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It happened

She was a strong confident woman who had really come into her own sexually. She was 32 years old and stood a mere 5’ tall. According to the charts, she was a little heavy, but she was thinner than she had been in 15 years and knew how to dress to show off her best and hide the rest. Her 36C’s were topped with nipples so sensitive that just the feel of a smooth blouse without a bra would make her damp. That and knowing how much cleavage was always showing, an seeing the men try to see down her blouse, or the women frown disapprovingly when they saw her, was enough to keep her in a state of almost constant arousal. She was partial to corsets laced tight. Stockings, short skirts, high heels, no panties, or almost none, and a bra were something she scarcely owned, much less wore. All in all you could say that she was looking to get fucked almost all of the time.

She was at a hotel bar to meet a friend when it all started. A very good looking man in a suit who appeared to have maybe had one too many cocktails at “happy hour” offered to buy her a drink. Considering her new status of unemployed, that sounded like a good idea. One led to another, then the call that her friend wasn’t going to make it tonight, and his eyes, those piercing green eyes, and that hand on her knee, well soon it was well above her knee, and her legs just sort of naturally uncrossed under the table. She could feel the air on her damp mound and she knew that if his hand went any higher he would feel the bare flesh of her leg above the stocking and then it wouldn’t be far to realizing that she had on no panties under that scandalously short skirt. While her mind was creating these thoughts she realized that he had leaned close and was gently kissing her neck while looking down the front of her blouse and there was no doubt in her mind that he could see her pierced hard nipples.

Any doubts were erased when he said “I love your nipple rings, I bet they really make your nipples sensitive don’t they?” Without hesitation he gently took one nipple between his fingers and rolled it while he watched for her reaction. Seeing her eyes roll back he squeezed gently and said, “Get up, and follow me, and don’t ask questions, you will never regret it. Or, you can walk away and wonder for the rest of your life. With that he got up and walked a few steps. He only glanced to make sure she was following. Not a word was spoken and when the elevator door closed he didn’t hesitate. He unbuttoned two of the buttons on her blouse exposing her breasts including the rock hard nipples and said” Don’t even think about buttoning those. He squeezed her ass and ran his hand under her skirt to feel her mound. “ I didn’t figure you for panties, good girl!”

He pushed a button on the wall and the doors opened at the next floor. Let’s take a walk in the garden, shall we? She couldn’t say a word but walked with her hand on his arm and his hand on her but out into the garden where a few people, mostly men, were apparently having a smoke after dinner. She saw the men staring at her like a "filet mignon", and the women looking down their noses at the way her blouse was unbuttoned. She heard some of the men and women talking as they walked by about how she must be the easiest piece of ass on the planet. It made her pussy drip to hear them talk like that.

They were back at the elevator and he pushed the penthouse floor and slipped his key in the elevator to gain access to the floor. En route he helped himself to her nipples, finished unbuttoning her blouse and slipped it off before she knew what hit her. In a flash her arms were pulled behind her and secured with her own blouse. Her tits were bare and sticking straight out. “Now or never, say the word and I’ll dress you and send you home, or submit to whatever you are told until you are allowed to leave or forced to.” She swallowed hard and said, “I’ll stay.” With just his eyes looking expectantly at her she knew to add sir. She did and he said “good girl, you learn quickly don’t you” “Close your eyes and let me lead you to my room. When her eyes were closed he grabbed the front of the waistband of her skirt and pulled her down the hallway. She heard him say hello at least three times, it seemed like a hundred, and she also heard both men and women acknowledge his greeting. She heard the key and he dragged her inside, unzipping her skirt and dropping it without even a touch or word. He sat her on the edge of the bed and told her to stay there. Somehow the words,” Yes sir” escaped from her lips.

She heard some rustling and then he sat beside her running his hands over her needy breasts. “Have you ever totally submitted yourself to another person and your own sexual needs before?” She hesitated. Answer me now he said firmly in a different tone of voice. No sir.

Well, you have now haven’t you? Just as she started to speak, he commanded her to spread her legs wide and answer. Yes sir, I have. Have what? Submitted myself to you. Silence, and then she was shoved back on the bed and he was literally sucking her nipples so hard that she was ready to come. He seemed to know it instinctively and stopped. Ask me before you come or the next time will be in front of quite an audience, understand? Yes sir, then, very hesitantly "may I come now?". Open your mouth and do what comes naturally and I’ll decide.

She did as told and waited what seemed like ages. Then suddenly he was sucking her tits again and he shoved his cock in her mouth. She was trying to tell him she needed to come when he pulled out his cock, leaned down by her ear and said “come slave, come hard and thank me when you are done” She came even though he was no longer touching her but she knew he was watching and that was enough. She just couldn’t seem to stop her hips from moving or her orgasm from continuing. Finally she managed to say “ I’m still coming, OH God, I’m . She never got those words out, he had his cock in her mouth fucking her throat and she loved it. He pulled his cock out and she tried as best she could to keep it in her mouth. Beg, he said. She didn’t even hesitate, please, give me your cock back. How long are you willing to be my slave if I do? How long will you follow every order spoken by me regardless, and choose your words carefully. All night was her immediate response. Get out if that is all you can offer. She was dumbfounded. Promise me seven days and I’ll feed you my cock again. Silence, then finally, Yes sir, seven days. Seven days what. I’ll be your slave for seven days. Open your eyes slave and follow me. He walked out on the well lit balcony and when she approached he told her to go to her knees. She did as told and he said look around. She could see others on balconies having a drink, etc. It hit her as he grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth that they could see her getting face-fucked right out there in front of everyone. She was embarrassed, but hotter than she had ever been.

Now , there in the light she could see his magnificent 10 inches sliding in and out of her face. She couldn’t wait to feel it. Stand up, came the command. She scrambled to her feet as best she could while he manhandled her tits and pulled her up by her hair. Now she really was clearly visible. He undid her blouse and threw it over the balcony. Then he told her to spread her legs wide, put her arms behind her and bend over and suck his cock until told to stop. Yes sir, and she was doing exactly as told. Two balconies away she saw two men wave and looked up to see her new master wave also, clearly he knew them. He shoved her head back down and she continued.

She heard the knocking and then heard him tell her to get the door and invite them out on the balcony. She was naked except for her stockings, and she looked in his eyes. The answer was there, “Do it”. She opened the door and there stood the two men. Show them in. She walked in front and stopped when she reached her master. You can continue your work and make sure that your legs are spread wide and finger yourself until either I come or you come 7 times. Be sure to ask John if you can come before you do. She hesitated and felt the belt land on her ass. She hesitated no more. She was ready in a few seconds and asked John if she might come. Yes, but I’ll need a blowjob and so will Earl, agreed? Yes sir, if my master says so. Then we all agree, she heard her master say. She was coming so hard she almost fell down.

She heard one of the other men comment. She is very orgasmic, isn’t she? We’ll find out in the next 7 days. Swallow, came the command and he buried his cock I he throat. He was coming and coming, seemingly endless amounts and she was drinking it like it was precious. She heard herself say “thank you” as she licked his cock clean.

You still have work to do slave, and you better do it well. She turned around to see two cocks already standing at attention on the two men who were sitting down and enjoying the show. Kneel in front of Earl and make yourself busy. She did as told and found it surprisingly easy and enjoyable. How’s she doing she heard her new master ask. Pretty well, but it is easy at this point. The real test comes later.

She finished the two men and her master came back out on the balcony with her clothes, including shoes. Throw them over the balcony and prepare for the best 7 days of the rest of your life. Without hesitating she did as she was told. There was a sense of relief that came over her as she turned them loose, she was scared but she was more excited than she had ever been in her life. She turned around to see her master holding a movie camera and he asked her how she felt about the night and her plight for the next seven days. She thought for a moment and then replied simply. I am more excited than I have ever been in my life. "What next sir?"


Part 2 is already being written.

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