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Masters Pet

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It was a normal day like any other, when the phone rang. Excitement ran threw me like it always did when he called. When I answerd , the only thing he said was a very detailed list of what to do and where to be. I knew that If it wasnt perfect I would be punished, so I went to work right away doing as I was told. It was simple stuff like goin to the near by Adult store and buying a pair of cute undies, and a anal plug. When I go there I always like to shop around and look at every isle and try on as much as possible, but today I was on a mission. I grabbed the skimpiest but cutest cheeky undies I could find, and then went to grab the smallest anal plug. Right as I went to check out I realized that this may disapoint him, so me being me went for a bigger size than what I had once used. I also ran back to the end of the store where the whips and crops are displayed and found a new toy for him, in hopes that he would be pleased with me. Next on my list was to go by the nearest drug store and get a anal cleansing kit. This scared me. I know how much he loves to take me from my behind, but I also know how big he is and how much it hurts. But as alwasy I will suck it up and not say a word, anything that makes him happy, makes me happy. While leaving the drug store I happened to look down and realize that I wasnt going to make it to his house without getting gas. I was going to be late, and He was not goin to be happy with me. After getting gas I tore down the street going as fast as I could possible go. Just my luck, the officer walked up to my window. Right when he looked at me he knew who I was and I knew him. We had meet at a Fet party not to long ago. When I told him my story on why I was speeding, he asked for my phone. He was calling him...I could overhear him telling him that I was goin 34 miles over the speed limit and that maybe he should get me under control. Damn, as bad as I wanted to turn my car around and run home, I knew he would find me and things would just get worse. With tears running down my cheeks I pulled into the driveway. As soon as the ignition turned off he was at my window. Befor I could even say a word, he told me to get my stuff and get into the house. Once I was in the house he escorted me down narrow stairs into the basement. He bound my hands and secured them on a eye hook hanging in the middle of the room. I was totally helpless now. He pulled a knife out of his side pocket and began cutting every bit of clothes off of my body, leaving nothing to protect my bare skin. With tears still rolling down my cheeks he lifting my chin and told me that HE was a disapointment IN ME and that I had broken the biggest rule ever established. I had made him look bad. Altho he was pleased to see the new bamboo whip that had just recently purchased, he was more pleased to see the welps that it left on my rear and back of my legs. When he was done counting down the swings from 34, he then asked me why I was being punished. The only think I could choke out was "speeding". We went for the bag of items from the Adult store and picked up the plug. Without hessitation he shoved it in me with no lubrication and no sympathy. Once it was finally in he grabbed his paddle and swatted my butt a few times. He says it make sure the plug is in nice and snug. Once the pain wore off a bit , he started kissing my inner thights and moving up to my pussy. He knew how horny playing got me and knew just how to turn me on. He went into the closet and brought out a spreader bar and cuffed my ankles in. This was exposing my pussy, with no way to squirm or stop the pleasure. He now had a vibrator right on my clit and was fingering my pussy, while bitting my nipples. He knew that I was right at the verge of a orgasm when he wispered in my ear, "dont you dare cum without my permission". I bit my lip in hopes to take my mind off my pulsing clit and pussy. It was to late. I let out a moan and befor I knew it, fluids were running down my legs to the floor. I looked up at him expecting him to be pissed at me, but instead he was smiling. I was confused. He told me that I just given him the purfect excuse to try out his new toy. I knew I was in for a long nite after that. He unbound my hands and let me down. Instructed me to clean up my mess and myself. We were goin out. I went and showered, got dressed and made myself as presentable as possible. He came in the room and told me that my outfit woulnt do and threw me a silkie white dress that barely coverd by rear, a garter belt and thigh highs. I got dressed as quickly as possible and climbed in his car. As soon as I sat back he blindfolded me and told me not to say a word. The drive was short and quiet, and we pulled in a driveway that must have been gravel or dirt. He came around and opened the door and threw me over his shoulder. We went into a dark building and there was alot of strange voices. When he took the blindfold off I realized we were at a private dungeon that few knew of. I had never been there befor, and there was dozens of Mistresses and Masters around all showing off their slaves and pets to everyone. He took me to the center of the room, where chains hung from the ceiling. He secured my hands confortable to them and introduced me to the crowd. The crowd was anxious and ready to play. Apparently I was the new attration. He whisperd in my ear to trust him and not to worry, it would all be over soon. He just had to make a example of me to proove he had dominence over me. I quickly learned what his new toy was as it struck up my backside. A 10 ft pure leather bullwhip. After 3 strikes with it I was begging for him to stop. Tears rolling down my face and people laughing at how pathetic I was. He came up and wispered in my ear once more, " only a few more, and if you take them without a sound, I will reward you when we get home". The thought of a reward was so overcoming that I bit down on my tounge and nodded. 3 more times and not a sound slipped my mouth. I could see the sheer pleased look on his face. He was glowing. Now he was the center of attention and he was respected once more. He took me down and took me to a back room. Where he wiped me down and kissed me, letting me know he still loved me. He told me how pleased he was and asked me if I would still be up to putting on a show for the crowd. I nodded, even tho all I wanted was to crawl in bed and sleep all this away. Not knowing what was in store for me I snapped a leash on my collar and handed to him only saying "anything to make you happy Master". A evil smirk went across his face and he escorted me to the play room. Once we entered the room, I realized what was about to happen. A cute blonde girl, with nice round breasts was strapped to the St. Andrews cross in a corner of the room. My Master took me aside and told me what was about to happen. Apparently the girl had given herself to another Dom behind her Masters back. This was her punishment and I was goin to be apart of it. I was handed a strap on with one of the biggest dildos attached that I had ever seen. They took her down and strapped her to a spanking bench. I was told to fuck her as hard and fast as I was capable of doing. Without a second thought I rammed the cock in her pussy and thrusted as hard as I could possibly go. The girl was screaming in both pain and pleasure, but it was hard to establish whitch was greater. About 10 min into this i was pulled off of her and sat down next to her. They handed me a wooden dowl and instructed me to whip her till it broke. After about 13 lashes, I had drawn blood and finally the rod broke. I was relieved , I could only imagine the pain this girl was in, but I couldnt stop thinking of the pain I would be in if I disobeyed and didnt do as I was told. The girls Master then called 3 people to my side. All subissive women, eager to please their owners. He gave us all options on what type of punishment we would next give the girl. The only catch was whatever punishment we gave her, we took half. One of the girls didnt think wisly and grabbed the bullwhip and struck her 10 times across the back. Befor she could sit back and admire her work she was snatched up and held over a podeum. Her Mistress whipped her 5 times across the back making sure to drawl blood and tears in every lash. The girl dropped to her knees and her Mistress walked over there and grabbed her by the hair forcing her to suck and lick her pussy. The next girl choose a simple wooden dowl and only whipped her 4 times times across the pussy with it. Leaving small red whelps across her clit and lips surrounding it. Her Master was so pleased at this desicion of hers that he didnt bother with her punishment and instead bent her over the horse and in front of everyone forced his cock straite in her ass and thrusting so hard and fast that the girl was screaming and crying out for him to stop. The last girl used her hand and swatted the girl a good 10 times. Leaving purfect little handprints across each cheak of her rear. To my shock my Master took her and gave her, her punishent. Confused I choose to use the flogger that had been neglected over the nights festivities. I whipped her ten times until her rear was a nice cherry color. Master was pleased and very kindly told me to turn around and place my hands on the bench while he gave me my lickings. When that was said and done we went on to enjoy the nite and everyone went on playing as normal. One girl was being face fucked, while a Domme was fucking her pussy from behind. The excitement ran across me when my Master asked me what I would like to do. Only to please him I said" anything that will make you happy and proud of me, I will do". HE led me to the St. Andrews Cross and secured my hands and feet. He looped rope threw my nipple rings and down to my clit ring. he slowly started kissing me starting from my ankle to my kneck sending chills up my spine. he then started rubbing my pussy, making me wet and wanting his cock inside me. After 20 min of dripping hot wax and zapping my pussy and nipples with a zapper he finally took me down. He threw me over a chair and rammed his hard cock in my dripping wet pussy. With every inch goin in and out I let out moans of pleasure and begged for him to fuck me faster and harder. He gradually worked his speed up and began thrusting my pussy harder and harder. Every time i was about to cum he would slap my ass so hard that it would stop my orgasm and I would hold it in. Finally when he slowed down he flipped me over and starting fucking my pussy soft and slowly. Kissing my kneck and bitting my nipples. I was about to cum again. I looked him in the eye and asked him "Master, may I please cum now?" He looked at me with a grin and told me to tell him when I was about to. A few seconds later I screamed out, I was about to cum. He took his cock out of me and began licking and sucking on my clit. I let out a scream and squirted. He stood up and motioned for me to come put his cock in my mouth. I staring sucking it slowly and taking every inch in as far as it would go down my throut. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and started shoving his cock in and out of my mouth harder and harder till he shot hot cum down my throught. As always I was to swallow and not waste a drop. When we were done I ran to fetch a towel to clean him off. He was pleased with me for now. I had made my Master happy, and he had showed the crowd that he was very much in control of me. It was set in stone now. I was his property, his object to control, his love and his Pet.

Getting ready to leave he was approched by a Master that didnt take part in any of the festivities. He was a tall and dark looking man with long black hair. He asked my Master if he could have a word with him in private. My Master agreed and put me in the car to wait for him. About 15 minutes later both of them came outside and my Master introduced me to him. He was the head Master of a local Fetish club. We had been invited to attend a formal gathering and he thought I was ready to be a public display. Master seemed to be weary of this man, and informed him that he didnt intend nor like to share his property in any way shape or form. The man looked at him and offered to make a deal, he would give my Master 3 of his slaves, in return to "break" me in for one nite. Shaking his head my Master refused the offer and began to get in his car. The man once again asked Master if we would be attending the party. He nodded and told him to send him details pertaining to the party and he would respond to him with his answer. The drive home was worse than usuall. Master was quiet and not as talkative as usual. Had I done something wrong? I sat there trying to put two and two together thinking of every detail and everything that had happend that nite. I coudnt think of anything that would have upset or angerd him in any way. A few minutes went by and we pulled into the driveway. Master came around and led me out of the car and into the house. As usuall I went to gather my things and head home. I went into the bedroom to tell him goodbye. Shocked I walked in to find him in the Master bath running a bath. He told me to put my belongings down and strip down to nothing. Obeying him, I quicky took my clothes off and kneeled at his side.He asked me to first bend over the tub. Worried still if I had done something wrong I bent over and felt the tears forming in my eyes. He went to reach for the anal plug that was now trobbing inside me. It had been a long nite and It never once came out. He then told me to get in the tub and lay there for a while. I had almost forgot my whelps and bruises from the punishment I had recieved earlier, except that the water was so hot it burned them as if I was being whipped once more. I begged Master to let me get out but the look he gave me was enough to know I was pushing my luck. I knew that if I kept pushing my limts I would be snatched up, bent over his knee and spanked for acting like a child and fussing. I could tell something was bothering him. HE had gotten a message with the details on the party. It was in 3 weeks. He sat down at the edge of the tub and started rubbing my backside with a soothing lotion. It was then that he told me that I would be living with him now as his live in Pet and that we would be attending the party. But that also we would start conditioning me and start more formal training. I needed to learn how to manage pain, and how to address other Mistresses and Masters. Apparently I had alot to learn. He rinsed me off and told me to put a shirt of his on to sleep in for the nite. Tomorow we were going to my house to gather my stuff to move into his home. I woke up confused and not aware if last nite was a dream or reality. I looked over to see if Master was in bed with me, but from the clatter coming from the kitchen I quicky realized I was alone. I slid out of bed and wondered into the kitchen wearing nothin but a shirt of his and the cheeky undies I bought at the adult store yesterday. He had breakfast layed out on the table and was sitting there waiting on me to join him. I sat down confused about everything that was now happening. As I ate he informed me that we would begin training today.He looked towards the living room where all my belongings were stacked up and waiting on me to unpack. My first task of the day was to unpack , and tidy up the house.It only took me about hours to complete this befor he was asking me to join him in the basement. We were about to start training. He had left a outfit hanging at the entrance of the basement for me to have on when I came down. A simple white lace corset trimmed in light pink, a thong that had to be made of only 3 strings attching, and stilleto heels.I quickly got dressed and started stumbling my way towards the door. As I walked down the narrow stairs a rush of excitement ran across me. I couldnt help but get excited at the thought of pleasing my Master. Just the simple thought of making him happy and pleased with me, started a sensation of pleasure, making me wetter and wetter the more I thought about what he may do to me. There was rolls upon rolls of rope, and he had all the assesories laid out across a table in front of him. He had the spanking bench set up in the middle of the room and hanging on a rack next to it was a variety of whips, floggers, paddles, and crops. I was given my orders to come and lay over a portion of the bench. I did as I was told with a simple " Yes, Master". He was always so pleased to hear those words come out of my mouth, and even more pleased that I kept a smile while obeying any order. As soon as I bent over the bench my wrists, and ankles were bound. Keeping my hands tied to the sides of the bench and ankles bound on each side, keeping my legs spred wide open, my ass stuck out in the air and my head down. He started softly with a soft leather flogger. Barely striking my backside just enough to sting but send sensations down my body. I could feel the first drip running down my inner thigh. My pussy was already throbbing and pulsing with a aching feeling. My body was craving his cock inside me. I was craving feeling him moving inch after inch deeper in my pussy. Just the thought of it made fluids run freely down my legs. The sensation was quickly halted when a swift and hard smack went directly across the lips of my pussy. As much as I wanted to cry , I simply said " thank you sir". That same familiar evil smile ran across his face, and he went for his next tool for discipline. A wooden dowl. He had spent time on this one, soaking it in salt water and coating it in terpintine to hopefully prevent it from breaking so easily. He started swift and fast, constantly swatting my backside starting from the back of my thigh to my shoulders. HE slowly got harder and harder with his swings. As much as it hurt my pussy was just thobbing more and more and getting my string thong soaking wet. He reached down with his hand and stroked my soaking pussy, paying close attention to my clit. He knew I was sensitive and that the slightest touch would make me crave him more and more. He quickly slapped my pussy and told me to stop making such a mess or he would have to punish me more and make me lick it up. He untied my hands and ankles and went to move me to his next position. He got out the rope and started wrapping it around my waist and breasts. making smalls knots here and there. He moved down and fashoned and thong type creation supporting my hips and inner thighs. he asked me to slowly lean forward. As I did I found myself suspended in mid air. He went on to add more support at my chest, waist, and upper thighs. He took my hands and bound them behind me head and fashioned and loop around my pony tail that he attached to the ropes holding my body up. While suspended in mid air I found him using a crop and smaking my breasts leaving whelps and purple markings across my nipples . The paid was agonizing but pleasurable in the same sence. He moved down moved my legs down leaving me in a bent over position. He started spanking me with a paddle now. After about 4 swings he stopped and asked me if I was goingto make him hit me all nite. I quickly replied with a no sir and he continued. 2 swings later he stopped once more, this time all he did was sigh. I soon realized what was comming of this. The next smak and I shouted "one sir, thank you sir ", another came quickly, "two sir, thank you sir", and yet a third, "three sir, thank you sir". He stopped and came around in front of me. He picked my chin up and kissed me softly. "Good Pet"he said. "Its time for the second part of your lessons for the day". Chills ran down my spine just thinking of what he may have in store for me. HE untied me and sat me down making sure I was phisically and mentally ok to continue. He told me to go to the main floor and start on something for dinner. " Everything you will need is placed out on the counter". I quickly ran upstairs and toward the kitchen. Just as I entered the entry the doorbell rang. He motioned for me to answer it. It was 5 of the Misstress and Masters from the previous nite. It was a dinner party, and most of all a test for me. I realized this right away. He was testing me to see just how I would react to being the center of attention, and serving not just him, but others at the same time. I was to tend to there needs, but make sure my Master wasnt left needing or wanting anything. Master walked up behind me and snapped my collar around my kneck. Kissing my cheek and saying nothing at all, just a kiss and a smile. But instead of them having the dinner party here, they were all going out to eat. You came to me and told me that you were going out and that I was to tend to the house, " And dont you dare touch yourself in anyway shape or form". He knew that from the previous play we had just completed that I would be dripping wett and craving his cock in me. He quickly dressed and walked out the door. I sat at the window watching his car as it finally drove out of sight. I waited a few more minutes and re checked the window to make sure that he hadnt came back, then I went and changed into a cute skirt and tank top to clean up the house. Half a hour passed and I was done with anything I thought he would want of me, but my pussy was still aching from the play befor. I figured one orgasm wouldnt hurt much, and he would have no way of telling so I crawled up on the couch and started rubbing my clit with one finger. It felt so wonderful and my pussy was aching to have a orgasm even worse than befor. I was so deep in the pleasure that I was giving myself that I didnt even hear the car pull up in the drive. He walked in the front door and I jumped to my feet pretending like nothing was going on. He knew that something was going on by the expression on my face. ?Hike your skirt up,? you say calmly and shove me back onto the couch. I fall in a sprawl across the cushions. ?Spread your legs and pull your panties aside. I want to see it. Now.?I comply with shaky fingers, my pussy slick with excitement. ?You?re such a naughty girl,? you say gazing down at me. ?Look at yourself, all dripping wet. I told you not to touch yourself before I came home. Have you been playing with yourself?? you demand. I lie by shaking my head no. ?Well, well,? you murmur in disbelief. ?Lies, all lies. You?ll have to pay for that, you know.? You jerk me up off the couch and command, ?Take off your top.? I remove my blouse and then my bra for good measure. You grasp one of my breasts, kneading roughly. Your fingers pull and twist my semi-hard nipple, sending sharp throbs to my clit.?You want it so badly, don?t you, slut?? you ask softly, while rolling the other nipple tightly between your thumb and forefinger. I nod mutely as my knees start to buckle. You smile a wicked smile and say, ?Then take off your clothes and get ready for it, bitch.? You push me towards the bedroom and I shed the rest of my clothes as I go. In the bedroom, you spin me round and push me backwards on to the bed. ?Spread your legs and grab the headboard,? you order, ?and you?ll stay like that if you know what?s good for you.? I grasp the bars of the headboard quickly and spread my legs open wide. You then climb on the bed and kneel next to me. I gasp as you start to slap my breasts, short stinging slaps that make my nipples expand and harden. You lean over and take a nipple in your mouth, biting and sucking. Your hand never ceases to pull and twist my other rock hard nipple.I moan as you begin to slap them again. With each slap my breasts grow harder and hotter. Eventually, they are on fire- rings of heat encircle them, radiating out from my painfully engorged nipples. Each sensation you inflict sends a jolt of electricity to my pulsing clit. Finally, when I can stand it no longer, I reach down to touch myself. You stop slapping and grab my arm, twisting it painfully back towards the headboard. ?Did I say that you could touch yourself?? you ask. I moan in response and spread my legs wider, attempting to focus your attention away from my tits. ?You slut. I?ll work your pussy over when I am good and ready. But now you obviously can?t be trusted.? You smile as you pull two short lengths of rope from out of your back pocket.?Please?? I start to beg, but already it?s too late. My wrists have been firmly tied to the bedposts above my head.?Keep those legs spread,? you hiss, ?or they will have to be tied too.? You lean down to further spread my legs apart and flick the tip of my clit with your tongue. I cry out as frustration sweeps through my body. I raise my hips in vain to try and make further contact with your tongue. You shake your head slowly as you pull out a longer length of rope. You straddle my waist and begin to tightly tie up my breasts in a figure eight pattern. I cry out and strain against my restraints as my breasts become hard globes that stand out from my chest. ?That?s better,? you murmur as you continue your abuse. The sensation of each slap, pinch, bite and twist is increased a thousand fold due to the cut off circulation. My breasts have become the whole world; twin circles of pleasure and pain.The torment continues as you proceed to ice my nipples and clamp them with clothespins. The clothespins sends a fresh jolt of sensation to my already aching clit. My hips grind and rotate beneath you. Juices flow from my vagina, I feel the wetness running down the crack of my ass and pooling underneath me. Just as I am about to beg you to stop, you take your hands from my breasts and reaching around, slide two cool fingers deep into my pussy, testing the wetness. I moan as my vaginal walls contract and clamp down trying to increase friction against your fingers. Fluids swirl about your fingers and run down the palm of your hand. ?I see your ready,? you say, as I beg you for release with my eyes and low whimpers, ?but if you think sluts deserve an orgasm with out earning one, you are sadly mistaken. Your mouth needs to a little work before that happens.? You then thrust your dripping fingers between my lips. I lick them frantically, tasting myself, trying to please you.?Not good enough,? you say as the sound of your pants zipper coming undone reaches my ears. Your fingers are replaced by the head of your cock, pressing against my eager lips. I open my mouth and you wordlessly slide your cock deep into me. I lick and suck the head of your cock, savoring it?s velvety texture and salty fluids. I lap at the sensitive underside of your cock, feeling it harden, it?s tip pressing the back of my throat. I struggle for a breath as I feel you swell on the verge of orgasm. Suddenly you jerk your cock out of my mouth saying, ?that?s enough, bitch. We need this to last a little longer.?You reach over to the bedside and take a long drink of ice water, keeping several cubes in your mouth when you are done. You climb back on the bed and bend your head down between my vibrating thighs. Your ice cold tongue licks my burning clit, making me scream. Your hands force my thighs apart as you clamp your cold mouth to my to my pussy. Your tongue probes my vagina, drawing out fluids and your teeth scr*pe across my swollen clit, driving me into a frenzy. You suck my clit relentlessly until I cum in a wave of orgasm that lifts my hips off the bed, my arms straining against the ropes. My climax sprays cum all over your mouth. Glistening juice streams off your chin as you raise your head from between my legs. As I am still shuddering, you lay on top of me. You take my face in your hands and part my lips with your wet tongue. I suck my own salty juices from your mouth in a haze of afterglow. When I come back into focus, my arms and breasts are untied and you are standing by the bed.

?Thank you, Sir,? I whisper hoarsely, my chest heaving.

?You can do better than that, slut,? you say, pulling me off the bed to kneel at your feet. ?We have some unfinished business, you and I.? Your hands guide my mouth to your still hard cock. ?This is how you say ?thank you? properly.? You hold my head tightly as you begin to fuck my mouth. Your cock pumps in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with every thrust. As I feel you slide rhythmically across my tongue, you whisper, ?look at me while I fuck you.? My eyes are locked with yours as your cock swells and explodes in my mouth. You pull your cock out as you cum, splattering sticky fluids across my lips. A thin stream of cum connects my lips to your cock. The strand of white cum breaks as you rub the head of your cock across my lips with the words, ?lick it clean, now.? I oblige, sucking every bit of fluid from your softening organ. You pull away from my mouth and I start to wipe your stickiness from my face and bruised, throbbing breasts. ?Now, now, pet,? you murmur and pat my head, ?I need to leave now, but before I go, I want to give you a little something to think about before my next visit. Stand up and bend over the bed.? I obey, trembling in anticipation?."You disobeyed me Pet, you told the rules befor I left, so...what do you think is a appropriate punishment?" I started to teard up knowing that I had disapointed him and disobeyed a direct order. "I dont know sir" I said as my voice was trembling. "Well....I was gone about 30 minutes, so im going to asume that most of that time was you pleasing yourself. And not to mention the lies that spilled out of your mouth when I asked you about it. You know what the punishent for lying is, correct?" I nodded my head, tears filling my eyes. "OK, then what is the punshment for lying?" Ten smaks with your wooden paddle on bare skin sir. And im sorry......He cut me off by motioning for me to turn around and bend back over the bed. I knew that If I fought him it would double so I turned and grabbed ahold of the blanket on the bed. The first one wasnt horrible, and after he smaked me I replied with, "one sir, thank you sir," to insure the least amout of punishment. He smiled and told me I was learning well, and continued with my punisment. By the tenth one I was crying into the blanket with tears soaking into it. He turned me around and lifted my chin kissing my soflty. " Do we now know that lying isnt appropriate?" he said. I replied with a simple ,YES SIR. " So, about you disobeying my order not to touch yourself, what should we do about this?" I didnt know what to reply with so I simple shrugged my shoulders. He told me to pick out my instrument of pain and bring it to him. I hated doing this because I never know whitch he wants to really use. I went to the basement and picked out the leather strap that is similar to a belt. Befor I reached the door he informed me that whitchever one I choose, Im getting 10 more with it. Clentching my jaw I walked in and handed it to him. He motioned for me to bend straite over and grab ahold of my ankles. Crying already I obeyed. As soon as I grabbed them he started tying my wrists to them. "I dont want you going anywhere now" he said. ANd these will be quick, you dont have to count them aloud. I clenched my jaw as he grbbed my shoulder and began whipping my rear with the strap. It stung so horribly and sent pure pain troughout my whole backside. Passing ten he kept on going. I counted 23 in all. When he was done he told me that he wanted to make sure he broke me. And that after that I wouldnt think of pleasing myself without permission again. He grabbed my face and told me that he didnt like to punish me and that I needed to learn my lesson the first time so that there wouldnt be a second. Crying I managed to choke out a yes sir. He swiflty slapped me across the face then bent down to untie me. I dropped to my knees and started sobbing. He looked at me and told me to lie down on the bed expossing my backside. So I laid down on my tummy and sobbed into a pillow. He came in with cold ice packs and layed them on each cheek of my ass. Even that touching it hurt like hell. He went to run me a hot bath and started picking out my night clothes. After a few minutes I had fallen asleep laying there while he cooled my ass and tryed to reduce the welps. He woke up to him picking me up and placing me in the hot water. He started to wash me back off and pour water over my head to wash my hair. THe hot water was so aggonizing that I quickly started sobbing again. "shhhhhhhh, he kept telling me as he washed and rinsed the soap away. " Do u understand why you were punished? You know I dont like to see you like this?"I nodded and let out a yes, sir.


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