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My Reluctant Wife

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My Reluctant Wife Sandy and I married seven years ago when she was 32 and I was 38. We both work out regularly and she has maintained that great figure with the long shapely legs and nice C cups that I fell for so long ago! Guys always check her out when we are together, and I’m sometimes blown away that they will try to hit on her even when I’m around. I’ve always been proud to have such a sexy wife and never had any jealousy issues.

Sandy’s a natural red head, but no sense asking if the dr*pes match the carpet, since she keeps everything smooth and clean down there. I just love fucking her, not just because she is so deliciously sexy, but because she loves it so much! She is truly multi orgasmic! Once she gets started she kinda gets carried away and she just wants more and more good hard fucking.

Well, over the years, even the best sex can get routine, so I eventually tried getting my love to try some new things. She liked watching an occasional porn movie together, and I once talked her into going to a strip cub with me. She had fun, but was in no hurry to go again. Sandy has a career that requires a certain amount of discretion, and she has always worried about being seen letting her hair down.

I did notice gang bang videos got her very wet. She said she liked the idea of being desired by so many men and being the center of attention. I believe she also liked the thought of lots of pumping from a bunch of hard cocks. Like I said, multi orgasmic and insatiable…

Eventually, I began fantasizing about introducing other people into our sex life. I thought Sandy would go for it, so I was disappointed when I brought it up and was hit with “OMG no, I can’t believe you would even think that…” I kept at it, found a web site, and eventually wore her down to where she reluctantly agreed to go to a swinger’s party one time when we were out of town. She made it real clear she was only doing this for me, she had no intention of participating in anything, and we had to leave right away if she felt uncomfortable there. And oh, I was a real shit for dragging her out there….

We were greeted at the door by our hosts, John and Cindy, who immediately handed us each a large solo cup of long island iced tea and offered us a tour. They each looked to be about our age and in great shape. Cindy was rater petite and was wearing a very tight fitting yellow dress with what looked like nothing underneath. You could clearly see her nipples trying to poke through the material and no pantie lines apparent even though the dress was like a second skin on her. My wife, by contrast, was wearing a long sleeve pull over shirt with a little vest on top of that. She looked like she was dressed for the office and everything about the outfit and her demeanor said “I’m not here for the same reason as everyone else, so don’t even try.”

John was a good-looking guy, around 6 feet tall, with an athletic build. On the tour, we saw several couples socializing in the large, open living room, which connected to a kitchen and a hallway leading to bedrooms. We were told that if a door was shut, it meant keep out, but if it was cracked you could enter and satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies. A wide-open door was an invite to join in but always ask before joining or touching. We were told they were expecting around 20 couples, a few single women, and maybe half a dozen single guys.

Before long, our hosts left us to escort some new arrivals. Sandy and I wandered back to the living room and took a place on one of the sofas. It was clear she was not comfortable. She had hardly said a word and was holding her arms crossed over her chest. Eventually, we saw some couples and singles mingling, making out, and some disappearing down a hall or outside. Sandy finally said this just wasn’t her scene and it was time to leave.

I wanted to stay a bit longer and told her first I wanted to have some of the champagne we had brought along that our hosts had placed in the fridge. Entering the kitchen and opening the champagne, I was pleasantly surprised to see John and Cindy walk in, this time without any clothes on! Cindy said they were sorry to have left us earlier, and we need to finish the tour, and “So just how is that beautiful wife of yours doing?” I explained we were leaving. “Oh don’t be ridiculous” she said. She then told John to bring Sandy another cup of iced tea while gently grabbing my arm and wrapping her sensuous body up against me. I couldn’t resist and began fondling and kissing her right there in the kitchen, possibly within eyesight of my wife! Soon she was gently pulling me out of the kitchen toward the hallway. Looking back, I saw my wife still sitting on the sofa but smiling for the first time as a totally nude John was standing in front of her offering her a drink.

Going down the hall Cindy stopped at a room with a wide-open door and we made out for a while watching a woman being alternately fucked by two eager guys. We didn’t ask to join in, but Cindy soon dragged me to the end of the hall and into a second living area which had several beds laid out. There were four or five couples fucking there. I had completely forgotten about Sandy by then and soon found myself locked in an awesome 69 with Cindy.

Seeing all the raw sex going down was incredible. Having a beautiful woman I’d only met only an hour earlier sucking on my cock, while I licked and sucked her luscious pussy was over the top! The sexual openness of everyone was highly intoxicating. I don’t know how long Cindy and I were at it, but I eventually realized I had left Sandy all alone back in the living room. Cindy was now getting pounded by a guy while his wife played with her tits, so, still naked, I made my way out to find my wife.

I was a little worried that she may have seen me in action in the group room, or that she may have left without me. I saw John pounding a very stacked blond in one of the bedrooms. Her face was flushed and her boobs were bouncing as he slid his rock-solid cock in and out if her pussy. I wanted to ask him about Sandy, but the blond began erupting in a screaming orgasm and I didn’t really want to distract them.

I eventually made it back to the living room to find my sweet, reluctant little wife laying stark naked on her back on top of an over-sized ottoman. Two guys were holding her legs up in the air while one was slipping his hard cock up and down her very wet slit. Soon he was inside her and sliding that big piece of meat in and out of her pussy as she began moaning and asking for more. One of the other guys moved to her face and began stroking his cock as she engulfed it with her sweet lips. She was being fucked from both ends now. The third guy look at me and said “Hope you don’t mind man, she’s so fucking hot!”.

His buddies kept at it with Sandy as he approached and explained that they had seen us enter together and had all agreed she was the one they wanted that night. They could tell she was shy and apprehensive, but she had loosened right up after I had left the room. Apparently, John had stood there with a semi chatting with her while she slurped down that drink he brought her. He then took her by the arm and introduced her to his three young friends. After one more drink she became putty in their hands and she offered no resistance as they began making out with her and stripping her naked.

The guy in Sandy"s mouth was the first to explode and I saw Sandy swallowing as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He milked it from the base, forcing a little more cum to seep out and dribble down his cock, which was still glistening from my wife’s saliva. Sandy eagerly cleaned that last bit of cum from his cock while the guy in her pussy pulled out and moved up to her face to be taken in by her mouth. The guy I was talking with then moved between her legs and began sliding in and out of Sandy’s pussy. Sandy was oblivious to my presence but soon became quite vocal, screaming “Oh my god! Fuck yes! Harder! Don’t stop! Harder!”

I sat back on the sofa and watched for the next 45 min as these three guys fucked my wife silly. They turned her over and pounded her doggie style while her big tits swayed with every thrust. Someone pulled out some lube and started fingering her asshole as he fucked her, and I heard my wife screaming with a new level of urgency I hadn’t experienced before. It wasn’t long before one guy got beneath her and slid into her pussy while another slowly slid into her well lubed asshole. They soon had a rhythm of sorts with my wife sandwiched between them and cumming like I’d never seen before.

Sandy was so far gone all she could do was lay her head down with her ass up in the air as these guys fucked her. One guy tried to move to her mouth, but she clearly couldn’t focus on that while she was cumming over and over.

It ended with Sandy sitting in the middle of a large sectional sofa with me and the other guys. She was like a kitten snuggling with litter mates. She was turning her head kissing whoever was on either side of her and we were fondling her, stroking her breasts, and gently pulling her nipples while we all marveled at how hot that had been. At one point, she gave me a big hug and asked, “Honey, why haven’t we tried this before?”.

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