position. The look of anguish was sad but all part of the plan to rock her with one absolutely amazing orgasm. I climbed up onto the bed and straddled over her in a 69. My soft cock dangled over her face. I gave her permission to reach her mouth upwards to find my cock and begin to make love to it orally. I grew quickly and soon she was deep throating me and doing those threee things she learned earlier. I then leaned forward and my tongue once again found its mark. This time, my mouth found her clit warm and waiting. I slowly encircled it with my mouth licking softly and tenderly. She never missed a beat, she sucked my cock with abandon, never dropping her legs or letting go of her ankles. Once again I felt her quiver and stopped my licking, I removed my cock from her mouth, gently lowering her legs and restraining them to the posts on the bed. I left her hands free. I know removed her blindfold and as her eyes got use to the light she took in my cock and examined it fully. I sat her up and got before her. I asked her now to incorporate her hands and her mouth in pleasuring my cock. She grabbed hold and took me deep. She really was getting into it when I pushed her back down onto the bed. I got on top of her and my cock found her pussy. I teased her with the head of my cock as she began to move her body in rhthm. I looked deep into her eyes and said, "Not yet my angel."

I could tell she was wanting to cum so bad, I knew it was time so I once again went between her legs and made sweet love to her pussy with my tongue. I licked the length, used my tongue to swirl her clit and drive her wild. I told her to lay back and enjoy and to tell me when she was about to cum. I was looking into her eyes and could see the disappointment. As I licked her I began to increase the rhythm and get a bit more crazy. She was looking into my eyes, with passion and lust. I stopped and reminded her NOT to cum, to hold it back until I told her it was ok. I went back to licking her. I noticed a vibrator on the nightstand and reached for it. It came to life on her clit and she arched her back in pleasure. I could tell the pleasure was very intense. She was trying to keep her body from experiencing that which would bring her release, the big O. Her moaning was becoming very intense and she began to scream "I am going to cum." I jumped back, "NO." Then I continued to lick, her face was worried and I could see in her eyes she was straining to hold it back. I again loudly said, "NO." She was fighting her orgasm with all of her strength. I knew she was in agony as I winked at her and tho my mouth was buried into her pussy I said, "cum my angel." The expression on her face at that moment I will never forget. She began to scream wildly, and her body shook as she was pounded with an incredible orgasm. I was licking her intently as I latched onto her clit, she was bucking and cumming and cumming. She was exhausting herself as she finally began to subside as I slowly licked her down from her sexual high. She was sweating and her pussy was throbbing like none I had ever seen.

I looked at my angel and told her to please speak freely. She said through the shortness of her breath that that was absolutely the most amazing orgasm she had ever had. I winked at her and said calmly. Let me control when and where you cum and they will all be amazing just like that. She shyly looked at me and simply said, "I am yours." By this time I had taken the restraints off of her legs.

When she was least expecting it I grabbed her hair and pulled her up to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs again and pushed her face down onto the bed. My cock had quickly come to attention and it quickly found its mark inside her pussy. I fucked her with no abandon, she had the warmest pussy. My cock was enjoying the warm tunnel. She on the other hand was now fucking me back with total abandon. I sternly said, "Do NOT cum until told to," "Yes sir," I am yours. We fucked for several minutes when I finally said, "cum my angel, cum hard." It took only seconds and my angel was rocking in orgasm. I continued to fuck her. She was amazing, her body seemed to shudder with excitement when it was now my turn. I quickly pulled out grabbed her hair, turned her, pushed her to her knees and guided my cock to her mouth. "Use those new found skills my pet." She immediately began to work my cock. My toes began to tremble as it built up deep inside. "I am about to cum my angel." She made sounds of agreement as she sucked the life out of me. I exploded deep into her mouth and she never missed a beat. She made the most beautiful love to my cock and did not stop until I was limp in her mouth, my cock head sensitive to her toungue.

I laid down onto the bed . . . she looked at me, and asked, "may I speak freely?" "Yes my angel. please do." "I have never experienced an orgasm like tonite, and I have never tasted cum that I will now desire over and over . . . hmmmm it is a pleasure to be your angel."

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