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Work was crazy. People, especially men, are just plain dumb, I thought as I left work for the day. Frustrated and cranky I drove home on Friday afternoon. I couldn?t wait to get home to my baby, he would make me feel better, a few drinks and a hot tub and my troubles would wash away.........well in my dreams!

I pulled into the driveway and his truck wasn?t home yet. OMG I thought to myself ? it?s Friday ? what is he doing working late? I slammed my car door shut and went into the house. I ran a bath, poured a strong drink, lit some candles in the bathroom and got naked. It was a wonderful, hot bath since he hadn?t used up all the hot water on himself. Good thing he?s not home, I thought, more water for me! I smiled to myself and relaxed my muscles in the tub. I got my razor and shaved my legs nice and silky smooth, and then shaved everywhere else he might be wandering that night. He loved a nice, clean shaven pussy and since I was so horny I wanted him to be delighted with what he saw. He had made me wait so long for tonight, teasing and not pleasing me night after long night. I know he did this so my orgasms would be so much more intense but I was starting to get cranky ? very, very cranky!!!! When I was all done and my skin was starting to feel like a prune I got out of the tub and got dressed. Even thought it was 100 degrees outside I put on stockings because I knew he loved my legs in stockings and I wanted him to fuck me! I put on my sexiest clothes that he loves and grabbed even pulled out my collar. It said ?SLAVE? and he loved that too. I wanted to be his slave tonight ? even more than any other night ? I can?t even count the days he?s made me wait to flood the bed. It was going to be good though, as being brought to the edge of orgasm and made to stop made the feelings so intense that I knew I would have a big, rolling orgasm and ruin the mattress yet again. I didn?t even care anymore, as long as I got relief I was willing to put up with the consequences.

I perfected the finishing touches of hair and make-up and checked myself out in the mirror. I knew this was going to make his day ? if he ever got home............then my phone rang.

?Hello?? I said. ?Hi Babe? he said ?just finishing up here and will be on my way home.?

?Oh good? I said ?I?m dressed and waiting not so patiently.? He said if I was really good tonight he would let me cum so I planned on being extremely good. We said our good-byes and hung up and within about 30 seconds my cell rang again. ?What did you forget baby?? I asked. ?Wow ? I?m already your baby?? was the reply on the other end of the phone. ?Uh.... what....who is this?? I stammered. ?It?s your baby obviously? came the reply. I said ?Quit fucking around smart ass ? who is this????? The phone got quiet for a second and then the caller said ?How?s the little construction slut doing?? ?I beg your pardon?? I asked. ?Come on now sexy, don?t play coy with me, I?m sure you remember your 2 flat tires and the pleasure they brought you that day...........?

OMG - I thought to myself - it couldn?t be. ?What?s the matter?? he said ?Cat got your tongue? Or tongue got your pussy?? ?What do you want?? I yelled into the phone. ?And how did you get my cell number?? ?So you DO remember me, or should I say US? he said and laughed ?We remember YOU so well?

?WHAT DO YOU WANT?? I yelled. ?You!? he said. ?Not on your life? I said ?Now leave me alone!? I hung up my phone and slammed it on the counter. About ten seconds later it rang again. ?WHAT?? I snapped ?Whoa babe ? what?s with the attitude?? It was my boyfriend, Rod. ?I?m so sorry babe ? I?m getting hounded by sales calls lately ? it?s taking its toll on me ? what?s up? You almost home??

?Sorry babe? he said ?owner needs a bank draw tomorrow which means I work late to make sure that happens so I get paid. I know you were expecting me home soon.? I started shaking my fist at the phone and realized that wouldn?t get me anywhere. ?Fine...........? I said ?but you better think long and hard about what you are going to do to make this up to me? ?You bet? he said ?how does oral until you squirt sound?? OMG ? I almost came right then and there at the thought. His tongue was amazing and my clit was aching. ?Perfect babe, hurry home!? With that I hung up the phone and poured another drink.

My phone rang again, ?Hello?? I said. ?Well hello sexy, who were you talking to?? Oh no, I thought, not him again. ?You better quit calling me? I said ?my boyfriend is going to be very angry.? ?Is that right?? the caller said ?before or after he sees the pics of that day he went to get your tires fixed?? ?What?? I said. ?Oh I think you know what I?m talking about. But if you don?t believe me you can always see for yourself.? ?You are so lying? I said. ?Ok ? if that?s how you want to play this ? I?ll just text this pic to Rod and we?ll see what he has to say? My heart skipped a beat ? how did he know Rod?s name? ?WHO IS THIS?? I said. ?Look out the window? he said ?there is a black van across the street from your house.?

He hung up the phone and I ran to the window thinking this guy was stringing me along. I looked out into the dusk light and did, in fact, see a van. I quickly shut the blinds and ran to the door. There was no way he was going to ruin my night! I opened the door and the van headlights flashed a couple times. ?No way!? I thought ? this can?t be happening. Without thinking I slammed the door and ran across the street to the van. No one was in the driver?s seat when I got there so I went to the other side. Before I could do anything the sliding door opened and guys jumped out and grabbed me. ?What the.........? and before I could say anything else I felt a gag in my mouth and it was being fastened behind my head. It was a little dark in the van but my pupils came accustomed to the light and I saw them ? it was the construction guys ? OMG I thought to myself ? how did they find me............and WHY???? I knew they could see the fear and surprise in my eyes as they all started laughing. I started to kick my legs and hit them with my hands but that didn?t last long. Since there were 4 of them they each grabbed a leg and a wrist and before long my ankles were tied together and my wrists were cuffed behind my back. ?Now why would you want to fight little girl? Do you really think you can get away from 4 strong men?? I didn?t want to tick them off so I shook my head. I tried to mouth ?I?m sorry? but the gag filled my mouth.

?Now that?s better? another said ?we think you should do as you are told in order to keep your little secret safe with us ? don?t you agree?? I nodded my head and wondered what he meant by that. Then one of the guys pulled out a cell phone and shoved it in my face ? what I saw made me cringe ? it was me with a cock in each hand and another one deep in my throat and I had this look of total ecstasy on my face as I appeared to be enjoying it. I rolled my eyes and, once again, the guys laughed. ?I see you remember now don?t you?? I nodded and they asked if I would be a good girl if they removed the gag. I nodded yes and they let my mouth free. ?Why are you doing this to me? ? I asked. ?Well you see? they said ?we are very fond of you and we rather enjoyed our little get together at the jobsite. We would like to have more of you.? ?But I can?t? I said. ?Oh we think you can? one of them said ?and we KNOW you WILL!? I started to yell out so they shoved the ball gag back in my mouth and before long they sped off down the road with me tied and cuffed and gagged in the van with them.

It was about 20 minutes before the van stopped. And the whole trip they were taunting me. They rubbed their hands up and down my legs, and rubbed overtop of my thongs and felt my pussy getting wet. They pulled and pinched at my nipples. They knew they were making me crazy. When the van stopped they untied my legs and made me walk with them. I didn?t know where we were but one of the guys seemed to have a key to the house. I tried to wrestle away but they were too strong. I should have remembered that from the construction site. Why oh why did I do that I thought to myself. They forced me into the house and at that point they must have felt secure enough in the sound barrier because they uncuffed me and took the ball gag out again. ?You SOB?s!? I yelled ?what do you think you are doing?? ?Whatever we want? was the reply and 2 of them grabbed me and pulled me into another room. I saw what appeared to be a dentist chair in the centre of the room. They placed me on it and pulled out ties from underneath. They tied my legs apart but not before pulling my thong off. OMG I thought ? what is happening to me? Then they did the same with my wrists and before long I was totally restrained and at their mercy.

Next thing they did was get undressed and they all stood their stroking their cocks. I remembered them well and I must admit their force on me was turning me on bigtime. I circled the room with my eyes looking at them one by one and all of a sudden one pulled my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth. He was forcing me to suck him. Then I felt a presence between my legs and before I knew it I felt a warm , wet tongue licking my pussy and for a minute I forgot about the cock in my mouth until he pulled my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. It wasn?t long and my mouth was full and he said ?swallow it now!? so I did. I immediately went back to concentrating on the head between my legs and I was trying to buck my hips to force his tongue further inside me but I was tied so tight I was unable to move very much. ?The little construction slut wants more? one of the guys said and I felt someone reach over from above my head to my nipples and he pinched them until I screamed. At that point the guy between my legs raised his head and pulled out the biggest dildo I had ever seen and slowly inserted it about an inch into my steaming hot pussy. I moaned with pleasure and the hoots and hollers in the room made me realize how much they were enjoying the show. He shoved it in a little further and I yelled out ?FUCK ME WITHTHAT THING ALREADY? and with that he shoved it all the way in and it hurt and felt incredible at the same time ? I felt my restraints being pulled off and I was able to arch my back and thrust my hips until that phoney cock was filling me up inside. Then another one of the guys grabbed my head and turned it toward him and I saw he was wet at the tip so I licked it off and he shoved his cock in my mouth and he proceeded to fuck my mouth as I was getting fucked and filled with the large toy in my pussy. It wasn?t long and I had a mouth full of cum and I was squirting all over the guy toying between my thighs. He must have never seen that before because he let out a ?Holy fuck!? and he said ?I want a piece of that? and he grabbed me and pulled me off the chair and onto the bed beside and forced me onto my stomach, shoved a pillow under my hips and he fucked me hard and I mean hard. He stopped long enough for someone else to move in front of my face and shove his hard shaft into my mouth and said ?here you go baby ? we know you love this? and they got into a rhythm of one fucking my face as the other was fucking my pussy and I was in absolute heaven and finally came and squirted all over the place. They both followed suit and I was covered in salty, wet, luscious cum from these guys.

They asked if I had enough and I shook my head and they said ?thatta girl? and one of the guy sitting in the wings grabbed me and shoved me on top of his dick and helped me thrust up and down on him as he grabbed my tits and pulled them to his mouth and he sucked and licked and lightly bit my nipples. I was hoping he wouldn?t leave marks on me but no such luck ? he made sure he sucked hard enough to leave marks large as life for my boyfriend to see so there was no denying what happened to me this time. I screamed in complete and utmost pleasure as he did this and right at that moment, when I was about to come, I felt a rock hard cock be inserted into my ass and I had two at a time inside me, filling me completely and they said to the others ?Hey guys ? there is one more hole to fill here ? come on!? and the other 2 guys came over, one stuck his cock in my mouth and with one hand I grabbed the other to stroke it as I was filled completely with 3 cocks filling all of my holes and I could not help but lose all my composure and I came all over the guy I was riding as he filled me up with his own explosion and the guy in my ass pulled out and came all over my back which felt so warm and extremely hot! The guy in my mouth yelled out ?I?m cumming!!!!!!!!? and he shot his load down my throat as I stroked the guy in my hand to his own orgasm and made him squirt all over my face. I was definitely covered everywhere with everything and I knew it would take about 3 bars of soap and hopefully 4 sets of hands to clean me off that night.

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