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Kate Learns Submission Part 4

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Kate Learns Submission part 4 (final)

Kate slept the remainder of the night curled up securely in Jay?s arms. She woke up first, and wriggled out quietly from underneath him, where she had ended up. Today was their last day together she thought with a pang of sadness The plane home left this evening, and she had no choice but to be on it. He went back to class tomorrow. Their respective lives would continue, and they would go back to squeezing in time for one another however they could. Jay and Kate never knew when they would see each other again?days, weeks, even months sometimes went by between visits when it couldn?t be helped. During those times, Sexting, internet chatting, and the occasional webcam and blog postings kept them close. It was rare for even a day to go by without some sort of contact between them, and when it did, things that entire day just felt off. But she was always secure in their relationship, never doubted it was forever, and always hoped he knew the same. They didn?t need to SAY love to know it was very real and very present.

As she moved, her muscles immediately announced their protest following the long positioning for punishment last night. She quickly noticed the tenderness of both her ass cheeks and ran her hands over them curiously. She could feel the slightly raised welts still there from Jay whipping her with his belt the night before. Strange that it had been punishment, but admittedly still a total turn on. Jay certainly had a handle on his dominant role! Kate on the other hand was struggling. The entire dynamics of their relationship had changed so drastically in such a short span of time. All of the sudden she had become HIS?not that she hadn?t been before truth be known, but now it was out in the open and very dominantly real. Kate?s mind immediately flooded with memories of the night before?her saying no to sex in the parking garage, Jay?s rebuff in the elevator, the chair, the rope, and ?oh God the facial. Kate had never known she was capable of not only taking that, but liking it. In all the years she had known Jay, she never saw even a glimpse of this sort of control from him. She hadn?t uttered a word of protest the entire evening, and taken her punishment well. The safe word had never even occurred to her, although knowing in the back of her mind that it was in place lent her a bit more security. The dominant Jay she was meeting this weekend intrigued her, but the submissive Kate she found in herself really surprised her. As part of her punishment for yesterday?s oppositional behavior, Jay hadn?t allowed her to cum?at all? all night. Truth be known public sex still scared her, but she now knew that next time Jay propositioned she would comply anyway, to avoid punishment. Honestly, she had been incredibly turned on by his attempt to fuck her up against the second level retaining wall of the parking garage last night, but she had let reality sneak in and interfere. She would not make that same mistake again. Knowing of course that the real punishment hadn?t been the bondage, the facial, the spanking, or even the lack of orgasm. The real punishment had been the silent disapproval from a man she loved, and the lonely half a night alone on the couch. Her pussy twitched in response to the memories, and Kate suddenly had an overwhelming need to masturbate. Even though the whole dominant/submissive thing was still new to her, she knew full well that masturbating without permission had to be a very bad thing to do. Of course, who knew if they would still be in those roles when Jay woke up, it seemed it was his call to make. Even so, her mind reasoned, Jay was sound asleep. He wouldn?t catch her. She could do it in the other room on the couch, quietly, the same couch where Jay had sent her to sleep alone as the last part of her punishment. She looked over her shoulder at him sleeping and smiled at the memory of waking in the middle of the night to him taking her gently back to bed with him, to her spot. Kate needed release so badly, she was sure he would understand? and shame on Jay anyway for not letting her cum last night. It was his fault really she thought defiantly. With that disobedient bit of resolve, Kate climbed carefully out of the bed, padding quietly with bare feet over to the couch.

She sat in one corner of the paisley furniture, putting one leg on the couch with her, knee up against the back cushion, and the other stretched out to rest on the nearby coffee table. She had slept naked, as Jay preferred, so clothing was not an issue. Kate slowly began running her hands over her tits, squeezing her rounded, already erect nipples, noticing a bit of tenderness and not quite remembering how they got that way. Her tits and nipples weren?t normally overly sensitive, and while she enjoyed them touched and fondled, it wasn?t usually a turn on in and of itself. But now the tenderness caused her to look down, noticing for the first time that both of her nipples were slightly bruised. She ran a finger over each bruise, exploring with curiosity the new sensitivity they afforded her there. She sighed quietly as her hands roamed over both tits, alternately cupping them underneath and rubbing a thumb over each blue tinged nipple. Eventually one hand stole its way casually down her stomach and between her thighs, stopping to massage her clit briefly before dipping two of her fingers into her pussy, only to find it already wet and sensitive. She almost sighed aloud, but stopped herself. Kate swirled her fingers around in the wetness leisurely, stealing a glance through the doorway of the bedroom to see Jay still sleeping before tilting her head back onto the couch, closing her eyes, and reveling in the feel of her hands on her own body. Masturbating always felt good, but this time in particular, the awesome need for release, coupled with the knowledge that doing it was disobedient, was making the whole process hotter, and wetter, and most likely quicker than usual. Kate had really wanted to do this last night, but had succeeded in being obedient when Jay had told her she couldn?t cum. Exhaustion from the night of punishment helped, but damn it had still been hard. Now she just couldn?t possibly wait any longer. With her eyes still tightly closed, Kate began to squeeze her right breast with her hand, her finger and thumb trapping her nipple tightly. She started drilling her fingers in and out of her now sopping wet pussy with more pressure and less control, while using her adjoining thumb to pat her clit. Her reddened and sore ass sunk deeper into the couch cushion as her wriggling became more evident. Sensory overload was quickly becoming a reality, and the release Kate would have begged, yes begged for last night if Jay had let her speak, was literally only seconds away. She bit her lower lip, a telltale sign that she was about to cum. She had always done that, but had never noticed until Jay teasingly pointed it out to her once. Oh shit?Jay. She had completely forgotten about him. Too late to stop at this point, her eyes flew open just as her orgasm overtook her. And there was Jay?standing naked, about two feet away, watching her with no expression at all on his face. Too far gone to prevent it, Kate?s body convulsed with her orgasm, her fingers getting soaked with her cum, and squeezed by the convulsions of her pussy. Kate was helpless to stop the release of her body, and her eyes met Jay?s only briefly before she looked away blushing. As the reaction slowed, Kate slid her fingers out of her pussy and eased the grip she had on her tit, pulling her leg that was on the table simultaneously up next to the other. She sat very still in the corner of the couch, staring at her raised knees, both arms wrapped around them, afraid to again make eye contact with Jay. The quiet seemed to stretch on forever, Kate sitting on the couch in a very submissive position, and Jay staring at her, naked, now with a semi hard cock casually in his hand.

Finally Jay walked over and sat next to her on the couch, his now fully erect cock in full view. He used his feet to push the coffee table away from the couch as far as he could, then reached over and took one of Kate?s hands off of her knee. First he licked each of her fingers in turn, tasting the juices her orgasm had just provided. Then he massaged her fingers with his, brought her hand to his lips again, and kissed it sweetly. Kate chanced a look at him, and he smiled at her, and for a moment she relaxed, thinking he understood, began putting her legs down to wriggle closer to him?he just had to know that he had left her no choice. But then Jay pulled her hand roughly and in what seemed like one motion guided her to her knees on the floor by his feet. ?Stay,? he said evenly. Kate sat quietly, her sore ass resting on her heels and her hands by her sides, eyes downcast. She had been disobedient again, and she knew it. It surprised her that her eyes began to fill up with tears, but she refused to cry, or to let him see it. Jay stood up and stepped around her, crossed the room, and removed the rope from the chair legs where it had been abandoned last night. He knelt down behind Kate, pulling her hands behind her and tying her wrists together, then repeating the process with her ankles, connecting all four loosely together, effectively hog tying her without hurting her. Jay stood up, looking down on her with satisfaction, then circled back around her, sitting in front of her on the couch with his already hard cock in front of her face. Kate couldn?t move, and continued to stare down at the floor submissively. She was still on her knees, her ass resting on her heels, her knees parted in front of her. Her tits were still flushed from her most recent indiscretion, her nipples still hard and prominent in front of her. Jay placed one hand under Kate?s chin and forced her head up to make eye contact with him. Kate tried to look away, but Jay held her chin firmly and murmured, ?look me in the eye my disobedient lil slut. Do NOT look away.? Kate complied as best she could, as Jay let go of her chin and began rubbing her sore tits with both of his hands, squeezing them hard enough to make Kate wince as his hands seemed to find exactly where the bruises were. He then sat back on the couch and began stroking his cock and balls with both of his hands. Kate couldn?t help but lower her gaze to his cock, already glistening with precum on the tip. ?Look at ME Kate,? Jay growled, and Kate immediately raised her eyes. Jay continued to masturbate, staring Kate in the eye. ?My bad girl thinks its ok to masturbate without permission, huh?? Jay said almost conversationally. ?No, I just?? Kate began, but Jay put a finger to her lips to silence her. ?And to think I was feeling bad about not letting you cum last night, and I was going to lick you this morning. Tsk tsk,? Jay continued, stroking his cock rhythmically. Kate didn?t respond, thinking she had dug herself a deep enough hole. She looked him in the eye, struggling to control the tears in hers, almost silently begging him not to hurt her, as this position of submission was proving increasingly uncomfortable as it was. She couldn?t really move anything but her fingers, toes, and head?and his demand to look him in the eye effectively immobilized her head as well. Jay had taken care to be sure the ropes weren?t overly tight, but they were snug. She was completely stuck for the first time, and she worked hard to tap down the fear she felt. She trusted Jay completely, but this was still new and scary, and Kate began rubbing her thumbs together behind her back, a nervous fidgeting reaction she often couldn?t control even if she wasn?t bound.

Jay scooted to the edge of his seat, placed the head of his cock to Kate?s lips and commanded, ?open.? Kate opened her mouth obediently. Jay began to pump his cock into her mouth, slowly at first, easing slowly in between her wet glistening lips and over her tongue. Kate sighed despite herself, because she did so love his cock in her mouth. She struggled to keep her balance in this new submissive bondage position and maintain eye contact as Jay pumped rhythmically in and out of her mouth, gently and with marked control. Seeing her wavering, Jay pulled out of her mouth, stood up, and reversed her position effortlessly, placing her back against the couch and her head back on the cushion. He stood close over her and commanded, ?Look at me Kate. Tell me you are a naughty lil slut.? ?I am a naughty lil slut,? Kate said quietly, her eyes wandering. Jay reached down and tilted her head roughly back into the cushion so she had no choice but to look up at him. ?And naughty lil sluts deserve what?? Jay asked. ?Punishment,? Kate replied dejectedly. With that Jay placed his cock back in her mouth and began to face fuck her in earnest. The being tied up was punishment, the fact that he hadn?t touched her again wet pussy was punishment, but the face fucking was completely new, and rough. Kate struggled some, trying to keep him from gagging her, but quickly realized that bound in this position and without the use of her hands, she was for the first time completely at his mercy for a blow job. Even as her throat protested some and she wriggled helplessly in her bindings, she still loved Jay?s cock in her mouth, and wanted him to cum so she could swallow every drop. Of course Jay knew her well enough to know that was what she wanted, and he had no intention of appeasing his disobedient lil slut. He fucked her mouth hard, looking her in the eyes as his rock hard member slid forcefully in and out from between her beautiful lips. Kate was doing her best to maintain the eye contact Jay wanted, but the force with which he was pumping in and out of her mouth was still threatening to gag her, and making her tear up more than she already had been. A few times Jay did shove his cock in as far as it could go and held it there, and Kate did gag, but he would then back off and give her a short moment to catch her breath and lick her lips before he resumed face fucking her. When he was finally about to cum, his cock growing ever harder in her mouth, and to Kate?s surprise and disappointment, Jay pulled out.

Jay immediately flipped her over onto the floor between the couch and coffee table unceremoniously, her face pressed against the carpet, her ass raised up by her knees tucked up somewhat beneath her. Her hair was all in her face, but she wouldn?t have been able to see anything but the legs of the table if her eyes had been uncovered anyway. Kate felt his fingers part her legs as much as they could be in this position, and tensed involuntarily when he rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks. Jay leaned his body over hers, got very close to her face and murmured, ?What?s the matter lil naughty one? Do you not WANT my cock in that tight asshole?? ?Please don?t,? Kate pleaded, afraid of both the lack of lubrication and the bound position. Jay leaned back, grabbing a bottle of lube off the shoved aside coffee table, and Kate felt him rub it between her ass cheeks. Then out of nowhere he spanked her, hard, and Kate cried out in both pain and surprise. Before she could protest further, she again felt his cock pushing and she tried her best not to tense up, knowing that relaxing would make it easier. Jay?s cock slid into her tight asshole in one fluid motion, and Kate cried out again despite herself. Jay wrapped a hand in her hair, pulling her head up off the carpet as he fucked her hard, taking what was his and not worrying about her comfort or enjoyment. His other hand alternated between rubbing her ass cheek and swatting it hard. To Kate?s surprise, the combination of his cock filling her ass, his relentless pounding rubbing her clit against her own thighs, the pressure of his hand in her hair, and the spanking all set her on a path to another orgasm. Jay realized he could tell she was close to cumming again, and so was he. He thrust all the way into her and stopped, his cock filling her asshole and stretching her as much as she could go. He growled at her from his dominant position above her, ?Would my naughty lil slut like to cum?? ?Yessir please? I?ll be a good girl I promise,? Kate rattled off breathlessly. ?Hmm,? Jay murmured, still frozen in position, and he smiled when he saw Kate bite her lip in that incredibly sexy way she had. ?No,? Jay said in a commanding tone, ?you came without me, now I cum without you. Don?t you dare cum until I tell you that you may do so, lil cunt.? Kate bit her lip almost to bleed, screwing her eyes shut, and Jay smiled, knowing how hard it was for her to hold back. He resumed thrusting his cock in and out of her ass, hard, and spanked her as he did so. She had wanted dominant/submissive this weekend dammit, and in those roles she would learn to do only what he allowed her to do, and he would teach her. Meantime, he knew she was close to cumming, and was using every bit of control she had. Having Kate bound, helpless, and completely his turned Jay on in ways that were new to him. He wanted to explore control with her, his as well as hers, but he also didn?t want to shame her, or scare her, and certainly didn?t want to really hurt her. He pumped in and out of her tight lil asshole a few more times, pulled out, and left one hand firmly gripping her ass cheek while he stroked himself with the other. He ran the hand off her ass and under her, running his fingertips lightly over her pussy, which was positively dripping wet. Kate shuddered at his touch and tried to push her pussy into his hand. The idea that he could do that to her, her beautiful body shaking underneath him, her trying so hard to please him, was what put him over the edge. He moaned loudly as he shot his load all over her ass cheeks, watched it glisten as it ran down off her sides and onto the carpet. He backed away from her, knowing that any touch could quite possibly send her into an orgasm, and she was trying so hard to behave. He stood up straight, leisurely stretching like a cat after a good nap, and patted her lightly on the ass one last time. She heard him pad across the room to the bathroom and heard the shower water start to run. Kate didn?t know that Jay stood in the bathroom doorway almost a full minute, enjoying the site of her bound and totally at his mercy. She looked beautiful there on the floor with his cum dripping off of her reddened ass cheeks, her skin flushed and her hair all tousled. Kate only knew she was stuck where she was, still bound securely. She wanted untied, her muscles were screaming for release, and her tits had basically been ground into the carpet, the previously sensitive nipples now feeling as though they were on fire. Her hair was still annoyingly in her face, damp with sweat, and clinging to her cheek and forehead. She didn?t know that in that moment she looked incredible in her master?s eyes.

Jay took his time in the shower, knowing that the longer he left Kate in her place, the more she would understand the punishment. He also knew that without being able to move, her body would abandon the orgasm it had been so close to having, which is also what he wanted. As much as he had enjoyed his lil slut this weekend, he wanted Kate back. And he thought she probably wanted Jay back too. He finished up in the shower, toweled off, and headed across the room, humming softly so as not to startle the dozing princess he saw on the floor. Jay knelt beside Kate, untying her gently, massaging each place on her skin the rope had touched. She didn?t say anything, barely looked at him, and he didn?t correct her. He knew what he wanted, but he knew she didn?t, so he intended to show her. When the rope was completely off, he helped her up, entwining his hand with hers, and led her to the shower. He started the water for her and told her sweetly to wash up and come back to him. Kate did as told, spent awhile standing under the hot spray of water, washing away the tenderness and mess she had become. She had really enjoyed the weekend, the sexual demands, the dominance, the submission?but now she felt a bit embarrassed by what they had become. It troubled her that as fun as it had been, maybe they wouldn?t be able to go back to just Jay and Kate. And how would that play out? With a troubled mind, Kate got out of the shower, toweled off, and headed back into the bedroom to see what her master had in store for her now.

Jay was sitting on the side of the bed, the blankets still rumpled from sleep and the curtains still closed. Soft daylight filtered through the window, and Jay patted the bed beside him, gesturing for Kate to join him. She sat down next to him, hesitantly, not sure of what to expect. It was their last bit of time together this visit, and it was obvious that the idea of going anywhere didn?t appeal to either of them. Jay retrieved a hairbrush from the nightstand, the one that had been placed there with mysterious intent the other night. Kate tensed at the sight of it. Stupid reaction to a damn hairbrush she knew, but after the weekend?s events not entirely unexpected. He began brushing out Kate?s hair gently, running his hand over it and across her shoulders as he did so. He wrapped each damp curl in turn around his fingers lazily. Kate closed her eyes and sighed contentedly. Jay knew this was one of several ways to relax Kate, and he really wanted her to calm down. When all the tangles were out of her hair, Jay put the hairbrush down and turned her face gently towards him. He looked her in the eye for a full minute, his fingertips stroking the side of her face as he did so. While he had enjoyed dominating her the past few days, nothing beat the loving sparkle he could see plainly in her bright green eyes right now. He watched as Kate?s whole posture relaxed, the tension that had been evident in her shoulders until just a few minutes earlier letting go. Kate couldn?t help but relax under Jay?s tender gaze, his hands on her so gentle and sweet. She too had enjoyed submitting to Jay, but still absolutely craved his loving touch. Jay leaned into her, kissing her softly on the lips. Kate placed her hands on either side of him and kissed him back. The hunger in both of them was plainly evident. Jay kissed her lips, her cheek, her ear, then whispered softly, ?I like my lil slut, but now I just want Kate.? Kate smiled as he ran his tongue down her cheek and over her neck to the sensitive spot in the curve of her shoulder. She shuddered as he kissed her there, snuggling closer to him and returning the favor, flicking his ear with her tongue and whispering back to him with a touch of remaining hesitancy, ?I like my sir, but I want Jay.?

Jay buried his face in her sweet smelling damp tangle of curls, running his hands gently over both of her breasts, carefully avoiding any real pressure on her bruises. He bent his head and kissed each blue tinged nipple softly, and Kate leaned back, falling onto the bed with a moan of delight. Jay kissed slowly down her side, his hands wandering between her thighs in advance of his lips. Kate arched her back in response to his touch, as Jay placed himself between her legs, pushing her knees up gently to get better access. He flicked his tongue across Kate?s clit, and she moaned despite herself. ?Oh God yes lick me. Please.? Unlike previously, Kate subconsciously dropped the ?sir? off of her request, knowing this was a pleading motivated by need, not obedience. Jay paused to look up at her from his position below her, for a change, smiled and murmured, ?YOUR wish is MY command. I love the way you taste baby.? Kate couldn?t help writhing around as he began to lick her repeatedly, his fingers finding and entering her pussy so gently. The softness of touch, the tone of their voices, and the terms of endearment all changing the dynamic between them as easily as the flip of a switch. Suddenly they were Jay and Kate again. Jay continued to run his tongue all over her pussy, his fingers gliding gently in and out of her wet hole, setting an easy rhythm. She alternated between running her fingers over his short cropped hair and neck, and grasping the sheets in her fingers. Jay knew exactly how to take Kate to the stars orally, and as he continued spoiling her, all thoughts of dominant and submissive disappeared. Kate began to wriggle around on the bed, almost involuntarily pushing her pussy against Jay?s lips and tongue and fingers. When her body began to shake, both she and Jay knew she was close to cumming, and he eased back away from her, kissing her inner thighs before sitting back on his heels. Kate whimpered slightly, but sat up to meet him and kissed him again, the taste of her most private area still on his lips.

As they kissed deeply, Kate ran her hands over his chest, stopping to circle each nipple slowly and softly. She ran her hands over his stomach, finding his rock hard cock and caressing the head with the tip of her finger as she bit his lower lip softly. ?My turn,? she said, playfully giving him a push backward. Jay didn?t fight it, laying back on the bed. He grabbed a pillow to put under his head and when she looked up at him curiously from her kneeling position between his knees, he smiled at her and replied, ?the better to see you with my sweet.? Kate lowered her head close to his cock as she ran both hands over the length of him. She looked him in the eye as she licked her fingertip and caressed the head of his throbbing member once again. Jay loved this Kate, just the right mix of sweet and aggressive. He wrapped his hands in her hair, gently, just to touch her really, as she lowered her lips and began slowly licking up and down each side of his member, seeming to explore every vein with her tongue. Holding her hair gently also allowed Jay to watch her enjoy his cock. She used one hand to cup both of his balls in her hand, kneading them together gently as her warm mouth slid over him. In and out of her mouth his cock slid easily, Kate using one hand to steady it at the base while still playing with his balls with the other. She would draw back just far enough to make him think she was letting go, only to suck him back in, all the way in, to her hot wet mouth. Each time she backed off a little bit, Jay could see her saliva glistening on his cock, mixing with the precum he was sure was dripping out of the head by now. She did know how to do this well, and he always craved it from her. Kate had always loved sucking Jay?s cock, and this time was no exception. She absolutely could do it all day if possible. The heat of his member in her mouth, the weight of his balls in her hand, the wetness between her thighs, and the faint smell of soap mixing with the unmistakable smell of sex all combined to create one of her favorite places to be.

After what seemed like an eternity of sweet teasing to Jay, Kate slid her body slowly up on his until she was face to face with him. Skin was touching skin everywhere it possibly could, her impossibly soft breasts pressed against his chest and his hard cock pressing firmly against Kate?s pussy mound. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to him as they kissed again, long and deep and wet. Kate placed her hands on either side of Jay?s head and raised herself up, reaching between them and placing his cock nearer to her pussy. Jay arched his back slightly and entered her, slowly, and they both moaned aloud as his cock was completely enveloped deep in her. They remained still for a moment, both savoring the closeness and heat and friction of their bodies so close. Kate began undulating her hips in slow circles, grinding her pussy down on Jay?s cock and letting it massage her inner walls. She sighed and buried her head in his shoulder, and Jay responded by using one hand on the back of her neck holding her close, the other gently massaging one ass cheek, ever mindful of the tenderness from the previous days spankings. Kate raised onto her knees close to Jay?s hips and continued to ride his cock, slow and deep. Jay writhed under her, raising his hips to meet her every downward push. The perfect fit and perfect rhythm came so naturally when they were together. Kate?s body began to shake, her movements coming quicker and her pussy getting wetter. Jay only held her tighter against him, savoring the feel of her warmth and wetness surrounding his cock, and the sweet smell of her damp hair as it tickled his neck. He found her ear with his lips and whispered softly, ? I love the way my cock feels inside you baby. Please cum all over me.? Kate responded by burying her head closer into his neck and grinding on his cock until with a sound that was part moan and part sigh of relief, Jay felt her contractions begin as they squeezed his cock repeatedly in the throes of her orgasm.

As her contractions subsided slowly, Jay gripped Kate tightly in his arms and rolled with her, placing himself over top of her without his cock slipping from that glorious wet hole. He smiled down at her so beautifully beneath him, and kissed her nose before rocking back on his heels, pushing her knees up gently and pushing his cock as deeply inside her as it would go. Her orgasm had made everything wet for both of them, and his cock slid easily in and out of her pussy. He fucked her slow and hard and deep, watching her eyes shimmer as her body continued undulating with aftershocks of her orgasm. She reached up and put both hands on his chest, steadying herself against him as she raised her hips to meet his every thrust. He began to fuck her faster, loving the view of her breasts bouncing with every movement, her fingers splayed over his chest, her eyes meeting his with a look of ultimate bliss to equal his own. Jay pushed into her as hard as he could and began cumming, filling her pussy with a load of cum that felt like it would go on forever. Kate arched her back to keep him deeply within her, savoring the feel of their ultimate closeness. When Jay was done, he rolled to the side of her, immediately curling her into his side, her head on his shoulder and hand over his heart. Jay held Kate close as her fingers traced lazy shapes across his chest. She raised her head and kissed him softly on the lips, him returning her kiss just as sweetly. This was Jay and Kate?just Jay and Kate. No roles to play, no proper places, and orders, and punishments. But even here there were rewards, oh my yes. And those rewards were very sweet. This visit was coming to an end, but Jay and Kate both knew there would always be another. Because sometimes commitment didn?t need spelled out, sometimes it just existed. And at that moment, in that bed, snuggled close in sheets warm from their bodies, Jay and Kate both knew there was commitment, and friendship, and love. Kate snuggled up to Jay, and he held her close. They both ended up dozing off again, but neither could think of a better way to spend their last few hours.

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