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Hypnosis Does Not Work! - Does it?"

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Julie had a bad feeling when she agreed to let Alan hypnotise her as he tried to get better and better for his upcoming assignments for the therapist course he was doing. It wasn't that she didn't trust him. She'd known him for years. It was herself that she didn't rust. While she didn't actually believe in it, there was something about it that seemed somehow forbidden to her - like being naughty somehow. Anyway, she thought with a sigh. It was too late now. He was about to start, and, she had promised him. He had done her a few favours over the years, and had never asked for anything in return.

Alan looked at Julie as she settled herself down in the chair. He knew she was obviously uncomfortable about letting him hypnotise her, but he didn't care. She was the only one, a female, who knew him well enough to trust him and allow him to do it. He sat down in the chair opposite, about three feet from her and smiled warmly.

"Relax." he told her reassuringly. "The worst thing that could happen is that it won't work. I'll be the only one with egg on my face."

You got that right, Julie thought, as she also thought of the opposite.

"No. The worst thing that could happen," Julie replied, "is that is does work, and then, whatever you're going to do next."

Alan laughed aloud. "Okay." he said. "We can forget it if you feel that uncomfortable about it."

Julie thought for a moment very clearly. This was her opportunity to get out of it.

He'd given her the chance she'd wished for only moments before. But even as she thought of it she knew she wouldn't take it. Something inside her was obligated to pay him back for all the favours he'd done her unconditionally.

"No." she answered. "Let's do it."

"Okay." Alan smiled warmly at her. "Now, just relax and breathe normally. Look at the spiral on the computer screen and think of nothing but how the lines all keep going to the centre of it, but never actually get there. I wonder why that is?"

Julie gazed into the centre of the computer screen at the never-ending spiral that snaked its way toward a never-arriving centre. Her breathing she allowed to deepen and gentle at the same time. I wonder why it doesn't? She thought idly as her gaze tried to follow the lines to nowhere. Julie felt herself beginning to relax between the shoulder blades. She took a deep breath, letting it out with a defeated sigh. Oh well, she thought. I might even enjoy a relaxing time at that. I feel a little more at ease even now.

"Concentrate .. on nothing .. except the centre .. and the lines .. spiralling toward it."

Alan said to her soothingly, once he saw she was cooperating. "Just let the relaxation you ...

feel right now ... deepen even more ... and more ... taking you ... to an ... even more relaxed state ... where ... you can really experience ... the incredible effects of ... being hypnotised ...

so deeply."

Julie listened to Alan as he spoke. At the same time she kept her gaze steadily on the centre of the slowly turning spiral. She wondered why she didn't feel sleepy, or why Alan wasn't telling her she felt heavy and tired. Then she lost the thought as the centre of the spiral drew her more and more steadily toward it. She was feeling very relaxed. This is not too bad, she reflected, as she sighed. What was I worried about, anyway?

Alan knew Julie was relaxing more and more with each passing second. He didn't want her to go very deep for the experiment he wanted to carry out with her. That's why he wasn't suggesting she go to sleep, as she had most probably been expecting.

"And now," Alan began his experiment. "You can ... feel yourself ... reaching a very relaxed state ... where ... you are not tired ... feeling very healthy ... in high spirits ... as you ...

listen to the sound of my voice ... in your very relaxed .. and .. receptive state ... breathing naturally ... feeling very good ... about yourself ...your life .. in every way ... while you listen to my voice ... in your very relaxed ... and very comfortable trance ... in a very .. very receptive state of mind .. where .. everything I suggest to you to do .. or see .. or hear .. or feel .. or experience ... you will experience ... with every fibre of your being ... because you .. are in a very .. very deeply relaxed .. and comfortable trance .. right at this moment .. feeling so good ... about yourself ... in every way ... as you relax ... and receive everything I say ... in your very ... very receptive state."

Julie sighed as she listened to Alan's voice drone on. But he was right. She did feel good about herself and her life. And she was feeling very relaxed and receptive to his ideas and suggestions about relaxing. The centre of the spiral became a blur every now and then and she really had to concentrate to see where all the lines were trying in vain to meet. You never know, Julie thought. I might just be the only one in the world to ever see these lines actually reach the centre if I watch it closely enough. Then she doubled her concentration, relaxing her shoulders fully at the same time.

Alan watched Julie seemingly concentrate harder. This he did not expect.

"In a moment," Alan began again. "I'm going to count to three ... and then snap my fingers ... When you hear ... the snap of my fingers ... you will feel wide awake and feeling very good .. but .. you will still be deeply hypnotised ... in your subconscious mind ... and your body ..and .. because they want to feel ... as relaxed .. and as nice .. as they do right now ... they will both listen ... to the sound of my voice ... and accept my suggestions ... as being good for you ... no matter what I say ... so .. you can enjoy ... and relax again ... and be very comfortable ... as your subconscious mind ... and your body ... continue to accept fully ... all my suggestions ... and carry them out immediately ... when you hear my fingers snap ... after I count three .. Do you understand that? Quite clearly?"

Julie nodded immediately. Of course she understood what he'd said. Did he think she was an idiot or what? She realised that it was her subconscious mind that had allowed her body to relax and her mind to follow so wonderfully. She was a student of psyche. She knew that. It was obvious her mind and body would accept and respond to his suggestions, even when she was awake, just like Pavlov's dog whenever he rang their bell. Well, she wasn't a dog, but it was nice, anyway, to feel like she was feeling at the moment. This hypnosis wasn't that bad after all. What had she ever been worried about? Julie started to form a mental note to tell Alan he had a very boring voice, but then she lost the thought as he began to count up to three.

"Three!" Alan finished counting. Then he snapped his fingers quite loudly.

* *

Julie opened her eyes and blinked, focussing on Alan's face and eyes instantly. He was smiling warmly at her. His eyes were all shiny.

"Do you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside?" he asked her.

Julie thought about his question for a few seconds before answering him, which was strange for her, she noticed. She was usually quick with an answer for anything asked of her.

Her mind mentally scanned herself from head to toe, reaching the conclusion when she'd finished that she did, in fact, feel good. In fact, she felt very good. She smiled.

Alan relaxed when he saw her smile. For a moment there he had been worried she hadn't been deep enough and had been analysing everything he was saying, instead of going with the flow as she had promised to do.

"Your smile tells the truth, even if you don't want to admit it." Alan said to her with a grin.

Julie felt guilty immediately. "Okay." she answered. "I do, actually. In fact, I was just thinking, I feel really good, for some reason."

Alan did not miss her inference.

"And you wouldn't credit your feeling of well-being to having just been deeply and solidly hypnotised?" Alan said, capitalising on her still-open subconscious mind in its relaxed state.

Julie again felt guilty, but didn't really think he had hypnotised her. She had heard everything he had said to her and remembered it all very clearly. Everything. So how could he give hypnosis the credit for her own natural talent for keeping her own wits about her?

"Maybe a little." she answered. "I don't think you hypnotised me though. I didn't feel anything except very relaxed while you were boring me to death with your voice. Why do you speak like that, anyway?" she finished with a smile.

Alan sighed. Maybe he'd done it and maybe he had not. He would soon find out. Her negative attitude wouldn't have helped, that was for sure, he concluded with another sigh.

"Why don't we find out if I successfully hypnotised you or not?" Alan then said with yet another sigh.

"Sure." Julie answered. "And how are you going to do that? I'm awake again now."

"By making you accept and carry out a suggestion I give you." he replied. "One that you wouldn't normally do, if you weren't hypnotised."

How could she be hypnotised? Julie thought as she studied Alan's face. She was wide awake, for Christ's sake. Was Alan losing the plot? She was supposed to be under for him to get her to do that, if, in fact, he could do it even then. Julie decided to humour him. She was starting to feel guilty again about letting him down through him not being able to hypnotise her.

"Okay." she said, smiling. "Give it your best shot, but, don't say I said I told you so."

"Will you keep your cool?" Alan asked suddenly.

Julie felt her eyebrows shoot up to the top of her forehead.

"What are you going to ask?" she snapped quickly at him.

"What the hell do you care." Alan snapped right back at her just as quickly. "If you're not hypnotised, as you claim, it won't matter a bloody damn what the hell I ask. Will it?"

His quick and somewhat angry reply caught her completely by surprise, giving her a few seconds to think about what he'd actually said. And in that sense, he was right, she thought. It wouldn't matter what he said. She definitely wasn't hypnotised, so it really didn't matter. She would keep her cool, she decided, no matter what he asked.

"Ask me whatever you like then." she told him. "It won't matter anyway."

Alan thought about it for a minute or so. Maybe he'd failed after all? He didn't know, and, at that point, he really didn't care. She was starting to put him off the whole idea, win, lose or draw.

"I want you to try and not do what I say, even if you want to." he told her. "And even if you don't want to, I want you to try and do what I don't say."

"What?" Julie exclaimed. "I didn't even understand what you said!"

* * *

"It doesn't matter." Alan sighed, losing faith in the whole idea. "Just take your shoes off, and do it quickly please."

Julie thought about what he'd asked her to do. What did he say? Don't do what he told her to? Do what he told her not to do? Christ! He was enough to confuse anybody hypnotised or not! In sheer exasperation she quickly reached down and undid the clasps on both her shoes and slipped them off her feet, crossing them then and rubbing her right soul up and down the instep of her left foot.

Alan smiled as he watched her take off her shoes, and quickly, too, he noticed.

Julie saw him grinning and realised instantly what he was grinning at. She had done exactly what he'd told her to.

"You didn't do that!: she snapped. "So you can stop grinning like a Cheshire cat. I did it out of sheer frustration at trying to understand what you meant!"

"I thought it pretty straight-forward." Alan replied to her indignance. "I told you to quickly take off both your shoes and you did it. Simple as that. I win. You lose." And then he laughed loudly.

Julie became quickly incensed at him laughing. How the hell could he claim to have made her take off her shoes when she knew full well that she took them off, all by herself?

"Bullshit!" she snapped at him angrily. "I, did it!"

"Really? Well, if that's the case then, quickly take off your top and prove it!" he snapped back at her, just as angrily.

Alan wasn't angry on the inside. He was elated. He knew he had her. Now all he had to do was to convince her, and have some fun at her expense while he did.

Julie was livid. How dare Alan tell her that he made her take her shoes off, when she knew damn well that she did it, all by herself, from her own thought and decision. Being hypnotised had nothing to do with it. And if she had to take her bloody top off to prove it to the simple idiot, then she would. And she did, and quickly, dropping it to the floor beside her chair, after which she sat there with her arms folded across the white bra that restrained her rather large breasts. She was smirking at him, looking and feeling like a winner. Cop that, stupid! She thought, as she noticed quietly the warm air now wafting around her bare chest and breasts.

Inside Alan's mind he was jumping for joy. He wondered how long it would take before the penny dropped. He kept his face grim, allowing her to think that she had gotten the better of him by taking off her top.

"I suppose you're going to tell me now that you made me take off my top." she said with a sneering tone in her voice.

"Yep." Alan grinned at her. "I told you to, and you did it as quickly as I asked you, too."

Julie was set to explode right there on the spot. There was just no getting through to him, she thought, as her conscious mind fumed. He was going to any lengths of ridiculousness, just to prove she was hypnotised, and would do whatever he told her to do, and quickly, too.

"You did not make me take off my top!" Julie exclaimed angrily at him, not caring whether she offended him or not. This guy needed to be brought back down to earth. "I, took off my top! And I'll take it all bloody-well off, just to show you that you did not do it! I did!"

And then she added, "And quickly too!"

"Bullshit!" Alan snapped angrily back at her. "Then do it, now! Take all your clothes off, and quickly, too! Go on! Just see if you can do it..all by yourself!"

Julie jumped up from the chair and began quickly undressing. She was fuming. What sort of a fucking idiot was this guy? How could she have ever agreed to let him hypnotise her, when she knew that he wouldn't be able to. If she had to strip naked to prove he was a complete and utter failure, then she would, damn it. She would. And then Julie proceeded to do exactly that.

Alan could not believe his eyes. His grin seemed to be making her madder and madder. He watched as she reached behind herself and quickly release the strap of her bra, not even bothering to catch it as it fell down her chest and onto the floor before her hands were undoing her jeans and wiggling them down over her hips, her blazing gaze never leaving his eyes for a single second as she dragged them angrily down around her ankles and stepped quickly out of them. And she wasted no time in hooking her thumbs inside her underwear, brief, black panties, and stripping them down to her ankles and then stepping quickly out of them as well. That done she angrily slammed her arms folded across her breasts and stamped her feet heavily on the carpeted floor in temper, her eyes, glaring orbs of fire that dared him to tell her she didn't undress by herself.

She had won. Julie was fuming with anger, but she had won. She had never felt so angry in her entire life. Now he could see, her mind screamed silently at him. The fucking fool, she fumed inside her conscious mind. She was bare-arsed naked, and she did it, herself.

He didn't do it. She had. So he could take a running fucking jump at his hypnosis methods, and stupid fucking ideas that he was telling her to do everything that she had done, and quickly, too, when she had proven, now, finally, that she had done it, all by herself, and quickly too, she thought, with not a little pride in her defiant stance as she glared down at him in his fucking chair.

"Now tell me that you made me strip naked! Go on! I dare you, you idiot!" Julie shouted at him angrily. "You just saw me do it! Not you! Me! What have you got to say now!

Are you stupid, or fucking-what?"

* * * *

Alan was internally falling out of his tiny tree with amazement and pride. He couldn't believe it. But there she was, standing less than two feet away from him, and completely naked. Her lush, thick thatch of curly black pubic hair formed a large matted triangle at the junction of her well-rounded thighs. As she was also standing slightly side-on to him in her anger and defiance he could also appreciate the beautiful curve of her left buttock as it arched gracefully down and joined her upper thigh with a slight crease.

"Well," he said in a less heated and smug tone. "If you really did that by yourself, as you claim you did, then you wouldn't possibly be capable of the conscious thought, all by yourself, of kneeling down in front of me right now, taking my cock out and giving me the most pleasurable oral satisfaction you have ever given any man in your life, just because you know you can, one that even you could be proud as hell of. You couldn't possibly be able to have that conscious thought, all by yourself. Could you? You smart-arse?"

Julie exploded. It was too much. He was too much. What the fuck did it take? What the fuck did it fucking-well take? How dare he tell her what she could and couldn't do? What she was and was not capable of? If she wanted to, she could give him the best fucking head job of his god-forsaken miserable fucking life. How dare he tell her she was not capable of having that thought, all by herself? If she wanted to suck his cock, she damn-well fucking would. If she wanted to suck the balls right off his fucking body and spit them back in his smirking face, she would fucking-well do that, too, she decided, in a temper unknown to her conscious mind before.

Suck him? Julie thought, in the most hostile fashion she ever had. She'll damn-well show him she could do whatever she fucking-well wanted to do, without him telling her. She would give him the most pleasurable oral satisfaction of his entire life, and the next fucking life as well, she decided, as she dropped like a rock onto the carpet between his open knees and reached for his belt, quickly undoing it, then ripping his stud button away from its clasp.

Julie felt herself surge with a raw power she had never felt before in her life. She ripped the zipper down on his jeans and reefed them down over his hips when he lifted himself up by holding onto the arms of the chair. She dragged them all the way down to his ankles, Then she whipped them off his feet in a flash, turning and hurling them to the far side of the room before turning back to him, her gaze rivetting on his already long, thick spear standing proudly upright, just how she liked the look of them.

She dived forward with her head between his legs, her hands grasping his hot lance by the base. Then she slipped one hand beneath the long stalk and cupped his testicles, squeezing them softly as she slowed her pace, knowing she was going to prove to him that she could give him the most pleasurable oral satisfaction he had ever had in his miserable life. Then he'd have to admit finally that he had been wrong, and that she had been right. She could think and decide for herself. And that was exactly what she was doing, and going to do right now, as her mouth lowered slowly over his pulsing spear, inch by inch, until she reached the feel of his wiry pubic hairs against her top and bottom lips. The thick head of his long arrow touch softly against the back of her palate. Julie was committed in her conscious mind to pleasuring his fucking stupid brains out until he begged her to take his long, delicious-tasting length out of her mouth and give it finally back to him, drained completely dry of every last drop - every last fucking drop. And that was exactly what Julie proceeded to do, with every fibre of her being.

Alan felt, rather than saw his shaft disappear again and again into the warm depths of Julie's mouth and throat, again and again and again. He could not prevent the moans of sheer ecstasy and sensuous rapture escaping from his lips as he threw his head from side to side.

His knees trembled as her mouth clasped and closed, sliding the entire length of him down into the depths of her throat, over and over, and every time she swallowed his length fully she would nip and pull some of his pubic hairs as she withdrew again, just to let him know she had mouthed his entire being. His hands found the back of her head and went along for the ride. She needed no forcing him deeper. She was taking all of him as deeply as was possible for his length to go, until finally he could take no more.

Alan groaned from the pit of his belly as he felt the tip of his flaming arrow expand with the contracting of his aching, swollen testicles, deep in the hot, humid confines of her soft, slippery throat. He felt himself contract for the final time, and instantly felt her swallow his entire length, then clamp her mouth closed about his base and squeeze his testicles at the same time.

It was too much. His flesh opened like the parting of the Red Sea and he emptied, gushing into her with all the spasms his fevered mind and body were capable of producing.

Instantly she began tugging forcefully backward as he continued to pulse and ejaculate his champagne cocktail into the inner recesses of her hot mouth and throat. She was draining him dry, and he was raining fluids into her mouth and body as if all his dams had burst at once. It just kept flowing out of him, spurting into her hot oral cavern like an erupting waterfall of coolness as she continued to suck and tug and drain him dry. Alan felt as if his life blood was being drained away from him while he just sat there and willingly let it happen. He was in heaven's seventh heaven.

Julie swallowed and sucked and licked and squeezed and tugged with her mouth and throat and head until his flaming arrow softened to almost a former shadow of his spear of hardness and heat. Then, with one last deep and sensuous suck of her throat as she drew away from him, with him still trapped between her clamped mouth and lips, she drained his softness like the teat of a cow, stripping him dry of the last molecule of sperm that had somehow remained hidden and unnoticed in whatever corners existed in the centre-line of his own channel.

Then she sat back on her haunches and heels, proudly exhausted, yet completely satisfied at what she saw when she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He looked like a deflated man. Totally and completely. Well, she thought, as she breathed deeply and sighed with a woman's satisfaction at pleasing her man. That should show the jerk once and for all.

Teach him to tell her she couldn't please her man. She could please her man, alright. And she had. And he, Alan, was the living proof.

Then suddenly, Julie giggled. Well, almost living, anyway, she chuckled to herself.

Yes, she had definitely pleased her man in every way she knew how, and then some. In fact, she thought, as she looked lovingly at Alan's soft arrow resting snugly against his left thigh. I bet he loved the way she pleased her man - him - her man. Then she stopped in mid-thought.

Her man? Alan? Her man? She had pleased him? Pleasured him? Sucked him? And for a moment Julie panicked. Her mind raced uncertainly in every direction but one she could follow.

Alan opened his eyes and smiled lovingly down at her. She smiled back at him and her racing thoughts instantly calmed. Her man, she sighed, as she leaned forward and rested her head against his knee. She had pleased her man, and had done herself proud. She knew that from the look on his face and in his eyes. Yes. She had definitely pleased her man, and, she had done it without being hypnotised.

Hah, she thought with a smile to herself. Hypnosis? Who needed it? It didn't work anyway. She really didn't know why he wasted his time trying to learn it. What good would it ever do him if it wouldn't work on a simple girl? He hadn't even been able to get her to not pleasure him orally. That was why she had come over to his place, wasn't it? She thought. To do that for him? For her man? Of course it was, she decided, resting the full weight of her head against the soft, warm muscled flesh of his inner thigh and feeling his hand rest lightly and warmly against the side of her cheek. Of course it was. Wasn't it?

Alan just smiled again as his hand found and rested on Julie's warm cheek. His soft, gentle fingers felt her eyes close as her breathing deepened. And then he sighed and joined her wherever she was. One day, he thought to himself as sleep took him to Julie in his mind.

He would have to tell her the truth - that hypnosis really does work. But not just yet. And then he smiled once more as the sandman gently closed his eyelids for the last time that night. Not just yet.

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