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Its Saturday

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It is a Saturday morning and you wake me with a sweet kiss. You whisper in my ear ?Its time to get up honey, come and let me bathe you? So I roll over and look at you telling you that I love you. You take my hand and pull me out of bed, walk me to the bathroom and straight into a warm shower. You get in with me and start soaping up every inch of my body. When you have rinsed off the water, you wash my hair. I had just shaved, but you check to make sure that I am completely smooth. You use the razor to clean up any area that I had missed. When I am clean to your satisfaction, you turn off the water and towel me off. You make me brush my teeth and put on deodorant. You tell me that I am not allowed to put anything on. I ask you why and you tell me not to ask again but I will do whatever you tell me to do for the entire day. I tell you that I like it when you take charge. You spank my butt and tell me that I didn?t have permission to talk to you. So I stand there naked in the bathroom until you tell me to go sit on the bed. After sitting on the bed for about 20 minutes, you come back in the room, stand me up and put a blindfold on me. I now can?t see a thing! You take my arm and walk me out into the living room. You put the restraints on my hands and ankles. I am wondering what you are up to since there is nothing to attach me to out here. You walk me a few steps and I feel the cold of a wall on my back. You tell me to put my hands over my head; you then attach my cuffs to something that doesn?t allow me to lower my arms. You push my legs open and I feel you attach me to the wall. I then hear you leave. I am attached to the wall in the living room on display for you and starting to get cold. I hear you on the phone, but I can?t hear who you are talking to or what you are saying. You soon walk over to me and ask me if I need to go to the bathroom. I decide that I better take you up on it I am not sure when you will allow me to go again. You unhook me, and help me go to the bathroom. When I am finished you walk me back to my place and attach me again. I don?t hear your feet on the kitchen floor so I assume you are still in the room watching TV. I hear you turn on a video and soon hear the sounds of people fucking. Not being able to see what is going on and hearing the sounds of fucking is starting to make me wet. All of a sudden the doorbell rings. You tell me, ?Remember, you are to follow everything I say for the entire day!? I start begging you not to open the door with me naked and attached to the wall. You laugh at me and tell me to stop talking. I try to plead with you?you don?t pay attention to me and I hear the door open. I hear you say hello to a man. I then hear him in front of me saying, ?she looks like she will be a satisfying whore? Then a hand touches my tits, lifting them, pinching my nipples. He then moves away from me. I hear you two in the kitchen, you give him a beer. The doorbell rings again, I hear several people come in, both men and women. They are in front of me, hands touching whatever they want to touch. You then pull them into the kitchen for beer. After a while, you come back in and move me to the coffee table, attaching me to the legs of the table, I am laying on my back with my head off the edge. I soon feel some fingers touching me. The doorbell rings, someone opens it and lets a bunch of people in. I can?t hear well over all the other people, so I have no idea of how many there are. I am restrained, naked, and blindfolded in front of a bunch of people that I don?t know who they are or how many. God I am getting excited. You don?t tell me anything but I hear you talking to someone close to me. I feel something touching my lips and I open my mouth. Someone has decided to give me a cracker to eat. When I swallow that, I feel something wet pouring on my lips and over my face. I open my mouth and get a drink of beer. People are laughing, the beer makes me choke. I open my mouth again, this time I feel something warm, I think it is a finger?I suck on it. I hear the guys saying, ?hmmm, look at her sucking, I bet she is good at sucking cock!? The finger leaves my mouth and then I feel something touching the side of my head. Soon I feel warmth on my face, I am told to suck out my tongue. I do and run my tongue over the slit of someone?s sweet pussy. I continue to lick, nuzzle my nose into her pussy , her juices dripping from my face, I find her clit. I suck on her clit like it is a small cock, she starts to grind harder into my face. She then gets up and I feel something pressing my lips, I open my mouth and get a large cock shoved down my throat. I feel someone touching my legs, a mouth on each nipple and a tongue moving to my clit. I can?t handle all the stimulation and am about to cum. I hear your voice telling me that if I cum now I will not be able to cum the rest of the day. I get myself under control by concentrating on the cock I am trying not to gag on. I feel something warm shoot onto my tits, it gets rubbed around on me. I feel someone straddle my stomach and my tits get pushed together. Someone?s cock is moving in and out of my tits. The cock in my mouth pulls out and shoots on my face. It is replaced by a pussy that I eagerly start licking and sucking. The cock in my tits cums all over my neck. The pussy that I am licking gets up and changes position, we are now in a 69. I start licking her again and soon feel a cock on my forehead. This cock enters her wet pussy and moves in and out. She cums but doesn?t leave my face. She is not licking my clit but asks for a cock to suck on too. Soon I hear her slurping on a cock. The guy fucking her cums inside of her, some drips on to my face. She continues on my face but tilts her hips so that I can eat the cum of the guy out of her pussy. All of a sudden I feel a cock start to enter me. I am getting fucked. The guy she was sucking cums, but shoots all over my stomach. Around me I hear people jacking their cocks, I hear people being sucked and fucked. Moaning everywhere. The guy that was fucking me pulls out and walks away. No one touched me for a while. I am laying there with cum drying on my body and hearing all these people fucking around me. I hear you, but I don?t know what you are doing. Soon the blindfold gets taken off of me. I see about 20 people all fucking and sucking and you are standing right in front of me. You tell me that it is time for me to cum and ask me how I want that to happen. I tell you that I want your cock in my ass and I want you to find the biggest cock in the room to fuck my pussy and I want a pussy to lick at the same time. You tell me ok and let me loose so that I can get on the ground. You call some guy over, he has the biggest cock I have ever seen. Not only is it about 10 inches long and it is as thick as the candle on the table. I am not sure I can take him alone, I am worried about having him in me and you at the same time. I straddle him, and you lube my ass. You enter me before he does. You get in my ass and move in and out a few times and then tell him ok. He grabs his massive cock and places the head at the entrance of my wet pussy. It takes a few minutes and some pain but he pops his cock inside of me. He doesn?t move for a minute, but you start to. Soon I am stretched out enough that he can move easily. You both start moving together. I then call for a cunt. Someone sits on the edge of the table and puts her legs up. You hold her legs up so that I can have access to her beautiful pussy. Licking her pussy and being in my ass excites you, you tell us you are going to cum. I tell you to fill my ass. You moan and grunt and stop fucking me as you leave your load in my ass. You pull out and big cock keeps fucking me. Your juices dripping down to my pussy, lubricating me more for his cock. I continue to lick my friend, you have someone else come hold her feet so that you can help me get her off. As soon as you start sucking on her tits, she cums all over my face. The cock in my pussy feels like it is getting bigger. I soon feel a face in between my ass and his hips. They are licking his balls as I fuck his cock. He finally pushes me off of him and spurts straight up into the air. At this point I notice that everyone had been watching us. You then tell everyone it is time to go. I am so sore from my fuckings and suckings that you decide to take me back into the shower and clean me off. When we are clean we get into bed, hold each other and watch TV till we go to sleep

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