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Lessons for Kitty (Chapter 4)

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My master is very pleased with my progress this month. I know he takes great pleasure in my new sexual awakening, and I take great pride in learning these lessons. I trust him with my heart, my body, and my virtues, and in exchange he pushes my body and mind to new limits of sexual pleasure and sometimes pain. Until recently I had never tasted the kiss of a woman's tongue, or felt the gentle touch of a woman's lips on my sex, but tonight that would change. Until recently I had only imagined returning the favor and tasting my very first girl. Would her pussy be pretty like I imagined? Would it taste like mine, or somewhat different? Would her clitty respond the same way mine does, or differently. How could something so familiar as another woman's pussy, be so strange and exciting. Until recently these were deep dirty secrets I told no one... Until I met master.

Prior to leaving for the party, I dressed in my new black corset and bright yellow stilettos.. My master appreciated the obscene way it made my tits and ass jut out. He sampled the flesh between my breasts and kissed me deeply with his tongue. I could feel one finger slowly curl its way inside me as he checked to make sure I had removed my panties as instructed. He would want me available for his pleasure and for others for the rest of the evening. He then produced two small gifts for me to open. The first was a black mask designed to be pulled tightly over my head. The only opening was for my mouth, and for the number of cocks he planned to have me service. The tight hood was lightproof and soundproof, and was no doubt intended to enhance the sensation of multi-partner coitus. The thought of being so sexually out of control with complete strangers, and so fully dependent on my master made me absolutely soaked! He stashed the hood in his back pocket for later use. The second gift was a lovely set of nipple clamps connected by a silver chain. He demonstrated how the clamps could be made tighter or looser depending on how good a girl I promised to be. Such a bastard, but I promised to be good as I kissed him deeply with my fingers crossed.

We arrived at the party and were greeted by our hosts Tonia and Andy. Tonia was very attractive and outgoing, and had breasts even larger than mine. She was young and relatively new to the lifestyle, but seemed completely at ease in this environment. My master clearly enjoyed watching her tits strain against the fabric of her outfit, and secretly so did I. In the course of polite conversation, Tonia casually exposed one of her enormous breasts to show both of us the beautiful nipple rings she had inserted. "Did they hurt as much as imagine they would" I asked her sweetly like the fascinated newbie I was? My nipples are so sensitive, the thought of driving a needle through them was terrifying.. but intensely erotic. I really wanted to touch them and pull on them and suck on them, but there was time for that later. Tonia sensed my interest, and came closer. "Yes, they hurt much worse than you can imagine, but I love them and I love the way they constantly make me wet all day", she said. "Someday I might get brave enough to have mine done for you", I told master.

People became arriving more steadily now. My master had me introduce myself and learn each of there names. He has a strict rule of me not fucking people if I don't know there names. Bill and Barb, a married couple arrived with her boyfriends Gino and Andrew. "How the hell could she pull that off,", I thought jealously? This was a woman I could learn from. Her husband Bill wasted no time asking my Master's permission for my company and my virtues, and I was quickly escorted to a bed. The consummate gentleman, Bill kissed me on the lips, and then quickly made his way to my soaking puss. He was a big man with an even bigger tongue. My master watched approvingly as he lapped hungrily at my cunny. Barb had moved onto the bed and began devouring my breasts. I eventually slipped into this sexual trance of multiple rolling orgasms when Barb crawled up to me and offered her lips to mine in a kiss. I kissed her back, and it was so nice! It felt very natural and soft and sweet as we traded tongue and lip and touch. Master had crawled up to the head of the bed and offered his cock to our waiting mouths. Barb and I took turns sucking and licking his swollen cock and balls. With mouths on my pussy and my breast, and with Masters thick cock most of the way down my throat, I was deep in my happy place and in love with him for sharing me so.

Master apparently felt I was safe and well entertained with my new playmates, so he went off to see what other wickedness was going on in the adjacent room. Barb's boyfriend Andrew moved down between my legs to get a taste, and Bill moved up to the head of the bed so that I could return the favor and suck his magnificent cock. "I'm a very lucky girl" Barb mused, as I tried to get the entire head of this remarkable specimen into my mouth. She caressed my breasts while Andrew buried his face into my cunt and Bill began aggressively fucking my face. "Let me show you two boys how this is done" Barb stated, as she moved between my legs and gently kissed my kitty. Another first for me, and WOW did she know her way around a girls playground. I must have gotten very loud, for Master popped back into the room to check on me, as I was bucking uncontrollably in non-stop orgasm with a woman's tongue and her husbands shaft both deep inside me at the same time. I saw Master stroke his cock in appreciation, as Bill began to loudly announce his pending release. He gently held my head and pumped his cock deep in my throat. I love the taste of hot cum (just ask my Master!), and the feeling as it pulses its release along the length of a man's prick. Bill filled my mouth instantly, and I swallowed. Again and again, his cock sprayed the back of my mouth with more of his hot sticky seed. Barb and my Master looked on appreciatively as I milked this man's sack of any remaining treats.

Barb continued to caress me sweetly while I came back to earth from so much sex. I still hadn't been fucked yet, so her boyfriend Gino offered to provide the penis. Sometimes there is just no substitute for a cock in your pussy. I rolled onto my knees and placed my head down by Barb, and felt Gino gently enter me from behind. Gino held me by my Corset that was bunched up around my waist, and set up a nice steady rhythm between my legs. My kitty was so overstimulated from the prior excitement, that I was back in the middle of a series of orgasms in no time at all. Gino kissed and caressed and fucked me, and I just let the feelings wash through me. It was so nice to have his cock all the way inside me, and then to ultimately feel him grunt and strain and fill the condom that barely separated us. I collapsed on the bed a hot sweaty mess, while my new lovers touched and kissed me...

After resting for a couple of minutes, I felt compelled to check out the sounds coming from the other room. I entered the second bedroom to see my master eating the pussy of our lovely hostess Tania. "I see you found something to keep you busy Master", I quipped as I looked at her beautiful pussy. It was baby bald with the smallest labial lips. Her clit stood out proudly from its tiny hood as Master drove his tongue deep insider her. Master encouraged me to come over closely and have my first taste of girl. Oh her cunny looked so nice, so with no hesitation, I dove in. "She has a most remarkable pussy my dear" said Master as he stood and got behind me and prepared his cock for my own hole. I was bent over the bed experiencing the most delicious taste and scent. Master was overcome with rut, and began fucking me hard and fast, but in such a way that I never lost contact with my new lover's flower. Tania took all this in stride and encouraged new-arrival Alex to feed her his cock. I looked briefly at his cock sliding past the lips and deep into the throat of my lady lover, and secretly knew I would have to fuck this man before the night was out. His cock was average length, but bigger in girth than my fucking fist! Master was pushing deep, smacking the back of my womb. His hands gripped tightly on my breasts. Tonia and I were both screaming our little deaths. Alex was cursing and pumping his horse cock down Tonia's throat. I was coming and crying and laughing and screaming from all of the sensations around me; Tonia's pussy clamped down on the 4 fingers I had inside her. Alex filled Tonia's mouth with gallons of his sweet seed, and Master let loose a torrent of cum and curses from behind. I was fucked. Completely and totally fucked.

Andy, our other host for the evening, became very nervous about the noise we were making. Anyone outside the room would have thought there was a murder in progress. He became much less worried about the noise we were making when I took his tool in my mouth, and breathed fire into it. Master saw to it that Tonia's pussy stayed occupied, and slid his shaft deep inside from behind. Once Andy was fully hard, I got on my back and had him mount me. My knees were pinned to my breasts and my hips were rotated up for deepest penetration. I needed Andy's cock. I needed Master's cock. I needed Alex's thick horse cock. I watched Andy's friend Stu stroke himself getting ready for a turn with my cunny, and I needed Stu's cock as well. Tonia was a strong girl, and seemed to be fucking Master back with the same intensity he was fucking her. This was not lovemaking. This was hard athletic sweaty fucking. The night became a blur, as Andy cock was consumed by the powers from within my pussy, and was quickly replaced by Stu's, and finally Andy's for a second time. They were all spent and wasted, and I was left giddy with emotion but physically wrecked.

I remember Master carrying me back to my room at 2AM. He washed me and undressed me. He combed my hair out, and then gently put me to bed. I was sleeping in his arms almost instantly, knowing how proud he was of his best student and how far I had come in just one evening. I think he may love me.

I woke from a deep sleep with my Master deep inside my very sore pussy. He was very gentle and used lots of lube, but I still ached from over-use. "I know its only 3, but I must have you now my dear", he whispered in my ear, as he slowly made love as we spooned. I was woken again at 4, and once more at 6. His cock would not soften in my presence, so its a good thing we don't sleep that often together. We would end up killing each other I think. He is a most demanding teacher, and I am his most willing and devoted student.


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