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Its Hammer Time

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I couldn't believe I was in a bar watching a Chippendale review for a bachelorette party but there I was and girls were screaming and yelling to each gyration. Since I was a bridesmaid, I really couldn't refuse. My name is Brit and I'm 31 and have be happily married for 8 years. We don't have any children and our sex life is fairly normal. I'm not a prude but this display was ridiculous. One of the dancers had come down off the stage and was grinding in front of the bride. Everyone seemed to enjoy it but I was a little uncomfortable. One of the girls yelled for me to put some money in his briefs as I was right next to the action. No way I thought. The bride then told him to give me a little dance and he immediately straddled mt crossed legs and begin to undulate like a snake. I was totally embarrassed but there wasn't anything I could do, he was right in front of my face. His stage name was Tiger and he was well built with bulging muscles everywhere and his package was huge. His short shorts were some type of leather and I found myself mesmerized as the bulge inside them swayed back and forth. I heard someone say touch it and it shook my out of my hypnotized state. A $20 bill found it's way into my hand and I slid it inside of his band. When he finished he leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked to say the least. The rest of the night I watched Tiger entertaining the crowd. When I got home that night I found my husband in bed and went down on him while he was still asleep. His member grew rigid in no time and he woke up with me attached to his cock. I knew it wasn't as big as Tiger's but it was a hard cock and that was what I needed. I was already moist from the evening's activities and I mounted him cowboy in one fell swoop. I fucked him hard and fast as I fantasied that it was Tiger's huge dick inside of me. I don't know how long it was but I was going to cum soon. I felt my husband thrusting upwards as he too was close. I slammed my pussy down hard and felt the rhythmic convulsions emanating through out my womb and cried out as I climax. As a bonus half way through my orgasm my husband spewed hot cum inside my spasming pussy. When I finished I collapsed on top of him fully satisfied. After a few minutes of peaceful bliss he asked me what was going on. I told him I guess I was a little excited being it was my first time to view male strippers. He told me I could go there anytime I wanted. And how I wanted to go again!

A few days later it was the rehearsal dinner and my husband really wasn't wanting to go. I told him it was OK and that if some of the girls wanted to stay out late that I might tag along with them. As soon as I could I left the dinner and went straight to the strip club. Tiger was working and I must have spend over $100 on dances. Toward the end of the night he came over to my table and asked me if I wanted to have some coffee after he got off. I tried not to seem eager and I accepted his invite. At the diner he was so charming and he walked me out to my SUV. He got in and continue conversing. He must have noticed me glancing at his crouch and he asked me if I wanted to see it. I bit my lip and nodded yes. He raised his ass off the seat and pulled his trousers down. He then pulled his briefs down and I saw his manhood for the very first time. Even in it's placid state it was big. It reminded me of a snake curled up and I wanted to touch it. He was reading my mind and told me, "Touch it, it's OK." I reached over as if I were going to stroke a sleeping serpent. It was warm and soft and it began to spring to life. I pulled my hand back and watched it grow. Tiger suggested we get in the back. The windows were tinted and I crawl between the front bucket seat with Tiger right behind me. He stood on his knees on the seat and told my to hold him. I grasped his semi-hard cock and started gentle stoking it. It grew larger and larger and even in the dimly lit parking lot I was able to see how beautiful it was. The bulbous head looked like a big mushroom. It had large ridges that stuck out over the shaft. As I stroked him I moved my hand down toward the base and soon I could barely encircle the girth of it. I moved closer to get a better look. I could see the veins protruding along the sides and it had grown to 8 maybe 9 inches and it was thick. It was the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. "Kiss it." Tiger whispered. I softly kissed the head of his cock. Soon I was kissing the head all over and then the shaft. He knew what I wanted and told me to suck it. I slid my lips over the enormous head and savored the salty taste of his precum. I sucked more and more of his dick as I continue to stroke the bottom half. I stretched my jaws as wide as I could to accommodate just the first 4 1/2 inches. I looked up at him and saw that he had his head thrown back enjoying the BJ I was giving him. I tried to give him the best BJ ever as I swirled my tongue up and around his beautiful dick. I was totally into gobbling his man snake. I bobbed my head back and forth and never stopped gentle stoking him with my hand. Sucking another man's cock in the parking lot was strangely erotic. My knees were growing weak and I felt dampness between my legs. I reached my free hand under my panties and rubbed my clit firmly. Even with my mouth stuffed full of his cock I started moaning louder and louder. I looked up again and saw Tiger smiling as he watched me masturbating myself. "Good girl, get yourself off too." he said. The closer I got, the faster I stroked both myself and Tiger. He knew I was going to get off soon. "Cum baby, cum." he ordered. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum and I did cum and let out a muffled scream,"Fuuccgghhmmk!" My body shuddered during my climax and I tried to keep sucking his cock the whole time but he pulled his cock out of my mouth as he watched me cum. "Oh yeah, you are so hot!" he exclaimed as my orgasm petered out. He grabbed my hair and position his cock in front of my mouth and pressed forward. "My turn," he informed me. He now took an active part as he plunged his cock deep into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth like any man would fuck a woman's pussy. I grabbed has shaft at the base and started stroking him again mainly to keep him from shoving his big dick down my throat and to get him to cum faster. "Look at me," he ordered. I looked up at him and he told me he wanted me to swallow his load when he came. Now I don't usually even swallow my husband's load, I just run to the bathroom to spit it in the sink. My eyes told him no. He was in lust and he just laughed and told me, "Yes, you're going to take everything I've got to give you." His pace increased and he yelled, "Faster, faster." I didn't think my jaws could take much more when I heard him grunt and I felt a pulse from his shaft a split second before a warm gush of cum hit the back of my throat. My throat instinctively shut but then another jet of warm gism was deposited back there. He tried to shove all 9 inches down my throat and he kept jetting warm sperm onto my mouth. My oral cavity was almost full of cum already but he continued to spray. I had to swallow to keep from chocking. His warm gism slid down my throat. He continued to jet his load into my mouth and I continued to swallow. I couldn't believe any man could cum that much as he poured more and more hot cum down my throat. Finally the force of his spray started to subside. His cock finally stop spurting and he pulled his now sensitive cock from my mouth. He let put a loud sigh and told me what a good cocksucker I was. He grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed out the remnants of cum left in his shaft. He used my mouth one last time as he painted my lips with it. I seductively licked it up and smiled. He pulled up his pants and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. He told me he had to go and asked me to come see him at the club again. I set in the back seat for a few minutes and decided to head home. My panties were soaked.

I know what a little whore I was but all I could think about was when would I be able to see Tiger and his lovely dick at the club again. It turned out my husband had to go see his parents the next weekend and I was counting the days. That Friday I shaved my pussy and put on my sexiest cocktail dress and to the club I went. I told Tiger I was free for the entire night and he smiled and told me it was a date. We went back to my house after closing. We set down on the sofa and didn't waste anytime. I dropped down to my knees and tore his pants off and engulfed his dick with my mouth. After he was rock hard he told me he wanted to go to the bedroom. I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing anything in the master bedroom. He told me he wanted to fuck me in my husband's bed and only in that bed. He was going to fuck me. I grabbed his hand and led him down the hall. He told me to get undressed and set on the bed to watch me get totally nude. "Nice, very nice." he said. I pulled his pants off and wanted to suck him some more but he told me to lay on the bed and he was going to eat me. Damn did he have an educated tongue. He brought me to the brink but then he stopped. I told him I was close and asked him why he stopped. He grabbed his cock and told me he wanted to make me cum with his monster dick. I spread my legs apart like a common slut. He pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and stood over me. He started to tease me by rubbing his huge cock head against and over my vaginal lips. My pussy was pouring out juices like a soda fountain and the anticipation was driving me while. "Please, please," I begged. He placed his huge cock at the entrance of my wet hole and pushed. "Hmmm!" I purred as his cock head entered me. Now I'm no virgin but it took some effort to get his huge dick into my love tunnel but I felt wonderful full. "Damn! Your cunt is tight." Tiger retorted. It was tight and I was glad he ate me out earlier. He got about half of it in me and started a nice smooth and steady stroke. I just lay there enjoying the fucking he was giving me. His pace quicken and more and more of his wonderful cock filled my cunt. I played with my nipples as he continued fucking me. I'm not a gusher but I felt the wet spot on the bed growing as my pussy juices ran down the crack of my ass. I was moaning loudly and begged for more. "Deeper, deeper," I pleaded. He grabbed my legs and held them high and shoved more of his huge cock into me. I could feel the head of his cock reaching the back of my cervix and I only wanted more. He was slamming my pussy hard and the warm feeling began to radiate out to every corner of my womb. I had never been fucked so good before and with his 9 inch dick filling my cunt I came like never before. "Aaaahhhh!" I screamed as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over my nether regions. I don't know how long my body spasmed against the mattress but when I finished I lay lifeless on the bed. Tiger laid down on top of me and kissed my neck as my breathing returned to normal. "Do you want some more?" he asked. "Uh, huh." I replied. He pulled his sweet cock out and had me stand and bend over the side of the bed. He was going to fuck me doggie and I couldn't wait. Again he started out slowly and he deep stroked my slick pussy. "Is this your favorite position." I asked. He told me almost except he like fucking ass doggie. I was stunned and told him I didn't do anal. He just laughed and told me virgin ass was his favorite. I was really frighten now and protested that he was too big for my butt and that I didn't have any lube available. "Sure you do." he responded. He withdrew his cock from my cunt and rubbed his dick against my asshole. He then shoved it back into my cunt and repeated the process. He was going to use my slick pussy juices as lube. No way that was going to work but I felt the head of his cock pressing against my tightest hole. "Please, no." I yelled. The pressure was intense and the head wasn't even in. He told me to relax and continued shoving his cock into a place where no cock had ever gone before. I felt my anal ring giving way but the pain was intense. He wasn't going to stop and I reached back and spread my ass cheeks. His enormous cock head popped through my sphincter and I heard someone screaming, "Aaarrrgghh!" I spread my ass as wide as I could and the pressure didn't subside one bit. "That a girl." said Tiger. He held still to let my ass adjust to the violation it was enduring. He gentle tried to slid more of it in and it wasn't working. "Please, it hurts!" I begged. He made a comment that I needed some more lube and I felt him withdrawing his cock and it was just as painful coming out. Once it was out I relaxed until he shoved it into my cunt. "No, don't put it in my pussy." I yelled. He deep stroked me a couple of quick ones and then pulled it back out and pressed it against my asshole. Before I could protest he was back in my ass again. "Aaarrgghh" This time he didn't stop and I felt a few inches work it's way up my butt. He tried to slowly fuck my ass and it was still too much pressure. He pulled out again and then cunt fucked me again. I wasn't pleased with the alternating ass to cunt to ass fucking he was giving me but there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it. Each time he got deeper and deeper into my butt. My body betrayed me as it reacted to the pleasure and pain. Tiger sensed this and fucked me a little longer each time he was in my pussy. I was being DP by one guy and the thought that only the nastiest of sluts would allow someone to ass fuck them and then take it immediately into their cunt without cleaning it off set off a wicked sexy perversion between us. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I bet your husband has never fucked you like this in this bed." "Never," I gasped. My groans turned into moans especially when he was fucking my pussy. I now only experienced a small amount of discomfort when his groin pressed against my ass cheeks as he was nearly getting all 9 inches into my ass. He pulled it out of my ass again and started fucking my pussy fast and hard. He was hammering my backside without mercy. I was going to cum again and he knew it. "I'm close too. You'll have to finish yourself off." Tiger informed me. He ripped his cock out of my cunt and slammed it back into my ass and pounded it like he was just doing to my pussy. I reached down and finger fucked my cunt like a bitch in heat. He was grunting like a pig as he slammed my butt deep and hard. He was destroying my ass and it was stretched to the absolute limit but I was still going to cum. I came first and wildly bucked against the mattress as he continued humping my ass. Our screams became one as I felt a warm sensation deep in my bowels. He was pouring his hot semen into my ass. I finished cumming well before he did and lay still as he gave me my first anal enema. He continued pouring cum into my ass and my tummy began to feel full. His monster cock continued twitching in my butt. I swear he came more than he did our time in the parking lot except now he was using my ass for his own personal cum dumpster. He fell on top of me as his spurting cock began to wind down. We both laid there panting for a few minutes. When he finally pulled out I felt the urge to use the bathroom. I clinched my ass cheeks together and ran to it. As I squatted over the toilet cum poured out of my gaped ass like creamer. I eventually finished depositing the massive amount of cum from my ass and returned to the bedroom. Tiger was almost fully dressed and he asked me if I enjoyed it. I smiled and said yes. He came over and kissed me and told me if I liked he could bring a friend from the club and we could do a proper DP some night. He then left and I fell on the bed exhausted. While I lay there I couldn't help thinking which one of the other strippers would it be and if his cock would be as large. I was definitely going to have to buy some lube tomorrow.

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