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Life More Real Than Fiction…Chapter 2 by likescontrol

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Jr. leaves.

(If you like real life stories and want more...mail me here handle (likescontrol) for more.

Immediately I pull out my rock hard almost 8 inch cock and tell Trish to suck me?she immediately springs into action?I was so fucking horny it was only a minute...ok seconds and I was blowing my load?which she eagerly drank down with ease.

We both lay back for a few minutes not saying anything?I asked Trish to make us another drink. We lay together on the couch sipping our drinks. With the excitement starting to subside?I know we?re both thinking about what just happened and what it means for us.

Finally I asked, ?What do you think??

?I don?t know? she replies.

I tell her?well things have changed so there is no going back. Where we go from here is what we need to talk about.

She says, ?ok.? kind of worried.

?I love you Trish?, I say and she responds, ?I love you too!? I have to tell you though, I wasn?t expecting this but it was a real turn on watching you please another man. I could see that she was very worried about what just happened and that me say that eased her.

So I continue, ?No let me correct that, it was also a huge turn on for me, I?ve never been so turned on in my life! Having you suck that cock in front of me was exciting!? ?Seriously I don?t think I?ve ever been so turned on in my life!? ?And before you say anything?look I?m getting hard again just thinking about it.? ?I hope you liked it as much as me?did you like it too??

Trish hearing me say that relaxes and replies, ?Yes, especially when you tell me what to do?that turns me on so much?it always has every time we make love and you talk dirty to me or tell me what to do?something about your voice just turns me on.?

?Really?, I said, ?I have to tell you I loved it too. I like you doing exactly what I say and being a hot little slut?honestly, I?ve never seen you more beautiful or sexy than a few moments ago!?

?Really? She responds smiling and very happily.

?Yes! I want to tell you exactly I?m thinking now and see what you think.?

?Ok?, she replies.

?First I want to ask you?because this turns me on so much?if you would be willing to do it again???Before she can say anything, I continue, ?I mean you would be doing me a favor honey, this really turned me on?so would you??

?Ok? she replies looking at me very excited. She is rubbing my cock now and I am as hard as a rock again just thinking of what?s to come.?

?Cool, then let?s make a game of it?we can play games like this and I can command you, make you like my hot little slut sex slave.

?Hmmm?that sounds sexy? she responds, I?d like that.?

?So if I had you suck Jr. again it would be ok??

?Yes?, she says, very excited! I could tell she would love to get at Jr?s cock again and that she had enjoyed this probably more than me, which is hard to believe. And too now that I was giving her the ok to play with that huge cock, she couldn?t wait and would go along with anything I said.

?I have to tell you though I am a little scared?Jr. is so huge?how much do you like Jr??

?Are you kidding?, she replies, ?Jr. is butt ugly?I love you, I don?t know what happened before.?

?You were fascinated with his size weren?t you??

?Yes I guess so?, she replies.

?It?s ok, I was amazed at how big his cock was too.?

I look her in the eyes and continue. ?You have to promise me something?if we do this it will always be together, by my rules and not just with Jr. ?before you say anything, I?ve seen you look before at other men?I remember when James was here wearing those loose fitting short?you were trying a few times to peek at his cock. You like cock don?t you?

She reluctantly admits it?s true, but I can tell she is really interested by what I said. Fixated on me, she?s eager to hear what I say next, much like a kid in a candy store.

My friend James is a good-looking guy and mentioning his name attracted her attention. I know Trish is attracted to him it seems ever since we attended a party, actually a birthday for James at his place maybe a year earlier. At this party a crowd pleaser named Dixie is brought in?it become obvious after a while as she makes her way flirting from guy to guy that she is a good time girl. I?m sitting on the couch talking with my wife and a few others at the party when Dixie notices me. I smile at her and she walks right over and plops onto my lap. Wow?I freaked and my wife looks at me?I have to lift Dixie off my lap. 30 minutes later?Dixie is upstairs getting pounded by a crew of guys?it?s obvious to all what is going on as the guys come back down stairs sweating, pour a beer from the keg and then head back up. I?m sitting with my wife on the couch and she begins flirting with a guy there?I am continually being urged to go up stairs by guy after guy and my wife knows it. The more they ask, the more uncomfortable I become because they are being so obvious?but also the more they ask, the more my wife ignores me. It was a little too strange and I was getting too tempted, so we say our good byes and headed home.

On the way home Trish says a few things about Dixie and how obvious it was that she was fucking everyone, she wanted to talk about it, but I didn?t know what to expect so I pretty much changed the subject. What I think I hadn?t realized is that it really turned my wife on?I now remember fucking like crazy after getting home that night. And ever since then I?ve noticed my wife checking men out more and more. I think her fascination with cock started at that party and now is finally showing itself in the open.

So I continue with the conversation. ?Here is what I think?I?m uncomfortable with this just happening with Jr. I want you to enjoy his cock, but it is so fucking big that I want us to do this with others so that it?s not just between Jr., you and I.

She looks at me, ?Who else??

?Well hold on a minute a tell her?Well for starters I know you wanted to see James cock. So for sure?I think we should play a game with him.?

Trish smiles.

?And Ted he?s my best friend!?

?Ted?? she questions. Trish really doesn?t like Ted all that much.

Well I tell her, if I can let Jr. who I didn?t even like get head from my wife I think I should be better to my good friends don?t you think?

?But Ted? Trish pauses, ?I don?t know.?

?Yes you will suck him I command?he is my best friend, so you will?if there is someone else you don?t like I might not force you?but you have to do Ted?

Trish agrees seeing how intent I was on it.

?Trish, don?t worry after all you are my slave right and will do what I say?right? So if it?s James and Ted that I choose, then you?ll do it.

?Ok? she replies.

Now let?s talk about Jr.

She says, ok.

?I couldn?t believe how big his load was?he told me that he hasn?t cum in nearly 6 months?we can?t let that happen again don?t you agree??

?Yes? she replies.

?I know I?ve never cum anywhere near that amount. Do you think it was from going 6 months without cuming or a huge cock like that just makes more cum??

?I think it?s probably both? she answers.

?Hmmm?sounds like another bet to me?.

?What bet?? she asks

?Whether a huge cock makes more cum than a smaller one?, I answer.

?Hmmm?so how can we bet that?? she asks.

?Ok, well Ted you know doesn?t have a girl friend and James only has luck with women every now and then. How many times a day do you think a huge cock like Jr?s would need to be milked so cum doesn?t build up??

Trish is looking excited?the thought of getting to that big cock and other cocks has her flush. I can see the blood running back into her face. ?I don?t know? she replies, ?two or three? I can tell she?d love to play with that meat all day?but me I have other plans.

?Really, only 2 or 3 times? I reply. ?I bet Jr. could cum 7 or 8 times today alone as backed up as he is. I myself could cum at least 4 to 5 on an average day.?

?Wow, you really think so? she says very excited.

?So do you think a huge cock like Jr?s needs to be milked more times a day than a smaller cock like mine??

?I don?t know? she replies ?but maybe a bigger cock makes more cum, so maybe it does.?

?Good I?m glad you think so??I tell her. ?Because this is my bet and I won?t be satisfied until I prove it. For one you will have to play with a lot of cocks of different sizes, two you are going to play with cock all day long sometimes?and we?re going to test how many times a day you can make Jr. and other guys cum.?

Trish is flush red with excitement and eagerly responds ?Ok.?

?I hope you don?t mind if I make you play with Jr?s huge cock all day long, but we do have a bet by my rules so you are going to play with his cock over and over again. And any other cock I tell you to play with?can you handle it??

?I can handle it?, she says.

Trish is almost licking her lips thinking about getting Jr?s cock again. Actually the more I tell her what she is going to do?the more I command her the more her excitement grows.

?Alright then it is settled you will suck off Jr?s huge cock as many times in a day as you can and then a smaller cocks to compare.?

?Just sucking?? she asks.

?Yes? I respond, ?There will be no fucking?only I fuck you!?

?Oh?ok? she replies.

?You liked sucking Jr?s cock didn?t you??

?Yes!? she replies.

?Cool then the bet is on I command.?

I can tell she can?t wait to get back at Jr?s cock?so I reach down sensing her excitement. We are still naked on the couch and she is hot again?soaked.

I begin fingering her and explain. I?m going to make you my cock sucking slave. You are going to suck Jr. to see how much you can make him cum?I bury my fingers in deep?then, I?m going to serve you other cocks to see how many times you can make them cum in a day?I shove my fingers in harder. No one will fuck your pussy you got that as I thrust deeper

?Yes?, she gasps

So the rules are?you do as I say and suck cock as I tell you.

?Yes? she replies as I work her pussy hard with my fingers.

?I?m going to call Jr. in a few minutes and get him to come over and talk?you will stay in the bedroom while we talk and when I call you out?you will suck him off again is that understood??

She smiles and replies ?Yes?.

?That is yes sir to you?, I say.

?Yes sir? she replies.


So I call Jr. He is a little nervous as I can tell. I tell him everything is cool, and that he should come back over. He says, ?ok? and within 5 minutes there is a knock on the door. I let Jr. in.

?Where is Trish?? he asks.

?In the bedroom waiting? I reply. ?But we need to talk first.?

?Ok? Jr. replies nervously.

?Relax Jr. we?re buddies now right. And as my buddy I want you to know that Trish is now my cock suck slave, but this has to be kept absolutely private?do you understand??

?Yes? Jr replies.

?Being my friend now, I will let you borough my slave and her mouth to please your cock?but you have to agree to a few rules first.?

?Ok? he replies.

?First rule?no fucking?is that perfectly understood??

?Ok? he replies.

?Second you will get my slave to suck you at least 3 times a day?if you can?t handle that, then no deal.?

?Sure? Jr. replies, ?Can I more than 3 times.?

?Maybe, but you?ll have to check with me first.?

?Third you will always be nice, but you will instruct her?I mean you must tell her how and what to do to your cock. She is now a slave and must be instructed to make your big cock as happy as she can.?

?Fourth, you will use her for your pleasure only?you are not to attempt to please her.?

?Fifth, you must always call before coming over, never after 8PM and leave after you cum.?

?So what do you think?do you want to use my slave to suck your big cock??

?Oh yeah? he says.

?Can you follow the rules??

?Yes? he replies.

Trish could hear us talking and heard everything I said from the bedroom, so I call for her to come out. I tell Jr. to remove his pants and sit on the left side of the couch.

I then explain to Trish, ?I?ve told Jr. that I will let him borough your mouth to suck his cock and that he must use your mouth 3 times a day to suck him?do you understand??

?Yes? she replies very excited?seeing Jr. release his big cock again.

?Good? I continue, ?In a minute Jr. is going to tell you to suck his cock and I want you to do as he says. Is that understood??

?Yes? she replies again.

?Good, now go get me the video camera.?

She leaves and returns in a few moments with the video camera. I instruct Trish to take her shorts off and sit on the coffee table with her legs spread and let Jr. look at her pussy. She does as told. I start the video camera?now spread your pussy lips and let Jr. enjoy looking at your pussy, she reaches down and spread her wet pussy lips?that?s good I tell her?Jr. wants you to suck him?do you see his big cock?

?Yes? she replies.

?What are you going to do with that big cock?? I ask.

?Suck it? she replies.

?No? I said. ?You are going to do what I or Jr. tell you to do right??

?Yes? she replies.

I zoom out and off of Trish?s pussy and get both Jr. and Trish in the frame.

?Ok Jr, use her to suck your cock.? I tell him.

Jr tells Trish to come over?I stop him and tell him to call her slave. ?Come over here slave??she walks over?he tells her to sit beside him and rub his cock with her hand?she does as told?holding Jr?s cock in both hands and gentle stroking his cock. Trish is rubbing and waiting Jr. starts to become aroused again. Jr. tells her to suck his cock?she leans over and takes him in her mouth and begins sucking him?Jr. is enjoying her mouth again?he allows her to suck him for nearly 5 minutes?now fully hard he tells her to take it deep and she slide him down her throat as far as she can ?hmmm?keep doing that Jr. tells her she is slowly sucking him down deep?Jr. is just lay back getting some wonderful head?this goes on for some time as I film, I am really getting turned on again. Trish looks awesome sucking cock.

?Swirl my cock?, he tells her.

I tell Jr., ?Oh yeah that?s a good one huh??

?Oh I like the swirl? Jr. says.

Trish continues to swirl his head with her tongue, teasing it and then taking him as far as she can go. Jr. is moaning and groaning it feels so fucking good.

I Tell Trish, ?I think the swirl is a winner Slave.?

Jr. continues letting Trish swirl and suck his cock?it must have been 10 minutes or so?he really like?s that and I could tell from his moans. She is slurping and sucking his cock, then taking him deep down her throat. Suddenly he grabs the back of her head and starts pushing her up and down fast?really fast?Trish is doing her all to keep up and suck him?finally he explodes with a huge grunt?Trish drinks down every drop this time.

?So how was that Jr??

?It was great he says?

?So I?m guessing you?re ok with this arrangement and the rules?

?Oh yeah? he replies.

?Ok, now that you?ve cum?you have to leave.?

?Ok? Jr. replies, ?When can I come back??

?Well not today I tell him, but remember?you have to call first.?

?Oh yeah, that?s right? he replies.

Jr. leaves.

Trish is soaking fucking wet again?so I take time to play with her pussy after Jr. leaves. Then have her blow me again.

We relax again?I?m enjoying keeping Trish?s pussy exposed so I can play all I want with her. She is so fucking hot and wanting to get fucked?but I have other plans?I don?t want to miss this opportunity and really get things rolling. She is so turn on right now she will do anything I ask.

I sit back rubbing her pussy as she gentle strokes me. I tell her?here is what I want to do now. I?m going to call Ted and get him to come over. Ted would probably show up anyway as he was always at our house but I wanted to make sure.

I?m going to dress you in your hot little mini-skirt with no panties. I want you pretending to be asleep in the lazy chair, with your sleeping mask on and your skirt hiked up exposing your pussy. I will get Ted to sit in the chair across from you so he has I good view of your pussy. I?ll make excuse for him to get up?make us drinks?get him to pass me the remote, which will be between your legs by your feet and the pot tray which slides under the front of your lazy chair. Let?s see how long it takes him to get hard.

From the smile on her face, Trish really likes this plan.

Then we?ll smoke a joint and I?ll tell him the story of what happened today. When I start to tell him how you showed off your pussy today, I want you to lift your skirt keeping your mask on and frame your pussy with your hands like this?I show her how to do it.

Then I?ll ask Ted if he thinks your pussy is cool. I?m sure he?ll say yes and I?ll walk over to you and get him to join me?tell him to come check it out up close. We?ll probably finger fuck you and play with your pussy?I don?t want you to move.

Then I will explain to Ted?all he has to do is to sit right there on the couch anytime he wants and you will suck his cock as many times as he wants. Just so you know?I am going to let Ted and James use you anytime they want?they are my friends and you will suck them anytime I say?you got it.

?Yes? she replies.

?Ted will stay as long as he wants tonight and you will suck him as many time as he likes?you got that!?

?Yes? she replies again.


I tell Trish to make us another drink and then go get dressed in her blue mini-skirt while I call Ted?he lives only a few miles away so within 30 minutes he is knocking at the door. Trish and I have been having our drinks and playing with positioning her. I have her positioned, taking time to sit in the chair across from her a few times to make sure Ted will get a nice look at her pussy.

(If you like real life stories and want more...mail me here handle (likescontrol) for more.

Ted walks in?what?s up dude? I asked

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