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I was sitting in the reading lounge at the library when this guy came out-of-the-blue and took a seat right at the table I was sitting. There was plenty of other tables in the place and no more than a handful of people quietly reading... I was too startled to hide my annoyance but I tried to remain courteous. I muttered "hi" to him. He was somewhat attractive but I was sure to put him in his place if he tried to hit on me. I was there to study, not to do chit-chat with some lowlife.

"What's your name?" he asked, sipping from the Surge can in his hand;

apparently not concerned about library regulations prohibiting food and drinks on the premises.

"Lara" I said, felling funny - I had meant to tell him something bad but perhaps I just couldn't bring myself to. "Lara Cataluna".

"Lara, huh? Sexy name... I like it"

I opened my mouth to put him in his place but he interrupted before I managed to get a word in:

"Don't speak unless you are asked a question". He had a wide grin on his face.

My heart was pounding, I began sweating...I felt like I would faint...

I had never been so scared in my life... I couldn't open my mouth despite my best efforts... What was happening to me?

"I hate to see you all confused, lara - so let me explain it to you, babe. You are a babe, aren't you?"

He interrupted again when I opened my mouth to answer.

"It's just a theoretical question, stupid bitch. Of course, you are a Babe!!! Why would I be sitting here if you didn't look like the fuck of the century??? But then you're a member of the #@$ sorority, right?"

"Yes" I managed to answer with a shaky voice - I think my whole body was shaking...

"Yes, I could tell from the emblem on your back-pack" he chuckled. "#@$

huh? The sorority of Prom Queens as it is otherwise known. Lara, darling, you have no idea what a great target you make..."

"Anyway, I was supposed to explain what's happening to you; let me get on with it. But first, let's fix you a bit... Nice little mini-skirt you got there - you like to show a little skin to the boys, huh?

Alright then, slide it up past your mid-thigh, not quite enough to show your panties, though... That's maybe later... And unbutton a few buttons from the top of your blouse - you got that thing buttoned all the way up to your throat, you'll almost choke with it. Let's see a little bit of your bra... that's right..."

I did as I was told, letting my skirt ride high up my thigh, unbuttoning my shirt to reveal a deep cleavage...I felt like a slut... I had never wanted something so badly as I wanted to stop my hands at that moment but I had absolutely no power over my betraying hands. I could feel the tears on my cheeks.

"Oh, stop crying stupid bitch" he said all mad! "I'll give you enough to cry about later..."

"Women..." he murmured to himself. "Alright, lara, here's the deal:"

"You look like a great fuck... Hell, you are a great fuck!! And I want you, so you will be mine... Yes, darling, it's as simple as that... I can have you almost by mere wishing... As you may have realized, I am in total control of your actions. It's called mind-control... you probably don't know a thing about it."

"You may be wondering: what have I done? I've done nothing wrong...

Not so! You are guilty of being gorgeous. Yap... Surely, as beautiful as you must have been from birth, you must have also invested so much time and effort in keeping yourself like the fuck of the century... Now it will all pay-off, only in ways you never imagined."

"You will remain perfectly obedient and you will do as you are told...

just as a woman should be!!"

He looked at me with a wide grin to measure the impact of his story. I wanted to cry, I wanted to hit him, scream for help... I could do nothing...

"Lara" he began speaking again; "now you are horny like a mad woman -

you feel like you haven't had an orgasm in a month. But you cannot cum unless I give you permission. You will, however, remain on the verge of orgasm, craving relief."

I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden I became so horny I felt like I could fuck a roadkill. My hand almost instantly went in-between my legs but he stopped me:

"No, you naughty girl, you can't finger yourself - very inappropriate thing to do in a public place. It wouldn't work anyway... But, that's a good one: Let's say... You know you could cumm if you fingered yourself, you know you'd get relief if you could only put a finger in your pussy. You are not allowed to, though. Your hands will remain on your lap even as you crave fucking yourself..."

I was horrified and humiliated - in addition to being hornier than I'd ever been in my lifetime. This prick, this bastard sitting across me with a grin on his face, sipping his Surge, was in charge of even my most private parts and I couldn't do a thing about it. I wanted to kill him. If that was not possible, I wanted to die. But I could do neither; instead I was sitting on my seat, hands positioned exactly as he ordered, obediently doing whatever he demanded. I could feel my panties getting all wet from my juices.

"Now" he continued " I want you to tell me first all of your important sexual experiences such as how you first masturbated, how you lost your virginity... You're not a virgin, are you?"

"No" I replied, trying desperately to shut my mouth. But even my tongue had turned against me.

"Good, I didn't expect a whore like you to be a virgin, anyway... Yes, as I was saying, I first wanna hear all your sexual experiences - in full detail!"

"Secondly, I want you to tell me the sexual fantasies you have had, starting from your childhood. However, obviously we can't be spending the rest of the eternity here so I want you to tell me - in full detail - only those fantasies that you think are most sluttish, humiliating, embarrassing to you... The ones that are exceptionally out there, like if you have any fetishes or something... You are not allowed to hide anything, any names, any fantasies... I wanna hear every little detail that you'd rather die than let people know about... No matter how humiliating this little biography is to you, you'll remain on the verge of orgasm all the time... And don't worry, it just amuses me to listen to you exposing all your nasty little secrets " .

"Alright bitch, give it up!!!!" he ordered.

I wanted to scream... instead I started spilling out my guts with a maroon red face. Here I was telling all the gory details of my sexual life to a stranger for his apparent amusement. I was dying of shame, yet I couldn't do anything about it.

This could only be the most vicious, malicious form of rape and I'm sure he was aware of it. It was my whole life he was violating, and he seemed to be enjoying how horribly humiliating and terrifying this invasion of privacy was to me.

We spent the next hour there in the reading room - somehow all the other students had left the room - or maybe he made them leave. All the time I talked, he just laughed, made degrading comments... He expressed his shock with the fact that I had had only two sexual partners - making a nasty comment about "how he may have to remedy that problem". He laughed at how I wanted to have sex with the Batman when I was just an adolescent. He did not however laugh when I talked about how I broke up with my boyfriend - how he kept asking for a blow job which I wouldn't give him... "Very nasty attitude you got" he remarked. "Who did you use to date, anyway?"

"Mark Kruncelok" I said.

As every new story rushed into my mind, I almost screamed at myself inside: "No, don't tell this one...". But to no avail. My tongue and mouth did not recognize the authority of my mind anymore.

After an hour of this "mind" striptease, I was dying of both self-degradation and the boiling lust I had between my legs.

Then, he finally ordered what I had been expecting all along:

"Alright cunt, get down on your knees!!"

He would use me for sex - as horrible as it was, I was almost resigned to it. What else could he be doing all this for? But right here, in the middle of the library? I was horrified of getting caught but he didn't seem to share my concern. I was begging to God nobody would step into the reading room as I walked over to his feet. Without looking him in the eyes, I knelt between his legs.

Perhaps having caught the panic in my face, he didn't miss the opportunity to mock me: "Wouldn't your friends have a good laugh if you got caught giving a blow job in the library??".

I just tried to ignore his chuckles. As soon as I started to reach for his zipper, he slapped my hand away ordering, "with your teeth, bitch."

With my mouth, I found the top of his zipper and picking it up with my tongue, I bite down on it. I had to struggle quite a lot in order to finally release his penis. His erect tool slapped me on the face when I finally managed to pull it through the gap on his boxers with my tongue.

"You'd better do a fantastic job with your mouth, if you know what's good for you..." he declared.

I bent my head forward and sucked the whole length into my mouth. He gasped and let his head drop back, groaning loudly. I bobbed my head up and down maybe 10 times, when he grabbed my head by the hair forcing me down on his cock. I felt him thrust forward and push himself deep down my throat. My nose was buried in his pubic hair. Finally, his hot wade hit the back of my throat, sliding down to my stomach. He thrust back and forth a few more times, telling me "don't you spill a drop, cocksucker"!!

Soon, he was done. I felt relieved as he zipped himself up. I just wanted it to end. I didn't even care about having been raped: Given the situation, I would be happy enough to get away from him. I was sure nobody could have a power like his over another person - maybe he had somehow hypnotized me or drugged me or something but I was sure its effect would be gone soon.

Yet, instead of taking off, he remained seated. "Get a seat" he ordered again and my body obeyed as though I was just a puppet.

"Before I let you go" he said, "tell me, what is the most disgusting sexual act you can think of?"

Despite my efforts to stop my mind from running amok, a wave of disgusting thoughts started passing through my mind: Sleazy sexual situations that I had heard of one time or another, ones which made my skin crawl...

When I answered the question, I knew it really was the most disgusting of all:

"Having sex with my best friend..."

"Really? Not into lesbo action, huh?"

"I hate the dykes" I answered.


"It is unnatural, wrong - from the point of view of both ethics and nature. I have actually written a 15 page paper on this subject in my freshman Psychology class. But really, the real reason is it is the most revolting thing I can think of. Even the idea of ... having sex with another woman makes me feel like I'm gonna puke. I'd rather fuck a donkey than be with another woman...".

He laughed at this. "Perhaps you're right lara. I mean personally, I'd rather die than have sex with another guy, I'll give you that... But how did this particular thing come to your mind?"

I thought about this for a second, searching my memory...

"Last year, my boyfriend made a comment about it, said something like he'd sacrifice a year of his life just to watch Valerie and I go at it.

He was really drunk so we didn't do anything about it but we were both, Valerie and I, just plain disgusted. We even stayed away from each other for the remainder of the party because I guess we remembered that pervert's suggestion, every time we looked at each other."

"Well, then this best friend of yours must be pretty hot, too!! Tell me about her."

This just sent a cold shiver down my spine. Would he do to Valerie what he did to me? I couldn't bear the idea of putting her in a situation like this... Nevertheless, my mouth wasn't about to take any orders from me:

"She is very pretty, about my height though she is a brunette. Her boobs are maybe little bigger than mine. She's from Long Island . We've been roommates for three years - we share one of the larger rooms with her at the Sorority house."

"How did you get to know her?"

"Well, we were on the same dorm floor freshman year and I guess neither of us had a super-good relationship with the other girls on the floor so we became close quickly. Her background matched mine. We decided to pledge for #@$ together. I have a lot of other friends in the sorority but Val is my best friend."

"Nice" he smiled. "Here's the deal, lara:"

"I am going to leave in a few minutes and once I leave this room, you will not remember anything that happened here. Instead, you'll just remember doing your reading as you were supposed to. But the next time you see me, you will remember everything that happened. You will also be aware of this great party tonight - at 124 Elmoru Street. You have got to go to this party and you'll bring Valerie with you to the party.

It's only the Tuesday night so she might be little reluctant to go out but I'm sure you'll find a way to convince her - just tell her all the hot guys will be there or something... If she's as much a slut as you are, I bet she'll jump on the opportunity..."

"Are you still horny, lara?"

"Yes, I'm dying to get an orgasm".

"Good!! Well, after I leave, you'll continue with your reading as you must but you'll remain extremely horny and frustrated. You will want to relieve yourself but you have got to do your two hours of reading first.

So you will be all horny all the time you do your reading and once you're done, you'll just go home and masturbate like crazy... You will be fantasizing about your ex-boyfriend and you will experience a fantastic orgasm imagining him fucking your brains out... Naturally, this will make you very mad at yourself as you desperately want to forget all about him... I guess you don't need my orders for that part..."

He was right - I hated my ex-boyfriend.

"I'll catch you later" he said as he left the reading lounge.

I wasn't aware of it at the time but just as he said, I mentally blocked out everything that happened in the last hour-and-a-half and went straight back to my reading. That was all I could remember doing since I had started reading. Only, I was horny as hell!! I tried to stimulate myself by sliding back and forth on my seat but I tried to stop myself from doing such an obscene thing in the middle of the library. It was kind of unusual that there was nobody in the reading lounge but soon other people came in. I tried to do the reading to the best of my ability all the while images of nasty fuck scenes running through my mind. Boy, I was horny!!! I would go home and fuck myself just as soon as I was done with this damn reading...


Val had just come from her cheerleading practice so it took some effort to convince Val to go to the party. But soon enough we were on our way to 124 Elmoru Street; I couldn't remember who had invited me but I was sure it would be a blast!

It was a large townhouse. There was loud music playing inside so we knocked on the door. Soon, the door opened:

I felt like dying the moment I saw him: The guy from the library. I made a move to turn back and run away... but it was too late.

"Where do you think you're going lara??? Stop!!!"

I stopped on my heels. I was shaking - and about to cry...

"Turn back and get your ass here!!!!"

Valerie must have been simply shocked at this turn of events. "What the hell.." she began asking but she got cut off rudely:

"Oh, shut up, you little cunt!!!" he barked at her.

I could tell the shock and agony on Valerie's face - she was going through the same agony I had earlier.

"Lara, play with yourself as I explain things to your best friend here"!!!

I didn't wanna face valerie's outraged eyes as my hands involuntarily went down to my pussy, messaging it over my jeans as I stood outside, at the footsteps.

"Well" he turned to Val:

"You are a great piece of fuckmeat. Lara told me you were pretty - she didn't exaggerate a bit I see. Anyway, here's the deal, Val!!: I know you don't know what the fuck's going on - in a nutshell, your mind as well as little lara's mind, is under my control. So you will be an obedient little bitch and do as you're told. And we are indeed having a party tonight - with a whole lot of friends of mine. The catch?? Well, you ladies are the main attraction of the party!!!" he chuckled. "By the way, my name is Newt - I don't believe we've been introduced properly before..."

"Well, come on in ladies..."

Having been discharged from playing with myself out in the street, I followed Val into the house. I felt like my brain would explode from all the futile willpower I was trying to use.

We walked directly into the living room - and greeted by 20 or so guys.

They all looked like students, and I was horrified to see some familiar faces such as the fatso from my philosophy class, Larry from my freshman dorm or Steve from my international relations club - and ... I felt a cold wave of panic rush through my body... there he was, my ex-boyfriend...

What was Mr. Quarterback doing hanging out with these losers?

"lara, aren't you gonna say hi to your ex-boyfriend?" asked Newt.

"...hi..." I muttered looking down.

Newt announced: "Ladies, here's the club M2: "Masters of Mind"!!!

Yeah, I know, it's a bit cheesy but this is the best I could come up with, ok? Plus, it does reflect what we are - we are the masters of mind. A short background: I'm a senior like yourself but you probably never saw me before because you don't hangout with the scientist types and I've spent the last three years basically in the lab anyway. I've perfected my studies with the help of my four friends there".

He pointed at four geeky looking guys. Newt himself didn't look like a geek - these jerks looked like four miniature Bill Gates.

"Upon perfecting our mind-control ability, we decided to form M2 just three months ago. I was elected as the President. Since with sharing comes happiness, or something like that, we decided to add members. The original five of us make up the board of directors. Only a director can nominate a new member and all five directors must approve the membership of a new candidate. Guys here are all friends of ours. As of now, only directors have mind-control. We are able to lend it out to members for brief periods. Ordinary members cannot be eligible for acquiring permanent mind-control powers until after a full year of membership.

And even at that point, the power will be given again with consent of the full Board and not everyone will be given this privilege because we don't want any morons doing things outrageous enough to reveal our identity or any psychos aiming at world-domination. Directors obviously have mind-control over other members but any use of such powers over other members is strictly prohibited. It could only be used by a unanimous decision of the Board and only for the purpose of cleaning up any major mess-ups. In fact, except for emergencies, mind-control cannot be used on males, period. We allow no gay elements in our club."

"Generally speaking, our membership requirement is either a lot of brains and an interest in science or a nasty attitude towards women or as is the case with most of the candidates, both!!"

"Well, your ex-boyfriend Mark and I befriended earlier today after our little chit-chat at the library!! We gave him a fast-track membership to make sure he'd be present for your special day, lara!!!"

"Yeah!!!!!" yelled Mark, exchanging high-fives with some guy sitting next to him. "I love this club, baby!!"

"Mark, you asshole" Valerie screamed but Newt shut her up. She was shaking on her feet with I don't know what - fear, anger, frustration...

"Valerie, you are being very rude - apologize to Mark". From her looks I could tell she meant to say "fuck you" - but instead she obediently apologized to Mark.

"Now, before we get on with the festivities, lara, I want everyone to hear about how you masturbated before coming here - and I want you to beg Mark to take you back. And do a super job with this..."

I couldn't believe the level of degradation I was about to go through.

I started begging - doing a super job with it as ordered:

"Mark, when I went home today, I was so horny I felt like I was about to cream my panties any moment. So I grabbed a cucumber, started fucking myself with it - but all the time I was thinking of you, of your wonderful, delicious, muscular body. I imagined your big, hard, fat cock ramming into me, ripping apart my pussy, filling me, making me feel I'm a woman... I imagined you banging me like a mad man, fucking my brains out, being sandwiched between you and the hard cold wall, you pushing deeper and deeper, making me moan and scream at the top of my lungs... Conquering me, making me yours... Mark, please take me back, please, I'm begging you... You were right in everything, I was wrong...

I belong to you... I'll do anything you want, I'll be so nice to you, I'll be so good to you... I'll suck your dick... Just as you always wanted... I'm begging, Mark, take me back.. I'm begging..."

An applaud broke out in the room as I completed my pleading and sobbing... I imagined Mark laughing or clapping or something - I couldn't bear to look at the little weasel...

"That's wonderful" commented Newt continuing to act as the ringmaster.

"And perhaps later, you could show Mark what a good cocksucker you can be... But first, we all should be treated to a very intriguing show -

in order to get even more horny than we already are, not that the site of you is not enough to give me a pair of blue-balls".

"Well, you see, being guys and all, we're all into lesbian action. So, we'd love to watch two sexy ladies like yourself get all cozy.

I couldn't believe my ears. I felt like crying again - the idea just turned my stomach. I heard Valerie make a sound like she would puke.

"Oh, Christ" interrupted Newt, "do not cry or puke or show any display of disgust, OK? Plus, we will be grading your performance periodically - whichever of you proves to be less enthusiastic during the week, will receive a rather brutal punishment from the other, at the end of the week!!... Got it? Nice little friendly competition..."

"Well, the scene is already set for you two lovebirds" he said pointing at the middle of the living room. That's when I saw the brass bed with clean white cotton sheets situated in the room. There were two elegant nightstands on each side of the bed, with flowers placed on them. It looked like a nice little private bedroom of a loving couple - except that there would be a whole bunch of men seated across the bed.

Newt continued speaking:

"Anyway, I truly believe one of the hottest things in life for a heterosexual man to experience is to watch two pretty girls make love.

Not lesbians, because they LIKE to make love with each other. No, I'm talking about taking two girls who are completely heterosexual and have no interest in being with another girl - who are disgusted at the mere idea of having sex with another woman, let alone their best-friend. I'm talking about picking out two pretty girls who are sexy in their own, girls you'd like to pair together, that you'd like to see playing together in wicked and evil ways - no matter how repulsive and humiliating it is to themselves!! Forcing them to go through such a degrading ordeal, only for your amusement..."

"Gals, Luke will be the director of your kinky romance. He is one of the newest members of M2 and he won our little lottery so he gets to call the shots for you. Imagine his luck, huh? Here is a freshman, just one month into his college life and he's got a pair of college girls to do with as he pleases - two uppity seniors no less."

"Anyhow, Rog here will serve as the cameraman - oh, yes, it will all be filmed ladies. You never know what may just pop up on the giant screen at the graduation..." he chuckled.

"Alright, Luke, look me in the eye... Ok, you now have mind-control -

for a limited time of course!! And the girls are all yours, so go ahead, create the scene... And don't forget, you do not need to be specific at all, because of the mind wave flows, they will act basically in the exact way you want them to... No need for detailed descriptions or orders... they will be acting in the precise way you desire even if your orders are just broad and general"


I had no idea about Ronin Sinclair's real identity until Buruce Waltsa told me about him and handed me the documentation he had written about the "party". I had known him as perhaps the only master I could have slept with, without being forced into it!!! He was truly handsome and sexy - and usually much nicer than the other masters... Mr. Waltsa apologized to me at least a few times for the graphic nature of the document - which was, he rather embarrassingly explained, written more like a sex story than an official report. It was, he explained, a written documentation the CIA agent had left on his computer before joining the M2 himself - he was presumed to be missing with the rest of the M2 members who had disappeared after terrorizing the school for a whole year. Mr. Waltsa continued talking about basically what could only be my worst memories in life!! From the language of this document, it was obvious Mr. Sinclair had changed sides after having been sent to the school as an undercover agent and befriended Newt Pollackine in the hopes of gathering information about his studies on mind-control. It was simply unbelievable that this 22 year old student could be so close to the biggest psychological break-through in the history of humanity -

nevertheless it was CIA's job to believe the unbelievable. He was actually even closer than they had thought - only they didn't know about it until just a few days ago when the whole gang disappeared.

Apparently, Ronin Sinclair had been misleading the CIA into believing that Pollackine hadn't yet made enough progress - all the while he had become a real member of M2. Even though Sinclair had continued submitting his official reports - which didn't amount to much - he had not, for obvious reasons, submit the document I was holding in my hand.

Mr. Waltsa explained to me that Valerie and I were the only victims who had not lost their memory of the events and they had to know if all the described activities had indeed taken place...

As I grabbed the report, I had a sick feeling in my stomach... I knew I had to help CIA find those bastards and avenge everything that they had done to me. Yet, I knew living back those memories would be very disturbing to me... Nevertheless, I began reading the report. I later told Mr. Waltsa, despite the fact that it was written in a very lax style and apparently to the much enjoyment of the writer, it was completely factual as to what happened, to the tiniest detail. As I read the report with shaking hands, I was only grateful he hadn't left any notes about any of the many other spectacles and sex games I had been put through:

The girls looked scared - very uncomfortable!! The site of their obvious discomfort made me very hard - Newt was right, forcing two unwilling girls into lesbian action for our amusement, was a wonderful experience.

Luke spoke up: "Alright girls, stand next to the bed, that's right, now, you will undress each other, one piece at a time, lara takes a piece from valerie, then valerie takes a piece from lara and so on..."

Both girls looked at the audience frightfully, they resisted moving for a few seconds - I don't know what caused that, perhaps this was so repulsive to them that they were able to find a few shreds of will-power inside them, or maybe because Luke was just a rookie. In any case, it took only another stern order from Luke to get lara going.

With shaking hands, she started unbuttoning Valerie's silk blouse. One by one went the buttons, and soon valerie's blouse was bunched up at her feet. Her racy bra did very little to hide her magnificent tits. Her face still displayed her anger and defiance despite her powerlessness.

Valerie responded by pulling lara's bright red sweater over her head and dropping it on the floor. Lara's breasts which were impressive in their own right, were now completely exposed as she was not wearing a bra.

Next came valerie's mini skirt and then lara's jeans. Soon the two unwilling lovers were left in their undies.

Lara moved to relieve Valerie's breasts from their restraint. The close proximity of the two stunning babes was a sight to behold... Realizing the two girls' efforts to avoid each other's eyes, Luke interrupted:

"Don't be shy... Look each other in the eye while you undress each other...!!"

I could only imagine how degrading it was for them to be sharing this humiliation... and what a turn on it was for the watchers...

Valerie's bra had the clasp on the back so lara was forced to practically embrace valerie. lara was obviously unfamiliar with unclasping a bra from this position and it took her a couple of minutes of fumbling - while looking her partner in the eye. The sight of her naked breasts rubbing against valerie's still covered ones was very stimulating. Finally, valerie's tits were bared, as well!!

The two pair of nipples were both rock hard, perhaps due to the cool air and the sexual tension.

Luke ordered again:

"Great going dykes. Now, Valerie, take the lead and french-kiss your horny lover, and make sure your tongue penetrates deep into her mouth."

The look on both girls' faces made it clear that they were simply horrified of this idea.

Awkwardly, the girl slipped her arm around the blonde's waist and drew her close. Some of the men down below clapped and whistled as the two pairs of lips pressed together. Before long, valerie was pistoning her tongue down the throat of the blonde.

"Very nice" commented Luke. The freshman really seemed like he was having the time of his life.

"Now, valerie take off lara's panties!!"

Valerie slipped her thumbs under lara's waist-band and promptly pulled the panties down. It was most amusing to watch lara's discomfort in being left completely naked.

"Lara, get down on your knees" ordered Luke and lara got her knees facing her friend's crotch. "Take off valerie's panties with your mouth".

Lara struggled with her teeth but managed to slide down valerie's

panties, using her teeth... Now, both beauties were stark naked in front of us.

"lara, now start licking your friend's pubic hair, not the pussy, you'll come to that later".

Lara, whose repugnance was quite apparent, started licking valerie's very closely trimmed pussy hair - both girls apparently kept their pubic hair very closely shaven. I wasn't sure what purpose this served but perhaps just the degradation was enough to give Luke a hard-on... In any case, all the guys in the room were watching with great interest -

hardly anybody made any sound, except for Luke who was really growing into his role as the director of this kinky play.

"valerie, come here" he dictated. To my surprise, he gave valerie his half-full bottle of Budweiser:

"Now, go pour the beer on lara's tits".

Valerie walked over to lara, and as requested started pouring beer all over her tits. "Now, valerie, start licking the beer off lara's tits while fingering her pussy - and make sure you pinch lara's nipples occasionally". "lara, spread your legs, make sure your friend can finger you easily. You will not however cum... Stroke valerie's hair as she finger-fucks you".

Soon, the two girls started writhing and playing with each other.

Valerie worked her finger fast in and out of lara, all the while licking her tits and circling her tongue around lara's nipples. Lara kept moaning from her lover's close attention, and occasional biting and pinching of her nipples.

"Enough" yelled Luke, "get on the bed, cunts". They obeyed promptly.

"lara, open the drawer of the nightstand on your right, that's right, pull those out... Yes, a pair of handcuffs and a double-edged dildo.

Now, I want you to handcuff valerie to the bedpost, go on, do it..."

Lara complied, having no other choice. Soon, valerie's wrists were bound together and attached to the bedpost. This pulled her arms above her head and raised her firm tits even higher.

"Good girl!! Now position the dildo between your pussy and hers - yes, you'll be fucking valerie... But each time you push inside her, the dildo will penetrate back into you... So you'll be fucking both your friend and yourself... While banging valerie, I want you to mold her tities, squeeze them, play with them. And I want you two to keep kissing and penetrating each other's mouth with your tongues..."

Lara got on top of valerie and the action turned great... The two beauties started banging each other, moaning, writhing, squirming, twisting, sweating... Rog put another camera to the side of the two humping beauties so that their passionate love-making was being recorded from alternate angles.

"Talk dirty lara" commanded Luke. "Say the nastiest things you can think of to your girlfriend".

There was no doubt lara was horrified because of what she was doing and it seemed this only made it only worse... Yet, she was perfectly submissive as expected and began talking dirty even though she frequently got cut off by her moaning or the kisses and licks from valerie.

"I'm gonna fuck you, bitch" she shouted. "I am fucking you, I'm gonna split you into two, you little worthless whore!! I'm gonna fuck your brains out, you'll beg me for more...!! Who's the boss now, bitch?

Who's the boss, cunt?? I'm gonna rip you apart!!!!"

The two girls kept fucking and panting as the audience cheered for lara's antiques... Despite all their resistance and humiliation, it was obvious they were now going nuts for an orgasm - nature was taking its course despite their best efforts. Yet, Luke wasn't about to give them what they needed so badly - he was enjoying it, keeping them all frustrated and making them play dirty games...

Finally, he stopped the two humping beauties. Frankly, most of the audience was suffering a severe case of blue-balls by now...

"lara, uncuff valerie... Nice... Now, get into a classic 69 position, that's right... Now, you'll begin licking each other's pussy and fingering each other's asshole. And I wanna see those tongues really going at it... Lick, lick, lick... Like a machine... And you will cumm when I yell "cunt"... Start licking whores..."

The two attacked each other's pussy like wild animals... I could see Rog zooming the camera, probably on lara's tongue and valerie pussy because that part of the action was directly across the camera. The two looked like two sex-crazed dykes; yet, one look in lara's eyes could make it perfectly clear that both girls were truly disgusted...

Perhaps, only the precise orders were keeping them from puking or crying...

For another five minutes, the girls went at each other, licking every little inch of each other's pussy and fingering each other's asshole like a piston... The room was filled with their moaning and huffing...

Finally, Luke yelled at the top of his lungs:


The two girls began screaming and twisting immediately, experiencing a huge orgasm. They were screaming like their feet was on fire and no doubt they were exhausted - but Luke wanted more:

"CUNT!!! CUNT!!! CUNT!!! CUNT!!!" he shouted.

The girls almost turned into a non-stop cumming machine screaming and moaning like crazy, one orgasm after another... Their faces were washed with each other's juices - it was a mess...

Finally they stopped and another applause broke out in the room...

"Wonderful" commented Luke. "You two make a good pair of dyke whores.

Now get on your knees on the bed"

They did as they were told. "Start licking all that love juice from each other's face!" The girls spent a long time basically licking each other all over the face...

"Nice; clean, clean, clean... Now look directly into the camera and say "Thank you for watching, please watch us again, we are always so naughty"... As seductively as you can... Then give each other a final french-kiss"

The two girls obediently said the line looking into the camera - and very seductively... they then kissed each other long and hard as demanded.

"Very good girls, I'm done with you... Now, go upstairs and take a long, ice cold shower - of course, you'll get in the shower together and you'll wash each other, thoroughly... And believe me, in the coming weeks each of you will learn the other's body like the palm of your hand..."

"I'll set the camera in the bathroom to record the shower scene" interrupted Rog.

"Yes, good idea" said Newt. "And when you gals come down here, be ready for major action... You have tons of sucking and fucking to do tonight"!!!

It was all perfectly correct as I vividly remembered those horrible memories of being forced into lesbian sex and licking my best friend all over... the memories were enough to turn my stomach... And it wasn't even a fraction off all I had been put through for the past 8 months...

In fact, not even half of that night's action... After we took the "ice-cold" shower in which we were forced to suffer further degradation of washing each other, cleaning each other's most intimate places; we came down to go through exactly what Newt promised: A major gang-bang... I can't even remember how many cocks I sucked that night, or how many times I got fucked or in how many different ways... I do remember my ex-boyfriend finally putting his dick in my mouth and making me give him the best blow-job of his life...

And, perhaps due to some advancement they managed to gain from mind-control, these guys' lust just did not die off.. So, having had their way with the two of us, they took us to the #@$ house that same night, at 2:30 AM... They literally woke up all the girls and gang-banged them, every single one of them, till the morning... And they forced Valerie and I to cheer for them and call our sorority sisters' bad names. We were literally devastated and aching all over;

yet, despite our best efforts, we kept jumping up and down, shouting things like "Fuck the cunt, hurt the whore, she deserves it, nail the bitch...!!!!"

Newt later erased the memory of the horrified victims because he explained it would be hard to hide the tracks of a huge gang-bang attack on a sorority - especially if it is The sorority of Prom Queens...

Nevertheless, they paid many more late-night visits to my sorority throughout the year.

Mr. Waltsa let me go, seeing how shaken I was... Yet, I left his office feeling good, it was a nice sunny day... I got into the car and told the driver who was assigned to me by the CIA to take me home...

"Sure mam" he said. Suddenly the driver turned to me and placed a cloth on my face - I drifted to unconsciousness about the same moment panic hit my mind.

When I woke up, I was in the dark - soon I figured I was in the trunk of the car. My hands and legs were bound and I was gagged. I heard voices from outside.

"Good job, Mr. Brown" I heard somebody commented... Newt!! "As you requested, we've done the necessary adjustment on your wife. She'll shed that extra 20 pounds and she'll dedicate herself to keeping fit and sexy... You said she's very sexy when she's at her best, right? You're a lucky man. She will also lose her uppity attitude and all that talk about getting a divorce. She will become a perfect, obedient, respectful wife. And soon you'll forget all about this, and you'll be able to enjoy your sexy wife's newly found submissiveness."

And the trunk popped open. I was faced with Newt... I fainted...

When I woke up again, I was naked and vertically spread-eagled on an X shaped frame. When I looked around, I saw Valerie to my right, in the same exact same position. I was facing the large swimming pool of a huge mansion, with all the members of M2 comfortably seated on the other side of the swimming pool.

"Well, hello" spoke up Newt. "Missed us?"

This drew a laughter from the crowd. I just yelled "Fuck you, asshole..."

"Shut up" he ordered. "I hate to break your dreams but you still belong to us"

"Let me tell you a few things about the CIA and that sweet Mr. Waltsa...

They are just a bunch of fascists... Do you really believe they are after us because they want to bring us to justice or something?? As soon as they catch us, we'll be dead and no one will hear about it - of course, they'll take care of us only after they squeeze all the information they need from us. They will use mind-control to manipulate the rest of the world - all world leaders; Chinese, Iraqi, Russian, Cuban, you name it, will be under American control. Us?? We just wanna torture, degrade and fuck snotty bitches like you, that's all - well, for now at least... Anyway, they'll never be able to catch us... In fact, Mr. Waltsa is going under a heavy dose of mind adjustment as we speak... We've come to know that there is only a few people in the CIA who know about us and within minutes there will be none left... No violence - they'll just forget about this case..."

"Let me tell you what's gonna happen to you... By the time we're through with you and your uppity friend, you'll be damning the minute you walked into the CIA building. First, you and Valerie will pick up your old habit of getting real kinky with each other. Secondly, for a whole week you'll learn what the whip, the crop, the cane and all kind of other toys taste like... You'll learn pain and you'll learn to endure it - you'll get a crash course on how to become the perfect bondage whore. Because, you see, we've had enough of you and there are plenty of other women waiting for our attentions... So we've sold you to an Arabic sheik with a real nasty streak in him, from what I understand... You'll spend the rest of your life in his harem, dedicating your life to pleasuring him, along with the other 50 or so women of course..."

At that moment I saw Ronin Sinclair walk into the garden...

"Roni!!!" yelled Newt... "Operation complete??"

"Yes, sir" he said. "There's not a single trace of M2 anymore..."

"Wonderful" commented Newt.

Roni walked over to us. "So, the bitches are once again with us, huh?"

"Yeah" yelled Mark from the back, perhaps thrilled at the prospects of making me suck his dick again... and again, and again...

Roni stood right before me. He had a really puffy raincoat on him, which he opened as he stood before me. I was convinced he was about to rape me - he was strikingly handsome and well-built so his assault was almost welcome, or at least in comparison to what was in store for me...

Yet, what followed was nothing like what I expected... It all happened in a flash, in a matter of seconds...

I briefly saw the gleam of the machine-gun before Roni suddenly turned around 180 degrees... and started firing at the guys... It lasted no more than a few seconds but I can still remember it as though it was a full-feature movie... One by one, the members of M2 fell on the ground, dead... Soon, the other side of the pool was covered with blood and dead bodies...

Roni put down his machine gun and turned to us.

"I am going to free you two, in a minute... I have to explain a few things first... Newt knew I was a CIA agent, only because I told it to him myself. I told him I wanted to switch sides, fuck the CIA, fuck their dreams of worry-free world domination, I just wanted to join the gang... He gladly accepted - I think stealing me from the CIA simply boosted his ego... I was simply faking it of course - faking the CIA and faking Newt... And he was right about US government - giving this power to America or any country for that matter, would result in a horrible power-imbalance in the world. So, I did indeed use the mind-control powers which I was awarded recently to simply delete this case from the memories of all involved. As of now, there are only three people in the world who know about mind-control. You girls, and I. And there's only one person with the mind-control power - the only person I can count on for not abusing this unbelievable power - myself!!!!"

He untied us and gave us some clothes, we walked out of the house and got into his car. As we drove out of the complex, he pulled a gadget and pushed a button on it... The mansion blew with a huge blast as we sped away... No evidence was left...

He dropped us in the city... "Those guys were ruthless villains" he said to us... "Believe me, one day, they were going to try doing far more horrible things - I killed them, to save the world. I am not going to use mind-control over you to erase or change your memories... That would help you I guess, but if I use it once, there's no end to it.

Plus, it would require a far more advanced technique to replace the memories of a whole year of your lives and I simply don't have that ability... So, please, try to get over these horrible memories and get on with your life... And don't ever talk to anyone about the past year - or else!!!..."

As he was getting ready to drive away, I asked for his business-card just in case...


So, imagine Roni's surprise when he came into his apartment a week ago, only to find us in the kitchen, in tiny sexy french-maid uniforms, cooking for him... (It was difficult to break in - we had to get a thief to help us in; and we both had to blow the man.)

"What the fuck are you doing here" Roni exclaimed!!!

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