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I am a white slave

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I am a white slave. My master makes me do any and everything that he desires. I have to always obey him, and be totally submissive. He owns me, and never lets me forget that I belong to him. I have no control over my sexual being. I am his whore and am only good for pleasing him and any body else that he orders me to please. He has trained me very well. It started a few years ago when he realized that I would try to please him every time we were having sex. He would have me talk nasty to him, finger myself, and use different sex toys. I would dress up as cheap as I could look, knowing that this really turned him on. When he needed a good fuck, without asking me, I would quickly open my legs to give him a place to dump his load. He loved just using me and I loved to be used. This is where he began to change the rules!

He came home one evening and was very horney. He told me that he had been having some real nasty thoughts about me doing things. As he was describing this, he began to touch me all over. He was pinching my nipples, kissing and sucking on my neck. I was getting very hot. He unzipped my pants and crammed his finger into my pussy. Right away he knew that I was turned on by how wet my pussy was. He completley undresed me, took off his clothes and pushed me to the bed. He stuck four fingers into my pussy, and was sucking and pulling at my nipples. He whispered into my ear if I would do anything to please him. I moaned that I have always tried to please him. He said, " This time he wanted to know if I would do anything to please him without hesitation." I said, " Yes oh yes, I would do anything for him!" He whispered that there was no going back. From this moment on he would be incontrol of me and no matter what I could not refuse. I was so hot and horney that I quickly replied that I would not refuse any of his request. He told me that I had to prove to him that I would obey his commands. He ordered me to get on all 4's, reach around and open up my pussy lips for his cock. I did what he asked, opening my pussy as wide as I could. He jammed his cock into me, pumping me real hard and fast. I was squeezing my nipples and telling him to keep fucking me, keep fucking me real hard! The he stopped. He pulled his cock out of my cunt and ordered me to get up. I quickly got up and stood by the bed. He got on all 4's and ordered me to open up his ass and to deep tongue his hole. This was something that I never had done before. We have never explored this area before. Was this a test? I then remembered his words that there would be no going back. And I didn't want to go back. I got up onto the bed and did just what he asked. I spread his ass opened, and started sticking my tongue deep into his hole. I was thrushing in and out of his ass, licking up and down his ass area. He was breathing and moaning. He said things like, " That's right you slut, lick my ass. Yea yea my little whore, tongue my ass. Lick it good. Don't stop until I tell you to!" I reached around to grab his cock, and he slapped my hand. He yelled at me in a tone that I had never heard and said, " I did not tell you to touch my cock. Don't touch me or yourself until I give you the command to do so". He asked if I understood. I said, " yes". He pulled my hair and brought me toward him and said, " Yes who?" He was looking deep into my eyes, and I knew that he wanted an answer. Looking back at him I replied, "Yes Master." He told me to say it again and I did. Yes Master, I understand. He seemed pleased with me. He ordered me back on all 4's. He told me to put my ass in the air. I stuck my ass up, and he placed a finger in my ass. He moved his finger in and out. He than put in 2 fingers, than three. I was moaning and moving to his thrust. My Master knew that I liked and wanted it. He knew I will please him. As he was fingering my ass, he rubbed some lotion on his cock. He bent toward my ear and in a low voice and told me that my ass needed some other type of attention. He whispered to me that he was going to fuck my ass, that he needed a tight asshole. I was ready for my Master. He told me to spread my ass open. As I did, he put the tip of his cock into my ass. He was slow at first. Easing in inch by inch. Soon all of his cock was in me. He began to pump me faster. I was breathing heavy. I liked it. He pumped faster and faster. He ordered me to play with my clit. I rubbed my pussy which was dripping wet. I was moaning to him to fuck my ass harder and harder. He replied things like, "Yea you bitch. You really like this fuck in your ass. You cheap whore. I'm gonna use you real good". As he began pumping more rapidly, he statred yelling to me, "What are you"? I moaned, "your whore". He said, that's right and don't every forget it. You are only worth to be used. I am your Master, and you will always be my slave". He was breathing so hard and soon his pumping got faster. His cum went deep into my ass. He moaned and rolled off of me. I continued to play with my pussy. As he layed there, he commented to me that training me was going to be very easy. I was moaning and he knew that I was getting ready to cum. He stopped my hand and moved it away. He advised me that this pleasure was for him, not me. I was not allowed to cum. I was told to clean his cock up with a wash rag. I obeyed and got off the bed, retrived the rag and cleaned my Master's cock off. As I was getting done, he grabbed my arm and said in a mean tone, "Don't ever disobey me for you will have to suffer punishment!" My Master had me do alot of things including involving other people. He would bring couples to our home. I would have to please the man, while my Master pleased his wife or girlfriend. He would bring home single guys and have them use me just so that they can get satisfaction. My master knew that I liked black cock, but would never bring one home to me. He would say that I haven't earned a treat yet. There were many times when my Master would call me and advise me that someone was coming to the house. He wanted me to be clean and to dress in a slutty way. His orders would be for me to do what ever the visitor wanted, and I was to do eveything very well. Sometimes it would be only to give a guy a blow job, and I had to always swallow all if his cum. After the man would cum, I then had to clean the cum off off his cock with my mouth. It was always for the visitors to have their pleasure. If a guy would mention to my master that he was horney and needed a good blow job, I would get the call and I always knew what to do. I always obeyed my Master. Many times as I was giving a guy a blow job, his cell phone would ring. The man would answer and brag into the phone that he was getting a good blow job from this little white whore. I would be moaning and enjoying sucking their cocks. The man would stay on the phone until he would cum. He would say things like, "Yea, I'm fucking this sluts face. Yea, swallow all my cum you bitch, down your throat. That's it you easy whore. Taste my cum. Now lick my cock clean. Lick this fucking cum off my cock. After I would clean his cock off, he would hand the phone to me. I would hear my Master's voice saying to me that I sounded very good and that he could tell that I pleased the visitor very well. At these times, I would be able to receive pleasure from my Master and he would allow me to come. I was always so turned on and eager to please my visitors. Sometimes my visitors would be a woman. My Master would call me and order me to lick her pussy until she came. The women were always turned on as they entered the house. Some have had experience with another women, and some were anxious to try it for the first time. My orders were to pleasure the visitor, and to do what was needed to make them cum. So I would eat their pussies, finger their asses, along with kissing and sucking their tits, making sure that they were receiving great pleasure. Some woman would cum yelling things to me. Some would say, "Eat this pussy. Lick my clit. Oh! I am so wet!" Some women would squirt from their pussies. I would lick everything up. My fingers would be soaked with all of their cunt juices. All I knew was that when a visitor left, they had to be pleased by me. Pleased enough to want to come back. I did what I was ordered to do, for I am my Master's slave and obey him because he owns me. Obeying my Master kept me turned on. I stayed very horney and eager for my next adventure!

I had to always obey my Master. I am not aloud to cum when we are with other people or when I am servicing someone. The pleasure is only for my master and for them. But I stay so horney and often wish to get pleasure also. When I am alone with my Master, he uses me real good and often lets me cum. Sometimes I get to masterbate when my Master feels that I have done a good job in pleasing people. Cumming is a reward and I can usually be very free in how I want to acheive my orgasim. My master will let me squeeze my tits, pound my pussy and lick my juices off my fingers. I can finger my ass and rub my clit until I cum. As I am cumming I have to look straight into my Master's eyes. I have to yell and moan that he is my Master and that he owns me. I have to thank him for letting me cum.

One day I made a mistake. I was so horney and I needed to rub my pussy. I had just given a blow job to a guy who had a real big cock. He filled my mouth up twice as he was cumming. I was so turned on. When the man left, I laid on my bed and began to rub myself. I was playing with my tits and fingering my ass real good. I was real close to cumming when I felt a strap slap me accross my body. My Master was home and standing there witnessing everything. He was enraged that I disobeyed him. He advised me in a very deep mean tone that I would have a punishment coming for disobeying him. I tried to explain that I was so turned on from my last visitor, and that I just couldn't resist from wanting to cum. "A slave doesn't give into anything. A slave always and I mean always obeys the Master. You are mine to do with as I please. You are my slave, whore, slut, bitch, tramp, easy lay, which adds up to me owning you! Now my fucking bitch, you will pay!!" I was not sure on what to say or think. I have never seen him like this before, but I knew that he was not kidding around.

My Master grabbed me and shoved me across the bed. I was laying on my stomach. My Master did not say a word. Then I felt the first slash of the whip. And then another. My Master was punishing me by whipping my ass, which was feeling very warm and was stinging. After being whipped many times, my Master asked me if felt that I was punished enough. I nodded yes as I felt the whip again. Then another whip as he was yelling to me to beg him to stop. I beg my Master to stop and beg him to forgive his slave for disobeing him. My ass was so hot and swollen as my Master continued whipping me. And then it stopped. Not a sound was heard as my Master turned my body over and thrushed his cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth fast and furious, grabbing my hair and keeping me pulled into him. My Master was telling me that I better not ever again forget what I was. Never forget that I was owned and that I had no control of my sexual self. As he thrushed faster and faster, he grabbed my face and held my mouth and jaw tight. I felt his warm cum drain down the back of my throat. I had to take every last drop for he had clamped his hands so that I could not move away from his cock. When my Master was through using me, he got up, told me to think about what I had done and to think If disobeying him was worth it, then he left the room. I laid there feeling how hot and sore my ass was. I knew that I did not want to receive this punishment again. When he returned I said, "Master, may I speak?" I was given permission to speak and I told him that I would never disobey him again. He got real close to my face and said to me in a stern tone, "We'll see about that." A few weeks went by, and I never had a visitor. When my Master would come home, the first thing he would do is drag me to the shower, shove me inside, pull up my dress and stick his cock down into my panties. He would then pee into my panties, with the urning running all down my legs and soaking my pussy. After cleaning up I would please my Master by doing everything he said. I gave him every hole to fuck, every postion, and any place that he wanted to cum. After weeks of being totally used and totally submissive, my Master advised me that he trusted me again and felt that I would always obey him. I was advised that I had passed of what I had said to him weeks before, that I would never disobey him again.

So I began to do my job and pleased every person that my Master sent to me. There were couples, single men and women. Many of these times I performed my duties without my Master being present. Sometimes my Master was with me. I obeyed all the instructions that he ordered me to do. No matter how I was being used, I never did more than what was asked and never came unless I was allowed to. If the order was to give only a blow job, than that is what I did. My master would always know. He would have the person call him after a session to tell find out the details. He wanted to know everything that I had done and if the person felt very satisfied. I knew after disobeying my Master once, that I did not want to feel that punishment again. I kept my word and stayed his slave, for I knew that I was owned and the only thing my Master wanted from me was to stay a whore. His whore. And I was.

Many months went by and I knew that My Master was very pleased with me. He allowed me to cum more often, sometimes a few days in a row. He knew that when he was horney, that I would give myself to him. Anytime and any place. The only condition was for me to obey. Always do what he ordered, and do it well. Then I received a treat! My Master called to tell me that I was going to have a visitor. I was instructed on what to wear. I got myself cleaned up and got ready the way my Master had ordered. I heard the knock at the door, open it up, and there stood a very dark black man. I was immediatly soaking wet. I get so turned by having such dark skin against my body, his big black cock moving in and out of my white pussy. My Master knew this. So I knew that I had to make sure that I did only what I was ordered to do. This day I was to please this man by giving him a deep throated blow job. As soon as the man entered, I unzipped his pants and pull out his cock. It wa so big and shiney. I went down on my knees and started sucking and licking his hard cock, licking the head and licking up the jism oozing out. I licked and sucked his balls and made his cock very wet. I took all of his cock down my throat, allowing him to thrust in and out of mouth. He was breathing so hard and I knew that he enoyed fucking my white mouth. He was thrushing faster and faster, then laid his cock on the tip of my tongue. He watched as his cum filled up my mouth, telling me to swallow every bit. Oh! did I swallow. I took everything he had and wanted more. I licked all around his cock trying to taste more of him. How I wanted this black cock to fuck me! He then ordered me to clean him up, which I did. When I was done, he zipped his pants back up, turned around and left. My Master called soon after. I told my master that I was so hot and begged him to allow a black cock to fuck me. He could tell that I was very turned on. He told me not yet. In due time, but not now. He also reminded me not to masterbate. I wanted to real bad, but I did not pleasure myself.

I continued to pleasure all of my visitors. Time after time I was used by others. My Master would have a black man visit only once in a while. I was never to let them fuck me. I was allow to finger their asses and suck their cocks. What ever was the order for that particular visit. Each time it was harder and harder to keep from giving in and grabbing this black cock and shoving it into my pussy. My Master knew because I begged him often to allow this. But he was in control and I knew to obey. Then I gave in. I didn't know that my Master had set me up to test me. I guess since I had been begging him for sometime to allow a black man to fuck me, that he felt it was time to see if I was wise enough to obey. But I wasn't. It started out by me sucking my visitor's black cock. I sucked and licked every inch of his long and wet member. I wanted so much more. He would smear his cock all around my face, dipping into my mouth, and smearing my face again. He teased me, and the more he teased, the more I wanted it! He whispered to me that he wanted to give me a good fuck. I moaned to him to take me. To use me and fuck me hard. He quickly jammed his black cock into my awaiting white pussy. Oh! He pumped and pumped me. I gave into every thrust. He loaded me up with every drop of his cum. I then licked his cock clean, then he left. I was getting ready to clean myself up when someone came through the door. I came face to face with my Master. My heart dropped as I looked at him, because I knew at that moment that he knew. He walked toward me and without saying a word, crammed his fingers into my pussy. He moved his fingers around, then brought his fingers to my mouth and made me lick the cum off. It was then that he told me about the test, and with fury he pushed me to the bed, smacking me as I was forced on my hands and knees. He was yelling at me, telling me that I was a stupid whore. He's tone told me that I was goning to pay dearly for the pleasure that I had received. Slapping my ass and constantly reminding that I was a just a tramp and his slave who should never disobey. He got behind me, and before I knew it, he jammed his cock all the way into my ass. He fucked my ass hard and fast, not caring to be easy. He slapped and pumped my ass knowing that all I was good for was to be used. And he used me. He used me some more. He was breathing and fucking like an angry beast. He gave one last pump and came deep into my ass. When he was done with me, I was told to stay on the bed. He got up and looked at me. He said, "Now your filled up in both places with cum you fucking disobediant whore!" He walked away. I thought to myself that this couldn't be the only punishment. Surely there was going to be a beating or more fucking. Maybe more of him relieving himself by peeing into my panties and onto my pussy. I did not say a word. I had no defense. I gave in knowing that I was disobeying.

I was not allowed to clean up. I had to sleep with sticky cum which had oozed out of my ass and pussy. I was not to talk or touch my Master, and he would not talk or touch me. When I awoke in the morning, I went to get up. My Master walked over to me and said, " You fucking smell of sex you fucking dirty whore. Don't get up." I asked permission to speak. He gave me permission to speak and I said," Master, I have to pee. I need to go to the bathroom." He told me that I was not going to get up. He said, "You fucking smell already, so alittle more won't matter." He placed a few towels under me and ordered me to pee myself. As I releived myself, I had to look right at him. When I was done I had to ask permission to clean up. I was given permission after I gave him a blow job. As I got off the bed, my Master grabbed me, spun me around and with a deep tone said,"You will pay!" A few nights later, my Master ordered me to stay in the bedroom. He put a butt plug into my ass, and ordered me to leave it in. I was in the bedroom for a few hours, when my Master came in and ordered me into the living room naked. As I entered the living room, I saw what was in store for me. There were five black men and my Master. Right then I knew I had to do everything that was ordered and do it well. I had to make sure that I pleased everyone. I had to show my Master that I wanted him to forgive me. I was ordered to suck each one of the black cocks. I immediatly got on my knees and made my way to all of the awaiting cocks. I licked and sucked each one making sure that their cocks were glistening wet. Then my Master told the men to turn around and lean over the sofa, sticking their asses out. I was ordered to lick and tongue their asses. I went to each one and deep tongued their asses, licking all around, making sure that I was doing a good job. I could tell from the moans that they were enjoying my tongue giving their asses total attention. My Master knew that I was pleasing them very well. When my Master felt that I had done enough, I was ordered on all fours. My Master pulled the butt plug in and out, telling the men that my ass was now ready. He pulled my face very close to him and said, "Now my fucking whore, let me remind you of what a cheap slut you are, and show everyone that you are my slave. That you belong to me, that I own you! Maybe this will teach you never to disobey!!" At that point he told the first guy to fuck me ass. He crammed his cock into me, fucking my ass very fast and hard. Then the next one. Then the next. I took all five of them fucking my ass, cumming deep into my hole. My ass was dripping with all of their cum. When they were done, I looked at my Master. I said to him,"Are you ready to fuck my ass too?" My Master pulled my hair and brought my face to him. He squeed my face in his hands and meanly told me never to ask him when he is ready. Then the door opened, and in walk a woman. My master ordered me to lick her pussy and get her ready for him. I undressed the woman, got between her legs, and licked her pussy, tasting all of her juices. I licked and fingered her hole getting her ready for my Master to fuck her. When she was real wet, my Master pushed me aside. He got on top of her and put his cock into her ready pussy. He fucked her real good. She moaned and I knew that she liked the fuck that she was getting. I was made to stand there and watch. I knew that my Master was soon ready to cum. He was pumping her faster and faster. He gave one last thrust into her, and came in her pussy. He moved away from her and ordered me to lick up his cum and clean her pussy out. I quickly got on my knees and began to suck and lick her pussy. I could taste my Master's cum, and licked all of it out of her. As I was licking, she was moaning and moving her hips. She enjoyed the feel of my tongue thrusting into her pussy. She was breathing heavy and her clit was swollen. I ate her until she came. I was so hot myself and needed to cum. I was not allowed. After everyone left, my Master ordered me to get cleaned up.

After my shower, my Master asked me if I have learned my lesson. I quickly told my Master that I would never do anything to cause him to have to punish me again. It seemed that he really believed me. His response was, "You truly are a cum sucking, pussy licking whore. You are my slave. My whore. And the best advice I can give you is to never ever disobey me again! The punishment would be severe." I promised my Master that I would never disobey him again, and I never did. I love my Master.

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