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Lisas fantasy ffm, couple, first time, oral

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Lisa's Fantasy

My name is Lisa I have recently have been adopted by a mommy and daddy who is helping me live out my fantasies that I have always wanted to explore I am 22 years old and have a fetish of being a slut daughter for a couple that will role play as my mommie and daddie here is a story of how my daddie and mommie will role play.

It was 8 am Lisa had just come out of the bathroom and was sitting on the bed with her robe hanging open, so her nakedness was visible when her daddy came into her room. She was embarrassed at first as she wrapped the thin robe around her, then she got worried when she saw his expression as his greedy stare slid over her body. He slowly approached her, and sank to the bed beside her. "You are turning into a beautiful, sexy young lady and Daddy wants to see how much you've grown Honey." Flattered by her daddy's words, but a little scared, she sat as still as a frightened deer, wondering what he was going to do and hoping he would go away. "Daddy's going to find out all about that lovely young body of yours, it looks so sexy, warm and soft." He said, putting his right arm around her shoulders and gently caressing her breasts through the robe. Lisa jumped when he squeezed her breasts with his big hands, and when she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, strange new feelings shot through her body. At first she just wanted him to stop, but then he opened her robe and she felt his mouth sucking on her bare nipples while his tongue circled their tips, and she wasn't as sure anymore. Lisa's breasts tingled and her nipples hardened into little buds. The sensations deep in her pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together. Daddy felt her trembling and squirming and knew she was beginning to like what he was doing to her breasts. Placing his hand gently on her knee, he slid it slowly up her thigh, until he was rubbing her mound. His caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through Lisa's pussy and she could not resist the urge to relax her legs, giving her daddy more access to her crotch Feeling the resistance to his hand relax He knew his lovely, young daughter was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between her lips, rubbing it over her clitoris until he felt Lisa responding to the exciting sensations by forcing her pussy deeper into his hand. She felt the gravy beginning to flow from her pussy causing her lips to slide against each other and against her clitoris as he continued to caress her. Daddy felt the warmth and moisture of her pussy and his cock swelled when he saw how much she was enjoying his caresses. Lisa was getting very excited. She knew she wanted to feel his hand on her naked pussy. She spread her thighs wide apart to make it easy for him to get into her pussy. Powerful, sexy feelings surged through her cunt as she felt his fingers caressing her naked, wet pussy. He could feel Lisa had no pubic hair and the inviting warmth which seemed to be begging for his touch. Slipping his finger between the wet lips of her youthful pussy, he rubbed them gently, spreading her juices around. Daddy’s so glad you have shaved your hair off, Daddy does not like a hairy pussy. Lisa was still a little scared, but her pussy was feeling so good, she couldn't help moving it around as he pressed his finger into her. She couldn't resist the urge to excite him even more. Shrugging her robe off her shoulders she let it fall to the bed, completely exposing her nude body, with its smooth soft skin, and firm breasts, to her parents. She realized that her sexy young body was exciting him, and she enjoyed displaying herself very much. "Is this what you wanted to see, Daddy? Have I grown much?" "Honey, Daddy loves to looks at your sexy body. You have grown into a very desirable young woman." he replied. He rubbed his hand over her swollen nipples and then slid it between her legs, pressing his rough hands against her sensitive clitoris until she was gasping from the sensations he was causing in her pussy. He leaned forward and his tongue darted over her small, hard nipples while he slid his finger between the swollen lips of her hot, wet young pussy. Lisa let out another tiny gasp. He gently pushed her down on the bed, with her legs hanging off the side, and pressing his face between her thighs, began licking her juices directly from her pussy. Lisa started moaning with pleasure. His tongue played with her pussy and kept darting between her slippery lips. Her clitoris hardened like a tiny penis as his tongue attacked it repeatedly. Lisa loved the thrills that were surging through her body. She had never imagined how great it would feel to have daddy eating her pussy She drew up her legs to spread her hot, young pussy for her continued enjoyment. Lisa reached out her leg and rubbed her foot over his enourmous cock His cock shoved back at her probing foot, and she felt it pulsing on her foot. She enjoyed teasing him and it heightened her own excitement. Her daddy reached back with one hand while still pressing his tongue deep into her pussy, ahd slid her foot off his cock Lisa saw his big prick standing straight up. Her pussy throbbed with desire from the sight. Caressing it again with her foot, Lisa could see a drop of fluid on the swollen tip. She pressed her little foot against his naked cock and rolled it against his belly watching more ooze out and spread over the ruby head. Daddy moved forward, bumping his hard cock against her pussy. He took it in his hand and started rubbing it between her lips, sending thrills through her cunt. Lisa's pussy got very hot and her gravy was soaking the head of his cock. Spreading her legs wide, she thrust her pelvis toward his hot, slippery prick, feeling it slide into her vagina. Moaning loudly now, she wanted to feel her daddy's cock plunge into her hot little pussy. Reaching down with her hand, she grasped his cock tightly, feeling its great heat with her fingers. She pulled it into her pussy, rubbing the head between her slippery lips and over her clit. "Oh, that feels so good, Daddy." Lisa squealed. Wantonly thrusting her cunt toward her daddy's big prick, she made it slide deeper into her throbbing pussy. It hurt a little as it pushed through her hymen and stretched her vagina for the first time, but such thrills shot through her cunt that even the hurting felt good. "Oh daddy!" she exclaimed, "I'm a real woman now." "I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that." Daddy was surprised and excited by her reaction and he began to slide his prick in and out of Lisa's tight little pussy. Her cunt was so hot and slick he was able to shove his cock all the way into her until his groin bumped against her crotch. Lisa could feel his head throbbing deep inside of her. She loved the feeling of her clit rubbing against the base of Daddy's cock. Thrill after thrill shot through her crotch. Lisa's body was quickly building toward a climax, and she began thrusting her pussy against him rapidly, chanting "Fuck me Daddy, Fuck my pussy like you do Mommy's! Shove your big cock deep into my belly." Lisa fucked her daddy's big cock wildly, loving the feeling of it filling her pussy and bumping her clitoris. She suddenly let out a little shriek and had her very first orgasm. She thrashed about as her juices flowed all over her daddy's swollen cock. Lisa's reactions were beyond her dad's wildest expectations and excited him tremendously. He started to fuck her like a wild man, shoving his prick deep into her hot young pussy and feeling the muscular walls squeezing his cock tightly. Lisa also went wild, shoving her pussy up to meet his cock on every stroke. She used the muscles in her pussy to squeeze and milk his cock as it slid in and out. His breath was coming in short gasps as his excitement reached fever-pitch. He finally drove deep into her and she felt his prick throb as it shot the hot spurts of his cum deep into her convulsing pussy. His cock pulsing hard inside of her triggered an even bigger orgasm for Lisa. She screamed, her head falling back on the bed, and she wrapped her legs around his ass, driving him hard against her pussy. When Lisa's orgasm finally abated she felt completely exhausted. Daddy slid his dripping prick out of her, bent to place one last kiss on her pussy and let himself out of the room, without a word. Lisa lay with his come oozing from her pussy, thinking about what had happened. As she thought about what the future would bring she was sure of one thing, she loved having her pussy licked and fucked, and she wanted a lot more of it from now on. And it was only 9 o’clock in the morning Around 2 pm that same day after Lisa had taken a little nap after being fucked so good that morning she was still feeling very much in need of more. But where was daddy, she got up from her bed not bothering to put on any clothes, and looked around the house and could not find daddy his van was still outside but where was daddy she went out the back door and daddy was there completely naked having a smoke."Oooo Daddy," Lisa squealed in delight Fuck my pussy again even harder than you did in my room this morning. I love feeling your big cock deep in my belly." "Please go to it you horny old bastard, fuck your daughter's hot young pussy till she can't stand up, Ok my little slut daughter. This time I am going to make sure you get a fucking you wont forget .If you want to be my slut daughter, you have to take it in the ass." "Don't worry baby, daddy’s not going to hurt you. They walked back in the house and went to daddy and mommies bed stopping her at the door telling her to wait right there. He laid down on his left side and his cock was hanging over the edge of the bed he told her to crawl across the floor to the edge of the bed. When she got to the bed his cock was right there in front of her. He reached out with his right hand and put it on her head. Pulling her toward his huge hard hot cock. Her mouth fit like a glove around it. She took as much of his length as she could until she felt him almost in her throat. His cock was so hot and tasted so good. Quietly she sat on the floor next to the bed and sucked her daddy’s cock. He didn't make a move or a sound. After about 2 minutes I looked up at him and he was watching every penetration of his cock into my mouth. He smiled and I took him deep again. He pulled my head until his cock entered my throat. And she gagged, and said Daddy its too big for me I cant take all of it. Ok my little slut daughter I guess I will have to teach you how to suck a cock deeply. He told her to stop now and come up on the bed and to get on your hands and knees with your ass stuck off the side of the bed.. He got up and moved behind her and moved up too her. Sticking a finger inside her pussy getting it wet rubbed the juice around her ass cheeks using her pussy juice as a lubricant, he started to slide his cock between her ass cheeks.. She protested at first, no please daddy, but it only took one quick smack on the ass for her to be quiet.. He cupped her smooth ass in his hands and pulled on them. He tugged them apart slightly and ran his finger around her asshole. And stuck just the tip in. Lisa giggled a little, but didn't object. That was good, because he was going to put something bigger than his finger in there! A flawless white ass surrounded her puckered brown anus. Making sure that his finger was well coated with Vaseline, He started to lubricate her asshole. Lisa actually seemed to enjoy his fingers tickling the rim of her back door, and she was shifting back and forth across the bed. He stretched her rectum a bit with his fingers, massaging it gently. He poked one finger into her asshole, slowly going deeper until it was all the way inside. Lisa’s anus tugged and pulled, and she giggled again, but she didn't try to stop him. He grabbed another handful of Vaseline and rubbed his cock with it until it was at full attention.

Then he placed the head of his cock right on her asshole. Gently, he started pushing his dick forward. Her anus stretched around his rod as it went it. He only pushed until just the head was up inside her ass. Then withdrew until his cock was *almost* back outside. He pushed his cock back in and pulled it out repeatedly, each time letting a little more go up inside her tight asshole. Lisa grimaced once or twice, but never said a word of complaint. Finally, he had his cock all the way up her inside her ass. He glanced down, and could see her tight hole stretched around his cock. The Vaseline was making a greasy mess of her pale ass cheeks. Lisa started to rock back and forth in opposition to his motions. His prick was moving smoothly in and out of her ass and it felt utterly glorious. Her butt hole was super-tight around his dick, and every time she clenched her anal muscles He could feel his prick being squeezed delightfully. As he ass fucked Lisa, He reached around to her cunt and tried to play with her. Her twat was smooth and wet, and she was obviously getting into having a cock up her ass. Soon, her hand joined his in fingering her snatch. She was doing a better job than he was, so he let her do it. He started to fuck her ass faster and faster. She was breathing heavily, and was getting closer and closer to cumming herself. He shoved my cock all the way in with one deep stroke. Then, pulling it almost all the way out, he did it again. With every thrust, Lisa started getting more and more turned on. She started fingering her clit directly. Suddenly, her entire body went rigid as she came. He kept up the speed and rhythm. With one titanic thrust, he started to shoot gobs of thick cum up inside lisa’s ass. His cum filled her rectum, and oozed out of her dilated anus as he pulled his spent rod out. Lisa’s eyes glowed with gratification. Ooooohhh daddy "I'm feeling all funny inside!" my ass hole is a little sore now, but the cummie I had felt great, Daddy smacked her on her but and told her to go to her bed and get ready your mommy will be coming home soon. Daddy laid down in his bed as Lisa left for her room. Laying in bed thinking of how good it felt to be her daddy’s slut daughter the many times they will be having sex in the future before drifting off to sleep. Suddenly she heard "Hello, anyone home? It's me mom." As Lisa heard her moms voice her body shook. What was she going to tell her, did she know, was this all set up? So many questions and no answers. Well she stood up. Putting on her thin little robe. She figured she'd go just tell her what happened. My father was still in bed and I figured he would tell her if I didn't. So as I went, with shaky legs. I found my mom in the kitchen. She was wearing a simple white blouse and knee length black skirt. "Mom, hi! How was your day?" "I see your father is home early?" "Yes, he was home all day." "Well, do I have to ask what happened, or are you going to take forever to tell me? "Man she knew, how? Or was she guessing? "Well that is what I came to talk to you about. Dad wanted to have sex with me. When I got up this morning he came into my room naked and basically had his way with me.""So what do you want me to do about it?" "Nothing, I guess."Well, no I guess not; are you ok?" "Yes I am. He really streatched out my little pussy and he stuck me in my butt hole, my pussy was a little sore and my butt hole was hurting, but I am all right now." "Well here finish putting up these groceries and take off that robe" "But mom I will be naked” Don’t but mom me take off that robe” “Ok mom." As she was finishing up her mom sat down on a kitchen chair. When she turned around her mom had thrown her skirt to the floor, she was somewhat shocked. The next thing I heard her say was, " Get over here you slut, if you fucked your dad and liked it, you can lick this pussy and love it." She turned and walked over to her mom and knelt down in front of her. The smell of her pussy was strong. She was a librarian at the library by the beach, she must have stopped at the beach after work her pussy sweated and gave off an aroma. She began to lick slowly not sure of what to do. Her mom put one foot up on the chair she sat in. She then guided her head closer to her pussy. She then said, "Lick it slow and soft. Don't rush, I want it to last. I am sure your father took his time with you. MMMMM. that is the way to do it, lick it all over. You are a nasty little slut aren't you? Your father was right when he said that we should fuck you. I am glad I listened to him." As she licked, her mom squirmed in her chair and slowly undid her blouse threw it on the floor and felt herself up. She glanced up at her mom as she licked her pussy and thought wow her tits are big. My mom's tits were a C cup and maybe bigger. She told her to go to her bedroom with her, leaving the door partly open. They got on the bed and she told her to lift her legs as she licked her. As she licked, she thought to herself, what the hell is happening? I came to my mom for help and answers and here I am licking her pussy. After a while the smell of her pussy was gone or maybe I had just gotten use to it. I was going too fast as she continued to tell me to slow down. Was I getting into this too much, or just trying to get it over? I was not sure of myself at the time. After a few minutes she began to shake and once again I knew that, that meant she was about to cum. No sooner did she cum, than she pull me up to her and told me she loved me and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue was in my mouth and mine was in hers. My body felt warm and I was beginning to kiss my mom back like she was a man. I felt on her tits and pulled at her nipples and she pushed my mouth over them and made me lick them. With every lick, the more she moaned. As we kissed she took my tits in her mouth and sucked hard on them. At this point my pussy was soaked. She reached down and stuck a finger in my pussy and I almost jumped out of my skin. She fingered me for awhile then she rolled over on me and slid her hand down and started to rub my pussy. As her fingers hit my clit I moaned loudly and grabbed her head and did not want to let it go. She then began to finger me faster and the harder she stroked my pussy the more I squirmed.By that time my mom had 2 fingers in me and was pounding away at my wet pussy yes mom make me cum yes fuck me till i squirt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mom. It hurt at first but then I began to fuck her hand like I fucked my dad's dick. She rubbed slow and fast. She knew how to play with a pussy and was doing her best to make me cum. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw my dad in the doorway of my room playing with his huge cock i got turned on even more. Without saying a word He came into my room, and sucked on my nipples oh god daddy please dont stop. It feels so good. Then all of a sudden my body shook and I knew what was happening, but I could not believe it, I was cumming with my mom, rubbing my pussy and my dad sucking my tits. My mind almost exploded; how could I cum from my mom rubbing me? I, or at least my body, was totally out of control. As my mom finished fingering me she looked up and asked me what I thought of her. Right away I said, "Mom that was great, oh my god was the ever great!" its your turn to eat my pussy again She got on the end of the bed and i got on my knees and ate her pussy my dad got behind me and start fucking me real good as I was eating that pussy like it was sunday dinner. my mom was screaming eat this make me come all in your mouth and when I do swallow every bit of it. I put 2 fingers in her wet pussy and she start moving every back and forth with the motion of my finger inside her pussy. My dad dick felt so good in me I was screaming come on fuck me like im a bad little girl punish me fuck me like the slut I am yes that it right there hit that spot gooooooddddd. Dad that is it he hit the spot with his huge dick pounding my vagina. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so gooooooddddd My mom was yelling fuck me with your fingers come on you can do it let me feel you. After a few minutes she began to shake and once again I knew that, that meant she was about to cum. When I was done my dad was still pounding away at my pussy it was starting to get sore but it still felt good I was saying shit like “yes dad tell me how much you like fucking your daughter” “Yeah I like fucking you” he said It felt so good I decide I wanted to taste my dads dick mixed with my juices so I pulled away from his cock turned around sat on the edge of the bed and started licking and sucking his cock. Mommy watched me slip my mouth over the swollen ruby head of my daddys cock, and I start sucking it harder as mommys fingers plunged deep inside my pussy. Mommy saw my daddy raising his loins to drive his cock deeper into my throat. Mommy thought I would gag, but saw my head tilt to let it slide into my throat. Amazed, Mommy watched her daughter getting throat fucked by my daddy as though it were a tight pussy I grabbed his balls in my other hand and squeeze them for awhile. I played with his cock, till he said he was ready to cum. I then stopped and had him lay on the bed I started to suck it some more when mom moved in beside me and said give me a taste your not the only slut in this house, we both sucked on his dick and balls till I felt him get ready to cum again. I took his cock out my mouth and said daddy earlier this afternoon when you fucked my ass please do it again and cum inside me I want to feel your cum inside my asshole. My daddy said no my little slut daughter I am cumming inside your mouth you are now deserving of having my cum in your mouth you will love it I want you to have this pleasure from me right now..Suddenly daddy shot his come into my mouth. I tried to swallow it, but some dribbled down my lips. Mommy leaned over and licked the come from my lips, and also helped her lick off the come that had run down my daddys cock. Mommys tongue met and licked over mine, and she kissed me, running her tongue in where my daddys cock had just been. He watched us licking his cock and then pressing our lips together in a passionate kiss. I was still stroking his cock trying to keep it hard, but his cock was spent. Mommie kissed me and said time for you to help me get dinner ready, now that we’ve had our appetizer. Yes mommie daddies cum tastes so good I think I will be sucking his dick every chance I get.

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