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Midnight Visit

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He crept into her bedroom stealthily and with calculated ease. He had imagined this moment for weeks, now, imagining just how it would be. It was perfect, and she was fast asleep in her bed, dreaming of God knows what. Her hair had curled around her face in the night, and soft locks framed her features so nicely that she looked like a china doll. Her soft pink lips and small nose were also like a doll’s, and her sooty lashes fell across her cheek covering what he knew to be beautiful hazel eyes.

Checking behind him to make sure that everything was in order, he took first one hesitant step and then another, testing the floor for creaks. He didn’t want to wake her—not just yet anyway. She was so beautiful while she slept that he almost dreaded waking her, pulling the resolve to do so from deep within him. He had come here for a purpose, he reminded himself.

He stood beside her bed, now, his face a gray color in the moonlight. In his hands he had a blindfold, a rope, and a ball gag, and he steeled himself for what was to come. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, making sure it wouldn’t wake her. The surprise was what he was looking for most; that was the art form.

While still gazing at her, watching shadows of trees flit across her face, he realized her weakness and decided to go for it. It was now or never, and he had come too far to give it all up for a small weakness. In one smooth movement he grabbed her by her hair, forced the ball gag in her mouth when she opened it to shriek in pain, tightened it behind her head, and then secured the blindfold, dropping her hair to deal with her flying limbs. ‘Oh, good,’ he smiled to himself, ‘a fighter.’

He used his knees to pin her legs beneath him, and captured first one and then the other arm as it tried to hit him. On her stomach, like she was, there wasn’t much ability to fight once her legs were taken care of, though he did sincerely enjoy the muffled cries coming out through the gag. “Easy now,” he cooed to her, while she twisted underneath him, “You wouldn’t want to dislocate something accidentally. As you can see, I’m much stronger than you.”

As he held both of her wrists in his one hand, he made a slip knot loop with his other and tightened it around them. He tied it once more, and again and again, finally finishing by wrapping the loose end between her hands and forearms and attaching it to the headboard of her bed. When he finished his work he looked back at his captive, her face ashen, tears falling on the pillow case, bed covers on the floor, and her night shirt up around her waist. The ball gag was too tight, he could see, and he ran his fingers over her cheek to sooth her. As he did, she shrank back from his touch, accusation in her eyes.

They stared at each other for another few seconds, and it was silent in the room but for her whimpering. He hadn’t forgotten, though, the body that was still under him. He could see that she was wearing a thong under her shirt, and as his gaze wandered down to look at it closer, she started to jerk and writhe away from him. He ran his hands down her back and down to the edge of her shirt and lifted it up and away from her pulling it over her head and leaving it dr*ped over her wrists. His fingers slid down over her naked flesh and rested on her hips, hoisting her up into a kneeling position and then moving his legs to keep her there. She squirmed when he leaned into her and she felt his hard cock poking her ass, and when his hands came around to her front to cup her breasts she let out a muffled scream.

“What, don’t you like that?” He watched as she shook her head. “How about this, baby?” he tweaked a nipple. She bucked against him and let out a squeal. “Hmm, well, I like it enough to make up for the both of us, how’s that?” He chuckled at the way she fought against her ropes and tried to get free. “You know, you could just save some of your energy and help me about a little bit. No? Oh well…”

One handed he fumbled with his jeans, thinking to himself how it was a good idea to forget his boxers, and grabbed a condom from his pants pocket and slipping it into the one in his t-shirt. The other hand traced the elastic of her pink patterned thong. The other joined it and together they came around the front to her belly and delved underneath the cotton.

Inch by inch they went down and shockingly they never found the pubic hair they were looking for. “You naughty girl,” he said to her with a smile. “Is this a present for me?”

He held her in place as she tried to wriggle away from his delving hands and he let one finger sink into her folds, searching for the wetness he was sure would be there. She moaned despite herself as the fingertip grazed her clit and he withdrew it, popping the finger in his mouth to taste her. He sucked the juices off and then trailed his wet finger down her spine.

He made a quick decision and ripped the thong off of her, tearing the fabric into pieces. She jerked away from him and he pulled her back, slapping her ass. She jerked away again, but his grip was firm and she didn’t get very far. He pulled her back again and crouched over her to whisper in her ear, “If you resist me it will only be worse for you.” He bit down on her shoulder, leaving a mark, and she whimpered at the pain. “Understand?” She nodded.

He spanked her once more, just for good measure, and then retrieved the condom from his shirt, dropping the piece of clothing on the floor next to the bed. He dropped his pants to his knees and tore the condom open with his teeth, placing it with one hand while he positioned her ass against him with the other.

Plunging into her in one stroke, she moaned and wriggled, trying to stop the inevitable. This time, he pulled her ponytail and forced her head back, cutting off her air for a brief moment. “I meant what I said.” He couldn’t understand what she said back, but he could only assume it wasn’t good.

He dropped her hair and placed his hands on her hips, moving in and out of her rhythmically, ignoring her crying underneath him. He brought his hand around to her breast, liking the way it bounced as he bumped into her.

As he fucked her, he felt her body heat up, felt her start to respond to his thrusts, and he resisted the temptation of humiliating her for it. Instead, he started to probe at her ass with a wetted finger, preparing her for what was to come next. With his other hand he fumbled in his jeans pocket for the small tube of lubricant he brought with him, making sure to disguise his movements. He added a little bit to his other hand and he slowly worked it in, taking care to be thorough. When he felt that her asshole was sufficiently lubricated he withdrew from her wet pussy and pulled the condom from his dick, tossing it on the floor. He squeezed some lube onto his hand and stroked his dick a couple times, placing himself at her other entrance. She started to whine, so he slapped her, giving her a sharp warning that it would hurt more if she resisted.

Slowly he entered her tight ass, savoring the feel of it against his hard cock. Once he was inside he started to move in her slowly, taking care not to be too rough, but not sacrificing his pleasure either. He used one hand to cup her breast and the other hand to play with her clit as he pumped in and out of her. As he neared his climax he also felt her responding to his touch, no longer fighting him for control. His hand left her breast and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back just enough, and he felt her start to orgasm. Her asshole tightened even more around him and she did her best to squeeze her thighs together as she gasped her climax into the gag. He was close behind her with his release, shooting spurts of cum into her dark hole and finally pulling out of her moving off of her legs and collapsing next to her on the bed.

He kicked off his jeans and stared at her, trying to gauge her reaction. With one hand he worked the buckle on the ball gag loose and let it drop onto the bed, with the other, he pulled the blindfold off and tossed it onto the floor. “So, honey, how was it?” he asked his wife, Anna.

“It was good, Jake,” she said, smiling. “Now, if you would be so kind as to untie me, we can get to bed…”

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