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Meeting Master

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You have talked a time or two online and even exchanged some e-mails, but meeting in person was not to be what you expected. You felt mostly nervous and apprehensive at the thought of meeting him, because you knew too well he was not your type and was rather unattractive, mostly due to his weight. What you didn?t expect though, was how imposing his size would be when you met and how dominating his presence would be.

You knew he was coming in for business and had agreed to meet Saturday afternoon when his work finished. ?There can?t be any harm in meeting him for coffee and a chat? you told yourself to reassure your mind that you weren?t insane.

When you walked into the coffeeshop, you recognize him immediately. He IS a big man, he didn?t lie about that! Walking over to him, you feel pleased at how he stands to greet you in the utmost gentlemanly manner. His gaze is respectful, but admiring. You aren?t sure exactly what to say, but he settles that for you when he commands in a gentle, but firm voice, ?sit, little one? and then pulls out a seat and helps you into it.

It takes you offguard and makes your heart leap into your throat. He is gentle and kind, there is no flaw in his polite manners, but there is an underlying current that makes you clearly aware that you are to do as he bids you and to do so without question.

He walks around the table and sits facing you. Not sure how to act, you sit demurely with your hands folded on your lap and your eyes downcast.

?That is excellent, little one? the warmth in his voice rewards you. ?You please me with your effort, now you may look into my eyes, that I might enjoy the beauty of your face.?

Your eyes slowly climb up his body and when they lock onto his you feel a shiver run up your spine. His eyes are dark, near black and smoldering with heat and intensity. His gaze is direct and approving, a slow smile spreading over his face.

?You are even prettier than I imagined, little one? he says in his soft and quiet voice. A blush of pleasure creeps into your cheeks and spreads warmth through your face and throat. It makes you happy to know he admires your looks and even happier to know you pleased him. That thought builds inside of you like a raging inferno, nothing could make you happier, nothing would complete you more, than pleasing your Master.

?My Master? you think to yourself. ?How did that happen?? You realize that somehow, in some unknown way, this man has taken possession of you and that you are more than willing, you are gloriously enthralled, in submitting to him.

?You may speak, little dove? his voice rumbles from his throat and then he leans back into his chair and lights your heart anew with a dazzling smile. You aren?t sure what to say, your mind searches for the perfect words and you realize how fortunate you were to have felt shy in meeting him, had you of started jabbering away when you sat down, he might have not been so pleased with you. For once, shy reserved behavior had been an asset.

?Thank you Sir? are the first words to come purring from your throat. ?Shall I call you Sir or Master? come your next words, still in hushed tones. Daring to be bold, you look deeply into his eyes and await his answer.

?Both are acceptable, little one? comes his reply, ?you may address my by either, according to the time and place.? He looks across the table at you and leans forward, invading your space and clearly establishing his domination over you.

?What you may NOT do, is look directly into my eyes without permission and you will not speak to me without being told you may do so.? He leans closer to you, his eyes locked onto yours and making your heart flutter with excitement and the thrill of submission.

?I will not abuse you or use you in a manner unbefitting, so do not fear, but we have rules and they must be obeyed? His eyes seem to bore into your very soul and he nearly whispers.

?I will not be unkind, but you WILL mind me, failing to do so will bring down my wrath and you will taste my unhappiness.?

You feel a lump rise in your throat and deep in the recesses of your mind you vow never to displease him, not so much in fear of his reprisal, but more so at the thought of having him look at you with displeasure in his eyes. As he speaks, his eyes take on a glow like embers being fanned into flames and you only imagine the smoldering inferno they would ignite if you upset him.

No matter how serious your mind is, though, there is that playful and impish side of you that wishes to incur his discipline, just for the heavenly feel of his hands inflicting punishment on your tender skin and the intoxicating slap of leather straps colliding with your most delicate body parts.

He takes you by the arm and leads you out of the shop, then stops and leans you back against the wall. You can?t help but feel self conscious with him standing there staring down at you, while you try valiantly not to look up at him, but to keep your eyes cast down at your feet in submission. People are walking by and you just KNOW they must be staring, but he pays them no attention, instead he reaches for your wrists and pushes them around behind your back.

Your heart nearly screeches to an abrupt stop as you feel cold steel encircle each wrist and you hear the grating click of handcuffs locking onto you. You dart your eyes upward I terror, and find him looking down at you with a disapproving glare. He leans lower and pinches your ass firmly, telling you to look back down immediately.

Your eyes drop obediently, a smudge of a tear blurring your right eye. Not so much from the sting of the pinch, as from the shame of humiliating yourself and forcing your Master to chastise you. ?Right out there on the street in front of everyone? you sob silently to yourself.

Then the awareness comes over you that he very well could have spanked you, at least none of the passers by could have seen the pinch and if they did, they would have thought it affection, not punishment. Your hands locked behind you, no one but you and he could know the game that you are playing. As he leans in against you, he is also sheltering you from the eyes of curious bystanders and you realize he protects you as well as controls you, a sudden surge of pride and joy overwhelms you. You have chosen well, this Master is deserving of your submission.

He throws his jacket over your shoulders and reaches an arm behind you, wrapping it around your waist as he leads you down the street. Walking amid the scurrying throng of people, you feel a sense of security and protection that all but overwhelms you. Yes, your hands are firmly clamped behind your back and that should make you feel vulnerable, exposed and wary. For some reason though, you feel the exact opposite.

You feel as if you are on a pedestal high above the shoving and hustling crowd, like you are beyond reproach and out of the reach of anything that might possibly harm you. This, you realize, is the gift of submission. This breathtaking sense of safety, security and belonging is what your soul has been crying out for.

His sense of ownership over you strengthens you, in some odd way. Submitting, is in essence, empowering. You allow him to guide you through the crowd and deep inside of the core of your soul, you revel in his Mastery over you.

Coming to stop in front of a hotel, your heart leaps into your throat again, as you realize he is leading you inside. He takes you through the lobby, stopping in the very center of the room. He leans down to kiss you lightly on the cheek and whispers to you, ?I?ll take back that jacket now.?

Your heart hammers what feels like a million beats per minute and you know everyone around you can see the handcuffs. You swallow and try to calm yourself and then a feeling washes over you. A feeling that would have been unexpected a day before and that you could never hope to convey to anyone that hadn?t been through such a dizzying experience. It is pride.

You feel proud to belong to him, to be in his control and to know that anyone can see he has his attention centered on no one but you. That is another epiphany that washes over you with the brilliance of a million illuminating suns. You have his complete and undivided attention. Even when he is seemingly ignoring you, he does so intentionally and with great care. Your gift to him is simple. It is your submission and surrender. His gift to you, is even more complicated and far reaching. He gives you much more than you bestow upon him. His gift is unique and with an intoxicating affect, he gives of himself.

He reaches his arm around you once again and leads you into an elevator. As the doors close shut with the familiar ?thunk?, he pushes you gently back into the corner and traps you there. He leans down to kiss you gently and whispers ?look at me, little one?.

You slowly lift your eyes and when you meet his that are burning into you with such intensity, you feel faint from the euphoria of it. His lips close softly onto yours and he gives you a kiss of such gentle and delicate tenderness it makes you go weak in your knees.

The elevator hums to a stop and the doors once again slide open as he leads you down the hall and comes to a halt in front of the door of the room. He spins you around with your back to the door and leans down to kiss you passionately and as his arms wrap around you he frees the handcuffs from your slightly aching wrists.

Still kissing you, he takes your arms and pins them high above your head, towards the top corners of the door. Helpless and trapped, your heart once again starts to race and then you feel the soothing caress of his hands as he massages away the ache left from the metal cuffs so long clamped onto your wrists.

?My GOD?, you sigh inwardly, ?this man is so much more than I ever imagined? and contentment and peace overtake your body, mind and soul.

He reaches behind you and slowly swings the door open and then he pushes you gently into the room. ?Enter my lair, slave.? His voice seems to rumble from his chest with a near haunting echo.

Standing in the open doorway, you wait for your next instructions and are surprised not to hear the door close behind you. His voice once again growls at you, ?A sub is not allowed to wear clothing in my lair, little one, not unless I have given her permission.?

?Neither is she allowed to stand in my presence.? You fall quickly to your knees and slide out of your clothes so quickly that you are awestruck when you realize you are nude on your knees in an open doorway and exposed to the world. Your hands fly to cover yourself and just as you do so, you realize the error or your ways.

His hand threads into your hair and he gives a firm jerk, tilting your head backwards, but not so rough as to cause great pain. ?Did I SAY you were allowed to hide yourself, little slavegirl??

A tremble courses through your naked form and you quietly whisper ?no Master, please forgive this girl.? He ruffles your hair and leans to gently kiss your forehead. He steps inside and allows the door to close behind him. Darkness overtakes you, the room is still, quiet and totally dark. You feel his hands cup your face and then sigh at his gentle caress on each cheek. He slides something over your head and then a soft velvety blindfold settles onto your eyes.

?Stand, little one? his firm voice commands. Quickly you rise to your feet and stand silently awaiting your next instruction. You hear a ?click? and then sense faint bits of light probing around the edges of your blindfold. He takes you lovingly by the hand and leads you to the bed.

?Sit? is his sole order and you gracefully slide into a sitting position. Then his hands grasp your shoulders and he forces you onto your side and rolls you onto your tummy. You are now lying facedown on the foot of the bed, positioned right on the very edge.

As your predicament settles in on you, a million thoughts go through your mind. It was completely DARK when you entered. You have no idea what KIND of room you are in and absolutely no way of knowing if there is anyone else in here with the two of you.

?What if he has an audience or is going to try to sneak someone else in on me?? You can?t stop that thought from reverberating in your mind. The unknown torments you and then you relax and let absorb the thrill of it. ?What if?, gets tangled up with ?who cares? in your mind.

You hear him walk to the end of the bed by your head and a gasp escapes you as you feel padded leather straps fasten onto your wrists. Then he walks to your feet and again the coolness of padded leather straps greets your anxious flesh.

Now you are exposed and nude in an unknown room with GOD knows whom or what, on top of that you are firmly bound and helpless, blindfolded and utterly alone. So many emotions toss about your mind that the turbulence is enough to make you dizzy. Fear and excitement battle for supremacy in your chaotic mind.

Then you feel soft leather tendrils seemingly float over your skin. His voice explains to you that what you are now feeling is the beginning of a dance between souls. You are learning the feel of leather and the intoxicating rush that can be brought on by the caress of a whip.

?This whip?, he explains, ?is a cat-o-ninetails, and as you can feel it has nine soft fingers of cowhide to seduce your body and mind.? He tells you how you will learn to appreciate it?s kiss and it?s sting as he lightly trails the tickling straps over your feet and up your calves.

He drags it up your thighs and wiggles the tails as it nestles into the crevice between your thighs and asscheeks. Then he drags it sloooooowly up and over your ass and the middle of your spine. The soft tendrils drift off to the sides and caress your ribs and the plump edges of your breasts where they are smashed out to the side from lying on your stomach. Then the fingers float to your neck and dance on your throat and back of your neck.

Stopping when they are delicately teasing your ears and sides of your face, they slowly reverse and retrace their way back down your body. The process is repeated a few times, all of the while his gentle voice soothes and reassures you.

Now he lifts the whip and lightly slaps the straps against the soles of your feet. Then it creeps up your calves. Slap, slap, slap. A rhythmic caress sings to you, the music being provided by the sounds of your flesh kissing the soft leather with a popping sound. Your thighs greet the straps with the same song. Slap, slap, Slap. Your ass sings out in reverie, slap, slap, slap. When the whip dances on your back and wraps around your ribs, the song raises to a crescendo as your soul joins in on the chorus.

Up and down your naked flesh, the whip dances and sings. Harder and harder, a sting developing with sensual delight, but certainly not pain. It is a delightful, mesmerizing and soul consuming sting, but isn?t what you would call painful. Then you feel his gentle lips close to kiss the little dimple at the top of the crack of your ass.

You feel his lips close there and a slight suckling as his tongue caresses the delicate spot. His hands massage and knead your quivering ass and his fingers tease along your inner thighs. Then, he very slowly unties you and rolls you onto your back, then quickly re-fastens the straps.

Now you really feel exposed and vulnerable, but it is such a delicious and intoxicating sensation that you just wallow in it. Once again, the soft and gentle voice begins to narrate the dance of your new-found lover, the whip.

The song begins with the same hushed tones of soft leather dragging gracefully and elegantly over naked flesh. The tempo builds as the whip sings it?s glorious song. Slap, slap, slap, a melodic orchestra of feelings builds inside of you in harmony with the loving ballad being sung by the dancing whip.

When the whip kisses your pussy, the music blares so loudly inside of your head it begins to sound more like thunder. Up your tummy, wrapping it?s embrace around your ribcage and hips, the whips dances a jig and captivates your spirit. Lightly and with gentle refrain, the music dances around your breasts, over your tight and hardening nipples as it speaks with eloquent and hushed tones on the more delicate pieces of your flesh.

On the sides of your throat and over your face, soft fingers tickle and tease and then creep lower to dance with increasing vigor as the crescendo builds. The sensation of the stinging whip on your pubic region and hip is beyond anything you could have imagined. The bliss of the soft tendrils dancing over your swollen pussy defies description.

Lying there with blindfold still attached, you can feel him walking along side the bed and then you feel the mattress bend as he kneels on it. You can sense his nearness, but aren?t sure exactly where he is, the curiosity and anticipation is overwhelming. He isn?t moving though, it is as if once he put his weight onto the bed, he disappeared.

All is silence, but you have little choice other than to wait. Just as the anxiety is about to be more than you can stand, you feel something soft rubbing against your cheek. Soft and wonderful, you can feel it rubbing on the side of your café and then circling you lips.

?His cock!? His soft head feels divine and the intensity of the moment builds into a song of and euphoria within your head that is deafening and mind consuming.

Gently and slowly, his engorged cock circles your lips. You want so VERY bad to open you mouth and take it in, but you know that your Master is testing your obedience and you wish for nothing more than to please him. Now the swollen head rubs over your lips and you hear his soothing voice command you to open your mouth.

Gently, he very slowly eases his manhood between your lips and into your mouth. The echo of your thundering heart is numbing and you are completely lost in the moment as his cock glides over your tongue. Just as you are about to loose your willpower and close your eager lips to suck on your Master?s cock, he quickly slips himself out of your mouth and you hear a soft whimper sigh from your throat.

Once again, the bed shifts and you know he has left you. You can hear him working with the straps that bind you and then feel them slip away, leaving you free at last. His large and powerful hands lift you from the bed as if you weighed no more than a feather and you stand before him with your eyes downcast, waiting for further instruction.

He pulls your arms behind you and you feel the familiar coolness as he snaps the handcuffs back onto your arms, trapping them behind your back. He leans down and takes you by the elbows and whispers ?kneel, little one? and he gingerly helps you to the floor.

Kneeling in front of him, you wait in excited glee for you sense him standing in front of you and your mind knows you are about to feast on the entirety of his thick and wonderful cock. You nearly sing out in joy as you feel the head once again caress your lips and then with blissful happiness you hear his voice command you ?open your mouth and accept me, little slavegirl.?

His velvety head pushes between your lips and glides over the top of your tongue and as you close your lips to suckle greedily on him, a moan of disappointment gushes forth from your chest as he quickly slides out of your mouth.

No sound. No movement. You can?t hear anything or anyone and once again the feeling of fear rises in your stomach as you wonder if you and your Master are alone in this room and what all he has planned for you. It is difficult to bear, this waiting and wondering. Your mind races to every possible scenario and there are lots of lurid and perverse ideas flashing through your brain.

Finally, mercifully, you hear him once again walk to stand in front of you. Just as you start to open your eager mouth to accept his cock, you feel the soft leather tendrils once again dragging over your tender skin. A soft groan escapes you as the leather straps fall over your shoulders and drag down your back. Kneeling as you are, the straps naturally fall over your shoulders and tickle the hard and swollen nipples atop your heaving breasts.

Now the straps glide up the sides of your face and then once again, they begin their rapid and repetitive dance as they softness of your skin caresses the fine leather straps.

Slap, slap, slap the whips dances on your back. You can feel him walk behind you and the whip explodes in sharper and sharper contact as you sense a figure 8 pattern in the movement of his strokes.

Whipping down your back and ass, he lowers the whip to kiss your feet and calves with the adoring leather straps. Pop, pop, pop. Smack, smack, smack. Back up your back and smack, smack, smack. Harder on your back, the tails fly and wrap around your ribs, leaving stinging red marks. Slap, slap, slap, they reached further around your ribs and pop the sides of your breasts.

His hand tangles into your hair and he pulls it forcefully, jerking your head backwards. Your had hanging back, throat exposed to his mercy, the straps drag over your neck and face and then pop downwards to slap into your breasts and tummy as he whips you from above.

He stops and your body cries out for more, but whines for a break, all at once. Then his warm and full lips close softly on yours and he kisses you with such tenderness and adoration, that it takes your breath away. ?Good little girl?, he whispers into your ear.

He pulls you quickly to your feet and pushes you roughly back onto the bed. The impact makes you whimper a little, for your hands are still securely fastened behind your back. He drags you back up onto the bed and then fastens your legs again, wide open and vulnerable. He leaves your hands behind you, still clamped in the handcuffs that bite into you sharply.

Again the whip dances over you, this time with more fervor and the tails bite into you a little sharper. Then just as suddenly, he stops completely and you feel his warm breath on your knees. He kisses each knee and then begins kissing and licking up your inner thighs. Closer and closer to paradise, his lips kiss and caress your thighs and into the crevice between hip and thigh. He licks up the crevice and closes his lips softy onto your pubic mound, sucking the meaty flesh and burying his face into it.

He kisses downward, and his teasing tongue glides all around your swollen pussylips. He bites gently on your hipbones and gnaws on them making you squirm from the tickling sensation and moan from the pleasure. He changes pace again and very slowly and with incredible gentleness, he kisses down your thighs and once again swirls his tongue in patterns around your delicate box.

He slowly approaches and mercifully begins licking and suckling the meaty outer lips. His mouth moves up and down and his tongue travels in broad strokes, leaving a wet trail behind. A bit more delicately, he slides his tongue right up the middle of the slit and blows warm air down onto the top, where your throbbing clit lies nestled under its protective hood of tender flesh.

Using his tongue in the gentlest fashion, he licks and probes up the middle of the slit, parting the outer lips and delicately suckling the inner folds into his mouth. Using his tongue, he first suckles the lips into his mouth and then thrusts them back out again.

His fingers come in to assist and he peels back the lips to open you to his explorative tongue. Just as he is finally about to close his lips on the tiny hood of flesh over your clit, he moves away and leaves you about to scream in frustration and anxiety.

He comes back, after leaving you to lie there and wonder for what seemed like an eternity. Without further ado, he plants a hot, wet kiss on your slit and dives his face in. The heat of his breath and the fury of his attack on your snatch makes it hard for you to catch your breath. Then just as suddenly, he stops. This time he doesn?t go away, but you feel him positioning him between your wide spread thighs.

?Oh, my GOD what is that!? You scream silently and it echoes around in your mind. There is something VERY cold rubbing along your thigh. At first, he rubs it around the outside edges, teasing your thighs and pubis.

?It must be an Popsicle! GOD, it is cold!? Again, unspoken words reverberate in your mind. When he rubs it on the top, on the fleshy pubic mound, the tiny stream of melting juices trickles down and over your spasming pussy. As it drips from your pussy, it splashes over your ass, making it pucker from the shock of it.

He rubs the Popsicle right down the middle of your slit, parting the lips to drag it downward and inserts it gingerly. The cold is numbing, causing a unique pain that quickly turns into delirium. You can feel the cold probe sliding slowly into your quivering box. The lips grab at it and squeeze, trying to keep it out and spare you further torment. Deeper inside of you the icy cold invader pushes aside your aching folds of frozen flesh and buries deeper inside of you. The cold river of melted, but still torturously cold juice oozes out of you in a torrent and dribbles over your ass before mercifully dripping onto the bed. Finally, the Popsicle is melted and is replaced with his eager mouth, once again.

The cold had completely overwhelmed your mind and now the euphoria of the kiss of his hot lips feels hotter than you ever dreamed possible. His mouth feels nearly scalding hot as his tongue whips and lashes you with maniacal intensity. Now and then, his tongue dips lower to circle and tease your ass, but he never quite touches the tiny puckering bud with either tongue or lips.

Burying his face into the folds of your pussy, he eats you with a passion that takes your breath away. Your lungs heave and your body arcs upward and thrashes about, but you can?t seem to find the air to fill your lungs. Panting and gasping, your body convulses in the maddening ecstasy of this glorious moment.

He delves his tongue deep inside of you and caresses the deep inner walls within you. He pulls back part way to suckle softly on the plump lips at the top of your slit and his tongue slithers between them to caress and cajole your clit. As he busies himself with enticing your clit, you feel a slow, but steady pressure on your ass.

A very wet and explorative finger pushes gently at the guarded entrance to your ass. Not shoving inside of you, but a firm, steady pressure moving so slowly you barely notice it. Further and deeper, slowly and gently, his finger stops when it is buried halfway inside of your ass, but his hungry and ravenous mouth never stops devouring your pulsating snatch.

He buries his face deep within the folds and shakes his head side to side, like a rabid wolf devouring his prey. The fury and intensity of his mouth?s attack makes a wild and carefree moan escape your lips.

Then, as he slows his pace and suckles ever so softly on your clit, with a gentle and adoring tongue caressing your clit, his finger begins it?s retreat. Your ass spasms and your rectal muscles squeeze forcing the invader out. A sigh of satisfaction mixes with a wild feeling of regret, the finger sliding out so slow it tortures both your body and your soul.

Right at the very edge of popping out of you, it stops and you can feel your ass convulse against it, then it slides back into you, just a little deeper than before and halts once again. Incredible sensations wrack your body. Your ass squeezes at the violator, muscles rippling inside of you to force it out, while somewhere deep in the core of your soul, you beg for it to stay inside.

Kisses and licks stop on your pussy, all is still and quiet, only his breath flowing over your pussy and thighs and the finger once again withdraws. Slowly, oh, so slowly, the finger slides out, assisted by the convulsions of muscles deep within. The finger pops out, only to be replaced by a middle finger, lubed and slippery, as it slides gracefully deep inside of you. To the hilt, it buries and stays there a moment, then slides halfway out, only to plunge deep within, again.

Again his face dips to it?s feast and he quickly brings you to orgasm. Just as you are losing yourself in orgasm, his finger slowly slides out of your ass. His finger making it?s exit, intensifies your rapture and your entire body stiffens and convulses, jerking in your bindings.

As the intensity dies, you fall back into the bed with satisfied muscles rippling and contorting. His mouth hovers over you and you feel the finger of his other hand probe along the outer lips of your pussy and then slowly slide between the folds and explore it?s way deep inside of you. Gently and slowly, it glides in and out and as he does this, his mouth drops to cover your clit again.

Sucking the clit and the tender flesh around it, caressing and stroking them with his tongue, his finger explores inside of you, but not too deeply. Arcing and stretching, his finger caresses the inner wall on the back side of your pubic mound, very nearly as if he was rubbing your tummy from the inside.

He finds the rough patch of skin located there, bumpy and raised, and his finger caresses it in a ?come hither? motion. He rubs the course flesh with a rapid side to side motion, making a sloshing sound as the juices inside of you build in anticipation.

Switching between a variety of motions, his finger curls around your pubis and carries you to heavenly bliss, as his mouth matches the strokes from the outside. As you body begins to tighten and you feel yourself arching your back, he slides the pinky finger of his other hand into your ass.

The middle finger of one hand collides and bumps with the pinky of the other hand. Walls of flesh are all that separate them. The new sensations are almost to much for you, but at the same time take you to unimaginable heights of joy and bliss. Your body finds it?s rhythm and as your feel yourself nearing orgasm, he withdraws the pinky from your ass and finger-fucks you furiously with the other hand.

There is a sloshing, wet and juicy sound that slurps and pops with every stroke of his finger. As he uses his hand to fuck you, an incredible orgasm releases from within you and a torrent of juices explode against the palm of his hand. Liquid flies everywhere, great splashes of it slurp and gurgle as his hand flies in and out of you.

Your body convulses and jerks in uncontrollable motions. His finger slows and withdraws, he slides back to allow you to revel in the glow of orgasm and the heavenly after affects.

The bed shifts and you sense him kneeling by you, then feel his cock as he slides it onto your mouth and tells you to ?suck your Master?s cock.? Feeding hungrily on his hard and swollen cock, you feel your tummy tighten in pleasure.

He feels sooooooooooo good in your mouth, it is intoxicating. Just as you are really getting into it, he once again withdraws and you wait in silence, but this time you don?t have to wait for long. You can feel him on the bed, sense him straddling you, standing above your face.

Then you feel him moving closer and ?Oh GOD? your mind cries out. It isn?t him you feel after all, for a wet and hot pussy is now sitting on your face.

You hear him tell you to eat her and without second thought you bury your face into the juicy treat sitting above you. She is sitting facing away from you and as you eat her, you feel her fingers explore your pussy as she masturbates you.

In a nearly sensory overload, as you and your new found friend explore one another, you feel soft spirals of his tongue as he suckles fervently at your breast. Then he pulls away and you feel the soft kiss of the whip again.

Slap, slap, slap, it kisses your tummy and breasts. Pop, pop, pop you can hear it speaking to her back and you can feel tendrils splaying off of her ass to bounce across your face.

Slowly, you immerse yourself into the euphoria of the moment. Everything you ever wanted, everything you ever needed, your new Master has brought to you. You lose yourself not only in the bliss of the moment, but the awareness that your new life will bless you with a plethora of gifts and joy. Even as you are swept up in this moment, your mind looks excitedly towards what tomorrow might bring.

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