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Lunch With a Friend

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Lunch with a Friend!

My husband Mark, wanted me to expand my sexuality and to start doing more sexual things when he is not around. He says that it really turns him on when I am naughty. So he started having guys to call me about going to lunch with them and if they are nice try fooling around with them some even to the point where I have sex with them in their car.

Well one day this guy calls and he sounds really good on the phone. Mark had earlier asked me if he should call and by the looks of his pic, he looked really hot. So I told him that I would meet him and to put an even naughtier spin on this situation, I did not tell Mark. I was just going to tell him afterwards to give him a real surprise!

So the day came that we were to meet and I wanted to look especially hot but I can not dress too slutty because I work in a small law firm that is very small. So usually I dress very conservative or as my husband calls it ?frumpy?. I decide to wear a navy pinstripe suit that has a short skirt. When he calls to pick me up, I would just go to the bathroom and take off the tank top under my jacket and just have a low cut jacket on that exposed most of my tits. This is a bold look for the middle of the day but what the hell; I will not run into anyone I know.

Well he calls when he is almost there and I go out to the street to meet him. He pulls up in a big black seven series BMW and I hop in. When I lean in to get into the car, my tits almost jump out because this jacket is so low cut and I catch him checking out my tits and smiling. We shake hands and introduce ourselves and I ask him how he was. He says, ?Much better since you sat down.? This was a nice looking guy in his early thirties and very well dressed in a very nice suit and tie. I check out the Beemer and the back seat is huge. I think to myself that you could have sex back there with no problems.

So I took him to this parking garage where most of the parkers are residents of the apartment building. During the day it is vacant and there is very little in and out traffic. He starts to park in the lower level where there is some activity and I tell him to go on up that it is more private there. He gives me a look, smiles, and drives on.

We get to the vacant area and he parks in the corner and says, ?Hi my name is Donald? and shakes my hand and I say, ?I am Jennie? and pull him over for a small kiss. He asks me if I was wearing anything under my jacket and I unbutton the only button and give him a long flash of the girls. ?Does that answer your question?? He says, ?Those are beautiful? as he reaches over to fondle them. I pull back and say, ?We were just going to have lunch so let?s go. Do you think I am showing too much for the middle of the day? Am I embarrassing to you?? He emphatically states, ?Never, You look fantastic! Any guy with you will be the envy of every guy in the restaurant!? I say,? Thanks, that is sweet. Lets go I am hungry.? I really wanted to stay and play around because my nipples were already rock hard and I was wet between the legs.

We go to a small Italian place. He sits beside me in a booth and I put him on the side that my jacket gaps open and make sure that he can see my right breast all throughout the meal. We order a bottle of a nice Pinot Gregio and some appetizers. He is great fun to talk to and we have a ball. The wine somehow became empty so we order another and then for dessert we have espresso and B&B in a huge snifter so after all that I am a little light headed and very horny for this handsome young stud. Before we leave he says something funny and I reach over and innocently slap his leg. I leave my hand there a bit and start rubbing his leg. Soon I am rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He reaches under his table napkin and I hear a zip noise and suddenly there is the semi-erect hunk of meat in my hand. It felt wonderful.

I then lean over and give him a kiss and he reaches down my jacket and rubs my nipple. He says, ?I have been staring at that nipple all through lunch and now I get to touch it and it feels great.? I said, ?Yes I noticed you and I was wondering if you heard a word I was saying during the whole lunch.? We laughed and I said, ?I need to go.? He said to quit playing with his cock and let it go back to sleep before we go. So we do.

We go back to his car and he asked me to go to the back seat. I said, ?I thought we were just having lunch?? He says, ?Just for a little bit I promise to be a complete gentleman.? So I get in. We start kissing and I soon have his cock out sucking on it until it is pulsing hard. He starts to unzip my skirt and I say, ?You promised to be good, now stop.? He says, ?I love to eat pussy, just let me taste your juices nothing more.? I reluctantly help him take it off of me. I am not wearing any panties and his tongue is in my wet waxed pussy in seconds and I cum very quickly. He has his pants off now and he moves from my pussy up to kissing my nipples. His cock head is pressing on my pussy and I really want it but I said, ?No don?t do that you promised me to be a gentleman. Please stop now!? Breathing hard he says, ?Yes I promised to be a gentleman but this gentleman is going to fuck the shit out of you hot pussy right now!?

He then slams his cock deep inside of me and it feels great. I softly complained a quiet, ?no? as I pull his ass to me and open my legs to take his big cock deep inside me. I started fucking him like a wild woman. It did not take long and he says that he is about to cum and where do I want it. I tell him to cum deep in my pussy and then he let loose. I was sort of disappointed that he came so quickly. After stopping just a minute or so he says, ?I think you need more.? ?Yes?, I whimpered and he just kept pumping me. His cock never went soft.

I then put him on the bottom and straddled his big cock. I was cumming every few minutes and I must of cum fifteen times. He then turned me around for a little doggie style and just before I thought he was about to cum, he rams that huge cock up my ass to his hairs and blows his load. I was not ready for that but it was all good. We got cleaned up and he took me back to work. A two and a half hour lunch! I had just gotten back when my boss came in. She asked me if I had been on a long walk because my face looked flush. Little did she know what I had been doing!

When I called Mark to tell him what I did he could not believe that I did it. As soon as I got home he threw me down on the floor and I told him every detail. I showed him how he fucked me and he ended up cumming in my ass too! Since our first meeting, we have made our lunches a weekly routine.

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