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Little Tina's Discipline

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Tina was a very naughty little girl that surfed the Internet in search of erotic ideas to make her little pussy very creamy. She did not want to be like other females that achieve a certain level in her life and than see their sexual cravings decrease gradually due to being married to partner or have boyfriends that just do not know, understand or have no mental capacity to recognize a female's needs of achieving the strong orgasms that all they should be allowed and deserve under the hands of a good Master. What was making her little shaved pussy wet was the photos of dominance and discipline found in the some of the Internet clubs that she belonged to. On day after enumerous chats with his online Master she finally decided that she could trust him and meet him personally for a friendly chat and if everything was ok go for her first session right after and make her anxhiously fast beating heart happy. They agreeded on her limits and desires and proceeded for her discipline training. After entering a motel room the door was closed by her Master and her heart was exploding with antecipation and desire. Tina:What are you going to do to me Master? Master:

I will need to explore your sexual needs. Tina:Please Master do not hurt me! Master: Trust me and obey! Tina: Yes Master! He proceeded to blindfold her and tie her up bent over a sofa with her beatifull ass sticking up high in the air exposing the red lace panties that so delicated covered her tenderly curved ass. He immediately proceeded to place his hand under her skirt and caress her pussy over her panties, she immediately felt a great rush of adrenaline going straight to her mind triggering an arousel sensation that manifested as an immediate wetness of her little shaved pussy. Tina: HOOOOO Master!.........He proceeded to lift her skirt and let her feel his hard dick pressing against her panties' covered pussy. She wanted really bad to be entered by his stiff pole, but he had other plans for her. He lowered her panties and proceed to spread her ass cheeks to admire the two areas to be treated. Her little poop shoot hole looked really nice and in need of a good fucking and her wet pussy lips were also begging to be entered deeply, but he wanted to tease her for a long time before that. When having her skirt lifted and panties lowered she felt completely, exposed and humiliated but incredibly aroused knowing that she was under his complete control but with no way of reacting because hse had her hands and legs tied and spread wide for him to take full advantage of her and do as he wanted. He proceeded to smear some KY jelly over her clit and smear it with his finger massaging in circular motions around it. Tina: HUUUUMMMM. She felt deliciously sodomized by his finger. Her clitoris came completely out of the hood and became bigger under his steady stimulation. He knuw that the next thing that she wanted was to have her pussy lips touched and he proceed to let the tip of his finger go along her closed gap sending shrivering sensations along her whole body. Tina: HUMMMMMM, Yess! He started to split her pussy lips with his index finger by going up and down along the vaginal gap and after rubbing her clit few more times he shoved his finger deeply in her wet pussy Master:HUH! Tina: HOOOOOOOO!!!! Master: Is time to measure your 2 temperatures! Tina: Two? Master: Yes, Anal termometer in your ass and my dick in your wet pussy. Tina: Hooo, yeess Master Pleaseeee! Master: First suck good my lolipo to measure your temperature orally! He shoved his dick in her hungry mouth for a food sucking1 Tina: Slup, slup, slup, slup... He Took an anal thermometer and proceeded to open her ass cheeks and spread her poop shoot hole with his 2 fingers and insert it to the fullest extend all in amost disapearing in her tight little hole. Tina: Hooooo, Yes Master.

She wasamost fainting with extasy and pleasure. He took advantage of that to let her taste the warm big head of his dick stopped right between the entrance of her labias. Tina: Please Master give to me, please. Master: You want it my little girl? Tina: Yes Master please allow your litle sub to have it, please... Master: You will have it but very slowly. He proceeded to tease her pussy by inserting little by little is big plug shaped head that was sliding very easily in her extremely wet dripping shaved pussy, an than withdrawing it all out to start all over again from the entrance.

He proceeded to insert his dick completely in her wet pussy in a fast thrust, deeply in sinked and to remain for the next fase of his discipline. Master:HUH! Tina: HOOOOOO, Yes Master! Master:

Is time for your to proceed with your training! He inserted a Fleet enema bottle filled with KY jelly deeply in her ass and gave a good squeeze to it. WOOOOSSHHH Tina: HUUUMMMMM Master:Is time for your suppository little girl. HUH (he inserted a glycerin suppository deeply in her ass by shoving all his middle finger in her hungry tight naughty hole. Tina:YYEEEESSS. Master: Are you getting too horny little girl? Tina:

Yes Master! Master: Is time for a good banging to your wet pussy then! Slop, slop, slop, slop, slop... Tina:HOOOO00000, Master I can I cum???

Master: No, how could you ask to cum so soon? (he stops banging her, shoves his dick pressing deeply in her pussy and starts to spank her ass. Smack, smack, smack, smack... Tina: HOOOO, yes thank you Master, harder, thank you Master, harder, thank you Master, harder... He spread her ass cheeks and poop shoot hole again fingerfucks her hole with a latex glove covered index finger and shoves an soapy warm water enema bulb syringe with a lubricated vaginal nozzle in her ass and squeezes. WOOOSSSHHHH Tina: HOOOOOOO Master! Master:

Now is time for your good anal fucking! He removes the bulb syringe and without letting her expel the enema shoves his condom covered anal medicine injector(dick) deeply in her ass in this case being used like a butt plug, and places his finger right on top of her clit rubbing it fast and starts to spank and fuck her up the enema filled ass roughly. Slop, slop, slop , slop, slop.... Master: Cum for me little bitch, cum for your Master by learning how to be fucked good up the ass!!!!! Tina:HHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Master:HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA T\

hey both cum strongly. After allowing her to expel the enama he asks: Master: How was that for your first training session? Learned the way you should be disciplined and fucked good? Tina:Yes Master, that is the way Your little girl should have always been fucked in order to be a happy one and from now on will only come for You to get it right!

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