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Master Surprise Continues, Part 3 - Amy's Punishment

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“Pat you sit in the front seat with your Master, Amy was bad so she will have to sit in the back all by herself”. “Bad girls must be punished and your sister slave was bad so she will be punished.” “Yes Master”

replied Pat. She got in the front seat and Amy sat in the back. As the car was about to start Master said ”Pat put a blindfold on your sister slut and take her top off” “ Put her skirt up so everyone can see her shaved pussy”. “Insert this dildo and let it stick out for everyone to see. “ Pat went into the back seat and started sucking on Amy’s clit so she could get her wet before she rammed the thick dildo into her wet throbbing pussy. “We will let everyone know that she was bad and must be punished.” Pat did as she was instructed. She took off Amy’s top exposing her large breasts with the nipples erect from all the playing they had done and the cold air was making them even harder. Master started the car after Pat got back into the front seat. He told her to unbutton her top and play with her pussy. She did as she was told.

Master asked if she was wet and wanted to taste her wetness. Pat took her fingers out of her wet pussy and put her fingers into his mouth so he could taste how good she was. The faster the car went, the harder Amy’s nipples got. Amy had no idea who could see her, but she knew she deserved the punishment; after all it was her idea to tie up her Master so she could play with her sister slave without any interruption. Being able to play with her sister slave’s nipples and pussy without being stopped was worth any punishment that he could give her. Pat tasted so good and she came three times. Each time Amy was able to lick all the cum herself without having to share with her master.

The night air was cold on her exposed breasts, but it was also making her pussy wet with the thought that someone might see her. She could hear noises from the front seat but could see nothing, she thought she recognized the sounds and she was right, Pat was giving Master a blowjob in the car while he was driving. Amy heard horns honking but didn’t know if they were for her exposed breasts, her wet shaved pussy with a large dildo sticking out of it or the blowjob in the front seat, either way she was getting wetter and wetter. She could not wait to get home so her master could fuck her. She had never wanted to be fucked so much….she was so hot an horny that she would have fucked anyone or anything available. The didlo in her was not doing it so she tried to fuck it, but it was too hard and it was not doing it for her. She rocked back and forth, not knowing who was watching her, and not really caring who could see her. She needed her Master to fuck her harder and longer than he had ever done it before.

The ride home took seemed like it took forever but they finally arrived. “Go in the house and run a hot bubble bath. When the tub was full, they were told to get in and wash each other. After all they had had whipped cream and strawberries all over their bodies and he wanted them clean for the rest of the evening.

This was a request they both were glad to do. They loved the touch of each other. They could cum just with the touch of the other in the right spots.

The slaves undressed each other slowly, kissing while they did. Their lips met and their tongues were touching and probing. They kissed hot and passionate for about 3 minutes then they both got into the tub and started rubbing soap all over each other’s breasts, stopping to play with their hard erect nipples, working their way down to their hot throbbing pussy’s. They both inserted a finger into their pussy’s to feel the wetness and they were both so wet that they could hardly wait to be fucked by their master’s hard thick cock. They kissed and played with each other’s breasts and pussy’s until the water was too cold to stay in. They knew that their master enjoyed watching his slaves play and get hot. Pat and Amy knew they could not cum unless he let them, so they had to make sure they stayed quiet when they exploded in the tub. If he knew they came without his permission they would be punished.

They got out of the tub and dried each other as instructed. They were licking each other’s breasts and licking their pussy’s. They wanted to be sure it tasted good for their master, and it did. Their was cum juice in both of the hot pussy’s so they made sure they licked it all up so Master would not know that they had cum. They kissed each other so they could see how their pussy juice tasted. It was sweet and hot and sticky.

Their next instruction was to run a bath for the master, they immediately obeyed. When the water was done, they undressed master and Pat and Amy were kissing him at the same time. They took one of his breasts and sucked it then went to his hot throbbing cock and both licked the tip of it while kissing each other. They licked up and down on his hot throbbing member and when he was about to cum Amy took his whole cock into her mouth and sucked it dry. She then kissed Pat so they could share his hot cum. They kissed for a couple of minutes and then they kissed their master as the led him into the tub. Both slaves washed their master’s body but concentrated on his hard cock. They both really liked his cock. It was so hard and thick that they could not get enough of it.

Master was finished being washed so the slaves dried him off and waited for further instruction. “You were very bad today, Amy” master said. She agreed but felt that her punishment was already done, but she was wrong. “Lay on the bed face down” “You are going to be punished and will not forget this”. “You will learn that I am the Master and I will decide who plays with whom.” “ Do you understand”? Amy replied that she did and was ready for her punishment. She laid face down on the bed as instructed and she could feel the sting of Master’s hand hit her ass. Pat was also slapping her ass. “I learned my lesson” Amy shouted.

“I will decided when you have suffered enough, and I have only just begun”. “Pat keep hitting her ass until I return” “If I find out that you stopped, you will also be punished”. Pat knew that she had to do as she was instructed so she complied. When Master returned to the room Amy’s ass was so red that she did not think she could sit for days. She suddenly felt her asshole being played with, something hot was being rubbed on it, she wasn’t sure what it was or what was going to happen next, but she was ready. Master inserted a butt plug into her hot tight ass, then took her over to the chair he had brought into the room and instructed Pat to blindfold her. She was not going to be able to watch what was going on. She could only hear and visualize what was going on. The butt plug was remote control so they could turn it on when ever they wanted.

“Stand up but don’t let the plug fall out of your ass or I will put a larger cock in it”. She could feel something being inserted into her pussy, a dildo she thought, but that was not all, now something was being put around her waist. “Pat do you like your sisters Cock?” Amy realized that she had a strap on on. “ You can fuck it later, now I have other plans for you.”

“But first we must finish with your sister slut”. Amy felt her nipples being sucked, one by master and one by Pat. She was enjoying it so much she did not realize they had turned on the butt plug and it was vibrating. The two together was making her want to cum but she knew better. She felt the bite of something being put on her hard sore nipples, she wasn’t sure what it was but knew it felt so good.

She was being tied to the chair with rope. She was used to the feeling of rope so she knew that she was not going to be able to get free. Master was tying the ropes tighter than usual but that was all right, she needed to be punished. He tied them around her large breasts so they would stand out, one rope went up her ass so the plug would not fall out. Her hands and legs were immobile.

“Lay on the bed” She heard master tell Pat. “You will let your sister slut know what is going on because she can’t see and she is being punished”. You are going to be the only one that gets to play with me and I will play with you. “Bad girls do not get to play”.

Amy was sorry that she could not play with them. She could hear them kissing. She was jealous but not able to do anything about it. Suddenly she felt her Master’s hot lips on hers and his tongue probing her mouth. He bit her lip slightly “Have you learned your lesson” he asked. “Yes, oh yes master I have learned my lesson” May I be free now” “Not yet” “Your sister and I have a lot to do before you are freed.

They removed the clips off her sore nipples, gently sucked her nipples trying to take some of the soreness away then they put them right back on. Amy would learn her lesson tonight her master thought. Pat and Master left Amy and went to the bed. “Oh yes master, suck my nipples” Pat said. “Harder, harder” “I’m going to cum “ The squealing was getting louder and louder. “Your tongue inside my pussy feels so good, please don’t stop.” She screamed. Amy could only wish that it were her being played with. “I love you licking my clit while you finger my pussy and my ass.

You really know how to please a slave,” Pat said.

“Please put your hot cock into my hot throbbing pussy.

I can’t take it any longer, I’m going to cum.

Amy felt a wet dildo being put in her mouth. It had Pat’s hot pussy juice on it. She was told to suck off all the juice and keep it in her mouth. She was not to drop it or else. She did not want to find out what or else meant.

“Suck my cock first” Then You will be fucked” Amy could hear Pat sucking Masters hot cock. Suck it dry if you want to be fucked. Amy heard Master scream as he came and felt Pat’s lips on hers sharing the cum as they had done earlier.

“Lube your sister sluts cock and ride her. Amy felt Pat sit on her hard cock and started riding her. The butt plug was pulsating and the dildo inside Amy was making her cum as Pat was riding her cock and they both came at the same time. Pat had never been fucked by a strap on but she had no idea what she was missing.

Master untied Amy and they all lay on the bed. The slaves asked him why he kept looking at the clock and he said that he wasn’t so now they were both going to be punished.

“Lay on the bed next to each other now” he shouted.

The cuffs were put around both of the slaves wrists and ankles. He tied them to the bed using spreader bars to keep their pussy’s open for him, blindfolded them and put a gag in their mouths so they could not question him again. “You both should know better than questioning me,” he stated. “Lay here and think about questioning me”.

They did as instructed, they knew that they were wrong but they both noticed that he was acting a little strange tonight. They had both cum so many times tonight that they just started to drift off when Amy felt hot lips on her both her nipples, but how was this possible? Was there someone else in the room?

Pat was moaning so Amy could not figure out how she was moaning also. Now there was someone sucking her pussy while her breasts were being sucked. Did Master bring in some of the people that saw her in the car naked tonight? Who is licking her pussy, who was sucking her nipples? What was happening to Pat?

Something good, because she was moaning. Suddenly the ball gag was removed from her mouth and a cock was in Amy’s mouth and she knew it was not her Master’s. It was smaller, and thinner. Who was fucking her in the mouth? “Amy suck him dry” “Pat do the same”. Both slaves now realized that there was at least three other men in the room and neither of them knew who they were. They both sucked the cocks in their mouths dry then they were untied from the bed but the cuffs stayed on and so did the blindfolds.

Amy had her hands tied behind her back as did Pat.

They were both bent over the bed, a cock put in their mouths and as they were sucking the cock, another one was put in their pussy. They were being fucked in their mouths and pussy’s at the same time. A fantasy Amy had always had. The cock that had been in Pat was now put in Amy’s mouth for her to suck all of Pat’s pussy juice and his cum juice off. And Pat was sucking all of Amy’s pussy juice off the guy that had fucked her .

This was a night they would never forget. To this day, they do not know who was in the room with them, but they never questioned their master again. He always took care of them.

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