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Jill Gives In

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Jill lived out in the country and had no neighbors for miles. She loved it she could run around naked; never have to lock her doors, and could get mad and scream and no one could hear her.

Jill was coming home from work one day when she thought there was a car following her. She could see that it was a professional looking man. She looked in the rear view mirror constantly and that same car was there. Jill decided she would take a few turns and then back on the same road. She thought she would try to make him think he had been noticed. Jill made two left turns then he was gone. Jill was relieved. When she got back on the main road she didn?t see him so she headed for home.

Later that evening while watching television she noticed that there was a car going by her driveway and slowing down every five to ten minutes and thought that was strange. Jill called her husband Jim and said, ?Jim, I am scared? Jim asked, ?What is the matter Jill?? Jill replied, ?There is a car slowing down at the driveway every five to ten minutes.? Jim told her, ?I?ll finish what I am doing and come right home.? They both hung up the phone.

Jill kept watching television while watching out the window. There it was again. She tried to see what kind of car it was but she couldn?t make it out. She wished Jim would hurry and get home.

Jim was on his way home when a block from his house there was a car broke down. He stopped to see if he could help. Jim gets out of his car and asked the stranger if he could help. The stranger said, ?Yes, my hood shocks are broken and I need some help holding it up. It has overheated? Jim said ?Sure I can do that.? While Jim is holding up the hood for the stranger, the stranger walks around to the trunk and gets a jug and something else Jim couldn?t make out. The stranger walks back around to the car and hits Jim with a tire tool. Jim falls to the ground. The stranger restrains his hands, feet, and mouth.

The stranger carries Jim to his car and puts him in the backseat and waits for Jim to wakeup. After about ten minutes had passed Jim wakes up and is in shock. The stranger tells Jim to calm down he does not want to hurt him and to drive them to his house and go in like nothing is wrong; I will be in the backseat so don?t try anything funny. Tell your wife that everything is okay and hold her close for a few minutes then take her to your bedroom, blindfold her and just start massaging her. If you do as you are told you will not be hurt. Jim says ?okay? and starts up his driveway.

Jill meets Jim at the door hugging him immediately. Jim says, ?Everything is okay let me hold you, I am here sweetie?. They walk in the door and he does just as he was told. Jim asked Jill ?If she would like a massage? and Jill smiles and responds ?Always?. Jim says, ?Lets go to the bedroom then and I can take care of you. ? They get to the bedroom and Jim tells her that since she was so scared he would give her the best massage ever. Jill lies on her belly on the bed, Jim begins to caress Jill?s body and then he places the blindfold over her eyes while massaging her. She asked what the mask was for and Jim responds that it is so she can fully enjoy the massage. Jim tells Jill to lie on her back so he can massage the front of her.

The stranger gets out of the car and carefully closes the door not to make any noise and enters the house. He follows Jill and Jim?s voices to find the bedroom and walks over to Jim and motions for him to step aside. Jim does as he is told. The stranger begins to restrain Jill?s arms. She thinks it is Jim and says, ?Well, bout time you come around to my bondage fantasy? Jill proceeds to comply without fighting; not knowing that it was not her husband. The stranger then binds her feet to each side of the bed attaching her to the rails of the bed. Jill now cannot move. She is spread eagle for the both of them. The stranger looks at her pussy and can tell that she really likes the bondage she is oozing. The stranger motions for Jim; he points to her breasts and Jim begins to fondle them. Jim slowly begins caressing her breasts. Jill speaks and tells Jim;? Baby, I am yours, Have your way with me? The stranger looks at Jim and smiles.

The stranger rubs her strong, tanned legs with one hand (not to let Jill know that there are two men there) up to her thigh and back down. The stranger stops and motions for Jim to sit in the chair in the bedroom and watch. The stranger, just to be cautious ties Jim to the chair and puts a gag in his mouth. The stranger continues with his teasing of Jill. He massages her feet then her legs and slowly reaches her breasts. He slips one breast into his mouth and is overwhelmed by the passion sitting in his pants.

He has watched this girl for weeks trying to figure out the perfect plan.

While switching back and forth from breast to breast he reaches down to her pussy and can feel the heat immediately. He lightly touches her slit and lightly tickles her trimmed bush. Jill begins to squirm she wanted so much more. He slowly inserts one finger into her and browses around with his finger, she is slopping wet. He inserts two, then three. She is pressing her hips toward his fingers wanting more but he stops. He trickles his hands down to her pussy and begins to massage the lips and then tonguing her clit and open hole that is pulsating to the beat of her heart. He takes her leg restraints and unties them and reattaches them to the headboard posts. Now she is in a very vulnerable position with her hands and legs bound together over her head. The stranger takes a look at Jim and can see that he is getting excited from watching him. His bulge in his pants told all. The stranger takes his finger and massages her asshole very lightly and slowly inserts the tip of his finger. He couldn?t believe it the hole was opening up for him. He took some lube out of his pocket and put it on his finger and began massaging it again this time it opened up and he inserted it all the way. Jill seemed to like it so he began to taste her sweet nectar while playing with her asshole.

She was moaning like she never had before. Her pussy was very hot the warmth was something he had never felt before. The stranger could wait no longer, he takes off his clothes and out popped his 8 inch dick and he teased her with it a few second then slammed it into her hot pussy, it was so tight. He gave it to her hard and fast and then he put his finger back in her ass and she loved it. So he pulled his dick out and shoved it in her ass she moaned and screamed ?Jim more, give me everything I want all you have to give, plug all my holes.? The stranger then immediately stopped and untied Jim. Jim seeing that he was not hurting her played along and Jim fucked her pussy while the stranger fucked her ass. ?Yes, YES, don?t stop I want more? Jill replied while caught up in her emotional erotic pleasure Jill soon realized there were two men and started to struggle. Jim tells her to enjoy herself it will be over soon. The stranger finally spoke and said ?We are here to please you and your husband cannot do it alone, so lay and enjoy, we want you to come like you never had before.? Jill couldn?t stand the thought of not knowing who was with her husband and started telling them to take her blindfold off. ?The stranger said I will take off the blindfold but will have to replace it with something else? Jill says ?FINE!!? The stranger then pulls out a penis gag and puts it in her mouth and then fastened it tightly behind her head and then he removes the blindfold. It takes Jill a minute to focus with the light and then realizes it was the guy following her earlier today but cannot tell Jim because she is gagged. The stranger and Jim then get back into position into her pussy and ass and Jill finally screams through her gag and lets out the largest amount of sweet white cream Jim has ever seen. The stranger then unties and ungags Jill and tells them not to tell anyone or he may have to make another visit without Jim and she would regret she did.

Jim and Jill discuss this night for over an hour and agree not to tell anyone--- but they both admitted to each other in enjoying the moment. Jim and Jill are now both swingers.

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