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Master and His Slaves Part 1

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The master called Pat and told her to dress very sexy and to come over to the condo. He meets her at the door and greets her with a kiss. He closes the door behind her and immediately puts on a new collar he bought for her. She looks up and sees her sister slave (Amy) sitting on the couch in a see thru black top (her nipples were almost exposed), a short skirt that was hiked up to almost expose her wet pussy, nylons, her collar and a blindfold. She is instructed to go to the couch and give her sister a kiss. She obeys her master and waits for further instruction.

Pat was instructed to undress her sister very slowly, caressing her body while she does it. She started out but untying Amy’s top to expose her breasts. She knows that Amy loves having her nipples bit, so she bit both of them very softly. There would be time later to bite them harder. Pat then unzips Amy’s skirt and lets it slowly fall to the ground. As usual Amy is not wearing any under ware so her wet pussy is exposed. Pat takes her finger and feels to see how wet her pussy is as instructed to do by her master.

She takes her wet finger over to the master so he can taste Amy. Pat is told to take Amy’s blindfold off and await further instructions.

Amy is now told to blindfold Pat and undress her. She unbuttons her blouse and unhooks Pat’s bra exposing her beautiful breasts. Her tongue is moving down her body as she undresses her. Amy could not resist so she ran her tongue over the hard nipples and starting sucking them. All of a sudden she felt her ass being hit by her master. He wanted her to finish undressing her and not just expose her breasts. Amy decided she better obey so she took her pants off and got to see her wet pussy. As instructed she felt to see how wet Pat was and she took her wet finger over the master for him to taste the wetness of Pat’s pussy. Master seemed pleased.

Amy took Pat’s blindfold off and both were given a glass of wine for being good slaves. They were both sitting on the love seat but were not allowed to touch each other or themselves. They had ten minutes to finish their wine, if the were not finished in ten minutes then they would both be punished. They finished in five minutes because they wanted to touch each other. Being so close and not being able to touch was very difficult on both of them. Master did come over and gave both of his slaves a big kiss and played with their tits and felt to be sure they were both wet. They were.

The slaves were told to go into the bedroom and sit on the edge of the bed. Master put Pat’s blindfold on her and told her to lie across the bed and not to say a word. She did as she was instructed and the next thing she knew she heard her master tell Amy to do as he motioned her to do. He did not want Pat to know what was going to happen. He gave Amy a feather and she used it up and down Pat’s back. While she was doing that, Master started hitting Pat very softly on her ass. He then instructed Amy to do that and he used the feather. Amy did as she was told. Master left the room for a couple of minutes and came back with a few different crops. Amy used them on Pat and her ass started to turn red. Master put the blindfold on her and let Pat get up so she could repay Amy for what she had done to her.

Pat started out by using the feather on her and Master started slapping her ass, softly at first then Amy noticed the touch was softer so she knew that it was her sister not master slapping her. It felt so good.

Amy was even wetter now so she could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next.

The blindfold was taken off and they were instructed to lie on the bed next to each other. Master brought a chair in for him to sit on and watch. Pat and Amy undressed Master and started licking his cock together. When Master closed his eyes in enjoyment the slaves tied him up to the chair so they could play and he could only watch. He started to complain so they but the ball gag in his mouth so he could not talk.

They told him if he did not behave they would blindfold him and he could not watch. They knew that they would be punished but they were willing to take the punishment so they could play together. They knew that this would turn on master, so they hoped the punishment would not be that bad.

Amy started by slowly kissing Pat and then went to her breasts, biting the swollen nipples softly and sucking them. She started flicking them and biting a little harder until Pat started to cum and was begging for more. Amy then started sucking and licking her clit while she was pinching her nipples. There was a dildo on the bed, so she slowly inserted it into Pat’s wet hot pussy. She started fucking her until she started to come but she stopped short of her having an orgasm, that was to be saved for master.

Now it was Pat’s turn to pleasure Amy. She kissed her very softly and started biting her nipples. She knew Amy could cum just having her nipples played with so she decided that she would bite and play with them until she started to cum. That only took a couple of minutes so she decided that it was time to move on.

Amy’s hot wet pussy was begging to be played with.

Pat loved the taste of Amy’s sweet pussy. It did not take but a couple of minutes and Amy was ready to cum so Pat knew that she had to stop. Only Master could make them cum.

It was now time to let Master free, not knowing what to expect but they were willing to take whatever he gave them. They deserved the punishment. Master told both of them to get on the bed. He brought out the cuffs and restraints. They knew they were in trouble now. He had them lie on the bed next to each other, he put the cuffs on their hands and feet. He tied them both to the bed. The blindfolds were next, and then came the earplugs. They could not hear anything for what seemed like a long time. Suddenly Amy felt clips being put on her nipples, and from the groan from Pat she was sure Master had put clips on her nipples also. Suddenly Amy felt a wet tongue on her already hot wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure. Then a sound that was familiar to her was coming close to her. Master inserted the rabbit into her hot wet pussy and turned it on high. She heard Pat starting to moan, so she knew that Master was sucking and playing with her pussy. The bed was moving, so Amy knew that Master was fucking her with a dildo. She could feel Master ‘s body getting closer. She could tell that Pat was sucking his hot throbbing cock. It only took a minute and Amy heard master cum. Amy was told not to cum with the rabbit so she knew she better concentrate on not coming. It was hard but she succeeded.

Master untied them and they were allowed to have a glass of wine for being such good little slaves. He said he had a surprise for them and they were both to get dressed. They both put back their sexy outfits (Amy was allowed to wear a bra and put a different top on) and were told to go to the garage. They obeyed Master. They were both told to get into the back seat. They did not know what was going to happen next but they were ready to find out.

To be continued:

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