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How Wild Can a Couple Be? Part 1

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Male dominance, female submission, swinging, group, gang, O’s.

It all started with a wink from some couple in Minnesota that I certainly knew nothing of. The proverbial profile picture was hot, so of course I sent them a short email. . Now for me, that is as innocent as it gets, I don’t care what day of the week it is. Every now and then I, being male(you know, visual versus_____, etc), tend to get inspired by something I see and the smile on her face as she lay there in the picture tied spread, and some very nice tits sticking up through black lace, yeah, let’s go with inspired, that sounds good.

Click to profile and lo and behold I find out that she has been known to overindulge in the male as well as female species, and it even appears she doesn’t mind being told what, ,when, where, and how? Now that, is a personality trait which I admire and tend to enjoy, if not absolutely, take advantage of. All of this took about two minutes to happen and I figured a 3 day weekend versus a two minute decision would be about a 1500 to one return, “I like it.”.

I’m an Okie so I understand and appreciate the manners, common sense, and inner strength that people from that part of the country have to have to survive. I sensed it in every word written in that profile, and just as importantly I read about and saw a woman that was virtually insatiable and a man that loved her enough to not only allow, but enjoy watching and participating in making what for most folks would remain deeply buried fantasies that even their own spouses wouldn’t suspect, become reality. It takes a special woman and it takes a very special, confident, and demanding man to make it work. Not often, but every now and then, the two come together, and God help everybody when you add someone like my self to that combination.

The emails started very innocently with me dropping hints about what a good time we could all have if they happened to steal a few days, even a weekend, and put themselves in LA, and more importantly, in my wickedly caring hands. You don’t know much about me, but I can be a little determined at times, OK, stubborn! My wife hung up the phone on me three times the first night we talked, and it wasn’t a cell phone so make no mistake, she flat hung up on me. Now it is still a running joke about who was right, me for hanging in there, or her for seeing the future. Lol That was July 11, 2003, we were married 10-01-05, so right or wrong, it must prove something.

Who cares about the long of it, the short of it is that a couple of months later one of the airlines must have heard about my “oh so hopeful” plans because they ran one of those $200. roundtrip , stay over a Sat night , specials and I happen to have read it and happened to have mentioned it in an email, and they happened to have paid attention and that is how on a Thursday night I found myself(straight), my very sexy wife(bi), and a couple of very well equipped male friends(straight) that we had been fortunate enough to get to know intimately, in the back of a stretch limousine parked in front of terminal one, LAX, in a stretched Hummer, waiting to give a lady from Minnesota, a fantasy cum true.

I stepped out of the Hummer, and went to baggage claim. There she was and she obviously knew how to take orders, even 1800 or so miles away. How hard is it to spot a red micro-mini and a black lace top at eleven PM? Not that hard, I can tell you that for sure. He was standing beside her and noticed me immediately, but as he and I had agreed, he did nothing to give away my presence and she was, as instructed standing at the baggage carousel looking at it and nothing else. I simply walked up behind her and even though I had never met her face to face, and there were a good number of people standing around, I felt compelled to smack her ass very soundly and when in shock she swung around, I put two arms around her and kissed her like I had just seen my significant other for the first time in a significant length of time. You could have heard a pin drop, but as you get to know me, you will find that I can on occasion be a little bit of an “attention hog”. I broke the kiss and shook the hand of the man standing there smiling and laughing, and I mean shook hands like brothers that hadn’t seen each other in 20 years of wartime. My wife and the other two guys were a few steps behind me and introductions were quickly made. My wife took her hand and led her to the hummer saying we have to move fast, follow me. Raven(my wife) winked at me and took off with her in tow

Raven is a wet dream come true and I am a very fortunate man to have her for my wife. She even pretends to be submissive to me on occasion and actually enjoys it. Truth is, she can make you jump off a 20 story building and make you believe it was your idea and a damned good one at that. Lol Oh yeah, the stats on Raven. 5ft1 142 perfectly placed lbs, 36C with large sensitive pierced nipples, a great ass, long hair and grey eyes. It doesn’t hurt that she is about as apt to have a bra on as it is likely we will have a tornado today here in sunny southern CA. Let’s just say that the three guys in that limo would have found something to do had the couple from Minnesota not been on that plane.

When they stepped into the limo, Raven didn’t hesitate, “Strip to your stockings, put on this blindfold, put your head between my legs and if you know what is good for you, I will be able to tell Brad that “Yes, I have had an orgasm already” when he gets here. Shelly(Oh yeah that’s her name) immediately did as she was told.

The four guys gathered the two bags from the carousel and took our time going back to the hummer. We tossed the bags in the back and casually opened the door. Raven didn’t have to answer any questions, her hands were wound up in Shelly’s hair and Shelly’s face was one with that beautiful(smells like honeysuckle) pu*** of my wife’s. We took a seat, got Jim a drink, and sat back to enjoy the show.

We have 66 friends in our network, most of them local, and many of them we have had the pleasure of interacting in an up close and personal way. When plans were finalized for Jim and Shelly to make the trip, the word went out, Let’s say it was a “call to action” and believe me there were no shortage of volunteers for this “classified duty”. It was going to be a long weekend and even though I certainly feel like the “young bull” at times, there is a small amount of wisdom(read reality)that is acquired with living this long. If I were to live up to my promises I was going to need help and lots of it.

After a handful of powerful orgasms I saw and recognized Raven’s itch to do something else, let’s say, more filling. With just a nod from me, Raven stood, telling Shelly to stay put. She crossed the 10 or 12 feet to Jim and without a word kneeled in front of him unbuckling and unzipping him as she knelt. Now Jim didn’t know this yet, but he was 30 seconds from the start of the best BJ of his life starting. Trust me, one minute after she started, he knew it. Now one good turn deserves another, and Shelly was kneeling so obediently with the blindfold still in place, that I figured I damned well deserved the first BJ of Shelly’s trip since I was the “mastermind”(excuse the pun) behind this trip. Now, I’m what you might call “spoiled rotten”. I’m married to Raven and I constantly say and will take all bets that she is at least in the top 3% and only a false sense of modesty prevents me from saying she’s the best. After all, though I have tried and tried and tried, I just can’t experience all of the women in the world. Lol

I quickly sat in front of Shelly and sensing a presence there she reached for and found my growing cock and asked permission to explore further. Permission granted, with pleasure. Now I quickly discovered that Shelly had practiced this craft and apparently most if not all of that practice had been perfect practice. You know, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”, and all that shi*. She was good and I wasted no time telling Jim so, though I’m not sure he heard me under the circumstance. I motioned to the two cohorts that had accompanied us to the airport and they wasted no time coming to my rescue before her talented mouth finished what she had started and I wasn’t ready for the forced rest that follows that glorious moment. She didn’t say a word when I pulled my cock from her mouth, but she fought valiantly with her mouth to keep it right where it was. I leaned down and told her not to worry, I’ll be back and back and back, You get the idea. She nodded and with one in front and one behind her, they got very busy filling holes, Shelly didn’t seem to mind at all. Jim was busy trying to prolong the inevitable under Raven’s oral attentions. The ride to the hotel we had selected continued in the same manner for awhile.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, Jim and Shelly had been on the ground less than 3 of the approximate 96 hours that they had to enjoy the “feel of LA”. Two were down and accounted for, though certainly not finished, Raven and I certainly had enjoyed, but were saving ourselves for what was to come next.

We had an advantage, we knew or at least we thought we knew all that was to come next. Jim and particularly Shelly were certainly living up to what we had hoped. Raven seemed to enjoy taking Jim up the hill, finishing him off, and watching him roll back down to start again. Being the good-hearted soul that she is, she pitched right in to get him started again.

Stay tuned,

More to follow soon,


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