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My Morning 40

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The text came through, rm. 236. I had eagerly been expecting it. It had been about two weeks since I had seen Bull and my pussy was in frenzy mode. He had told me from the very beginning never to wear panties when I see him and the air conditioning blowing up my skirt on the way to the hotel was more than heating me up, I?ve always had a thing for cold. I am wearing my pin-up style outfit I have been told I look like one so I like to dress the part occasionally. It is a high waisted black wiggle skirt that wraps up my ass like a birthday present. I have on a sheer white and black polka dot low cut shirt with tiny ruffles that frame my full c breasts. The skirt and belt push up just under them so they are doubly emphasized.

He must be pleased because he smiles as I enter the room. We kiss and my cunt starts to throb. I can?t help but tighten and release her. I have always been an easy cummer and Bull has made it easier. Just being in the same room with him makes me drop to my knees, literally. ?Suck my cock slut, you know you have been waiting for this all weekend.? Yes I Had. I drop to my knees and eagerly start un-doing his pants, they are my enemy now as I was having a little bit of trouble removing them. As soon as he is free I take him into my mouth. I taste the honeyed pre-cum on his tip. My mouth fits his cock like a very tight glove. He lets me work it my way, for now. I am very much enjoying this, I love his beautiful cock. ?Who owns you?? he demands. ?You do Bull.? ?Get on the bed slut.?

I lay back on the bed and he slides my skirt up over my hips. I spread my well-dressed legs apart. Bull likes me to dress nice and he especially enjoys my legs, today it is sheer nude thigh highs and my vintage red patent leather cum fuck me heels. My kitty is burning now anticipating that big thick cock reaming me. He drives it in and I start moaning. ?You are very attached to me aren?t you?? ?Yes Bull.? ?Good.? I start to climax, the silk lining of my skirt slipping up and down my lower back and ass was too much, I?m about to cum. Hard. He knows this, he always does. He starts biting on my nipples; this is something I am slowly finding is pleasurable. This is something new to me but so is most of the stuff I am discovering with him. ?Are you ready to cum slut?? ?Yesss I grunt.? He stops. ?Yes what, slut.? Oops, I forgot to say Bull! ?Yes Bull!? I quickly respond. I do not like to disrespect Bull, he doesn?t like me to either. ?You wait until I tell you to cum.? He starts driving me again and I am quickly back into the blissfully chaotic state that being fucked by this gifted man can force me into. I?m trying to hold back releasing my pussy, she almost betrays me. Thank God I finally hear those sweet words giving me permission. ?Cum now.? 3 hard thrusts and I am in shakey leg heaven, trembling I wrap my legs around him to help keep myself in some sort of physical control. ?Damnn?!? I squeal. ?Good slut.?

I am ready to roll over and pass out. I am not only an easy cummer but also cum hard? and loud. Another reason I am so enamored by Bull, he likes me to be loud. In fact he will demand it. Demand. Previous to meeting him, I never would have thought I would give someone that power over me. I am a stubborn gal, not at all aggressive but I stand my ground. He starts fucking me again, Bull stayed inside me after I came. I should have known we are going again, and again. I had no idea how many more times. I am bucking up against him, my left foot is braced down on the mattress and the other is around his hip. I love the feeling of the weight of him on me. I couldn?t get him off me no matter how hard I tried and this is a huge turn on. Bull is strong and has total power over me. ?Cum slut.? I am not really ready yet, I came so hard the first time but his demand was like a slap to my pussy. I seriously think I heard her say ?hell yes slut!? Bam! It comes out of nowhere, what the hell! I climax just as hard as the first time and I am strangely horrified. Omg. I am much attached to Bull but this, this is something new. My body is now responding to his demand on its own, separate from me.

?We are doing anal now. Get your lube.? Before Bull I had only done anal 3 times and with only one man, not my husband. Bull understands this is only the second time with him and he has been gentle but still forceful entering me. It is a shocking sensation, my virgin ass likes to rebel. I force it to obey him though by doing everything in my power to relax. The pain is searing at first, the head of his dick feels like it is ripping me in half. I grab handfuls of sheets but they are of no comfort. Once he is in? the pain slowly subsides. Slowly. He pauses for a moment then starts pushing into me, slowly at first but he is definitely enjoying fucking me up the ass and I am starting to get into it. Now my ass is starting to love his cock! What the hell! The pleasure that is welling up deep in my pussy is a new sensation to say the least, an intense warm pressure. It feels like he is in her, and is twice as big, I am starting to throb. I am still dressed at this point and I am rubbing the silk of my blouse against my nipples which is starting to kick me over the edge. I can?t help but bite my lower lip and the moans that are coming out of my throat are involuntary. ?Cum, now!? What? I am definitely turned on, but how the hell is this going to work? I mean, I am an easy cummer but... ?OMG!!!? I cum. I can?t believe it. ?You like that slut? Who owns that ass?? ?You.? I barely whisper. ?What?? He is right in my ear, over the top of my back, powering over me. ?You do Bull.? Just a little bit louder. ?I want to be able to hear you; you need to be a lot louder than that!? Yes Bull.? I snap out of it and answer him properly. Again he starts to fuck me, harder and I cum 2 more times. My ass really is no longer mine, it listens to him now. Once I couldn?t wait for his blessing and I asked for permission. Those were the newest rules given to me, he had to give me permission to cum or I had to beg him for permission.

Bull allows me a break. And I need it. It is only a few minutes but it lets my brain cells re-group. ?We are taking this off now.? He un-zips my skirt and pulls the skirt and shirt up over my head. ?On your knees.? I obey and he jams his sizeable tool into my mouth. He isn?t letting me work his cock now, he is fully in charge. ?Suck me slut.? He is ramming it as far down my small throat as possible, and also past possible. My eyes are watering like crazy and the lower part of my face is slippery wet with saliva. I am doing my best not to gag but I am having a little bit of trouble with that this morning. I do not think my throat will abandon me today and become fully his; it is still mine for now. Over and over again Bull fills my pie hole with his delicious cock, he is waiting until later to cum. My throat may not be fully co-operating but kitty is. I am sitting on the back of the heel of my right foot and I am softly grinding on it, the soft leather is like a slip and slide, my juice is running down the heel of the shoe and down my calf. ?Who owns you?? I mumble, ?ooo woo.? I have a mouthful of hard slamming cock, give me a break. He might have chuckled a bit. ?Reach down between your legs and get yourself off.? I obligingly do so, and quickly. At the same time he continues to slam my head against his peIvis. It was a very sweet gentle o, an easy warm ticklish one. Quite the contrast to what was going on up north. Kitty was the first of my body parts to join Bull but she still had my back. For now.

?Get back on the bed.? ?Yes.? I crawl up onto the bed and I feel one of his hands on my waist, stopping me. ?You have disobeyed me three times.? I feel it a second before I hear it. 3 sharp, hard cracks across my tight little ass. The first one draws the breath out of me like a bucket of ice water was being thrown on my face. Smack, smack!!! ?And I said louder.? ?Yes Bull!? He puts me into the prone position and lifts my ass off the bed, then thrusts himself into my pussy. This is more familiar territory for me. I help with the thrusting, pushing myself into him as he thrusts against me and pulling away from him as he backs up from me. It makes for a harder pounding. ?That?s it slut, get fucked. Are you ready to cum yet?? ?Not yet Bull.? ?Are you sure?? ?I don?t know Bull.? I have no idea how many times I have cum for my Bull at this point, and I am wondering if he is going to ask. Oh no, has he been counting? I have already o?d more times than I ever have in one session and things are getting a little hazy. ?Cum. Now.? He grabs the back of my neck and holds my head down, the strength of the hold lets me know I am totally being dominated and I stop thrusting my hips back. I can tell this is going to be a multiple one, the first 3 teasers hit soft and fast then are followed by orgasming that builds slowly then nothing. I turn my face to the left and I feel his fingers against my throat. The blood pressure builds and I can feel it in my eyes. He loosens up and I instantly start climaxing with stronger, harder waves. ?Goddd? no morrre!!!? I growl through gritting teeth as the final pussy present slams through my womb. Bull pulls out flips me over and asks ?What??? ?What?? I say. I am barely coherent from being ravaged and I am exhausted. ?No more please Bull!? I remember. He rolls me over half way and delivers a huge smack to my right ass cheek.

I am back on my back. I spread for him and mid thrust he asks me, ?How many times are you going to cum for me, I think you can have 36.? Oh hell no. ?How many times have you cum?? Shit. I knew it. ?How many slut?? My mind is racing; I just go for it and throw out a number. ?17 Bull.? ?You sure?? ?Yes Bull?? ?Good.? Now I am in for the ride of my life. He is seriously pounding the hell out of me and I pull my legs up towards my ears as far as I can, it?s a welcome stretch as I am getting a little cramped. I also like having my legs up like that because Bull can get his face up closer to mine. He tells me to keep my eyes open and look at him. Hot!!!! Orgasm #18. He doesn?t even pause. The next round is smaller, but are ratcheting multiples. 25. #26 and #27 are smaller. ?How many now? Think about it.? I am now up to 31. ?31 Bull.? ?Are you sure.? I think I am sure. What I am sure of is this is the yummiest, most unbelievable experience I have been through. He has taken control of my body, I am now sure of it. I am his ever willing puppet. I am covered in his sweat, it is wonderful. I will not shower for hours after our encounter. The smell of him and sex on me is my favorite perfume. #37. Wait I thought he said 36? It has been hours now and I am thinking he is beyond a machine? Bull is a super hero. I am also shocked by myself. How the hell has this happened?

The pleasure at some point, I think #28 had turned into pain then back to pleasure around #35. Kitty has totally become his now. There is no way I would have pushed through the pain for anyone else. He has stayed on top of me this whole time adjusting to a different angle every so often. I also put my ass higher and lower, my strong legs wrapped around his waist, entwined with his or I push my feet into the mattress bearing down. It?s a dance, a cross between a beautiful waltz and a mosh pit. #39 for me. I scream the number out after he asks for the final time ?How many?? ?Good Slut.? He pulls me down towards the end of the bed; he has done this several times since his hard heavy thrusting easily plows my small frame towards the headboard. I can tell he is going to finish. His body language tells me this as he has changed the way he is fucking. It is more concentrated. My hips roll under him on auto-pilot, my body long ago disconnected from my unconscious state, sucking him in with kitty?s lips. I o. it is very satisfying, not as big as some of the others but incredibly hotter because I know Bull is going to cum. He finally releases me and I roll over on my side he lays next to me for a bit. How could he not? I watch him as he heads to the shower. I am in a trance, how am I going to drive home? How is anyone going to believe me? This has set precedence and I hope I can keep Bull happy with his demands. The pleasure part of my body has followed him, now it is on to the pain.

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