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My first experiment

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This is about my first and only time with Dominant Bondage.

It was my birthday, and I asked a very good friend to come over. I hinted that I wanted to have sex and experiment a little. She reluctantly agreed after some convincing. She came over that evening wearing overalls and a form fitting t-shirt at my request. The t-shirt was not smutty tight, but had a v cut down the front and hugged her body very flatteringly. I was delighted at her willingness to oblige my odd request and kissed her passionately as a token of appreciation. She asked me what I wanted to try, and I did my best to explain it to her. I was very nervous and she set me at ease. She told me to relax and just let her know. I told her that she could always say no, but she was very willing to listen. I told her that I wanted to dominate her and experiment with bondage. My heart was racing as I saw the look on her face. I was almost sure that she would decline. The look on her face was almost a dead give away, as I thought she was going to say no. To my surprise, she told me she would like to experiment in that area as well.

First things first. I told her to choose a safety word. She chose the word “lace”. I asked her if she was ready to begin, and she nodded with a sly grin. Being new at this, I timidly asked her to stand up. She did so and eyed my crotch. I asked her if she would like to suck me off. She nodded. I told her to ask for permission. “May I please suck your cock?” she said. I love hearing a girl say the word “cock”, it’s such a huge turn on for me. I told her to call me “master” and to ask me again. “Master, may I please suck your cock? I want it to be in my mouth so badly, I can hardly stand waiting.” Wow, this girl just surpassed my expectations. I told her that before she did so, she would have to light some candles and turn out the lights. She did as she was told.

Four candles were lit and placed near my chair. She asked if she could proceed, and I had another idea. I told her to undo the straps on her overalls. She complied with “Yes, Master”. I was becoming very excited; this girl was getting into this. She undid them and the front fell to her waist. I stood up and walked behind her. I grabbed the straps from behind her and tied her wrists together. I put each hand on the opposite wrist and wrapped the straps in opposite directions around them. They wound about 3 times before I tied them. I tied them very tight and asked if she liked the pain. She didn’t say a word, merely smiled. After she gave me this soulful look, she said, “Master, may I please suck your cock?” I kept thinking to myself how wonderful this girl was and that she was really doing well. I was just getting warmed up. I told her that she couldn’t suck it till I told her otherwise. I was having too much fun with the first part. I enjoyed the control I had over her. She enjoyed being controlled. I enjoyed her submissive behavior and the fact that she liked it.

I reached my hands around from behind her and groped her breasts. I grinded my rapidly stiffening cock into her denim covered ass. I then started to nibble her neck and she started to moan. She turned her head in an attempt to kiss me, but I bit her neck just a little harder. After a moment of savoring the sensation, I released her and got back into my chair. I commanded her to get on her knees, and she complied with a “Yes, Master”. I beckoned her to lean forward to watch me unzip my fly. I undid my fly and moved my boxers aside. My cock sprang out as if it was being freed from imprisonment. Her eyes widened with anticipation. Without missing a beat, she swallowed me whole. She moaned as she proceeded to give me one of the greatest blowjobs I had ever had.

I could barely contain myself and was very close to getting off. I grabbed her hair and started pulling it. I tugged it in different directions and her head gave way, but her mouth never let off me. I leaned my head back, but I didn’t want to come so early, so I commanded her to stop. She sat back on her feet with her hands still bound, and I stood up. I let my pants slide to the floor and moved closer to her. I put my cock to her lips and she began to suck me off again. I told her to stop and she just sat there. I touched my cock back to her lips and smeared my precome from her top lip to just above her chin. I told her to beg for my come. “Master, please fill my throat with your come.” She knew just the right things to say. I grabbed her hair and pulled straight down with a tender yank. Her head shot straight back and her mouth opened almost immediately. I stuffed my cock back into her mouth. She gagged a little but I didn’t let up. I clenched my fist in a tuft of her hair as I felt my impending orgasm. She moaned and licked the base of my cock. I took it out of her mouth as I came and sent it flying all over the bottom of her face. She licked the tip of my cock as I was coming and took a couple of the shots directly in the mouth. She spread my come around her lips with her hot pink tongue. Her acrylic studded tongue ring made the view that much hotter. With my semen dripping from her chin, she continued to lick it up. She tried to wipe her mouth with her hand, but forgot she was still bound from behind. I saw the look of slight frustration cross her face because she forgot her hands were tied. She had to adapt without the use of her hands.

I used the tip of my cock to press the rest of the come into her mouth. She told me how sweet and delicious I tasted and asked me what I would have her do next. I pulled the front of her shirt up over her head to expose her bra-covered breasts. I moved the shirt behind her head so she could see my face. I wanted her to see how happy and turned on she was making me. I reached behind her and undid the buckle of her bra. It became loose and I moved it up over her breasts. I was so enamored by the sight of her breasts; I felt a twitch in my cock immediately. She wasn’t completely topless, and I think that was one of the things that turned me on so much. Here she was, on her knees with her shirt looking like someone was trying to rip it off of her to rape her, and her bra was resting on the tops of her breasts. She was truly a sight to behold. Her perfect breasts heaved as she breathed heavily with excitement of whatever would happen next.

I kissed her forehead as I reached down and pinched her nipples. I sat back in my chair and told her to stand up. It looked as if she would fall over from losing her balance trying to stand up without the use of her hands, but she was able to stand up gracefully and flawlessly. I told her to lean forward and lick my neck as I teased her nipples with the head of my cock. She bit into my neck a little. It was a little harder than a nibble, but not quite a bite. I could feel her teeth, and it almost tickled. She began to swirl her tongue around the part my neck she had in her mouth. I had one hand on my cock and the other on her hair, pulling it. I told her to keep licking and kissing my neck while I pulled her hair. I pulled her harder and harder, but she was still able to continue working on my neck. She would switch from the right side to the left and I would pull harder and harder. I pulled so hard that she had to bite into my neck just to keep her mouth there. The pain was a surprising turn on.

With her hands still tied, this gorgeous girl was using my neck and her mouth to keep balance as I tugged her hair. Her long dark locks were being tugged while I was guiding the head of my cock to tease her nipples. I was finally able to pry her from my neck. I told her that I didn’t give her permission to let go, so she would have to be punished. I stood up and told her to bend over my chair. I took off my thick leather belt and her eyes widened. I told her to look into my eyes as I folded my belt in half. A slight expression of fear came across her face. I moved to where I was beside her and smacked her smartly on the ass. She closed her eyes. I told her that she didn’t ask for permission to close her eyes, and slapped her ass again with the belt. She looked at me with a new determination to keep me pleased. I hit her again, and she let out a whispering sigh. I asked her if she liked it, and she said “Yes, Master”. I told her she didn’t have permission to speak and smacked her ass again, but harder. She moaned this time. I said to her “This time, if I ask you a question, you nod or shake your head, do you understand?” She nodded. I asked her if she liked it again, and she nodded. “Now you are learning,” I replied. I smacked her ass again one last time and I saw a tear. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked. She shook her head. “Stand up” I commanded, and she complied still gazing at my eyes. By this time, I was completely erect. I undid her bonds and she immediately took my cock gently into her tiny hands. I closed my eyes and sighed as her cool hands touched and moved up and down along my shaft.

I snapped myself back into reality and told her to move to the bedroom. She stood at the foot of the bed and I pushed her down onto it. I brought her feet up in my hands as I furiously removed her sneakers and pulled down her overalls. As soon as I got them below her panty-covered pussy, I could smell her sweet and musky scent. She was very aroused and I could see her fluid glistening from her thighs. I left her panties on and commanded her to roll over on her belly. I told her to get on all fours and got out one of the 3 silk ribbons I had bought just for this occasion. As she brought her ass up to me, I could see it was red from my belt. I took the silk and wrapped her wrists in a figure 8 fashion around the first wrist, then the other. I did it on and on about 3 passes for each wrist and tied the knot very firmly. I asked her if she wanted to be spanked again, and she looked at me. She closed her eyes and nodded. I could tell that this pain was a new experience for her, but she was enjoying it. I put my hardened cock on her panty-covered ass and asked her if she liked how it felt. She nodded. I moved back just a little and slapped her firmly on the ass with the belt. It made a very loud slapping sound, and she cried out a little. I asked if she would like another, and she nodded. I hit her again, just a little harder this time, and another loud slapping sound sharply hit my ears. I saw another tear, but I didn’t see a look of pain on her face.

I was growing concerned at this point, and asked her if she wanted another one. To my surprise, she yelled “Yes, Master, please spank my ass! I deserve to be punished!” Wow, this exceeded anything I had imagined. I touched her ass again with my left hand, and squeezed it. I then moved back one more time, and I laid into her. I lashed her about 10 times and I saw the tears start to flow. She yelled for me to keep spanking her because she deserved punishment. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP! I gave her another 10 lashes. The sharp sounds of leather meeting cotton covered skin danced around the room with increasing volume and quickness. I could see the fluid running down the inner parts of her legs now, and it was almost pouring. This girl was getting more turned on than I was! I was so excited!

I told her that I had something else for her ass. She put her face into the pillows and raised her ass a little more. I pulled her panties down just a little and they wouldn’t give all the way. I ripped them off and she let out a surprised gasp. I yelled at her, “I didn’t give you permission to make a sound!” and I gave her another 5 lashes. God, it’s like I released the floodgates. I ripped the panties at her right hip and tore all the way through the very thin part that covered the top of her leg. They were hanging from her left hip and dangled down to where the ripped cotton touched the back of her right knee. I put my very stiff cock up to the mouth of her pussy. I touched her swollen clit with the head of my throbbing cock, and she moaned like a whore. She begged me to stuff my cock into her. “Master, Please, please stuff your cock into my hungry pussy!” I gave her another 5 lashes for speaking without permission. “Your suggestion has been taken into consideration, and has been duly noted, but you are my little slave.” I put the head of my now painfully throbbing cock to her very visibly erect clit and pushed the head of my cock into her. I held it there, just the head. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back to me. The sheets slid backward as she pulled them toward my body with her knees. I held my cock inside her eager and hungry pussy for what seemed like an eternity. I pulled it out to where the head was the only part inside her. I pulled out the head and told her that was all she was going to get for now.

I ordered her not to move and I got the other 2 silk ribbons. I tied one to her right and the other to her left ankle. I then tied each of the ends to the respective feet of the bed. If you can picture, she is now bent over with her face in two pillows. Her hands are tied behind her back with a silk ribbon that is about 3 feet long. It wrapped around each wrist but is tied in the center in a small knot, very tight with the excess hanging down. One of the ends continues up her back and into her hair, providing a wonderful color contrast to her white shirt and dark skin. Her hands were discolored at this point, but she said she was ok. I have her legs spread far enough apart to where I could stand between her feet if I so chose. I gave another couple of lashes just because I knew she really liked it. I got down with my knees on the floor and put my hands on her ass. I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go, and licked from the tip of her clit to the very top of her ass crack. She squealed as my tongue stud went over her clit. I went very slowly and it drove her wild. I got up and got the candles. I brought them back to where I had been standing, and I asked her “What is your purpose right now?” She replied, “My only purpose is to serve my Master.” I told her that wasn’t a good enough response and I gave her another couple of very hard lashes. “What is your purpose right now?” I asked again. “My only purpose is to bring my Master pleasure,” she moaned. “Still not good enough” I said again. She paused and thought. I slapped her ass a couple of times to help her concentrate. “I am my Master’s whore, and I only exist to have him use any hole in my body to get himself off!” I thought I was going to nut right there and then. Seeing the look on this goddess’ face as I heard her talk about her self so demeaningly was a shockingly arousing act.

I brought up one of the candles and rested it on her ass. “Look at me” I commanded. She opened her eyes, looked back, and saw the candle. I asked her if she liked pain. She nodded. I poured just a tiny bit of the burning wax onto her ass cheek. She moaned and bit the pillow. I moved the candle back and spanked her ass again, and told her she didn’t have permission to make a sound. I poured a line of wax on to her ass, and she didn’t take her eyes off mine. I let the wax dry and put just a little more on. Her ass was so red now, even though she has a dark complexion. It is amazing that I didn’t nut again just being this close and looking at this incredibly sexy girl writhing on my bed. I told her that the next one is going to hurt and smiled. She smiled back and licked her lips. I poured the rest of the wax across her ass from one side to the other, making lines and swirls across the top of it. I couldn’t take it any more, so I stood up and aimed my cock at her pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock on her asshole. I aimed it and pushed the tip of the head in. Just the tip. I took it back out and put it up to her pussy. Her pussy lips quivered as they sensed their impending fate. I slammed my cock into her pussy as hard and fast as it will go. I felt the twinge behind my balls telling me that I was about to come, so I took my now very wet, very hard dick out and pushed it into her ass as just as I was about to blow my load. She let out a screaming moan and tried to grab me. My knees went weak as I began to shoot this incredible load into her ass. I saw another tear come down her cheek, and I continued to fuck her ass as I spent my load. Shot after shot, I gave it to her thrust after thrust.

I crashed to my knees on the bed between her ankles and just fell beside where she was tied. She told me that was the most intense sexual experience she had ever had and licked my neck again. I kissed her on the forehead and she just slid forward relishing the sensations that were finishing their rounds through her body. I got up and untied her. Her hands were numb for hours afterward, but she said it was worth it. She enjoyed the pain, and it made her orgasms a lot more intense. I cleaned her off since she didn’t have the use of her hands, and I even bathed her. She could do it herself for the most part, but I just had more fun doing it myself. I went down on her in the shower to show my appreciation for her submission earlier. I got her off a couple more times, but she confessed later they weren’t as intense as they were earlier. Even so, she still clawed the back of my head as I pressed on her g spot and licked her clit to make her orgasm a total of 3 more times. By this time, I was completely erect again and she blew me. As I was about to come for the third and final time that evening, I pulled it out of her mouth and blew it all over her glistening wet breasts as my knees almost gave out. The sight of her on her knees with water running down her face and steam rising from her body was just so fucking sexy, I almost fell in the shower as I did my best to cover her sexy fucking tits in my hot, thick torrent of come. I ended up giving her part of a pearl necklace as well. It was the perfect end to a very intense, and memorable, experience.

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