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Master's Room

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Master's Room

He calls her and orders her to his room, he had given her specific instructions on how to dress and exactly what to bring with her 1) she was to wear a dress, panties no bra 2)she was to bring her collar, jewelry, gag ball, toys, and blindfold She had carefully followed his instructions, wishing only to please her Master, Master Bruce. He was a stern man, but still she knew he loved her, he showed this in her actions, words, and the lessons he taught her.

When she arrived at the room, she knocked, as she waited quietly. Master Bruce opened the door and motioned for her to enter, she slowly walked in holding her head up and her eyes lowered showing respect. The silence was breathtaking as he took her bag from her.

She knew her Master was not pleased with her, and was unsure of the punishment he had in store for her.

He closed the door abruptly grabbed her and penetrated her mouth with his tongue then with a forceful movement he forced her to her knees. She looked innocently up at Him, as she awaited her Master's orders.

Master Bruce then rummaged through the bag checking to see if she had done as he had instructed. "yes, good my little one", he said as he grabbed the gag ball and looked at her. She began to protest and he motioned for her to not say a word as he placed the gag ball into the position then inspected her to see if she did as he instructed, yes all was correct, but, he had not forgotten of the punishment he had promised.

"Go to the bed", Master Bruce, ordered. She got up without hesitation and did as instructed . He followed close behind her, she could feel him very close, watching her. As she took her place on the bed, he grabbed her legs and bound her with the tie downs she had brought, then put the restraints on her wrist. He spread her legs wide forcing her to lay back and spread her arms out Tying them down tight, leaving her helpless .

He reminded her of what she had done to make him unpleased with her, thoughts of her actions from previous days ran through her mind. He went to the bag and got the whip he placed it on the side of the bed and positioned his self over her, he quickly ripped the dress from her body tearing it to shreds. She let out a muffled gasp as he removed the torn dress from around her and grabbed her panties and removed them as well. She was helpless and couldn't do anything, although she knew she deserved his just punishment. He removed the shiny silver clasp holding her ankles and then the ones holding her wrists, he walked around the bed, daring her to move.

He then took the ropes and pulled at them causing her to come toward him. With the whip in his hand he ordered her to lay across his lap. Her eyes peered at him, begging for mercy, but she needed to be taught a lesson for her own good. He looked stern toward her and said "NOW!", hurrying her to obey his orders. She moved quickly, laying across his knees with her soft white bottom exposed on his lap. He removed the gag ball, although she knew not to utter a word.

He firmly slapped her bottom several times. She jumped as his hand hit her ass, tears coming to her eyes. He grabbed the whip and administered several lashes to her warmed bottom, as she let out a soft cry. Running his hand lightly across her cheeks soothing her he calmly spoke, "You really need to be careful, it saddens me to discipline you, but I love you, so I must." his voice seemed so sad as she listen she could feel his love for her, which only made her even more sorry for her actions.

Moments passed as he caressed her freshly warmed bottom, she could feel his excitement growing against her stomach. Master Bruce, ordered her to lay back on the bed, and he proceeded to refasten her ankles and wrists. He then placed the kissed her, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth, exploring it. Breaking the kiss, he placed the gag back into her mouth and blindfolded her.

Master Bruce was silent as he sat on the side of the bed, looking at her body so open to him. He grabbed his bag from the corner of the room, she could only hear his soft footsteps as she lay silently on the bed. When he returned she felt his hands touch her pussy then felt him applying clothespins to each side of her folds, pulling them apart, exposing even her hidden secrets to him. She heard a soft click, then silence, as she felt a chill come over her body, she knew he had brought the video camera and was filming her.

The silence is interrupted by a door opening, then closing again. Questions ran through her mind.

Had Master Bruce left?

Was there someone else in the room with them?

She could only hear the soft hum of the video camera, but then, the door opened and closed a second time. She listen closely, she heard footsteps coming closer to the bed where she lay helpless and completely exposed. She felt the bed give slightly, as if someone was sitting on the side of the bed. A hand touched the inside of her thigh, caressing it softly. She felt the flogger being moved across her breasts, teasing them. Her nipples became erect, excited from this new stimulation. Then, she feels a hard lash to her exposed clit, as she jumps at the sting applied to her most vulnerable area.

She hears low whispering, but cannot make out the words. Her mind races, there is someone else there with them, but Who? There is silence for seconds, minutes, she was unsure how long, one second felt like an hour, and an hour felt like only a second as she tried to imagine what was about to happen.

Suddenly she felt a hand against her clit and someone fingering her. She could feel her wetness, her body was very excited. Then someone removes the gag ball from her mouth, "very nice little one", a voice orders, but it wasn't her Master, was he even there?

She feels a thick hard cock pressed against her lips she opens without hesitation, as it is pushed to the back of her mouth, she slides her tongue up and down the shaft then he pushes further forcing the massive cock down her throat, he fucks her face hard with long full strokes, she can taste him, feeling the pre cum slide down her throat. He reaches and pinches her nipples first one and then the other as he watches her reaction. She hears another voice saying, That is good little one take it all, your Master will be very proud of you", then several voices "Oh Yes" in agreement. He Master Bruce left her all alone with men she did not even know? She could feel her juices flowing as the fingers still proceeded to fuck her cunt in and out, as a hard object is shoved roughly into her narrower hole, She tenses up her muscles , to no avail as the slippery plug is locked into placed. Her body is pushed over the edge as she orgasms hard feeling her juices explode from her body, she then feels a tongue on her swollen clit, and this increases the height of the orgasm. She is kept at the top of her orgasm, for what seemed like forever, as the orgasm quieten she felt the explosion of the cock inside her mouth, his juices flowing into her throat and across her lips. Breathing heavily, she lay back unable to even think, as she feels the hands tug at her nipples.

Only a moment went by, and then she felt a thick huge cock pushed hard into her sloppy wet cunt, she had never felt such fullness, this soon caused her to orgasm quickly she moaned loudly as the new feeling ran over her body. He fucked her hard, pounding her cunt deep with every stroke, this was too much for her, she stayed in constant climax he refused to let her body come down from the excitement. A hand teased her nipples pinching them, both simultaneously.

The clothespins are removed from her pussy, and he drives his cock deeper into her, as she comes to the height of the orgasm he explodes, her muscles milking his cock of the precious juice.

She is exhausting, panting softly , breathing raggedly, someone removes her blindfold, she slowly opens her eyes allowing them to adjust to the bright light, she looks around the room, she eyes her Master, in the corner watching her, there are three other men standing beside the bed, she has never seen them before. A large muscular man in his early 40's, is to her right undoing the clasp that is holding her wrist, he is very nice looking, dark brown hair, brown eyes, about 6'2 in height and around 230 in weight she estimates. He peers down at her as the man to her feet removes the clasp that were binding her ankles. He is taller then the first man a little older but smaller in size. The third man is in his late 30's she estimates dark brown hair and deep blue eyes, she glances down and notices his size, he is very well endowed , he orders her to her knees, she turns to him and complies to the order, he slaps her ass and removes the anal plug, oh dear, she thought, as she realizes his intent, her body tenses up as he reams her ass with his finger, then places the head of his endowed member to her tight hole.

Then men position themselves around her, one is using her mouth, as the other moves under her into her wet cunt and the third man pushed into her ass hard and fast causing her to let out a moan she had never had more than one man at a time, and now this was three men, using her body as they wished. She glanced over at her Master helplessly, he smiled pleasingly at her, watching his slut be taken harshly by three large men. She orgasms countless times as the men slowly climax inside her body. They move from her as her body falls limp to the floor. Her Master moves the video camera closer, focusing in on her cum soaked cunt and ass. Slowly moving to her sweaty body and then to her mouth with the slight hint of cum on the side.

The men reapply the clasp moving her legs far apart, spread eagle on the bed. The men then go and sit at the foot of the bed, resting , relaxing, watching her. Master Bruce, slowly gets up , she watches him as he walks toward her with the bag he had brought. He reaches in and grabs and large dildo inserting it into her ass, and another placing it in her pussy. He then sits down next to the men, and ask if they enjoyed their time with me. They nod satisfactory and ask about the videos they were promised. Master Bruce, said that will be taken care of as soon as I return home. He then takes a remote from his pocket and turns the toys which he had inserted into my body on. She almost immediately, is at the height of another orgasm as the watch and relax.

She can hear the men whispering to her Master, what more did they have in store for her? Master Bruce gets up and walks to the side of the bed. "Little One" he said. The guys think you need a bit more control. So we are going to teach you control. Her body stiffen as the orgasm subsides , the members still inside her vibrating frantically. He orders her not to cum unless she is given permission. He watches as she recovers from the climax. fondling her body as he pleases pinching her nipples an applying the clothespins to each nipple, he rubs her clit hard pressing into her, which nears her to climax, fighting her body not to allow that to happen, but it is too late, her muscles tighten and her juices flow. He applies the clothespins to the folds of her pussy again, exposing her completely. He picks up the flogger and lashes her clit hard as the orgasm subside. The sting of the flogger causes her to cry out. He pinches her clit and says "I told you not to cum Slut!" He release her wrists and instructs her to masturbate for them but not to cum. He sits down in a chair to her side watching her. She fucks the dildo in and out of her wet pussy as the men watch. She maintains control.

She glances at the men, licking her lips as she eyes the third mans, long, thick, hard cock. He stands grinning at her as he strokes his endowed member. the other men laugh making comments like "Oh , Bruce you do have yourself a real slut", "oh she already wants more." The men laugh and continue to watch her as the third man slips his cock into her mouth. She can taste her juices on him, taking him deep , he fucks her mouth hard, ordering her "take all of that cock Bitch " he bellows.

Master Bruce rises and removes the members from her ass and pussy as he forces his cock deep within her, the other men come close to the bed. Master Bruce smiles, saying "Yes, but she is My Slut". The words make her feel so good as she pays closer attention to the huge cock being forced down her throat, she knows Master Bruce's words are true, she is his slut, and proud of it.

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