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Master Shares His Pet, Episode 2

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Master Shares His Pet, Episode 2

As she stood there she thought back to how this evening began. Again, it was Master?s day to set the evening?s activities and as she left her bath, she checked to see what clothing He had laid out for her. Sheer blouse, short, pleated skirt and high-heeled sandals. No lingerie this time either but she was growing used to that idiosyncrasy of Master. He liked having her smoothly shaved pussy easily accessible, her perky, B cup breasts with their hard nipples showing through a sheer blouse. As it was raining, she noted her raincoat sitting nearby as well. She was surprised at the clothing when she saw that; Master usually missed no opportunity for her to appear in public wearing nothing but that raincoat and her spike heeled shoes. She always wore high heels and short skirts as He enjoyed showing off her shapely legs to all who wished to view.

She was 5?7 with a slim figure, rounded hips, and long shapely legs. Blonde hair cascaded down her back, sometimes in curls, sometimes soft and straight, depending on Master?s whim that day. She kept her pussy shaved smooth daily, as per His orders. Long red nails and matching toenails completed her look.

Quickly she donned her clothing, sipping her cocktail while she completed application of her make-up and styling of her hair. Grabbing the raincoat, she hurried out so as not to keep Him waiting. He, too, was wearing a dark raincoat against the weather, and soon they were on their way. He silently handed her the new G-spot vibrator He had gifted her with earlier that week. She knew what He wanted, and quickly spread her long legs and went to work for His viewing pleasure. She reclined back, and her breathing quickened as the little vibrator stimulated her clit, making it hard and aching for orgasm. Before she came, however, she inserted the vibrator into her wet, swollen pussy, and moaned as the curve stimulated her so-sensitive G spot. Master smiled as He reached over, running His finger down her slit, covering it with her juices. He held the finger to her lips and she eagerly licked it clean. ?Do not cum yet!? He ordered, ?I have other plans for that hot little cunt of yours! Just bring yourself to the edge, I want you hungry for it later.? Frustrated, she did as she was told, trusting him to know best how to satisfy her appetites.

The arrived at a small club that was new to her; the bar was on her right as they entered, with another free-standing bar directly across from it, with bar stools lining both bars and a brass rail for propping one?s foot onto. Beyond the free standing bar was an area filled with small tables, each with two to four upholstered chairs around them. This area was a couple steps down from the bar area, and surrounded a small dance floor with a deejay booth in the corner. The club was already crowded but after getting their cocktails, Master found them a place at the free standing bar. There were no barstools available so they stood, listening to the music and watching the other patrons.

As she stood there musing about how uneventful the evening had been so far, she noticed that the slightly lower area of tables backed right up to the bar she was standing at, and the difference in height put the customers seated at the tables at about eye level with her hips. She didn?t think too much of it, until she felt her Master?s hand at the back of her skirt. He held her coat over his arm but kept His on, which she found odd, given they were now inside, dry and warm. As He reached between her ass cheeks and gently fondled her still-drenched pussy, she realized His actions were blocked from view by the bar but actually framed for view by anyone seated below. And there were people seated below, directly in front of where they were standing as a matter of fact. She noticed one man sitting with his profile to her, quietly enjoying his drink as his companions chatted and laughed.

Master told her to prop her right leg on the brass rail, spreading her knee open. She knew now what He was up to; by doing as He asked, anyone who happened to glance her way would have a good view of her pussy and His probing, teasing fingers that were now pistoning in and out of her. She let out a small moan, which seemed to attract the attention of the man sitting in front of her and as he turned, she saw him start when he realized what he was witnessing. He was seated in such a way that by turning he somewhat blocked the view of his companions, although it didn?t matter, as they were involved in a conversation about the latest scandals at work and cared nothing for looking around. As he watched, Master pulled His fingers from her hole and brought them to her lips. The stranger sat transfixed as she licked those wet fingers clean, all the while keeping her eyes on him.

The stranger felt his cock hardening in his pants, wanting to sink itself between those warm wet lips that were visibly swollen and throbbing. He glanced at her Master, startled to find that He, too, was watching his reaction. A slight nod was all it took and the stranger understood that he was to be a part of this little sexual encounter. Stealthily, so as not to attract the attention of his party, he slid his hand under the bar and into the velvet wetness that was her pussy. He finger fucked her gently and felt his dick grow harder as he heard her soft moan. The walls of her cunt were gripping him; he could feel her squeezing his fingers as they mimicked the cock she so obviously craved. He pulled his fingers out and at her gasp of distress, moved to her clit, softly rubbing and teasing the hard little button. He saw her hips moving ever so slightly, and knew she wanted to be filled again.

She wanted to be fucked, that much was clear. But before he could accommodate her with his other hand, he saw her Master squeezing her ass cheeks, spreading them gently before inserting His big cock into her vagina. The stranger couldn?t believe what he was seeing! The girl was going to get fucked right then, right there, before his eyes, and the crowd of people around didn?t even notice! He heard her intake of breath as the hard dick plunged as deeply into her pussy as was possible, given their rather awkward position. Saw her bite her lip and close her eyes as over and over and over the man rammed his cock into her pussy. The stranger rubbed furiously at her clit, watching as her fingers tightened on the edge of the bar, knuckles turning white as she gripped the wood, trying desperately not to shriek at the pleasure the fingers and the big cock were giving her. Watching that man meat working in and out of her pussy was making his own cock strain for release. He crossed his legs, trying to disguise the tent in his lap as his dick pushed hard against his fly.

Suddenly, he saw her stiffen, and, using his thumb to continue the assault on her throbbing clit, ran his finger into her cunt, next to the cock that had stilled at the onset of her orgasm. Never had he been that close to another man?s dick before but he couldn?t help it, he had to feel that squeezing, pulsing pussy around some part of his anatomy. As her vagina convulsed, he felt the man?s cock begin to convulse as well and sat paralyzed, afraid the slightest change in his posture would initiate his own release. Never had he ever experienced anything so quietly erotic. His dick throbbed almost painfully in his trousers. The two finally relaxed, her Master?s cock slipping quietly from its tight nest.

As he removed his hand from her crotch, he noted that he had cum from them both coating his fingers. He looked into the woman?s eyes and slowly licked his hand and she knew they?d found a perfect third for the next encounter. The stranger then spoke to his companions, excusing himself to the men?s room, and she felt such disappointment at an opportunity lost. But then she saw him walk around the bar, speak to her Master, and thank him for the opportunity to share his sweet slave, as he handed Him his business card. She smiled, knowing that he would join them at some future date, for some future encounter, some future sexual adventure that her Master would devise for her pleasure.

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