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Jayne and the helpful neighbor

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This story about Jayne comes from 1970, by this time we had been married for two years, we still lived in the same house and our sex life was very open. We had experimented with lots of other like minded people ever since the time Jayne had her gang-bang at Sue and Danny’s party. (Please read Jayne Innocence Lost for details)

Jayne was 18yrs old at that time, so she was now only 20yrs old. She still looked the same, in fact if possible even better. Still attractive without being what I would call classically beautiful. Because of our varied sex life she had toned her body and had a lovely taut tummy, her figure was now 36c-22-34, 5’6’’ tall with long shapely legs, large brown eye’s and long brunette hair. She had also taken to shaving her pussy completely, much to my delight as I could spend lots of time using my oral skills on that wonderfully tight haven of hers.

So let me set the background to what happened for you readers. There had been a bit of a storm wind the previous night and as a result one of our fences had been damaged and was lying in bits over the rear garden. I told Jayne I would try to get someone round to look at it later today but if she could pick up what bits she was able to I would see about the rest when I got home. We kissed as I left the house and went off to work, Jayne was still in her dressing gown. She went through her normal morning routine, slipped on her knickers and jeans, a woolen top and went into the rear garden. She was just about to start picking up broken pieces of fence when our next door neighbor, a nice man called Tom, who we got on with very well, aged about sixty and who lived alone, stepped through the hole where the fence had been. He asked Jayne if he could help and between them they picked up all the broken pieces and stacked them in the front garden ready to be taken away.

Jayne was obviously very grateful for his help and invited him in for a cup of tea to thank him, which he was happy to accept. As they sat chatting he asked if we had someone to repair the fence, Jayne told him,’No’ but that I was hoping to arrange something while at work. Tom told her he knew a couple of brothers who were carpenters and general handymen by trade, older guys he had known for years, who had done all of his fences for him, would she like him to call them? Jayne gratefully accepted his offer so he went to his house to get the number and phone them.

Meanwhile I phoned home to tell Jayne I was having no luck as there had been a lot of property damage during the night and everyone was giving priority to peoples homes rather than minor issues, so we would have to wait. Tom came back and told her the same, but the two brothers did agree to come over on Saturday to do the job, if Tom took the measurements and let them know, so they could pick up the materials prior to coming over. Jayne happily agreed and called me back to tell me, it was a relief to know we were sorted for the repairs.

Saturday came around and sure enough the guys, Dave and Brian turned up in their truck with their trailer all loaded up with materials and started work. Dave and Brian were in the 38/48 age bracket with very fit bodies due to the manual nature of their work. Friday the weather had changed and Saturday was blue skies and sunshine so they worked with no tops on, as did Tom who came around to help as well, I also stripped off my shirt and worked alongside them. They were great, very efficient, and we had the job done by mid-afternoon. They had even loaded the broken fencing into their trailer to take away, saving me another job. Jayne was in her element, watching four men working stripped to the waist. I noticed that she had changed into her high-cut denim shorts, they showed her superb legs off to advantage, and when she bent over to pick things up even a little bit of bum cheek. She also had on a loose cut-off top that exposed her taut young belly to us, with floppy sandals on her feet. Her hair was tied up in a high ponytail on top of her head. She looked the proverbial country girl with massive sex appeal, and she knew it. Walking backwards and forwards, bring us cups of tea and sandwiches, even beers at lunchtime. The guys could hardly not look, I saw many furtive looks when they thought I was busy, but who could blame them. They had a 20yr old hot bodied girl right in front of their eyes, it was a wonder the job got done at all, but it did and we were very grateful to them.

We asked them how much we owed them, but they refused payment for their work, just accepting the money for materials, telling us that Tom had asked them as a favor so there was no way they were taking money for their work. We tried to protest but they insisted, so Jayne then suggested that as they would not take payment then we would take them for drinks tonight and they had better not refuse. All three of them agreed and a time was set for 8pm that evening, giving everyone time to go home, shower, change and arrive back. They left so me and Jayne went for our showers, falling onto the bed afterwards where Jayne was very turned on. I asked her why, she told me she had deliberately been parading around in front of the guys as it turned her on knowing they had been looking, all of the bending down had been for their benefit as well, she knew that her loose top was flopping down and her nipples were exposed to whoever was facing her as the neckline dropped away. It had all resulted in a very wet and willing pussy, and she was looking forward to tonight. That should have warned me, but I was too busy playing with her nipples and getting ready to plunge a hard cock into her to properly absorb what she meant.

Jayne went up to shower again and get herself ready. I had gone ahead and returned to sit in the lounge, so I poured us both large G&T’s, taking Jayne’s up to her. I found some music and put the stereo system on low while I waited for our guest’s to arrive. Tom, Dave and Brian all turned up together promptly at 8pm, having met next door in Tom’s house first. The brothers telling me that they had arranged to stay with Tom that night. I made them all drinks and we sat outside on the patio as it was a nice warm night.

When Jayne arrived at the patio doors leading into the garden, we all turned to look, my immediate thought was, ‘wow’, she had made a real effort. She was wearing her bright yellow summer dress, the type that was very popular then, a mini dress that finished about 6inches above her knee’s, pleated with a wide white leather belt round her small waist. The dress had big yellow buttons all the way down the front, the top was cut in a ‘V’ shape with wide lapels, the back of the lapels turned up behind her neck. She had left the two top buttons undone, emphasizing her ample 36c bust and showing a good amount of cleavage. Her long brunette hair was again done in a high ponytail and hanging down her back, she had taken real care with her make-up, dark red lips, black eyelashes and eye liner making the most of her liquid brown eyes. She had on white shoes to match her belt with ankle straps and six inch heels that made her legs look very long, the thin black stocking she had on making her well shaped calves and legs stand out, the dress molding her thighs as she walked. Simply put, she was sex on legs with a big smile to match. We all said hello, then sat goggle eyed as she walked towards us, going to each person in turn and kissing them on the cheek before sitting opposite me in the spare chair. I finally found my voice and asked if she wanted another G&T, asking the others at the same time. Taking glasses with me I went to make the drinks while they started talking.

Jayne was laughing about something one of them had said and threw her head back making her breasts stand out, I realized then that she had no bra on, her nipples were pushing against the material of her dress and as she laughed her breast’s shook slightly, making the effect even more obvious to all three of them. I knew the we were in for an interesting evening. Leaving the house in their four wheel drive Toyota we went off into the night with nothing planned, we had agreed to see where we ended up. The two brothers sat in the front and Jayne sat in the back between me and Tom, giving me a quick flash of stocking tops and bare thigh as she climbed in and wriggled across the seat. We finally settled on going to a local club that would open at 9pm so that we could bag some good seats, which we did when we went in. It was a bit quiet still but we settled down in our little area which consisted of a bench seat with a table in front of it fixed to the floor and a couple of chairs facing it. Jayne insisted on sitting between the two brothers on the bench leaving me and Tom with the seats. We stayed there for about three hours, all of us dancing with Jayne at different times as she was the only girl in our group. Nobody seemed very interested in finding any other girls to join us as Jayne was well on form, flirting with the guys and touching their arms as she spoke to them, leaning forwards to show plenty of cleavage. When dancing they all found opportunities to feel her ass through her dress and the dancing when slow numbers came on was very close and intimate, which only served to turn Jayne on even more, making her nipples hard and forming nice tents in the yellow dress material.

We left about midnight as it was becoming very noisy and crowded, the suggestion being that we would go back to Tom’s place for nightcaps. In the car-park Dave climbed behind the wheel with Brian in the front passenger seat, I got into one side of the rear as Tom was helping Jayne step up into the other side, she again wriggled across the seat to the middle and I was very sure that Tom had a good view of her stocking tops and even possibly her thong as she made no effort to keep her dress down. Settling into our seats before driving off Jayne said she should give each of them a kiss for their help today, she didn’t want to do it outside of our house in case the neighbors were being nosy. A suggestion that went down very well with all three of them. Dave asked if that was Ok with me, so I told them I had no problem if Jayne wanted to kiss them, I was fine with it. At this point he hadn’t even started the car. Jayne took my assent as her cue and standing up she lent forward over the front seats putting her arms around both their necks and giving me and Tom a great view of her nylon clad legs as her dress rode up at the back, we could even see stocking tops and just a hint of bare flesh. I saw Tom’s eyes riveted to the display Jayne was giving us.

Jayne started by kissing Dave, who had half turned in his drivers seat towards her, I don’t know what he was expecting but I don’t think it was the full blown snog he was getting, Jayne locked her mouth on his using her hand to grab the hair on the back of his head to pull him in. From my seat behind him I could see Jayne was going for the full tongue treatment as she worked her mouth around his. She was also moving her hips and body as she got fully into what she was doing. Tom looked at me, I could see the surprise on his face at this new development, here was his hot young neighbor snogging a man old enough to be her father as though her life depended on it, and giving him a great show of legs and stocking tops as she did so. I sat back to enjoy what I knew would become a very sexually charged situation if Jayne had her way, she had dressed to please and seemed determined to reap her reward. Jayne pulled away from Dave, giving him a last little peck on his lips before turning her attention to Brian, who watching what had happened with his brother was prepared for the same treatment, Jayne did not disappoint him, repeating her actions while pulling his head hard into her own. I heard a groan escape from Dave’s lips as he watched and I saw his hand moving up and towards Jayne’s ample 36c bust. As I watched he slipped it into the ‘V’ top of her dress coming into contact with bare flesh and what I knew would be a rock hard nipple, as his fingers explored her Jayne took a deep breath and Dave muttered, ‘What a woman, beautiful and sexy, you are a very lucky guy’.

I noticed movement under Jayne’s dress as I looked towards Tom, who was watching all of this with increased interest. There was only one thing that could be causing the movement, one of the brothers had a hand up her skirt from in front and was playing with her pussy. I had to see this for myself as my big thrill was watching Jayne being sexually active with other guy’s, especially in new and unexpected situations. Taking the hem of her mini dress I raised it up and over her back to reveal to Tom and me what was happening.

Sure enough, a big hand was cupping Jayne’s pubic mound and a finger was inserted between her thighs toying with her pussy lips through the white thong she was wearing. I decided I needed to help by removing her thong to give the probing finger full access, so I took both sides of her thong and started to pull it down over her hips. Tom took the hint and helped from his side as between us we slowly slide it down over her ass cheeks exposing her puckered anal ring to us as it slid lower. The hand owner, realizing what was happening, pulled back enough to allow the thong to slip out from underneath the probing fingers as me and Tom now slide it even lower. Jayne was now glued to Brian’s mouth as she felt herself being exposed to us, bending slightly at the knee’s to make her legs narrow so that we could pull her thong further down until we had reached her ankles. I could hear Jayne gasping and a low moan of pleasure escaped from her lips as she turned her attentions back to Dave. Tom and me took it in turns holding a slim ankle, lifting it up to remove a leg from her thong. When we had released her legs I tucked her thong into my pocket and we both took a leg each and encouraged her to spread them apart. We each now had one of her legs between ours, so we shuffled apart spreading her wide and allowing the probing hand and fingers free access to what was by now a very wet pussy. I could see that as the finger probed her pussy to the first knuckle that her outer lips had opened slightly, exposing the bright pink interior of a fully aroused woman, glistening with her vaginal juices, ready to be fucked hard. Both me and Tom ran our fingers up the inside of her spread thigh’s, trailing them along the soft flesh above her stocking tops, making Jayne wriggle and moan in ecstasy as she felt us brush her pussy lips. I leaned forward to kiss the soft smooth skin of the ass cheek closest to me, giving it a light bite with my teeth and getting another gasp from Jayne, who had given up on the kissing and was simply letting her head hang down between them while she enjoyed being molested.

Tom now began to play with her pussy as well, he moved the finger probing her and opened her up using two fingers, her erect clit popped into view, standing up red and ready from the surrounding hood flesh. He then guided the finger to her clit and encouraged it to rub around in circles, we still had no idea if it was Dave’s or Brian’s hand. It didn’t really matter as I could see they had unbuttoned the top of her dress and pulled it apart, her breasts hanging down and her big nipples being rolled and pulled between their fingers, their rough, calloused work-men’s hands cupping and squeezing her lovely soft breasts. By now Jayne was moving her body in unison with what was happening to her, her breathing becoming ragged as she absorbed the waves of pleasure engulfing her. She now had four men all playing with various erotic zones, fingers probing her wet pussy and hard hands fondling her breast’s, she was becoming more and more excited. I knew the signs very well, Jayne was about to orgasm for us, all it would take was one more thing and she would lose complete control of herself.

It was Tom who brought on a crashing climax for her, he ran two fingers up and around her pussy lips, then very slowly he started to insert them into her cunt, pushing in alongside each other until they had reached their full depth. As he did this Jayne’s hips started to move in counter point to his probing fingers, and her body started to convulse as her orgasm started deep inside of her. I watched Tom finger fuck my young wife, his fingers plunging in and out of her tight pussy as Jayne raised her head, thrusting her breasts forward into the hard hands squeezing and grasping her nipples and tits. The other finger working her clit in circular motions at the same time. Jayne tensed her body, all movement stopping as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her, holding on to the moment for as long as she could before thrusting hard back against the fingers fucking her in total abandon, her full release and orgasm coursing through her, making her arch her back even more and push down as hard as she could with her hips to engulf Tom’s fingers to their full extent. Crying out in an almost primal scream as her body convulsed completely out of control. It was lucky the windows and doors were closed or I am sure people would have arrived to see what was happening where we were parked.

Jayne collapsed back onto the seat between Tom and me, her legs spread wide, the buttons on her dress undone down to the waist and her bra-less tits out on display, the dark brown nipples hard and sticking right out, her body still jerking in post orgasmic surges, her breathing ragged and deep, coming in short gasps as she slowly recovered her senses. As always when she climaxed she was oblivious to anything else, it was almost like her mind shut down, registering only the feelings coursing through her body and mind. My young 20yr old near nympo wife was again in her element, wanting more and more sexual release now that she had started. Slowly opening her eyes she spoke for the first time since she had started kissing Dave, saying to all three of use,’Just take me somewhere and fuck me, right now’.

We all looked at each other, I could almost hear their brains whirling as they tried desperately to come up with an answer to Jayne’s request. Our place was out as we had an open plan front garden and the neighbors could see everything until we walked in and shut the front door. Tom had the same issue, being our next door neighbor. I presumed Dave and Brian were probably married, so I guessed their places were out. Tom came up with a solution, he knew of a dogging site just outside of the town in a car park leading to a beach. He had been there a couple of times to watch couples and small groups playing, Beside the car park itself there were picnic tables in a small group on a pathway to the beach, this seemed to be where people who wanted to be watched would go. I could almost hear Jayne’s interest perk up at the words watching and open air fucking. She urged us to get going, quickly, so Dave started off in a hurry. We arrived within 15 minutes, Dave switching off his headlights and pulling into the car park, stopping at the far side. While we were traveling Jayne spent her time sucking Tom’s cock and letting me and Brian finger her sopping wet pussy. I had also eased her out of her dress, all she had on was black stockings, white suspender belt and white shoes, her naked shaved pussy outlined by the stockings and belt straps.

Dave stopped and I looked around, there were about a dozen cars there, most seemed empty but one was defiantly seeing some action, a Mercedes estate with the rear hatch door open, a group gathered around, this looked very much like our thing, Jayne being the total exhibitionist by now, loving the whole thing about flaunting her body and being watched fucking. We all stepped out, Tom with his cock still hard and sticking up out of his trouser’s as Jayne held on to it. Tom and Jayne led as we walked across to the pathway, Jayne walking beside him, nearly naked and swaying her hips, still holding Tom’s cock. She was not going to allow a hard cock out of her grasp if she didn’t have too.

Some of the group by the Mercedes looked round to see what was happening, they almost did a double take at what they saw, a young near naked girl holding onto a cock and leading four older men towards the beach path, I didn’t look to see if anyone followed.

We found the picnic tables, there were eight in a rough rectangle, they were the type made of wooden slates with attached benches for seats, very sturdy and built to last outdoors, ideal for our purposes. They were lit by the nearby streetlights from the road, not brightly, but certainly good enough to see any action. Jayne led us to one on the far edge, when she reached it she sat Tom down and leaning over she asked him when he had last fucked a woman, he admitted it had been about 5 yrs, bearing in mind his age of 60+ yrs, I was not surprised. Jayne turned to the rest of us and told us we could wait, she wanted Tom to go first. Keeping him sat down she turned her back to him and gripping his hard cock slowly bent her knee’s until she felt his cock-head touching her wet pussy. Moving her hips in little circles she started to lower herself onto it. I watched his thick veined cock slowly disappear into probably the tightest, youngest pussy he had probably had for many years. Jayne was biting her lower lip as Tom gripped her waist to help her move slowly up and down his cock, I could see the wetness on it as it pulled out. Jayne held it right at the entrance of her pussy before it popped out and then with a gasp of pleasure she plunged right down onto his cock, driving it as deeply as it would go into her hot vagina. As soon as she reached the bottom and his pubic hairs were touching her pussy lips she started humping him in earnest. Plunging up and down, sometimes swinging her hips in a circular motion as she ground hard against him on his lap. The three of us stood watching, we all had hard cocks in our hands and Jayne was watching us watching her as she fucked. Her tits were bouncing around so she grabbed them and started pulling and pinching her nipples, making them hard, the surrounding aureole puckering up with her excitement. Tom leaned back against the table taking Jayne with him, she had to stop her plunging as she was now bent slightly backwards, exposing her pussy with Tom’s cock embedded in it to us all, and anyone else watching.

We could see her more clearly now, her pussy lips stretched around his big veined cock, which was coated in her wetness, because Jayne was now being supported by Tom she raised her feet onto the bench, her legs as wide apart as possible and started to frig her swollen clit, her fingers almost a blur as she brought herself to the point of no return. We could clearly see her vagina pulsing to grip him hard as her excitement grew and grew towards her climax, her breathing was ragged, her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy as tremors ran through her body as her orgasm peaked. Jayne was plunging down on Tom’s cock as he pushed up into her, her nipples standing out in hard peaks as Tom’s hand gripped her hips and plunged her hard down onto his veined cock both of them crying out as they orgasmed together, a writhing intertwining of two lust filled bodies. We watched Tom’s cock pulsing as he emptied his sperm into Jayne’s wet and willing pussy, a mix of her juices and his sperm squirting out around his cock as Jayne’s pussy contracted and pulsed as she continued to buck and squirm against him. All around us I could hear gasps and groans as other watchers joined in with their joint orgasmic pleasure, a lot of sperm was being shot over the sand of the picnic area. I could dimly see some of the watchers brave enough to come closer in the streetlight spilling across the scene. I was surprised to see two couples as well as the usual men I expected to watch, the ladies wearing longish coats but both of them naked from the waist down and frantically frigging themselves while their partners wanked beside them. All of us watching as Jayne slowly subsided onto Tom who was again holding her up and back, his hands gripping her tits and rolling her nipples as small shudders continued through her body.

Dave spoke first, ‘Fuck this’, he said, moving forward with his cock sticking out, Brian also moved towards Jayne and Tom so I joined them. The three of us lifted Jayne off of Tom, moving around so that she was now laying on her back along the length of the picnic table, her legs hanging wide apart and down, her shaved pussy mound clearly visible to everyone thrusting up from her hips. Her pussy gaping open, Tom’s sperm coating the inner lips and beginning to dribble from her still pulsing vagina, she was obviously still in the throe’s of her slowly subsiding climax. The four of us worked in unison as me and Tom took a leg each, lifting them up we pushed her knee’s towards her hips, opening her wide for our watchers and ready for Dave’s engorged member. Dave’s cock was slightly bigger than Tom’s, heavier looking, thicker and with big swollen veins standing out along it’s length as it jerked in anticipation of plunging into Jayne’s well fucked pussy. We held her steady and Brian moved with one knee on the bench seat to her left hand side, offering Jayne his cock to play with. Seeing this she moved her body across so that her head was on the edge of the table. Opening her mouth she took the swollen head between her lips, cupping his balls with her left hand and grasping the shaft with her right she pulled his cock into her mouth, closing her red lips around it before beginning to suck and wank him. Dave was now between her raised and open legs, pushing the big mushroom head of his cock into her cunt as he pushed forwards with his hips, making Jayne gasp out load as she felt the new intrusion.

I could almost feel the presence of our watchers pressing forward to get a good view of Jayne being fucked again as she sucked hard on Brian’s cock, the wetness of her mouth making the shaft shiny in the lighting. Tom and me each holding an ankle as she used our grip to move her hips to ensure that Dave could get full penetration into her vagina. We both used our free hands to pinch and roll her nipples, sometimes tugging on them as well, making Jayne squirm and gasp as tremors shook her body time and time again. Jayne was in her element, being fucked hard in a slightly submissive position while fingers and hands toyed with her body and nipples. I saw that my multi orgasmic wife was quickly getting close to yet another screaming climax. I could feel the familiar tremble starting, hear her gasping for breath around the cock in her mouth as she bucked and shook beneath us. Her hands still working on Brian’s balls and cock as she brought him closer and closer to his own climax.

From experience I knew she wanted them both to orgasm with her at the same time, if she succeeded it would be very loud, our watchers being left in no doubt at all about Jayne cumming yet again. Dave was now fucking her hard and deep, I watched his wet cock slamming into Jayne time and time again, pulling out to almost it’s full length before plunging balls deep into her, grinding his pubic hairs against her pussy lips. I placed my hand on her tummy, I could actually feel Dave’s cock moving under my fingertips, Jayne feeling my hand gasped out ‘Do it, do it, please, do it’. I knew what she wanted, probably her most favorite thing of all, having my fingers flick and rub her swollen clit as she was being fucked hard. I let my fingers drift downwards slowly, I didn’t want Dave to think this was about anything else except giving Jayne pleasure. Dave looked down at my hand, hearing Jayne’s words he looked at me and nodded for me to carry on realizing what she wanted.

I moved my fingers over her pussy mound until I could feel the wetness at the top of her vagina, dipping one finger into her pussy, feeling Dave’s cock moving in and out as he continued to fuck her. Taking a bit of her wetness I started a slow rotation of her clit, using my other hand to grip the flesh of her mound, pulling it up and back to expose completely that wonderful swollen red clit, standing up proud and ready for me. Using my finger I worked around and around it, occasionally rubbing right across the top of that sensitive bud. Jayne reacted almost immediately, pulling Brian’s cock from her mouth and screaming out, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’, into the warm night air, arching her back and wanking Brian hard and fast. I knew she was cumming already as her body tensed in an arc, I could feel her taut stomach muscles moving under my hand as I fingered her even faster and harder. I could feel Dave’s cock ramming hard into her, his climax started by Jayne’s reaction to my frigging of her clit. He took over holding her legs as Tom had both hands on her tit’s pulling and pinching her nipples. Brian was wanking himself, pointing his cock at her open mouth as she started to scream out, her hand grasping and fondling his balls.

Jayne’s orgasm hit first in a bucking screaming surge as her body shook and vibrated in pure lust. Quickly followed by Brian, his cock shooting it’s load of sperm into her open mouth, some landing on her wet lips and chin, one big blob in her hair, she looked as sexy as hell with her cum splattered face. Dave’s orgasm was just as spectacular as Jayne’s, roaring out as he buried his cock as deep into her as he possibly could, jerking his hips, ramming himself hard against her pussy lips as my fingers pushed hard into her clit, even slipping into her cunt to join Dave’s cock as it spasmed and released his jizz. All around I could her people cumming in gasps and grunt’s as they also joined in the mass orgasm.

As Jayne, Dave and Brian collapsed in a gasping heap of flesh we heard people moving away quickly, someone shouted out, ‘I’ve phoned the police about you fucking pervert’s, their on their way now’. I have never seen a group of some twenty odd people disperse so quickly in my life. We did the same, all of us jumping up and half running back to the car, jumping in as we were, Dave fumbling as he tried to get it started and on the move. Finally he succeeded and drove us out of the car-park, headlights on full beam as we passed some guy with a dog, blinding him so that he had no chance to see who we were.

As we left the scene we all started laughing, Dave had his cock still hanging out, as did Brian. Tom was scrambling into his trousers and Jayne was wriggling into her dress, doing up the buttons at the front. I was busy stuffing away my semi-hard cock, it was like something out of the Keystone Cops films. By the time we reached home we were still laughing about the whole thing, we were all reasonable tidy when we got out, Tom, Dave and Brian going into Tom’s house and us into ours, each of them kissing Jayne goodnight and promising we would meet again soon for more time together

We got indoors and both of us climbed into the shower before collapsing in bed and admitting that the turn on of being watched, with the chance of being caught, had defiantly fired our imaginations, it was something we wanted to repeat if we could. I told Jayne how it was from my point of view, whispering into her ear as I fucked her hard, it didn’t take me long to cum, which set Jayne off again. My 20yr old nympo wife still able to cum, even after the fucking she had just been given.

Thank-you to all of my readers, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Ron

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