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Kate Learns Submission Part 1

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It was lunchtime. She had been traveling for a few hours now, and the cab she was in was the last leg of a trip she had been looking forward to for weeks. Unlike most travelers, at only 5?2? tall and only carrying a few extra pounds on her frame, she had not been uncomfortable on the too small commuter jet she had arrived on a little while ago, and was still in good spirits. She absentmindedly crossed her bare legs, her very fair white skin sparkling with the sunshine through the window, and her freshly shaved pussy gliding against her panties. She ran her fingers through her long curly auburn red hair, that always set off the sparkle in her green eyes just right. Kate sat back and watched out the window as DC turned into Virginia and the hotel came into view. She didn?t know quite where she was, but she enjoyed traveling and she knew ?he? would take good care of her here. The ?he? was a great friend, a boyfriend of sorts. Kate and Jay had been seeing one another on and off for several years, and while they both had other, shall we say, commitments, they seemed to always find time for one another, and the sexual meetings had evolved over the years into something that balanced precariously on the line between friendship and love. The fact that they both were fine walking that line only made things easier. Kate smiled at the thought of Jay, a small sigh escaping her that she didn?t realize had made a sound until she noticed the cab driver looking curiously in the rearview mirror at her. She smiled again, thinking how he would wreck if she had, say, had her hand under her skirt. The drive was short and pleasant, and Kate tipped the cab driver well when they arrived at the hotel entrance. She probably tipped too well, but not being one of the typical business types that were usually his fare, she didn?t know what was appropriate and was in too good a mood to think about it. Kate approached the front desk, but there was no one to be seen. She took out her cell and called the front desk. The phone inches away on the desktop began to ring and a young black girl hurriedly appeared around the corner. She smiled at Kate and motioned to let her get the phone first. Kate hung up the cell and told the girl not to bother, that it was her on the phone. The girl laughed and apologized, Kate asked her for the keycard Jay had left for her, and then with it headed for the elevators. When she got to room 406 she put the keycard in the door and opened up to a very well appointed two room suite. She thought to herself how nice for Jay that while he was training in DC, the government had chosen to put him up in such pleasant accommodations. And how nice for her too.

Kate sat down on the edge of the bed, smiling as she ran through some of their recent conversations in her head. They hadn?t seen one another in a few months, and as of late their conversations had often turned to their ideas about exploring a dominant/submissive relationship. Jay had been dominant with his long term girlfriend, and Kate had been submissive with a play friend in the past, but they had never explored those interests together. Kate had her doubts about Jay playing the dominant, as he had always been very quiet and sweet with her. And Jay had never considered that fiercely independent Kate would enjoy being submissive. But there was interest on both their parts, and this weekend was slated to be an interesting exploration. They had 3 days and 3 nights ahead, the uninterrupted time together a novelty in itself. He was in class now, but would let her know when he was on the way. She turned and noticed a note propped against the pillows at the head of the bed, and flopped onto her stomach to read it. It said, ?I?m glad you are here. Have you texted me with that information yet?? Kate smiled and unclipped her cell, texted him a ?hi honey I?m home,? followed by a ?I?m going to find some lunch.? She didn?t expect a response because after all he was in class, but she was pretty sure his mind was not on government regulations and protocol. Kate walked to a nearby fast food place, ate a quick lunch, picked up a few necessities that she hadn?t wanted to bother getting through airport security, and headed back to the hotel. While walking her cell vibrated her pocket and she read a text from Jay that said ?where are you?? She texted back that she was walking back from lunch, and Jay responded saying he would be there in about 30 minutes. Then to her surprise, he said he expected her to be lying on the bed in her panties waiting for him. Kate felt an almost immediate dampening of those very panties. Not only because of the anticipation of being with him after all this time, but because of the demanding tone of the text. ?Let the games begin,? she thought as she continued walking.

Later when Jay opened the door to the room, Kate was indeed right where he had told her to be, laying sideways on the bed on her back with her head by the edge, in only a pair of black lace panties. He smiled down at her and she smiled back, seeing him after all this time such a nice moment. Jay bent and kissed her lightly on the lips, then stood over her and removed all his clothing. The sight of him so close and with it having been so long, sent Kate?s mind racing and she felt her clit twitch involuntarily. He was certainly handsome she thought, with his close cut red hair that curled when it got too long, fair skin like hers with a light covering of chest hair, and at 5?9? tall he was just the right height to compliment hers without dwarfing her. He wasn?t thin, but not fat either, the exact body style Kate preferred, as she liked a man that could cover her in bed. His blue eyes sparkled with a mischief she had found so enticing ever since she had first met him. He always looked at her with such intense want in his eyes that it sent her head spinning. Kate?s eyes couldn?t help but wander to his cock, after all it was right there above her head. Jay was well endowed and semi-hard, and she smiled at the idea of licking and sucking his cock. Oral sex was one of her absolute favorite pastimes, and she was told she was very good at it. He smiled at her and said ?don?t move?. Then, to Kate?s surprise and admittedly, disappointment, Jay turned from her and headed into the bathroom closing the door behind him. Kate heard the water for the shower begin to run and realized that the game had indeed begun. She decided to behave, for the moment, and laid right where he had left her, but he hadn?t said anything about what she could do while lying there. Kate?s left hand wandered down under the waistband of her panties, her fingers lazily caressing her clit, while her right hand cupped one small but adequate ?b? cup breast gently, running one finger over her nipple. She closed her eyes and continued to pleasure herself, slowly, not wanting to get there without Jay. She heard the water turn off, and opened her eyes when she heard the door open. Jay walked back to the bed, taking slow steps as he watched her touching herself. When he got close?he gently took both her hands in his, bent slightly and licked the fingers she had been using to tease her pussy, and then placed both her hands close to his legs above her head, her fingers gripping the edge of the mattress. He bent very close to her, kissed her nose and said quietly, ? I SAID not to move.? He began to slowly stroke his cock with one hand and cup his balls with the other, directly over her face, the tip only inches from her mouth. Kate could see precum glistening on the head, and she so badly wanted to lick it. She started to move her hands to touch him, but he looked down at her without smiling and said, ?Kate honey, if we are going to do this you have to listen and behave. Place your hands back on the bed and DON?T move. That?s the third time I have told you, next time I have to repeat myself there will be punishment. Now be a good girl and do as you are told.? Kate was a bit taken aback, this was a side of Jay she had not seen before, and the word punishment from his mouth both excited and scared her. Kate placed her hands obediently back on the edge of the bed and tried not to squirm as Jay began stroking his cock faster, right over her face, watching her eyes as he did so. Kate could tell by his body language that Jay was soon close to cumming, and she got excited by the possibility that he was going to cum all over her face and chest. But just then, Jay climbed on the bed on his knees, placing one on either side of her head, effectively pinning her arms above her body. He placed the tip of his cock to her lips and she willingly opened her mouth. He leaned over her, guiding his member slowly in, not stopping until it had completely disappeared into Kate?s mouth. Kate gagged slightly, but Jay told her to relax as he gripped one of her breasts in each hand and began to fuck her mouth. Slowly at first so she could relax, then faster as they both realized he was about to cum. He squeezed Kate?s breasts tightly and Kate registered the slight pain, but was distracted by his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, almost down her throat. Jay came hard, squirting hot cum down her throat in spurts that seemed to never end. Kate swallowed every drop, and Jay slowly withdrew from her mouth, pinching her nipples once before he let go of her breasts and climbed off the bed. He stood looking at her lying there and thought about how beautiful she looked and how lucky he was to have her. But he wouldn?t tell her so, because that, he thought, was not very dominant. He had been planning this very scenario in his head for weeks, but no amount of forethought could have prepared him for the phenomenal reality.

Jay watched Kate lick her swollen red lips, then bent to kiss her and said, ?good girl. Good girls get rewarded.? He guided her up to the head of the bed, leaning her against the pillows and took off her panties, spreading her legs and raising her knees as he did so. Kate smiled, thinking she knew exactly what her reward would be. After looking at her pussy for what seemed like a forever, Jay smiled at her and said, ?touch yourself again sweetheart.? Kate was surprised yet again, but did as she was told, and found her pussy to be dripping from excitement. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, but in an instant felt her hair grabbed behind her head and her eyes immediately came open as he forced her head back up and said, ?No. Look at me while you touch yourself. I want to watch your eyes.? Kate did as she was told and after a few minutes, Jay took her hand and placed two of her fingers in her pussy, and then used his fingers to tease her clit and pussy lips. Finally, still staring into Kate?s eyes, Jay said, ?Tell me what you want, Kate.? This was new too, and Kate didn?t answer at first. Usually when she wanted something she took it, or at least put herself in a position to get it. Not pleased with her silence, Jay pulled his hand away from her pussy, and cupped her chin in his hand. She squirmed a bit, desperately wanting him to rub her pussy again. ?Kate,? he said quietly, ?make no mistake, even when it is you receiving the pleasure, it is because I am letting you. I asked you a question and from now on you will answer questions with no hesitation, understood?? Without missing another beat Kate whispered, ?yes sir.? In her head her mind was reeling. Sir, had she really just called Jay sir? Where the hell did that come from? ?Good girl. Now let me ask you again,? Jay enticed, beginning to rub her clit again, ?What do you want?? ?I want you to lick me until I cum,? Kate blurted out breathlessly. ?How badly?? Jay asked, smiling at her. ?Please Jay please?? Kate asked. Without another word, Jay stretched out on the bed, and began to lick her pussy in earnest, replacing her fingers with his. Everything running through Kate?s head suddenly disappeared, and all that mattered was the feel of Jay?s tongue on her clit, the feel of his fingers sliding in and out of her sopping wet hole, and the shaking of her body that always preceded a squirting orgasm. Jay had been the first man to ever make Kate squirt, and he never failed to do so. With an almost violent shudder and her hands grabbing the bedcovers tightly, Kate orgasmed, her pussy clamping onto Jay?s fingers as he continued to drill them in and out of her hole. She began to squirm, but he wouldn?t let her pull back until the last shudder passed. She slid her head down to a pillow as Jay laid beside her. She sensed he was waiting for something, and it came to her so easily it surprised her. ?Thank you,? she said between ragged breaths. ?Very good girl. You?re welcome,? Jay said contentedly, only now placing an arm underneath her to curl her into him. Kate put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. This is where they both liked to be. They didn?t need any discussion about emotions or boundaries, and had never had one. Lucky for them both their significant others tolerated their friendship with a little eye rolling and a lot of lenience. Here they were only a few hours into their time together and already their new roles had been established. Both Jay and Kate laid quietly close, the sun fading out of the room as afternoon gave way to evening, both catching their breath, minds reeling with possibilities for the rest of the weekend.

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