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Meeting Master--part I

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Our eyes meet in the airport terminal and I sense the energy in your gaze from across the way. You are standing on the far side as all the passengers enter the terminal from exiting the plane. We share a hello and I'm cautious about hugging or kissing you so I wait. We go down to the luggage carousel and retrieve my bags. As we walk to your parked vehicle, the deep resonance in your voice breaks me from my daydream that we are finally meeting, face-to-face.

You place my luggage bags in the trunk and I wait inside the front seat of the car for you. Once you get in, you close your car door and wait. My heart is racing as I immediately ask you, "Sir, may I smell your cock?" Your smile is instantaneous and you reply, "Yes, you may. Good girl for remembering how to greet Me."

I quickly maneuver to place my nose in your crotch and begin taking deep breaths. The aroma is intoxicating. My heart is racing because we are in a public parking lot, but at the same time, I am thrilled that I am allowed to act so slutty in your presence only! I continue to sniff as You pet my hair and ask how You smell. Finally You allow me up by pulling gently on my hair and saying, "Now you must remember to always greet me in this manner. Do you understand that, pet?" "Yes, Sir" I reply respectfully.

As You begin driving, we begin our roles at once and I know that I am in the presence of a true Dominant who will help me to become all that I can. You tell me that You remember how I enjoy surprises and that You have some for me right away. Since I have no idea where we are travelling to, You make a few stops along the way at a variety of stores: first to buy some fresh fruit, then to get a can of soda, and finally we both get out at the hotel You have chosen for us.

You tell me to go up to the room and to take off all my clothing except my bra and panties and to wait for You on the bed with a blindfold on. I am to make sure that I cannot see ANYTHING once the blindfold is in place. My pulse has quickened and my hands become damp with nervous anxiety. Soon, I hear footsteps in the hall outside the door. Then the door is opening and it quietly closes and latches. My senses are heightened as I cannot see anything, but can hear footsteps in the room and the sound of what seems to be someone removing his clothing.

I'm excited and nervous all at once to think that my fantasies may actually becoming a reality. I feel something move across my ankle. My flesh tingles and I am overwhelmed with the desire to talk. A small, "Oh!" escapes from my lips and I am slapped with something soft but firm. "No talking" a voice says. The voice does not sound like Sir's voice, and my heart begins to pound. I'm feeling very vulnerable on the bed in just my panties and bra if it is not Sir.

Then I feel something on my stomach. It does not register right away that it is cold until a few seconds pass. Without my sense of sight, I can only guess what it might be--perhaps a cold piece of fruit bought earlier this afternoon or the can of soda? My mind is invaded by a touch on my lips. I open my mouth as a means of exploring. I find that it is soft skin. "Open wider and take it all and worship my cock as you were instructed to do from the beginning!" I recognize Sir's voice and do as I am told. The cock is as wonderful as I had envisioned it to be. I open my mouth to begin taking all that I can when I am reprimanded for not asking permission. SLAP! SLAP! I am slapped twice on my thigh with some kind of stinging instrument which quickly reminds me of my place. I try to apologize and am slapped again. "Who gave you permission to talk?" I am slapped 6 more times for speaking. This time I feel my skin stinging and wonder if I will cry before I even get to give my first blow job.

Suddenly several soft hands are all over my legs exploring my calves, knees, thighs, and feet. Soon my panties are being removed. As much as I hate to admit it, I am glad they are being taken off. I realize now, however, that Sir is not the only person in the room. I can tell from the hands rubbing my legs that at least 2 people are in the room. My heart begins to race again with a surprise that I was not expecting--someone besides Sir being with me on our very first real time experience!

I want so badly to ask who it is and where Sir is, but I remain silent. The stinging is still on my thigh and I'm sure I have a bright red mark from where I was disobedient. I am told again by the strange male voice to spread my legs. I hear Sir say, "Yes, that is right. You are a slut, aren't you, pet?" I do not respond. Sir says, "You may tell us, pet." I nod and say, "Yes, Sir. I am a slut."

"And whose slut are you, pet?" Sir asks me. "I am Your slut, Sir." "Yes, that is right. You are my slut. And no one at work knows about this, do they?" Again, I wait for permission to speak. Sir says, "You may answer me when I ask you questions, pet." "No one at work knows I am a slut, Sir, or that I am Your slut."

I begin getting wet knowing that I have willingly given myself to Sir and very much want to be used and loved and taken care of by Him. Then I feel a hard cock between my thighs. Somehow I know it is Sir's cock. Another is put into my face. I sniff and do not recognize Sir's fragrance from earlier in the car. I am told to suck the cock like the slut I am and at the same time told to open my legs further so I can be fucked like the good little whore I am. I have never been with 2 men before and am overwhelmed by the different sensations going on all over my body. Soon I have a stiff cock in my mouth and another large, hard cock stuffing my pussy.

The cock in my mouth begins to gag me as it hits the back of my throat. I so much want to please Sir as He is filling my pussy that I lose concentration for a second. Immediately the cock is removed from my pussy for not staying focused. Sir says, "So you can't do 2 things at once, can you, pet? You cannot suck and be fucked at the same time? Then you do not need to be fucked right now until you learn who is in charge and how to focus on sucking a cock without losing concentration." I'm frustrated, but don't feel as if I can say or do anything. I so much want to be fucked and be able to cum, but I realize that is not an option now.

"No, Sir. I was unable to do 2 things at once, but I will do better. Please let me fuck You, Sir. Let me please You." I begin to beg, but to no avail. "You will learn that you are to please Me first and THEN I may or may not allow you to cum. Do you understand that, little one?" I nod yes and reply, "Yes, Sir." "Good. Well, to make sure there is not a misunderstanding between us, I am going to place this gag in your mouth and your movements will be restricted. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir. Thank You," I answer.

Something is placed in and over my mouth. I've never been gagged in any way before so I get a bit scared. I hear Sir whisper softly in my ear, "Do not be afraid, my pet. I am here and I will not hurt You." I turn my head from side to side....the gag will keep me from using a safe word and I panic. Then I realize that Sir has taken out what was in my mouth and I only have some type of fabric over my mouth and fastened behind my head. I can still speak if I choose to, but I will not. I want to push myself to a new limit.

My feet are taken in strong, masculine hands and my wrists are tied. Surprisingly, they don't hurt as I thought they might. As my hands and wrists are being maneuvered, my bra is taken off. I don't realize it at first until something brushes across my breast. Instantly my nipples give away my excitement and become hard little buds. My legs are also taken in a man's hands and pulled apart as I lie with my blindfold on and wait for the next part of this experience to begin.

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