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I downloaded from another site - I thought it was good. If part 2 appears, I'll submit it or may write it myself. Initiating a virgin.

Kathleen sat in her room, gazing out of the window waiting for her carriage to arrive. Her mother had arranged for her to spend the afternoon and evening with Squire Briggs for her first lesson in "wifely matters". This had come as a surprise to Kathleen as her mother had never mentioned this curriculum to her before.

Kathleen's father had been killed in the Great War when she was only two years old. Her mother had never remarried and they had continued to live on the family estate in the northernmost parts of Scotland. There are those that might have thought Kathleen would have been lonely, but as she had never known any different she was more than happy with her life.

There had been a string of governess' to teach Kathleen and she was considered very intelligent, for a girl. She knew how to read and write, in English and Latin, the latter coming in most useful during church services. Her mother had taken great trouble to teach her how to run a large house, how to manage servants and to be a good wife by sewing and holding suitable conversations. Now she was to spend time with the Squire so he could teach her some other aspects to being a good wife that apparently her mother was unable to do. She knew the Squire quite well as he spent a great deal of time with her mother and so Kathleen looked upon him as a sort of Uncle. However, she had never spent time alone with him before and was a little nervous that she may not be a good enough student.

She heard the sound of the horse coming along the carriageway so ran down the stairs quickly so as not to be late. Her mother met her in the hallway, checked she looked acceptable and then waved her off from the doorway. A little over an hour later she arrived at the Squire's house where she was shown into the study by the butler.

The Squire had been watching her arrival through the window and as she entered the room he turned to her slowly and smiled.

"My dearest Kathleen, how are you today?" he asked.

"Quite well thank you Sir" replied Kathleen, with a little curtsey.

"Charming, quite charming" replied the Squire. "Now then, did your mother ask you to write a piece for me in preparation for our lessons today?" "No Sir, I do not recall that she did" responded Kathleen, a little anxious that she may have been asked but forgotten.

"Tut, tut. How annoying. Maybe you could write it for me now? Come and sit at my desk, ." Kathleen walked to his desk, sat down in his chair and saw a piece of paper headed "The effects of sexual arousal on the human body". She panicked. She knew nothing of this subject. She didn't even know what sexual arousal meant. She looked up at the Squire.

"Sir, I am so sorry, but I know nothing of this subject. Perhaps if you have a book I could study ?" "No, no, no. We don't have time for that. I knew you had a lot to learn, but had not appreciated quite how much. Not to worry. We will have a practical lesson instead. Come." And with that he walked briskly from the room gesturing her to follow him. They walked up the grand staircase, along a corridor and turned into a grand bedroom. This was presumably the Squire's room for it was most ornate with a large four-poster bed dominating the middle of the room. The Squire motioned for her to move to the middle of the room where he placed a chair for her to sit.

"Now then my dear. We will begin our lessons." She listened attentively.

LESSON ONE "Husbands and wives have a game they play called sex. In this game it is the wife's duty and obligation to give her husband as much pleasure as possible. Do you understand?" "Yes Sir, I think I do, " replied Kathleen.

"Good. In order for you to provide pleasure, you need to understand the signs of that pleasure. In the game of sex, we call pleasure "arousal". So now you understand the phrase sexual arousal ? don't you." "Yes Sir, " said Kathleen. She wasn't sure that she fully understood but was keen to show herself as a willing and able pupil.

"One of the first duties you have as a wife is to ensure you are aroused, as this makes it easier for your husband to be aroused. So first we will examine how to arouse a female. However, just before we do that, it is important that you learn about the special toy a man has for playing this game of sex." Kathleen watched as the Squire unbuttoned the front of his trousers. The flap fell down and he pulled out what looked like a hose. Kathleen wanted to laugh, why would a man keep a hose in his trousers?

"Have you seen one of these before my dear?" asked the Squire.

"No Sir, " replied Kathleen.

"Good. Now then, if you were a good and dutiful wife, you would see immediately that you are not giving me pleasure. This is called a cock and when I am aroused my cock rises and grows and becomes stiff. As you can see, at the moment you are not pleasing me and it is lying flaccid. However, I will leave it on display so that you will be able to see when you are making me happy and when you are not. Do you understand?" "Yes Sir, " replied Kathleen. Although again, she wasn't sure if she did. How was it possible for this thing to grow and become stiff. She was feeling very confused.

"Now then, as I mentioned. In order to arouse me, you have to be aroused yourself. There are many ways this can be done, but a dutiful wife will always arouse herself first in order to make it easier for her husband. First of all, as I have done, you will need to expose parts of your body so we can see them. Stand up." Kathleen stood and the Squire started to unlace her dress from behind. As he did so, he pushed the shoulders of the dress over her arms and as it fell to the floor gestured for her to step out of her dress. He picked it up and hung it over a screen in the corner of the room. He turned back to her and unlaced her knickers, again allowing them to fall to the floor. She felt a little strange. No one apart from her maid had seen her in such a state of undress before and she felt a little embarrassed.

"Very nice, " breathed the Squire as he ran his eyes over her. She stood in the centre of the room wearing a tightly laced black corset that squeezed in her waist and pushed her breasts up high, exposing her cherry-red nipples to the air. The corset stopped at the top of her pubic area and he could see one or two very soft hairs just starting to appear, but other than that her pussy was beautifully smooth. Her white stockings were held up by garters and finally she still wore her laced-up boots. He walked around behind her and saw her wonderful buttocks, round and full, exposed at the back of her corset.

"Now then, lesson number two, " said the Squire. "Sit down." And he gestured for her to take a seat on a small chair he had placed in the corner of the room. The chair was directly in front of a full-length mirror and Kathleen sat there taking in her reflection and then looked up at the Squire who was standing behind her.

"Now then my dear, I want you to do exactly as I say and to watch everything you do in the mirror, so you can practise at home. Do you understand?" Again, she replied that she did.

"Good. Now then, I'd like you to slowly open your legs as wide as you possibly can. Very good. Now then that area at the top of your legs is called your pussy, or your cunt. Women have been given that to provide pleasure for their husbands. In order to do that, it needs to be wet. Do you know how we make it wet?" "Do I wash it Sir?" "That is one way, but water soon runs off. So you will need to wash your pussy often, but that will not be enough for arousal purposes. Can you think of anything else?" "Would I relieve myself Sir?" "You could, and many husbands would enjoy watching you do this, however as with water, it will not make you wet enough. Let me teach you a correct way. Look at your breasts, can you see the little red buttons?" She nodded.

"These are your nipples. I want you to take each nipple between your thumb and forefinger and roll it. Good. Now squeeze a little. Very good. Now use the rest of your hands to cup your breasts and squeeze them. Very good. Now continue to do that for a while. Tell me what you are feeling." "Well Sir, it's difficult to explain, " replied Kathleen.

"Try my dear." "Well, I feel as if I am a little out of breath, my breathing seems to be deeper. I feel a tightness in my stomach and I feel as though I want to rock on the chair." "Very good, that's perfect." replied the Squire. "Now then, with your left hand continue to massage your breast, squeezing your nipple and stroking yourself. With your right hand reach down and feel the area between your legs and tell me what that is like." "It is very warm Sir." "Good, now I want you to take your middle finger and place it as close to the chair as you can, then run it up through your pussy until you reach the edge of your corset. Then raise it in front of your face." She did as she was instructed and the Squire nearly moaned with pleasure at the sight of this young girl exploring her virgin body for the first time.

"Look at your finger and tell me if it is wet, " he instructed.

"A little Sir." "Now smell your finger and tell me what it is like." "I don't know how to describe the smell Sir. I don't think I have every smelt anything like this before." "That is the smell of your sex. Remember it, it is the most beautiful smell in the world. Now suck your finger and tell me what it tastes of." "Um, I'm not sure. It is sticky but not sweet, more like salt Sir." "Very good. Now lick your finger some more and run it through your pussy again. This time, keep rubbing it through your lips and see if you can find something like a small round button." He watched closely as Kathleen continued to finger her pussy. Such a heavenly sight; he observed that she had stopped fondling her breast and her hand rested there holding her nipple gently. Suddenly she gave a little cry.

"What's the matter?" asked the Squire.

"I found the button of which you spoke Sir and when I touched it, it gave me some sort of shock. Please forgive me." "There is nothing to forgive, you are doing very well. Now I want you to continue doing exactly as I tell you. With your left hand, reach down to the button you have found and roll that between your thumb and fingers as you have been doing with your nipple. Bring your right hand up to your mouth and suck each of your fingers to make them very wet. Good. Now reach down with your right hand and use your fingers to spread your pussy wide open. Very good, now, can you see that hole you have exposed?" "Yes Sir, I can, " stuttered Kathleen. She was finding it very hard to breath now and she was experiencing some very strange sensations. She felt excited, yet afraid at the same time but did not dare to say anything to the Squire.

"Good, good. Now, I want you to gently push your middle finger into that hole whilst you squeeze your button with your other hand." Kathleen gasped again and couldn't help but arch her back. The Squire smiled.

"Very good my dear. You are doing very well. We're almost at the end of this part of the lesson. Now I want you to push into the hole the two fingers either side of your middle finger." Again, she gasped and he saw her tremble as she breathed out.

"Very, very good. Can you feel how wet you are now?" "Mmmm", replied Kathleen. She knew it wasn't a polite response, but she just could not help herself.

"Now, I want you to pull your fingers out until your finger tips are at the edge of the hole, then push them back in again. Keep doing this as though you are pumping something up." And she followed his instructions precisely. He could see her eyes fluttering, her breasts heaving as she struggled to breath.

"Tell me what that feels like, " he ordered.

His voice sounded stern and Kathleen felt a little afraid.

"It feels like ? very nice ? I don't know ? how to describe it, " she struggled to talk.

"Try, " he ordered again.

"I feel ? like waves ? rushing through my body ? as if I shall faint ? as if my head will explode ? I'm scared." "Don't be afraid and do not stop, carry on, carry on, carry on." The Squire watched as she built to her first orgasm. Rocking backwards and forwards as she finger-fucked her pussy, her beautiful white breasts glowing in the evening light, her head flung back.

She felt the waves grow in side her, each one bigger than the last. She was sure she would die. This felt like more than she could take ? suddenly everything exploded within her ? lights seem to pour out of her body ? stars flew around in her brain ? her hand became a blur as she pumped faster and faster into her pussy ? her back arched pushing her tits high into the air ? she felt a great crescendo peaking inside of her as if all the instruments in the world playing a symphony at the same time. And then she collapsed into the chair, gasping, her hands dropping by her side.

"Very good, my dear, very good. Now, as you recover listen to me. As a good wife you will do this before your husband wants to play at sex. It is your duty to make your pussy as wet as it is possible to be. Sometimes he will want to watch you do this, but other times you must anticipate his needs and prepare yourself in private. Do you understand?" Yes Sir, " she replied.

"Now, turn around and look at me." Kathleen swiveled herself on her chair. Before she could look up to the Squire's face she could see his cock. Again she gasped. He had been telling her the truth for now it stood tall and mighty like a great tree.

"See how well you have done. You have aroused me and now we are ready for the next lesson." LESSON TWO "A man's cock is the greatest source of pleasure to a woman and as such you must show it a great deal of respect. Indeed, some women would even worship it. One way you can do this, is with your mouth. Now, are you ready for your next lesson." "Yes Sir, " said Kathleen. In truth she still could not think straight. Her mind was still whirling with the after effects of what had just happened, but she felt so warm and good. She knew she would do anything the Squire asked of her now.

"First of all, I want you to reach up and take my cock in both your hands. Very good, now, bring the end to your mouth and wrap your lips around it. Ummm, nice. Now, open your lips and with the tip of your tongue flick at the end of my cock. Keep doing that for a little while." The Squire struggled to stop himself from coming immediately.

"Now, open your jaws as wide as you can and see how much of my cock you can get into your mouth. Very good, now just hold it there and suck as though this is the biggest lollipop you have ever had. Good. Now take your right hand and put that between my legs and cup that sack that his hanging there. Mmmmm ?. Good, now squeeze very gently." She was doing such a good job the Squire knew he would come very soon. He put his hand to the back of her head and held the back of the chair with the other hand to steady himself. He watched as his cock slid in and out of her mouth, strands of saliva trailing as she did so.

"Excellent my dear. Keep doing that, keep sucking at me, keep squeezing at me ? oh yes, that is very good ? mmm, so good ? don't stop." And he began to thrust himself deeper into her throat, holding her hair in his hand, pushing her onto him, savouring every inch he went into her beautiful mouth. She gasped and trembled under him as he thrust again and again, spurting his cum deep into her throat until he had drained himself completely.

"Oh yes, that was very good", he said as he pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed.

Kathleen remained on the chair, a little surprised at this last activity, not sure whether she had enjoyed it or not. She looked over at the Squire and saw that his cock was now small again. She began to cry.

"What on earth is the matter my dear,? asked the Squire.

"Oh, Sir, " she replied. "I have tried so hard to be a good pupil for you but now I see you are no longer aroused. Please tell me what I have done wrong, " she begged.

The Squire thought for a moment. He had not anticipated this. He had intended just to fuck her, but maybe ?

LESSON THREE "Well, you have displeased me a little, I must confess. You made me cum too soon. You see, when you bring your husband to the peak of his arousal his cock ejaculates as a signal to you that you have done well. This is your reward. However, you must be sure not to do this too soon. Now we have your pussy nice and wet and no stiff cock to put in it. I am afraid I will have to punish you for this. Do you understand?" Kathleen nodded. She was so upset with herself. She obviously wasn't paying enough attention to the Squire's instructions to have got it so wrong.

"Come over here, " he ordered.

Kathleen walked towards him and the Squire struggled not to show his appreciation of her delicious body. He watched as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing and her hips as they swayed with her walk. He stood up alongside the storage box at the end of his bed. He reached over to his dresser and picked up his riding crop, left there from his early morning canter.

"Now my dear, you must bend over and take your punishment like a good wife." Kathleen bent over and the Squire admired her two beautiful round globe-like buttocks. So white, so large ? it was so difficult to restrain from thrusting his cock straight into her as it rose again in appreciation of the sight before him.

Kathleen heard the "whoosh" of the whip as it moved through the air then jumped and screamed as it hit across her like a line of fire. A beautiful red mark appeared across one buttock.

Again, this time from the other side, "thwack", another red mark.

Kathleen was hurt and started to cry. She knew she had done wrong, but did not expect this sort of pain. The Squire heard her gentle sob and ordered her to look over her shoulder.

"Look my dear, you are doing well, see how my cock is growing again? That is because you are being a good wife and not fighting against your punishment." Kathleen smiled. Again the Squire seemed pleased with her. Another bite of the riding crop against her flesh, but this time it didn't seem to hurt so much.

"Shall I stop?" asked the Squire.

Kathleen thought for a moment. This was probably some sort of test. She had seen how he was becoming aroused so if she said "yes" his pleasure would stop and she would be punished some other way.

"No Sir, please continue, " replied Kathleen.

"Are you sure? Do you want me to whip you?" asked the Squire.

"Oh yes Sir. Please whip me again." "Are you enjoying this then?? he asked.

Another test, again she was unsure how to answer.

"Yes Sir. My enjoyment comes from knowing you are aroused and that I am giving you pleasure." She replied.

"Very good my dear, " replied the Squire as the whip came down on her derriere again, and again, and again. When the Squire had created a wonderful lattice of red marks on her buttocks he decided it was time to stop. His cock was now fully erect and he was desperate to test out her beautiful tight pussy.

"I think you have learned your lesson now. Now let's go to the final lesson." LESSON FOUR Kathleen stood and turned around, eager to learn what would happen now.

She watched as the Squire removed his clothes and admired the shape of his body. She had never seen a naked man before and she marveled at the difference from her own body. The Squire walked towards her, put his arms around her, pulled her close and bent his head to her lips.

He kissed with an urgency and a passion she could never have imagined. As he did so, he pulled and squeezed at her breast and pressed his hard cock against her belly.

"Oh my dear, you have been such a good and willing pupil today. I hope you are not going to let me down now." Said the Squire.

"Oh no Sir. I will do whatever you ask of me, you have been such a patient teacher and I am so eager to learn more from you." Replied Kathleen.

It was music to his ears. For years he had watched her grow up, a truly beautiful girl into a delicious young woman. Her mother was a wonderful woman who had given him many years of pleasure, but to be the one to take Kathleen's virginity was a truly marvelous gift.

"Turn around, " he ordered "and bend over." She did as she was asked. The Squire pressed up close behind her and she could feel his cock pushing against the hole in her pussy. He put one hand on her hip and reached around with his other hand to squeeze and pull at her breast. He started a gentle rocking motion and with each movement she felt his cock push slightly more into her pussy.

The Squire marveled at the tightness of her pussy. He could not remember the last time he had had the opportunity to sample a delight such as this. He tried to take his time and to be gentle with the girl but after a few moments could contain himself no longer. He thrust into her hard and firm. She screamed, arched her back and threw her head back towards him. She was his.

"Oh my god, " she cried.

"Hush my pet, all is well. Now you are a true woman, " said the Squire, caressing her body with his hands.

For a while he rested in her, allowing her to become accustomed to the sensations of his cock filling her tight little cunt. Gently he started rocking again, pulling back a little, then pushing back inside of her. Her hips responded, picking up his rhythm and he felt the insides of her pussy squeezing back on his cock. This girl was a natural and he could see he would enjoy teaching her the finer arts of sex another day. For now, he would enjoy this first fuck a little longer.

He pulled out and told her to lie on the bed. He crawled up between her legs, placed his hands beneath her hips raised her pussy up to his cock and impaled her on him again. This time she most definitely pushed back towards him, swallowing his full length into her softness. The Squire lay forward and buried his head between her breasts, savoring their warmth and softness. Their hips bucked in a slow rhythm, her hands ran over his buttocks and he raised his head to her nipple. He rolled it between his lips then bit gently. She moaned, a low deep moan and he knew he was in control. He pumped into her harder and firmer, swift thrusts now as he nibbled and bit on her nipple.

She responded beautifully ? her breathing quickened, her head rolled from side to side. He could contain himself no longer. He adjusted his position so he was kneeling between her legs, he lifted her ankles so his legs were over his shoulders. Now he would control the rhythm completely.

He started by just resting his cock on the edge of her pussy. She tried to push her hips towards him. He teased her again. She let out a little cry.

"My dear, what is wrong, " asked the Squire.

"Nothing Sir, " answered Kathleen. She did not want to do anything wrong this time.

"I think you want to feel my hot cock inside your cunt ? don't you, you little whore, " said the Squire.

Kathleen had no idea what a whore was, but she guessed it was another word for wife-pupil.

"Oh Sir, I would like that very much, but only if it would please you also, " she replied.

"It would please me if you were to beg, " he responded.

"Oh Sir, I beg you, " she replied.

"No, no, no ? you must tell me exactly what you want me to do, using the words that I have taught you. Only in this way will I know if you have been paying attention to our lessons." "Oh Sir, I beg you to push your stiff cock inside my pussy, " she cried.

"Is that all, just push it in?" "No Sir, I want you to push it in and out as you were doing before. That felt so good I wish it would never stop." "Like this, " he replied and thrust into her deeply, pulled back then rammed home again as hard as he could.

"Oh yes, oh yes. Please Sir, please don't stop." "But if I keep doing this, I will fill you with my juices and you may be with child ? I think it's best if we stop now." Kathleen cried.

"Oh Sir, please don't stop. I have tried so hard to be a good whore. I have tried to arouse you and to make myself nice and wet for your pleasure. Please don't stop the lesson now." He smiled. How sweet that she should use a newly learnt word in a most appropriate way.

"Very well then. I know of another way. But you must understand, I am now doing this because you have begged me. You have been a good whore today and therefore I feel you deserve your reward." And without another word he thrust into her as though he were stabbing her with a sword. He raised her hips high in the air and told her to reach down between her legs to find the button again. This she did and immediately he felt the walls of her pussy contract against his cock.

He continued thrusting in and out of her ? watching as she rolled her head from side to side ? gasping for breath ? playing with her clit ? building up to her second orgasm. As she did so, he struggled hard to contain himself, the sight of her response to him was absolutely magnificent. Her pert young nipples standing proudly, screaming their arousal to the entire world. Her pussy squeezing his cock as he continued thrusting into her.

Suddenly she arched her back high ? let out a huge moan and collapsed trembling and panting, shaking all over like a leaf. At the same time the Squire pulled out of her and holding his cock tight, pumped his juices over her gorgeous breasts before collapsing on the bed alongside of her.

For some time they both lay there gasping and trembling, struggling to regain their normal state. Eventually, the Squire said:

"So my dear. You are now my official whore ? you have learnt your first few lessons well and so I have rewarded you, here, taste this." And he wiped his cum from her breasts and fed it to her on his fingers. She lapped it hungrily as though she had not eaten for years.

"Oh Sir, thank you so much. I am so glad you are pleased with me." "I am my dear, I am. In a while, we will wash and dress before going down to dinner. After dinner, I have asked my maid and butler to join us, so we can continue to lesson number five. Are you looking forward to that?" "Oh yes Sir. I feel as though I have learnt so much already and I am eager to practice my new skills and to learn new ones. Thank you so much for helping me, I do hope I will have the opportunity to repay you one day." "Oh you will, my little whore, you will, " smiled the Squire.

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