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In my Custody

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It is cool in the room around you as the air conditioner hums it’s one note tune. You are naked, and bound bent over at the waist across the small table in my motel room. Your ankles are tied to opposing legs of the table, your hands in my cuffs at the small of your back, and a generous length of clothesline ties your upper body down to the small table. You are blindfolded as well, so you cannot see what I am doing, or are preparing to do, as I get ready to teach you a lesson, as well as use your body for my pleasure. Suddenly, there is a resounding slap on your bare ass, and it stings. This followed by yet another on the other side, and it also stings badly. Your juices immediately flow, and you feel your little pussy moisten, almost against your will. The spanking goes on for a few minutes, and not only is your pussy wet, but your nipples are hard, and you know that your sweet little ass is bright red. You feel my fingers probing your pussy, touching you, opening you up, and rubbing your clit. You move your ass about to get more pressure from my fingers, and get another whack on that as for moving without commands. “You will get what pleasure that I decide you get, cunt!” I bark at you. With that, I plunge two fingers deep into your wet pussy, pumping them in and out, fucking you. You want to move your ass but don’t dare. You feel my tongue on your clit as I move in behind you, and begin to lick your swollen clit and pussy. I suck your little bud, hard as a pebble now, deeply into my mouth and thrash it with the tip of my tongue. I know this makes you crazy, and I take you quickly to the edge of insanity, and then just as quickly, stop. I move around to the end of the table where your head is, and grab a handful of your silky blonde hair.

I pull your head to the table’s edge, and push my very hard cock against your mouth. “Suck it, bitch” I order. Like an infant to the nipple, you open your mouth, complying with your orders. I fuck your mouth deeply, plunging my cock in as you suck and lick me, hoping to please. I fuck your mouth like I do your pussy and ass, hard and deep. I hear you gag from time to time, and struggle to get air, but am relentless. I clutch your hair, working your head, using you solely for my pleasure. You struggle to keep pace, working hard to try and please. I fuck your pretty face for a while, and am ready for some other orifice now. I pull my cock out of your mouth, and slap it against your face. I walk to the backside of the table again, admiring the view of your smooth wet pussy and ass spread out for my use. I step in behind you and rub my cock up and down the wet lips of your pussy. I tease and rub your clit with the head of it. Just then, you feel a hot sting on your back, as I drip some hot wax from the candles on the table down your back. You squirm as I do that, and get another smack on your red ass for that. Without warning, I take you. I plunge my cock deep into your wet pussy until my full balls slap against your clit. I begin to pummel that tender cunt, fucking you hard and deep. The onslaught is sudden, and you are already very worked up from having your clit sucked. Within minutes, you cum hard and long, letting out a cry as you do. “That’s right, bitch, cum for me!” I tell you. All the while I fuck you harder. Your orgasm seems to roll on for all time, and your knees are weak. As you finish, I pull my very wet cock out of you, and press it against your tight little ass. You feel the head enter, trying to relax. Then, I am all the way inside you, deep and hard. It is time for me, now, little girl. I fuck that tight hole hard, clutching your hips as I do. I take it all from you, hammering your ass. I fuck you hard for as long as I can. “Tell me what you want, bitch!” I bark. “Cumin my ass” I hear your reply between deep breaths. I slap your ass hard, and tell you “Ask nice, cunt!” “Please, please, give me your cum” is your reply. I do just that. I explode deep in your ass, filling you. I pump out every bit, deep into you until my orgasm passes. I pull my cock out of you, and slap that ass once again. “Now, you wait until I decide if I am done with you!” I tell you, and head off to shower.

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