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Making the Most of His Business Trip

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(male dom, spanking, anal, exhibitionism, couple, mmf)

Recently my husband was offered a high-paying job that would involve some travel. For most people it would be an easy decision to take the job. But for us it was terribly difficult. Of course we could use the money, but we don?t do well apart and neither of us sleeps well when we?re alone.

Nevertheless, Brian decided to check it out. The New York based business asked him to fly up to the city for a week for a preliminary training and evaluation program. Brian was one of 6 men from the DC area being considered for the job and all 7 men planned to visit the headquarters together.

I should have been crushed that Brian was going to be gone for so long, but when he told me about the trip, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to make one of his (and mine) fantasies come true. I only had two weeks to plan but I had a blast working out the details.

Brian was to meet up with the other men at BWI on Sunday night. All weekend I had played the ?please don?t leave me? card, complete with tears and denying him sex because I was so mad at him. He left the house around 2:00. Within the hour I had farmed out all the kids, grabbed my already-packed bags, and headed for the airport.

I checked in and made it through security without Brian seeing me. I went to the gate but stayed out of sight. My first goal was to try and be seen and flirt with some of the other men without Brian knowing. When he left to check out the bookstore, I moved in. I walked right over to the group and started up a conversation. Several of the men were quite handsome, but I especially enjoyed talking with Mark. The chemistry between us was undeniable and I was looking forward to exploring it more.

I knew Brian would be returning soon, so I said my goodbyes and left. I watched from a distance as the men talked. They all were very professional and they seemed to get along very well. I overheard as they told Brian about the woman they had met and was pleased that my plan was starting off so well.

Brian and his colleagues boarded early. The company was definitely wining and dining them, starting with seats in first class. So this would be the first time Brian would see me. I waited until most of the passengers had boarded and then got in line. Before I made it to the plane, I could hear the men. They had been served drinks and were messing with the flight attendant. The first person I saw when I walked on the plane was Mark. We made eye contact immediately and I smiled as he nudged the guy next to him.

I walked slowly down the aisle making sure all the men saw me. And then Brian looked up. His mouth dropped open and he looked flustered but had a huge grin on his face. There I was in his favorite outfit. He calls it the school teacher outfit ? knee-length fitted black skirt with matching knee-high boots, a flattering button-down blouse, leather jacket, and, of course, reading glasses. For some reason, the glasses always sent him over the edge. On my way to coach, I said hello to Mark as I walked by and pretty much avoided Brian.

The flight was short. When we arrived, I made sure to be the last one off the plane, hoping to avoid Brian and his friends. I had done my homework and had booked a room at the Marquis in Times Square where he would be staying.

After I checked in, I cleaned up and went down for a drink in the hotel lounge. I hadn?t really planned past this point, and was pleasantly surprised when events unfolded all on their own. It was Mark. He walked right up and started a conversation with me at the bar. He explained that he didn?t have much time tonight but hoped that I might show up the next night at the 48 Lounge in the McGraw Hill Building. The 48 is chic and sexy and attracts a business class clientele ? it was perfect and the men were scheduled to go there Monday night. I told Mark I would consider it and left.

After a day of meetings and training, the men headed straight over to the club around 7:00. I showed up a little after 8:00 (giving the men a head start on their drinks) and took a seat at the bar. I wore a little black dress, black heels, and of course no panties. Mark came and joined me at the bar and invited me to join the group. I played hard to get and declined his offer. Like a sad puppy, he returned to his table and I could overhear the men razzing him. And then Brian spoke up. I had trouble hearing over the crowd, but I gathered that Brian made a bet with the men that he could talk me into joining them.

Brian came directly at me, grabbed me roughly by the hair and kissed me hard. Then he whispered in my ear that he was very pleased that I had come and that I should be prepared to perform for him all week. He commanded me silently to wait a few seconds and then to come to his table. Brian returned to the group of men laughing because they thought they had won the bet. Their mocking was abruptly stopped when I approached the table and requested to sit with them. Conveniently there was a seat open in the round booth right between Brian and Mark.

The night started off innocently enough ? lots of drinks and talk of business. As the evening progressed and the men got more sloshed, their attentions turned to women and sex. They talked as if I wasn?t even there and openly discussed ways of pleasing women and divulged their wildest escapades. Brian used it as a chance to test me.

?Some women want to just be taken. Even the most intellectual, successful woman wants to let loose every once in a while. Take this beauty right here. What?s your name again? Never mind, it doesn?t matter. Let?s call her Scarlett. You see, Scarlett looks like a successful woman that has her act together. But you can see in her face that she?s looking for a man to just take control.?

Brian definitely had everyone?s attention at the point. The room was packed and noisy, but our group was completely focused on Brian and what he would say next. The sexual tension was overwhelming.

?Let me show you. Mark, there is obviously a very strong sexual feeling between you and Scarlett. But I was the one able to steal a kiss at the bar. Your nice guy approach was rejected while my forceful advances were not. Go ahead, test my theory.?

Was Brian really setting me up with Mark? Mark sat up in his seat and leaned closer to me. Brain and the other men encouraged him as he stole his first kiss. Brian?s arm was behind me and I could feel him nudge me to dive in. I returned the kiss and our simple peck turned into a full-blown make-out session. Mark?s hands began to travel over my body. The men watched as Mark?s touch increased in roughness. He grabbed and pinched. I really lost it when his kissing moved from my lips down my neck. I let my head fall back on Brian?s arm as Mark ravished me in public. Brian slid my skirt up to my hips as Mark focused on my breasts. I don?t know if Mark knew how my skirt rode up but he took the opportunity grab my cunt and then finger fuck me. It was getting way too hot and heavy for a public setting.

Brian offered the solution, ?Mark, maybe you should take this back to the hotel. I really don?t mind if you bring Scarlett back to the room. In fact, she?s so beautiful, I wouldn?t mind watching.?

Mark agreed and the three of us retired to their hotel room. Sharing me with another man was not Brian?s style but I guess he enjoyed watching. Brian took a seat by the window and Mark picked up where he left off in the restaurant. He didn?t seem to be bothered by the other man in the room and he took no time at all ripping off my blouse. Although Mark had started a bit timid, he definitely had a rough side. He removed the rest of my clothes and flipped me over on my stomach. Grabbing me by the hips, he pulled me back and shoved his cock in my pussy. Over and over he plowed into me. I was so close to orgasm. When he reached around with one hand and pinched my nipple and grabbed my hair and pulled with the other, it sent me over the edge. My muscles tensed and Mark came inside me.

He gently rolled off me and held me in his arms. I don?t know if the intimacy of holding me made Brian uncomfortable, but Brian got up and came over to the bed.

?So Mark, do you believe me now that sometimes women want to be taken?

Mark nodded in agreement and pulled his pants back on. It was such an unusually erotic situation to be completely naked on a bed with two men dressed in business suits staring at me. I knew that Brian was not finished with me yet.

?Mark, do you mind if I test her a little further??

Mark told Brian to go for it. And so began my performance under Brian?s direction. He started by asking Mark to sit in the chair across the room. He then commanded me to drop to my knees in front of the chair, unzip Mark?s pants and lick him clean. Brian sat on the end of the bed and watched as I obeyed.

?Mark, have you ever spanked a woman? I bet this one loves to be disciplined.?

It was obvious that Mark had not ventured to spank a woman before but he was completely game.

?Charlotte lay across Mark?s lap. Mark, take a swat and see.? Mark made a very weak attempt at a spanking and Brian quickly jumped in with advice.

?Mark, Charlotte wants this. She needs this. I want you to think of every woman that ever pissed you off, those women you always thought needed to be smacked, and take it out on Charlotte?s ass. I promise you, she wants it.?

Wow, Mark jumped right in. He spanked me quickly and with all his strength to the point that his hand was turning red. Brian noticed and removed his dress belt and handed it to Mark. The spanking I liked, but the belt on my already raw ass was painful. I struggled and Mark wrapped his leg over me to pin me in position. I struggled more and managed to wiggle off Mark?s lap. He quickly stood up and pushed me face down over the bench at the end of the bed. Brian secured my arms and stared right into my eyes grinning as Mark resumed the use of his belt on my ass.

When tears finally came to my eyes, Brian put a stop to the swats and asked Mark to take a seat across the room. He knew that getting a spanking made me wet and counted on that and Mark?s deposit to be enough to prep me for what he had in mind. He took a seat on the bench, had me kneel between his legs, and guided me to unzip his pants and suck him until he was hard. It didn?t take long to make him stiff. He then pulled me to standing. As he sucked and bit my nipples, he reached down and fucked me with his fingers. He took the fluids dripping out of the pussy to lubricate my asshole.

I usually disliked any kind of anal play, but the spanking had left me open to anything. Brian knew it and threw me face down on the bed. He held the back of my neck, pushing my face into the bed, as he rammed his dick in my pussy. With his other hand he fucked my asshole. Then he pulled out and put the tip of his cock to my asshole. He continued the pressure on my neck as he slowly inserted his full length in my ass. I resisted, but that only pulled him in tighter. He gave me a few seconds to adjust to the invasion and then started fucking me. It didn?t take long for him to lose control. He pulled out and came all over my back.

Mark went to the bathroom to get a wet rag to clean me up but Brian stopped him. He explained that although that was the civil thing to do, that?s not what I needed. Instead Brian pulled me up, wrapped me in a hotel robe, handed me my purse and clothes and shoved me out the door. I could hear the men chuckling as I exited down the hall.

I should have hated being treated in such a way. But the night totally worked for me. I returned to my room and slept soundly. In the morning, I received a note under my door. It read, ?See the town and pamper yourself today. Beginning this evening and through the end of the week, you will stay in your hotel room and will entertain any man (or woman) I send to your room.?

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