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Janie and her Master chapter 4

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The weeks dragged on. Joe and janie continued their weekday chats and ims with Joe reminding janie that He was going to introduce her to pain the next time they met. Finally, one afternnon, janie dropped her husband off at the airport- he was going on a weeklong business trip (and probably to see his girlfriend as well) and her kids were visiting family for the week. Janie had a whole week of absolute freedom. She called Joe and arranged to meet later that day. Joe told her of a motel that you could pay by the hour. Since janie would get there first she was to get the room and wait for Him there.

Janie found the motel and nervously went into the front office. She had never been to a place like this before. She paid cash for 3 hours use (Joe would pay her back later) and filled out the form with a fake name and address. She got the key and drove around to the back where she was able to park right in front of her door. She grabbed her "toy" bag and the change of clothes she had hidden in the car "just in case". She opened the door and found that the room was kinda small but clean with mirrors covering one wall and the ceiling. "Not too bad", she thought.

She went in and called Joe. He was cumming straight from work and would be there shortly. She plugged her ipod into the portable speakers and changed out of her jeans. She had a new "outfit" she had bought just for Him. Her husband (though he unknowingly paid for them) would never appreciate or approve of her "slutty" outfits that she bought to wear for her Master. This one was a unbelievable short plaid (schoolgirl) skirt with a short sleeve white shirt and attatched black sweater combo. She put it on with her black 5 1/2 inch platform strappy heels. She took out her "toys" and the lube as well as the riding crop her Master had instructed her to bring and placed them on the table. She waited by the window for her Master. As soon as His car pulled up she ran to the door and flung it open. Joe greeted her with a deep passionate kiss then pulled away so He could survey her outfit. He was extremely pleased with the way she shopped to dress for Him. Joe reached into His briefcase and pulled out janie's collar and leash.

"Do you want to wear this for me? Have you missed it?" He asked her. "Oh yes, Master very much so. I wish i could wear it all the time." Joe told her to kneel in front of the mirror. He fastened the collar around janie's neck as He pulled her face into His crotch. Janie unzipped His pants and began to lick her Master's cock. "Did you miss this cock, baby?" Joe asked her. "Yes, Master, i love Your big beautiful cock, i worship Your cock, i need Your cock." Joe pushed His cock into her mouth as she struggled to take Him all the way. She began to gag as He told her not to stop. She massaged His balls and licked His huge cock from top to bottom and then took Him all the way into her throat. Her eyes began to water as she felt His balls against her chin. "That's it baby, work that cock. This cock is gonna fuck your mouth and your pussy and your ass before we leave here today isn't that right baby?" She finally came up for air and Joe pulled her to her feet. He took off His jacket and began to kiss her. His hand going to the back of her head and pulling her head back by her hair as the fingers of His other hand found her exposed pussy and began to work her clit. Gentle at first, then harder as she began to cum over and over. She fell against Him, moaning and gasping, instictively closing her legs and reaching o pull His hand away from her pussy. She knew right away that he was displeased. "Move your hand away now, and open your legs- you know the rules." He told her as He backed her against the wall, putting His leg in between hers so she couldn't close them and holding both her wrists over her head with one hand. "You will pay for that". Finally, after bringing her to the edge and back again (and several more orgasms), He moved His hand away as she gratefully fell against Him.

"I want you to crawl on your hands and knees over to the table and bring me the crop". Janie did as she was told while Joe undressed Himself. She put the crop in her mouth and crawled back to her Master and sat at His feet. He led her (by the leash) over to the mirror and told her to put her ass in the air. "Today you are to know what it is to feel pain. This is not only for punishment (for her disobedience earlier and also some smart ass and disrepectful comments she had made over the past few weeks in their phone and im chats), but also to prove to you that I am your Master. I know your husband is away for a week so these marks will be gone when he returns. But, should you decide to "play" with any of those other "boys" this week you will have to explain to them what these "marks" are and who gave them to you. Do you understand?" Janie answered very quietly, "Yes, Master, i understand."

Her Master moved behind her and she watched in the mirror as He brought the crop down on her ass first the left cheek, then the right 4x. Janie closed her eyes after the first 2 and held back the tears. Then He knelt in front of her and told her to look at Him. She did with tears and desire in her eyes. He asked her, "Who owns you baby? Who owns your beautiful mouth and your delicious pussy and your tight ass? Who owns your body?" Janie answered, "You do Master." He looked her square in the eyes as He held her head in His hands and said , "Yes, I do and don't ever forget it. You may be married to someone else, and you may fuck some other "boys" but I own you!! And today, I am going to mark you so you will always remember long after the marks fade away. Do you understand??" Janie whispered , "Yes, Master i want you to mark me." He tenderly kissed her and then He told her that they weren't finished and to put her ass back in the air and to watch in the mirror. Obediently janie did as she was told. With each wack she grimaced and fought back the tears as they began to well up in her eyes. Four more times. He then came and stood in front of her and offered His cock as a "pacifier". Janie eagerly sucked Him, feeling His cock swell even more as she struggled to deep throat her Master as He put his hands behind her head pulling her into Him as he fucked her mouth. She tried not to gag as He thrust harder and deeper into her throat as He finally uttered a deep moan - His hot cum exploded in her mouth. Hungrily, she sucked Him dry, not wasting a drop.

He helped he to the bed where they lay cuddled together for some time. Just enjoying being close to one another. Joe gently carressed janie's well- chastised ass, as He began to lick her pussy. His tongue parting her lips, sucking on them, teasing her clit and then probing her inner walls. Joe handed her a vibrator and she began to fuck her pussy as He continued to carress her ass. In no time she was cumming. She was so grateful that her Master wasn't like alot of those she read about in the stories. Ones that would make their "slaves" service them (Master- and sometimes others) but forbid the "slaves" to orgasm or even to pleasure themselves. Some had to ask permission to cum. As janie was multi - orgasmic she could not even comprehend this. She also liked that even though she referred to Joe as Master or Sir, He always called her janie or baby- not slave (though in actuality she was one wasn't she?) or any of those other condescending names that many Masters used. Maybe one day He would do that, and of course she would have no choice but to accept it(they never discussed it), but for now she liked the way it felt when He refered to her. He made her feel safe and protected- that He was looking out for her and cared for her and she liked it (like the way her husband used to make her feel).

Joe came and kissed her as He pulled her to her feet. "We still have some holes to stuff don't we baby?" Once again He had her get on her hands and knees in front of the mirror. (She had forgotten how hard waterbeds were to fuck on). He lubed up a vibrator and handed it to her and told her to work it like it was a cock cuz it was going in her ass. She stroked it as He squirted some lube on her asshole. She genly eased the vibrator in her ass as He began to fuck her pussy from behind. How she loved having her ass and pussy fucked at the same time! He thrust His cock deep inside her as she pushed that vibrator as deep as it would go in her ass. He held her by the hair and fucked her as fast and hard as He could until her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm. How He didn't cum she didnt know but she felt Him pull out of her pussy and grab the lube. As soon as she heard the sound of Him stroking His cock she knew what was next. "What do you want baby?", He asked her."I want You to fuck my ass, Master!" janie cried out. She pulled the vibrator slowly out of her ass. His fingers were on her clit. As He was easing His cock into her ass He began to work His fingers inside her pussy. First one, then two , then three and as His huge cock thrust all the into her ass, she felt His whole fist in her pussy (that was a first for her). With her Master's balls slapping against her sore ass cheeks and His fist inside her pussy they both exploded in the most intense orgasms, she could feel His cum deep in her ass - they collapsed on the feel utterly exhausted but very satisfied. Joe helped janie to the bed and cleaned her up (as He always did). She stayed to rest for a bit but he had to get home. He tenderly kissed her (and paid for the room!). As He left, He told her how proud He was of her and how well she had done today. He reminded her that He owned her and to be careful.

Janie did end up meeting a "friend" a couple days later. And yes, he did ask about the marks and Janie told him what they were and who they were from (at first she was a little embarrassed but it was the price she had to pay). And yes, they did fade before her husband returned...

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