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My Sub Couple Part 2 True story

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continuing, Barb was shocked that John had nutted stating that he is hard to make cum. I then pulled up John shirt and had Barb wipe herself with it. I then instructed Barb to lick up all the nut that john left. She did as she was told. I then told John and Barb that from now on they would not engage in any sexual activity whatsoever with each other or any on else with out my permission. I then said that I was tired and needed to go to bed and that I would be spending the night. I then had Barb release John, I instructed him to pick up my close and bring them to there bedroom and neatly fold them. There bedroom was a palace huge with King size bed full set of leather furniture, flat screen wall size TV. the master bath was the size of a normal room, it had a shower that 5 people could shower with jets everywhere, it had a large Jaquizzi and a separate large bath tub. I had his and her toliet stalls and also had to separate large vanity's and lighting everywhere. It also had a Large Flat screen. I told Barb to rinse off in the shower and had John draw me a bath. I told Barb that she would be taking a bath with me and cleaning me. she nodded to which I slapped her and reminded her the proper respoce was yes master. Jain set the tub, I got in and summoned Barb she got in and knelt down I told her I wanted her to wash me she began washing me from top to bottom, I told John to shower in 5 or less minutes. After barb washed me throughly I turned and stuck my ass up and told her to part my ass cheeks and lick and clean my ass, and play with my balls at the same time. By this time John was out the shower with a towel on standing next to the Tub. I told him he needed to watch. She liked my ass throughly playing with my balls and jrking my dick on occasion. All the time I was talking shit to John saying how do you like seeing your hot slut wife licking a black mans ass. He was speechless except his Cock was hard again. I asked John if he wanted to fuck his wife he stated if you want Master. I then said do you really want to fuck her the way she needs to be fucked, he didnt answer. I told him he wont be fucking her for a while. I then got out the Tub had Barb dry me of I bought a bag with me that I had John retrive. I put on a pair of shorts proceeded to the bedroom told john to turn the covers back and got in bed, I then summoned Barb to join me. I then told her that she was to be on call all night in case I wanted to fuck her or have her suck me cock, and that she would sleep with me. I then told john that he would sleep on the couch and be on call as well in case I needed him do do something. I then intructed John to turn the Tv on and show the Pay per view fuck flicks. I told him to find and interracial one where a white women was being fucked by a black and that she would have to be blond.. After a few he order a movie called Blacks on Blond. I told them I was going to watch for a while then problay fall asleep. I did just that. The next morning I woke up to find Barb gone and John asleep on the couch. I yelled for Barb she came running, and John jumped up from the couch, both yelling yes master. I went to the bathroom and requested Barb to come to. I told her to pull down me shorts and prepare the toilet for me to pee. I then told her to hold and aim my cock while I peed. I then Had her shake my cock to get the excess pee of I then instructed her to suck it clean which she did. I then reurned with her to the bedroom where john was standing waiting for instructions I told him to make coffee and bring it to me, and that I was thinking about fucking his wife who now belongs to me. I asked Barb if she was ready for some cock, to which she replied Iam dying for it couldnt think of nothing else all night. I then grabbed her pushed her on the bed grabbed a bedroom slipper I saw on the back of the door leading to there huge closet. I took the slipper and with force spanked her welt ridden ass, until I got tired. I then told her when I ask a question I am not intere3sted in her feeling its yes or no grabbing her hair I asked her if she understood she said yes master. I then told John to get a condom out of my bag which he did all the time i Had Barb face down on the bed ass in the air. I then told John to put the condom on. I then began to finger Barbs pussy which was soaking wet and dripping. John was standing there with a raging hardon which had his shorts pushed sideways. I told him to remove his shorts. Again his cock was dripping and rock hard. I then told him I was going to show him how to fuck this pussy. I then aggressively slammed my cock into Barb, her pussy was soaking wet so it was effortlessy. I pounded her pussy while grabbing her hair and spanking her ass, she was screaming like I never heard before saying how good it felt, yelling fuck me pound my pussy. While fucking her I told her tell me whos pussy this is, she stated its your pussy master yours, I then asked John whos pussy this was and he said yours master. I then pulled out of Barb turned her on her back I then Instucted John to go by her head, where I handed him her leggs and told him to hold them up. I then proceeded to munt Barb, and pound away at her pussy. I have great control I can cum it 5 minutes on focus my mind and fuck for and hour. I pounde away for about 20 straight minutes, Talking shit to John and Barb the whole time. I then decided it was time to bust my nut. I pulled out and removed to condom and shot my load all over the front of her pussy, it was a nice load plentyfull. Barb was exhuasted. I had John come look up close and my cum load, I then asked him if her wanted to fuck my pussy which he replied very much master. I said will you fuck it like I did, he said I will try master. I then told him he was not worthy to have my pussy. I then instructed him to kneel over Barbs face and jerk off a load on her face. He jack off in less then a minute comming all over her face. To be continued

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