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Hotel Rendezvous

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You arrive at the hotel and go to your room. You text me the hotel room number and tell me to be there in 15 minutes. If I am late you will have to spank me across the bum once for every minute that I am late. I arrive at your room, on time, knock on the door and wait. You do not respond so I knock again. I hear my mobile make a noise, I look at it and I have a new message. It is from you, it says “the door is open, come inside, lie on the bed, keep your mobile with you and above all, don’t speak”. I turn the handle and push open the door, I see you sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. You do not look up or acknowledge that I am there. I nervously put my bag on the floor and take off my coat and shoes and as instructed walk over to the bed holding my mobile and lie down.

I lie there waiting, in complete silence. The only sounds come from the traffic outside and the soft sound of my breathing and the rustling of your newspaper as you turn the pages. My mobile vibrates again. This message tells me to put my mobile inside my knickers pressed hard against my pussy. I am to leave it there until I hear some music playing and then I must remove it. I obey. A good five minutes have passed and you have rung my mobile many times. The song ‘addicted’ that we both love starts to play and I remove my somewhat wet mobile from my knickers. My mobile vibrates again. I have another message from you. This one says “push your hand down inside your knickers and rub yourself, make yourself really wet and do not stop until I give you permission”. I obey. I rub myself gently and then more vigorously. My breathing is becoming heavy and urgent. I receive another text. It says “don’t be so noisy, feel under the pillow there is a scarf there, gag your mouth with the scarf and continue to rub yourself”. I obey. I am rubbing as hard as I can while being as quite as I can, moving to the music. After a while I receive another text. This time it says “I am coming to play with you now, roll over and lie face down, arms stretched above your head”. I obey. I wait and after a few minutes I can hear you walking across to the bed. You climb on top of me and pull down my jeans just enough to expose my knickers which conceal my bum. You put a finger inside my knickers and wriggle it up inside my pussy to check how wet I am. You now speak to me for the first time. You say “hmmm you are wet but not wet enough”. You stand up at the side of the bed and I hear you removing your belt. You tell me you are going to spank me anyway because I did not get myself wet enough. You hold the belt at the buckle end and it is a bit long to use for spanking so you bend it, folding it in half, but still holding the buckle end in your hand and then striking my bottom, hard, with the other end. I moan in delight. You strike me again and again and again. You ask me if I think I am wet enough to meet your approval, I say “no”. You continue to spank me, again and again. Until I tell you it is time to stop. You tell me to stand up in front of you, which I do. You hold me close, really close. You kiss my neck and ear, breathing hard in my ear before removing my gag and kissing my lips. It is a long and lingering kiss.

We move over to the chair were you had been sitting earlier. I help you to remove your jeans and your pants and you sit in the chair, legs slightly ajar. I kneel on the floor between your legs and you play with my hair and stroke my face. You are rock hard. You hold your cock between your fingers and slowly move it around my face. I slightly open my mouth in anticipation. You continue to wipe your cock around my face ignoring my lusting mouth. I gently lick and suck on the end of your cock whenever it pauses in front of my mouth. I am very excited now. I want the movement to be more vigorous, you continue to hold your cock and slap it against my cheek, again and again, which makes you just as excited as me. You want to use my mouth now, still holding your cock you use your other hand to gently prise open my mouth: just enough to slide your cock between my lips and deep inside my mouth. You keep hold of my head by placing one hand on either side of my face. We just sit there for a minute: me staring up at you, you staring down at me and stroking my cheeks, while your cock just sits patiently in my mouth. Now I want to play, you release my face from your clasp and allow me to suck freely on your cock. You lie your head back and close your eyes and leave me alone to have my pleasure. When I am ready for you to come I will let you know. I will stand up and pull you up from the chair to stand in front of me. I kiss you on the mouth and then whisper the instruction in your ear, “kiss me for a few minutes and when you are ready, clasp you hands on either side of my face and force my head down your body. Force your cock inside my mouth and fuck my mouth as hard as you like. When you are ready to come pull out your cock and come over my face”. It takes only a few minutes of mouth fucking to make you come. When you have come you sink back into the chair with a content smile on your face. I crawl over to you and clasp your cock in my hand, wiping it around my face and then licking the come off your cock. We are both a little tired. You sit there in the chair and me kneeling on the floor. I rest my head in your lap for a little while playing very gently with your cock and you with my hair.

We have something to drink before crossing back to the bed. You sit on the side of the bed and I stand in front of you. You start to undress me. You firstly remove my jeans which revel, to your delight, a pair of hold up stockings. Next you run your hands up my body sliding my jumper up as you move up. I raise my arms for you to slide it right up and over my head. I am left only in my underwear. You climb on the bed. Moving up the bed and propping all the pillows up for you to sit leaning back against. I climb on the bed and climb onto you, sitting on your lap. I remove your shirt leaving you naked. You pull my body closer to you. I am pressed right up against you: my breasts heaving in front of you with my slightly heavy breathing. You gently stroke your hands around my back and unclasp my bra and slide it off. Then you place a hand on each breast, cupping them, and lower your face into them before squeezing them together, tight around your face. I throw my head backwards and move my hips back and forth to the music. My knickers are sopping wet and I want to remove them and get some attention at the same time.

I raise myself up, kneeling upright, raising my pussy up level with your face. You gently feel my hips, running your hands inside my knickers and over my bottom. You put your face close to my pussy and rub your nose against me, you can feel how wet I am. You slide my knickers down and slightly separate my legs. You ever so gently, with your fingertips, open up my pussy and press your tongue inside: you lick me out persistently. When we have finished you lie back against the pillows, I move around slightly to allow you to open your legs wide. I turn around and sit between your legs and lean back against you and we just relax listening to the music while you fondle my breasts with your hands; and we regain our strength for round two.

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