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My little slave

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I live in a small community, of about 8 000 people.. Everyone pretty much knows everyone else or at least someone who knows them.. So needless to say swinging or enjoyment of most adult activities outside of the normal acceptable standards are pretty much non existent. So for my adult fun I found an adult book store about 50 miles away, they offer peep shows, movies, toys and the usual stuff.. I go there about twice a month to pick up a new movie, watch a peep show. or check out the bulletin board, to see if I can find someone who shares my desire for adult play.

Well this time when I went I got much more then I ever thought I would.. As I was looking over the movies trying to decide which one I would like to add to my collection I saw a lady coming out of one of the peep show rooms holding a black plastic bag, the same kind that the book store uses to put your purchases in. Then it occurred to me that I recognized the woman, She is my neighbor from a few blocks down and married to the principal of our local high school. She turned and looked up to see me, by her next reaction she definitely recognized me as well. She froze and dropped her package.. When it hit the floor a huge dildo fell out on the floor and not in the usual package it is purchased in.. She looked down and turned beet red, then she looked up at me with a totally worried and shocked look on her face. I walked over and knelt down and put the dildo back in the bag, then picked it up and handed it too her.. Her face was still beet red and her voice barely audible and extremely shaky when she started stammering please don?t tell anyone that you saw me here.. Please, please don?t tell anyone. It will ruin my husbands career, I beg you please don?t tell anyone, I?ll do anything, just please don?t tell. My mind started racing, I got a small smile on my face, and said well we need to talk about this... I told her we needed to meet just down the road at the small mom and pop restaurant so we can talk more privately.. She said ok, I think just to get out of the book store and reduce the risk of further exposure.. We both got in our cars and drove the short distance to the restaurant, thank goodness they wasn?t any customers except for us.. I selected a table in the corner so we could talk without being overheard.. As soon as we sat down she again said, you can?t tell anyone you saw me there.. My husband would kill me, because it will ruin his career. Then I knew I had her.. I was sitting across the table from a mid thirty?s woman who stood about 5'9" weighing in at maybe 125 lbs with very large breasts and the face and body you could only dream of seeing. I told her I am sure we can work something out that would ensure my silence... She immediately looked relieved and then it hit her.. I was going to expect something and she got a worried look again, then she quickly asked what I wanted.. That she couldn?t give me much money because her husband would become suspicious, because he was very controlling. I assured her, I didn?t want her money.. But what I did want was her, I expected she would give herself to me too use as I pleased without any restrictions. She immediately protested saying she is a married woman and couldn?t do such a thing. I reminded her, that she must not be happily married because she was in an adult book store watching a peep show obviously using her dildo while she watched.. And the fact she didn?t want her husband to know backed up she wasn?t happy.

She lowered her eyes and admitted that, no they were not happily married, that they hadn?t done anything of a sexual nature in at least a year. That the only reason they were still together is because if she left him he would probably loose his job, because of the scandal. So I asked her again do we have a deal, after all it would be beneficial for everyone.. We both would be getting the physical attention we each needed and her husband could continue his job without worry of any scandal whatsoever. She said she would agree if we could keep things totally confidential and discreet . And I had to be gentle and if she said no then that meant no.. I told her I was more then happy to keep it discreet but she would be my personal sex slave and I would not promise her I would be gentle.. That she would do as I told her and I would take her anyway I wanted.. I then decided to push her to see how she would react and told her discussion was over she had exactly one minute to decide if I stayed quiet about what I saw because she gave herself to me, or I let people know she frequents a porno book store and well let happen what happens.. Before I could even look at my watch to start the timing.. She responded ok, I?ll do it.. But how long do I have to be your slave.. I thought for a moment and said you have to give yourself to me on at least 12 different occasions.. After that it is up to you how long you are my slave.. But you have to be available to me within 24 hrs of the time I order you to be available.. Then I asked her to you understand.. She nodded her head yes.. Then I knew I had her.. I told her that is inappropriate that she is my slave and she will respond verbally and refer to me as master from now on.. She then said yes master I understand.. I then told her, it is time for your first installment, do you have the time now? She again responded,?yes master, I can server you now? I paid for our drinks and we got up and walked outside.. I told her to get in my car.. I drove to the pharmacy and asked if I needed to buy condoms. She responded, No master, I am on birth control and I don?t like them.. I told her to wait in the car and I would be right back.. I went in and made bought some alcohol and lubricant.. Then came back out and drove to a small hotel got us a room.

Once in the room, I poured some of the whiskey in a glass walked over to her and told her to drink it.. She looked at me and started to open her mouth to say something, but stopped.. I again told her to drink it.. She took it and took a sip.. And gasped.. I responded again and said, I didn?t tell you to sip it.. I said drink it NOW and furthermore when I tell you to do something you will do it or be punished do you understand.. ... she didn?t hesitate, but tipped the glass and swallowed the whole thing and then gasped for breath for a few moments.. I then told her to take all of her clothes off.. She started for the bathroom, I said what do you think your doing.. She said I am going to take of f my clothes. I said did I tell you to go into the bathroom and take off your clothes I said strip, that means here and now.. She lowered her eyes and turned away to start removing her clothing.. She undid her blouse and put it on the chair.. Then she took off her shoes and pulled down her jeans.. There standing before me in a lacy black bra and thong was a very sexy toned and tanned woman with a 38 D 22 34 inch waist and her blond shoulder length hair cascading down her back in gentle soft waves. She stood there using her hands to kinda hide herself and preserve her modesty.. She looked at me and asked are you gonna take off your clothes.. I responded with, ?slave what did I tell you to do?? She lowered her head , turned away from me and said yes sir, and undid her bra and placed it on her pile of clothes, then she hesitantly removed her panties.. I told her to turn and face me.. She slowly turned and I got to see her entire body.. Not only were her tits nice and large but her nipples were huge and her pussy was shaved perfectly bare. I sat in one of the straight back chairs in the room and instructed her too come over to me. She came over standing in front of me still protecting what was left of her modesty... I then told her to lay across my lap, once she complied I shifted her body so her ass was set in a perfect position. I then made sure to place a hand on the small of her back to hold her into position, with the other hand I drew back and gave her a good stiff swat on her ass.. She jumped and tried to get up as I held her down. She started to object and call me names.. I gave her a second swat and told her to be quiet. She immediately laid still, I then asked her.. Who was I, and she quietly said your master.. And I asked who she was, and she responded I?m your slave... I said your right..and as my slave you will do as I say and not make me tell you twice, you will not be modest in front of me.. And you will always refer to me as Master each and every time you speak, do you understand.. She said, ?yes? so I drew back and smacked her on the ass again, and said what? She responded, ?yes sir? I then gave her two more hard swats and said excuse me, she replied,?yes master? I then told her I wanted to make sure she didn?t forget again so she was going to get 10 more swats as a reminder and count them off for me as I administered them.. She replied softly with a yes master.. I drew my hand up and smacked her ass.. And she counted one master.. This went on until she finally moaned out 10 master. Her voice was quivering and she was biting her lip to hold back the tears.. I could only imagine how much her ass stung because my hand sure did and her ass felt very warm and was glowing a reddish tan.. I then ordered her to spread her legs I slid my finger down her ass crack and around to her smooth pussy and found it already moist and slightly puffy.. I released her and told her to get on her knees.. She responded quickly I got in front of her and undid my pants and slid them down with my cock starting to harden from the feel of her squirming on my lap. I moved forward so the tip of it touched her lips and ordered her to suck.. She drove her face onto it and started sucking as hard as she could.. I could see she had one hand rubbing her sore ass and then I noticed the other was dipping between her legs, and she was fingering her cunt.. Her mouth felt like heaven on my cock and in no time she had my hard as a rock at just over 8 inches.. I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth as she sucked me.. Driving my cock into the back of her throat.. Finally she sucked me beyond no return and I felt my ball boiling then I held her head so my cock was as deep down her throat as possible as I shot my load in her.. She gaged but never tried to pull off of me.. I must have shot 4 or 5 hot loads into her mouth.. She now had both hands in her crotch pawing at her hot little cunt.. I backed up and she was sucking my dick trying to keep it in her mouth the whole time.. Once I stepped away I could see her thighs were coated in her juices.. I ordered her to lay on the small table face up with her legs pulled up and spread wide open and for her to hold them back as far as she could with her hands.. I got between her legs and leaned forward to suck on her tit which by now the nipples were hard and as big around as a pen cap.. As I took one into my mouth and played with it dragging my tongue over it and pulling at it with my lips she moaned I then took the same hand that was smacking her ass only a short time ago and rolling my three fingers together shoved them in her sopping wet cunt with one firm thrust.. And let my thumb hit her clit which was also now hard as a rock.. She sucked in a deep breath and then said Oh master that feels so good.. I then started pulling my fingers back until they were almost out of her and ramming them back in making sure my thumb slid across her clit each time.. While moving from nipple to nipple sucking pulling and biting them.. She pulled on her legs even harder rolling her hips up to get the best angle on my fingers invading her hot little fuck hole.. Which I was now realizing was extremely tight and getting tighter on my fingers.. As I fucked her little box with my fingers.. She started to pant harder and pumping her hips up against my hand and not biting her lip for an entirely different reason.. Finally I was rewarded with the first of many orgasms she was going to have that afternoon.. Her head arched back her body stiffened her mouth came open and not a sound came from her as she started her orgasm.. I then pulled off of her nipples and concentrated I ramming my hand inside her cunt pounding it with all the force I had in my body.. Her orgasm lasted at least 3 minutes.. As she started to calm down and tried to push her legs together.. I reminded her she was to keep them spread.. I then pulled up the chair and slowly started to lick the insides of her legs.. Working my way slowly up to her tiny little well finger fucked cunt.. Making sure I never quite got there.. After a while of my tormenting her with my tongue she started trying to roll her hips to meet my tongue.. I pulled back from eating her.. And slapped her cunt with my hand and she jumped, ?Didn?t I tell you to lay still.? her immediate response was yes master.. And she became very still again.. I went back to licking up her juices always getting close to her pussy but never quite getting there.. Making sure I really took my time as further punishment for her moving.. By this time her pussy lips were swollen and deep red from all the attention they had received and glistening with her juices as they pulsated crying out for another orgasm.. Finally I buried my face in her driving my tongue deep in her twat licking up the juices and moving up to flick her clit.. After only a few seconds of this she arched once again but this time I was greeted with a low growl and her hips drove them selves uncontrollably up too my mouth begging for more.. I took my middle finger placed it against her asshole and shove it in as I sucked her clit into my mouth.. . and slowly started fucking her ass making sure that with each stroke I came all the way out and then went all the way back in.. She continued to moan and gasped out very slowly Oh master that feels so good.. As her orgasm ended I got up and told her to go to the bed and lay down.. It was all she could do to make it too the bed.. Her legs were like rubber.. Once on the bed I moved up by her head leaned over so my cock was resting on her lips.. Without saying a word she immediately swallowed it and started sucking it back to full attention.. Then she took my balls in her hands and caressed them and would pause sucking my cock to lick and suck my balls.. Then I saw her take her hand and dip it in her soaking wet pussy getting her fingers nice and moist and then reached up and started very gently massaging my asshole probing her finger in and out slowly looking up at me to see if I objected.. She continued her slow invasion into my neither region until she was pressing against my prostrate. Once she was on that spot she massaged it.. And I could feel my cock stretching from being so stiff.. I pulled her hand out and moved down to her pussy.. I grabbed both of her ankles and spread her legs pushing her feet up on each side of her head she guided the tip of my raging hard on to the soaking wet outstretched lips of her cunt.. Until I could slide the head of my cock inside her fuck hole once inside I slowly entered her.. Until my balls were resting on her ass.. I shifted my hips around so my pubic bone was pressing against her love button.. Which sent her into another orgasm.. And made her already tight cunt tighten up even more.. Putting a death grip on my invading member.. As I pulled back I noticed he pussy was hanging on and not letting me slide out.. Finally I saw my cock sliding out of her and just before the head of my cock saw the light of day I drove him back in with all my weight.. Slamming my hips into her and hearing my balls slapping her already warm ass.. She was in fuck lust at this point her head was cranked back and her abdomen was writhing with orgasms. And I fucked her for all I was worth.. Pounding relentlessly in her hot little box.. Just when I thought she couldn?t get any tighter.. I felt her pussy start to quiver and she seemed to suck my cock even deeper inside of her.. Then she squirted her love juices.. Hot spray after spray of her love juices squirted out of her, hitting me in the crotch and her pungent feminine scent filled the room.. She was completely lost.. Half moaning and growling her hips bucking up against me involuntarily every muscle in her body pulled tight. I couldn?t take it any more.. I felt my balls let loose with a hot load and it shot out of my cock deep within her hungry little cunt it came with such force it almost hurt as it passed through my cock.. I have no idea how many times my balls dumped load after load of my spunk inside of her.. But finally I felt them relax.. And I released her legs and laid down on her with my cock still stuck inside of her well fucked hole.. That is the first time I kissed her on the mouth.. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me towards her with her arms.. Meeting my tongue with hers.. After a short while I felt her pussy start to relax and my cock softened enough that it slipped out then I could feel all the hot juices that were inside her start to ooze out on to the bed between our legs.. Running down my cock and dripping off of its tip.. I rolled off and laid next too her, she cuddled up to me cooing softly we fell asleep for about an hour when I woke to her sucking on my cock.. I looked down and saw her licking me.. She looked up with a small grin and said, ?my master has our dried juices on his lovely cock and as his slave I must clean him.? As she administered to cleaning me up she made sure I was hard once again.. This time I was going to make sure she got a fucking she wouldn?t forget .. I ordered her on her hands and knees with her ass stuck off the side of the bed.. I got up and moved behind her grabbing the bag that I bought from the pharmacy with the lube in it.. And placed some on the head of my cock.. And moved up too her.. I then started to slide my cock between her ass cheeks.. She protested at first, no please master, but it only took one quick smack on the ass for her to be quiet.. I maneuvered the tip of my cock against her brown little pucker and slowly started to push in.. She started to tense.. And I told her to relax as I stopped for a moment. Once I felt her muscles start to relax I again continued to press inside of her.. Once I felt the head of my cock pop inside her I stopped for a moment giving her time to adjust.. Then I slowly started to press in further just a little at a time. Pulling back and pushing in a bit further then last time.. Until finally I was all the way inside of her.. She reached back with her hands and started massaging her clit and rubbing my balls each time I was buried in her back door.. I fucked her very slowly and steady but making sure I took each thrust as deeply in her as I could.. After a few minutes of pumping in her ass. I would let my cock pop out and reenter her with one slow long push she again started moaning.. And I could feel her asshole quiver around my cock then she started into her orgasm again.. This time she hissed out please master spank me.. Spank me hard as you fuck this little whore.. With each swat she would moan more wildly.. And she was slamming her hips into me.. And I then felt her slapping her own cunt after she started coming down from her orgasm.. She begged me to fuck her faster.. I grabbed her hips and started to pound her ass driving my dick up her hershy highway as fast and hard as I could.. And she was busy friggin her cunt with her fingers.. My nuts started tightening yet again as I felt my load boil and move up my rod.. I drove my cock deep in her asshole as load after load sprayed inside her coating her walls with my seed.. As she started her orgasm yet again.. After I was done and pulled out of her poop shoot.. I made her roll over and frig herself until she came one last time for the afternoon.. She cleaned herself up and cleaned me up we got dressed and as we were ready to leave.. She got in front of me.. And said.. Master do I have to stop being your slave after the 12th time.. I smiled and said no..

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