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His Third Submissive - Her First Dominant

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His Third Submissive - Her First Dominant

The first time I heard from her through an online instant message, She had read my online profile and began a frivolous conversation about Dominance and submission. She tried levity, which was not something I was going to stand for in an initial conversation. Her curiosity was obvious. Her nervousness and trepidation methodically moved to the sidelines of her conscious mind as she inquired about specific aspects of her perceived role as a submissive. Her naivety was apparent. Her fervent desire to learn, understand, and even to participate in this role were becoming ever more obvious as the conversation continued well into the night.

?There is nothing more beautiful and sensuous than a woman. It?s not merely her body in form and its response to passion. It?s her soul in its? purest and most honest creation. It?s her physical responses and her outward passion being her essence. It?s the control aspects of D/s where her natural, radiant, inner beauty thrives and takes on brilliance free of inhibitions. She becomes everything she?s ever fantasized as her natural role as a woman is not exploited but rather nurtured, protected, and cherished. He makes her ?his? from the deepest recesses of her mind, her soul, and her spirit. She is his property. She gives of herself on a deeper emotional plane than she ever thought possible. Her gift in return manifests through the physical. Their combined passions entwine in a virtually surreal existence. When he takes her physically, their union emotionally blocks the invading influences from outside their exclusive world as they share the physical bond of ?Dominant and possession?.

The physical expression feeds the emotional need which fuels the physical desire and the cycle perpetuates at an ever-increasing level of devotion. This devotion once achieved is preserved through a mutual respect, honesty, and trust that is rich in values the likes of confidence and esteem, virtually free of jealousies and insecurities. Emotionally and spiritually together, they are one. Physical pleasures can be shared with others or kept exclusive. That is elective. If he shares her, he knows where her heart is. Consequently is she is shared she knows where his heart is. This is fundamentally the essence of the practice and the roles. The fundamental importance lies in the motives of the dominant. In as with a vanilla relationship only to an even greater degree he is the emotional gatekeeper. His lead in the development of her training as his submissive must be of pure intent. He must desire her to be his as tapping the resources she locked away brings upon him the responsibility to nurture her, develop her, and mold her to his particular tastes and preferences. Should his intent be based on merely the physical he will run risk of severe emotional damage to his submissive candidate. All too often this is the case with the cyber-dom that does not comprehend the power he exercises upon her will.

His words were different to her. Different that anything she had ever heard or read from others. She was transfixed as she read his conversation coming to her line by line.

She wasn?t sure if it had been minutes or hours since her initial contact but she was certain that what once was a mild curiosity to a lifestyle totally foreign to her, was now becoming a tunnel that once traversed could certainly become a daily reality. Her anticipations and apprehensions overwhelmed her. She felt moist and she perspired. Her fingers trembled on her computer keys as she knew that each question asked brought a direct answer, each taking her a level deeper and yet she couldn?t turn away. She couldn?t log off and disappear into the void darkness of cyberspace. Instead she was terrified that ?he? may log off and she would never see him again. He was a drug. He was offering her a release from her own captivity where society and her upbringing locked her away as a good girl.

My personal perception of her was she was more genuine than most. I was often bombarded by the curious. I often heard from the ?seasoned submissive? which to me was usually a beaten down woman that couldn?t have an orgasm unless she was on the business end of a whip or paddle. This wasn?t and isn?t my desire. I have always been more interested in the woman of independent nature that had at least a moderate level of confidence and a general understanding of her passions. In most cases the curious were the best candidate as they had heard of D/s or read The Story of ?O? and found the stimulation of foregoing control the basis of a quest to know more and perhaps even find a Dominant Man to surrender herself to.

-The natural order is for the man to be Dominant and provide emotionally, financially and be protective of her. Her natural role is to maintain an orderly domicile and provide his physical needs. It couldn?t be more simple. Both roles demand an equally balanced strength to provide for the other. Throughout the evolutionary process of the Twentieth century our Society has diluted this natural order and thereby created a directionless gap in both the male and female existence. There?s nothing more pathetic than a submissive male. Yet they exist as do dominant women. This however crosses a myriad of psychological issues that I refuse to debate.

As her intellectual and emotional attributes became more apparent she offered me her picture through email. I accepted and received a picture of her. She was a statuesque brunette with green eyes and terrific smile. She wasn?t a raving beauty by most standards, but she was a thoroughly honest individual, both with me and with herself. Although she had this photograph taken at a time when anything but sexual issues were on her mind, she had a presence and a distinct sexuality about her that intrigued me. I found her charming and alert to her needs and desires albeit somewhat naturally apprehensive.

Would you want to meet me? She asked almost timidly. I began the process immediately and waited several moments before I answered her. As I know her anticipation mounted to extremes during that silence-the first since we began our conversation-I could actually feel her heart beating faster and see the perspiration form on her upper lip as she stared intensely on the reply window of her computer screen. ?Yes? came her eventual reply. I could also feel her immense relief and a sudden rush between her legs as she slumped back in her chair. ?Did you feel that princess?? I asked her. Almost immediately she responded, ?YES! Oh my god, what was that?? she exclaimed. ?That is my control of you thus far. That is a very minor example of what you can expect should we decide to go forward as Dom and sub? there was a slight delay and she wrote back to me ?I?ve never felt anything like that in just plain, typed conversation! My whole body is on fire right now!? She responded. ?Yes Tracey, I know. But then you?ve never had a conversation quite like this before have you?? ?No? came her reply. ?I suspect you?ll have many my pet and when we meet face to face and we decide to choose one another you will be trained how to listen to my words and how I expect them to affect you. Do you understand Tracey?? ?Yes? she said. ?I will expect you to listen closely and not only hear and understand my words, but to feel them as if I?m whispering each one directly into your left ear. Soon each word I say to you will have that affect and you will feel my breath in your ear, almost as you do now?. After a short silence ?oh my goddddddddddd? ?Tracey at this point you can make one small decision that will affect you until you see me. That is that you can begin to obey my direction now and do what I wish you to do and terminate this of course should we meet and decide to go no further. However if we meet and decide to continue this in my bedroom then you?ll have a head start on learning direction and thus your training to be my submissive.? In almost a split second came her enthusiastic response ?YES, oh YES, please control me? ?Very well Tracey, do you like to masturbate?? ?Yes, I love to masturbate, I do it at least once a day!? ?Very well. Tell me how you like to masturbate. Do you like to use your fingers or toys or both?? Responding with a <Blushing> ?I use both, but mostly just my fingers? ?I understand, sometimes you like to rub that pussy and sometimes you like to fuck that pussy. Right now as wet as you are and getting wetter, I would guess that you?re wanting to spend at least part of tonight with those toys fucking yourself into two or three orgasms, I?m right aren?t I Tracey?? ?Oh god yes, I?m so wet, I can?t believe how wet I am right now, how do you want me to masturbate myself tonight?? I took another short break from the conversation to let her anticipation build. It wasn?t going to build as high as before because there was no longer the element of potential rejection but I knew a little pause would be good. She needs to learn patience now, so I got up from my chair and went outside to light a cigarette.

On the other end of the cyber connection she waited and waited for her instructions. She badly needed the release and as the time ticked by she wondered what he had in store for her. She never met him but she wanted him. She wanted him in ways she never wanted another man. She waited for his response and as it was taking longer than necessary she thought he must be typing up a whole dissertation on how tonight she was to take off her clothes and spread her long legs and take her favorite plastic cock and fuck herself silly thinking of only him. She was anxious and trembling and getting wetter by the minute. She kept glancing at the clock she kept on the desk beside her computer. They had been talking now for three hours and as she was looking away her heart jumped out of her chest as the old familiar chimes rang out in her computer speakers signaling an incoming message. She quickly looked back at the conversation window and was puzzled and almost breathless. ?I don?t? was all that read out in the little white box of a window. Quickly and with several typos that she had to correct before clicking the send button she typed, ?You don?t WHAT???? Again the pause was almost more than she could take. It was taking far too long to get a response! Her heart was racing even faster as she was fearful that he was no longer interested in her. ?You asked me how I wanted you to masturbate for me, did you not?? was the eventual response. ?Yes I did,? she typed faster than she ever thought she possibly could. ?And my answer is, I don?t want you to masturbate, AT ALL! I want you to practice patience beginning now princess. It?s a very big part of your training. It?s essential. If you can?t practice patience then I will have to continue my search and find a submissive that WILL, Understand?? My words at that point seemed different to her. She saw in them a sternness that seemed to overtake her. She trembled at the relief that I didn?t want someone else and the fact that her physical desires were overwhelming to her. She brought her fingertips from the hem on her short skirt back to the keyboard blinking a time or two in some manner that might make the words different to her but as she cleared her mind, they weren?t. ?Yes, I understand but I?m very aroused right now Master!? Almost before she finished typing her response to him my reply flashed across the screen. ?Two things princess. One, I know you?re aroused. Your pussy is soaking wet. You?re trembling, and there?s a tingling and yearning sensation traveling from that wet mess you?re making all the way up to your forehead?


?You?re going to do nothing about it, not tonight, not tomorrow, not until we meet. That may take days, it may take weeks, but you?re not touching yourself until I TELL YOU TO and that?s the way we?re going to start this thing?.


?You DO touch yourself you will be punished and sent away for twice the time that it?s going to take now?


?If you call me MASTER again until such a time comes that I AM your Master, I will take my bare hand and crack it across your bare ass ten strokes! DO NOT give yourself to me or anyone else, especially ONLINE until you meet them, trust them, and are ready for them to take you and train you and use you. GOT IT??

?Yes, I?m sorry but oh my god this isn?t fair! I need to have an orgasm worse now than ever in my whole life!? she whined in smaller case type than before.

?I know you need to ?CUM? and believe me, you will cum plenty but there is a process and I highly suggest you don?t attempt to shortcut the process because the consequences will not be good for you. Leave me your phone number in email and be ready to come down to meet me when I tell you. Until you hear from me, just sit tight and think about how good that pussy is going to feel once I get hold of it. Good night princess?

And then there was a deafening CLICK on her computer as I logged off and left her to ponder.

PART TWO His so-called process was an overload to her. As she gazed at the computer screen with his departure so abrupt, she kept trying in vain to compare this experience to anything she had been through before. Nothing came close. There were ways about him that seemed almost sinister and yet erotic and exciting. She couldn?t reason with herself, she couldn?t come to a sensible conclusion in what to do next, if anything. Fleeting thoughts of blocking him, or changing her screen name and disappearing herself were immediately consumed by her own deep passions of adventure and self-discovery. She couldn?t turn away but she could barely face the possibilities.

The next morning she checked her email for his contact. She knew he had to have at least some apprehension himself. He told her in so many words she was special, he told her that she was different than the rest. Last night they talked for hours, he had to be real! He had to be experiencing some of the same emotions and his enthusiasm for her had to parallel hers to some degree. He?s been looking for someone just like me. There was no email. He had her cell number; perhaps he?ll call today. By the end of the day she realized, there was no call. She rushed home from work, turned on the computer, logged on to the Internet, no email either.

For three more days this process was repeated almost to her last breath. Each day she dressed and paid more attention to herself than usual. Her hair and makeup were impeccable; she was dressing for him each and every day. She planned to be ready at a moment?s notice, as she knew that was to be the plan. Each day however, there was no call, there was no email, and there was nothing but a silent void. She monitored the Internet for his presence but he never showed. Her physical urges to masturbate were from time to time overwhelming. She did obey him, she did not touch herself but by the fourth day of not hearing from him she began to think he was one of the many online wannabes and she was going to be left to her own devices yet again.

On the fourth day her alarm woke her from what had been a terrible night?s sleep. She had now started to dream of him, she awoke many times throughout the night to find herself aroused beyond the point of any other conscious thought. She tossed and turned and remembered his admonition to refrain from touching herself. Thoughts flashed through her as she remembered time and again each morning when she showered how difficult it was to wash herself and yet not pleasure herself. Eventually she would fall back asleep only to return to the dream she had been in before waking up. When the alarm sounded in the morning the whole night was a blur. She lay in bed still tossing, her long legs stretching and bending time and again and creating just enough friction where it mattered as she did so. She could barely remember the dreams she had all night and could barely remember waking up over and over. She was confused and distracted and even her work began to suffer during the day as a result. She lay there thinking that this was now all a game and it was time for it to stop. ?He?s making a fool of me and if he?s even thinking of me now he?s laughing to himself? she thought. ?This is now become silly and it?s time to take my life back and put an end to this silly childishness.?

As she stumbled to the kitchen to make her morning coffee, she smiled at the deal she made with herself to masturbate in the shower before work. The knew that although he had turned out to be a joke that the long wait to pleasure herself would yield a powerful climax the likes she never allowed herself to have in the past. ?Patience he said, ha! Might be something to it though? She was on edge, on sexual edge, never had she gone this long without masturbating or having sex. She made up the coffee pot and went to her computer to check for email she was expecting from her mother. Once logged on, she proceeded to her email inbox and almost with a jolt that began deep within her chest and radiating to every extremity, there was a message from him. The message header read (No subject), only his email screen name. She took a long slow breath and felt a definite surge that went straight to her clitoris warming her from within and creating the all too familiar dampness. She proceeded to click the message to read it, but stopped herself from doing so. She got up from the computer and thought aloud to herself. ?Ok, ok, so how did he know I would last this long? How did he know? This is probably just another game to make me wait even more! What kind of asshole is he? How could he do this to another person? It doesn?t matter! I?ve made my decision; I want NOTHING to do with him! He?s a cheat, he?s probably married, he?s hurt me already and I don?t even know him! I?m going to sit back down and just delete his mail! That?s it, that?s what I?m going to do? She ended her pacing routing throughout her small apartment and went back to her computer and dragged the mouse over the Delete button on her screen. As her finger rose above the button on her mouse she sighed turned her head away and again got up from the computer and went to her kitchen re-reasoning with herself. She poured coffee into a cup and found her hands and arms trembling. ?How can a man I?ve never met have this affect on me? How can this be? I?ll read his god damned message and I?ll write him one in return that he?ll never forget!? With both hands she grasped her coffee cup and went back to her little desk and sat back down staring almost blankly at the screen and then with a perceptible glare and with an anger welling inside her, she clicked Read.

?It?s time, have you been a good girl Tracey??

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?When you return from work, check your email for your next instructions. I sincerely hope you?ve done as I ask, I know how you feel at this very moment and I know how your body is responding as the result. You have just one more day to endure, DO NOT disappoint me, If you have, I will KNOW when I see you and touch you, you cannot fool me Tracey, believe it! Now get going for work and have a great day Princess! I?m thinking of you and tonight we?ll know if there is a tomorrow for US? :)

Her heart was racing again, he was right, she was wet and throbbing and the Desire was more than she could stand. She had no idea how she could possibly get through the day, let alone the shower without stealing away to pleasure her aching need and relieve the tension that has built within her body and her soul for the last four days. ?God he certainly knows how to make a girl crazy in lust? she said to herself. A cloud seemed to come over here and shroud everything around her. She was barely conscious of anything but her heart pounding in her chest and as she thought more about her predicament, her heart pounded even heavier and she was lost in an erotic fantasy that was methodically becoming reality and again she quietly speculated if there was any way she could actually live it.

Her career on that day took a backseat to her inner thoughts. Preoccupied with four days worth of emotions that ran the gamut of excitement, peace, anger, not merely sexual arousal but sexual yearnings, happiness, sadness, possible rejection, hope, and even love. This was an emotional fast track that made practically no sense to her given the fact that she had not even met this person but was drawn to him like no other. She felt as though he knew her intimately. He knew her thoughts and emotions, he knew her absolute limits and he even her knew her body. He knew Control. Yet, she knew almost nothing about him. How could that be? ?How can any man know how to turn me to Jell-O instantly in a typed conversation and know how long I was going to be able to endure what he was putting me through?? ?How??

Throughout the day, she kept sneaking into the marketing department and checking her email on the one and only computer in her office that had Internet access. To her colleagues in the office she seemed almost maniacal. She was at that computer almost twice every hour and each time she checked, there was no email from him. Each hour of that day seemed to take three hours to complete. She just had to know what his instructions were for her that night! She could still at any time during this day change her mind and not go meet him. She could still retreat to the sanctity of her everyday life and perhaps save herself from something that she may not be able to handle. She still had no idea if he was even married! ?He could be just another of those male predators that seek out sexual conquests on the internet while their wives sit innocent and naïve in the living room watching television or helping their kids with homework, He might have sent a fake picture and be nothing like he described himself!? The entire experience was so foreign to her. Her mind constantly raced, her heart would suddenly pound, all day long she would just suddenly get wet, sometimes without even thinking of him. The whole thing had put her on overload. She needed and was about to get her salvation. Tonight she would either meet him and allow him to take her, or they would meet and there would be no chemistry whatsoever and she could at least put this completely behind her and masturbate herself unconscious. Tonight at least, something would change. And at various points throughout the day-based on the raging emotional state she was in-she didn?t care what happened.

She was scheduled to get off work at five but she conjured up an excuse and left at four. She raced home, as it had been almost an hour since she had last checked her email at work. When she got home she literally raced to her computer and logged on to the Internet. Still, there was no mail from him. ?Is this another game?? Since he?s so good at knowing everything, is this just another ploy to keep me hooked with no payoff?? Her anger overcame her again but she forced herself to settle down and pour a glass of wine to hopefully help take the edge off. She paced around her apartment performing menial cleaning tasks then sat on her sofa with a second glass of Merlot. She crossed her legs one way, then the next. She sat glaring again at the computer from across the room, her foot twitching the high heel shoe that was now dangling on her right toe. She remembered various people telling her that socializing on the Internet was not only dangerous but self-deprecating if one wasn?t careful. She remembered other ?dates? she had gone on that were literally one disaster after another. She thought through a streak of pessimism that this too would be another disaster, probably the biggest disaster she could possibly experience. ?Maybe he?s a psycho, maybe he?ll kill her tonight and no one would ever know where she even went!? She went back to her computer to type out a message that the police could find in the event that she was to turn up missing. She typed and realized that still to this minute she didn?t even know who he was, or where she was going! The whole event as it unfolded would seem ridiculous to the average sane person! It was now 5:15PM and checking her email again found that there was no god damned word from this bastard! What was she doing? Better yet, Why? ?It?s hormones, it?s stupidity, it?s loneliness, it?s insanity? She tried to distract herself by writing an email to her Mother. It rambled on an on about small events that in essence meant nothing. She made no reference to him as she wrote. ?No one would understand this,? she thought. Once completely the email to her Mom, she again checked her inbox and finally, there it was; He wrote to her, it was 5:25PM and the subject line simply stated, ?Instructions.?


?Good afternoon Princess! Something tells me that although you get off at five PM, you came home early. Now you did tell me that it takes you twenty minutes to drive home and I gave you an extra two or three minutes to get from your car to your apartment so all that waiting around coming home early only added to your frustrations now didn?t it? I know how you?re feeling Tracey because I created what you?re feeling. But one of the first things I told you was to learn PATIENCE. Perhaps as time goes on over the next few weeks you will learn first hand and in person how being patient, understanding and listening to words as they?re typed or spoken to you will pay off for you in dramatic fashion. Learn to forget the clock, it means nothing to us. It?s merely a frustrating and consuming distraction and believe me, I don?t want you distracted. I want you alert and ready for me at all times. Tonight will be different for you if we decide to go forward together. Tonight I expect you to be attentive and yet relaxed as reality as you know it will change. You?re going to learn things about yourself you never knew or thought possible. If we proceed together you will become mine. You will be mine to do with as I please and I promise you that along that way you will get more satisfaction than you ever dreamed of, personally, emotionally and physically. Believe that! You will go home tonight or in the morning with a very different peace about yourself as a woman.

I enjoy your enthusiasm, your wit and your charm. Now I?m going to enjoy your mind and your body. Here?s what I want you to do?

There is an outdoor patio coffee house one block from my place at the beach in Carlsbad. The address is 2980 Carlsbad Blvd. Be there at 8:00PM, wear a mid-length skirt. Dress sexy but not slutty. Be there emotionally and be ready for anything. Have you still been a good girl? Have you left that pussy alone all this time? It WILL be one of the first things I inquire about when I meet you. And lastly, RELAX, be yourself, you?re a star, that?s all I want. :)


Once she finished reading the email, she printed it to add it to her collection from him. It included the entire conversation they had the first night and the subsequent correspondence. She felt thrilled. She felt turned on. She felt somehow at peace. ?The bastard knew I was coming home early. This is too weird? She decided to take a fresh shower just in case she was to turn her body over to him. She wanted to look and smell her best and mostly she wanted to obey him, follow his instructions to the letter and not cheat by coming up within hours of meeting him and masturbating. The shower was long and hot and as the steam filled her bathroom so did the passions that once again were building in her to never-before-seen levels. She carefully and with thoughts on anything but her body she trimmed her pussy. She looked down at the small strip of brown hair that almost looked as though it pointed to where she wanted him to satisfy her. She gave some thought to what it was going to look like as she was wide open and filled by him as she was finally going to get the release she so desperately needed. She had reached a point where she almost didn?t care what he looked like or if he was married or even an escaped convict; She just wanted him to take her, to satisfy her and then send her home if that?s all there was to be of this evening.

The time dragged by even slower than it had all throughout this long arduous day. At 7:30 she decided to drive down to the meeting place just in case his directions were not that good. She didn?t want to be late, she couldn?t stand waiting at home as time seemed to stand still. She remembered his admonition of Patience and ignoring the clock-but as her fate was almost upon her and her heart raced and her clitoris throbbed in time with her heart-those two issues were a lost cause to her. She needed and wanted this evening to end with him on top of her pounding relentlessly in to her. She needed the release, she needed the closeness, and she needed him.

The drive down took less than thirty minutes. She immediately found the Coffee house as his directions were perfect and instead of finding a parking space right away, she circled the place three times. Each time she passed she strained to get a glimpse of him maybe standing close to the fire waiting for her. Checking her watch she realized that it was now 7:45 and she realized every word he ever spoke to her and with his actions and his timing perfect to the letter, she knew he wasn?t going to appear until exactly 8:00PM. It seemed pointless to continue driving around so she found a parking place on the side street and parked her car. She flipped down the sun visor and checked her makeup, her hair, and finally just looked at herself trying to ascertain any signs of her frantic demeanor. She was satisfied that she looked normal and as her hand grasped the door handle to open the door another wave of emotion and apprehension flooded her, pinning her to her car seat. She leaned her head back, grabbing the steering wheel with both hands and with the heart once again trying to beat it?s way out of her chest, she sighed deeply and wide-eyed just stared out the windshield. She was about to leave her turf. Her last shred of what she has always been. Once she has both feet on the ground and the car door closes, she?s on his turf. It?s his meeting place, he lives nearby, it?s his city, it?s his world and she?s now entering it.

The pavement crackled under her black heels as she stood next to her car and listened as the car door clicked shut. She was here. Everything she had anticipated for four days was now upon her. She felt more vulnerable than ever. She secretly preyed that he was normal, single, and would be everything to her that she fantasized for what seemed like an eternity. She hoped that his lovemaking was as superior as his words. She longed to climax during intercourse, as it was something she could rarely accomplish. As she walked across the side street to the coffee house she scanned every man there. She looked for him and tried to remember his picture feature by feature but no one there looked anything like him. She was still ten minutes early and resigned herself to one of her lessons he was teaching her; Patience Tracey. She found two seats at a small table close to a fire pit. It was late October in Southern California and although the days were warm, sunny and beautiful, the evenings took on a distinct chill, not too uncomfortably so, but enough to require a light sweater and a warm place to sit.

She elected not to order anything to drink for the time being just in case this was still a game and he would fail to show up. Perhaps he would see her sitting there and not be attracted to her physically. Maybe he would turn and walk home without ever saying a word to her or making his presence known! That happened to her once, not realizing it until she had waited for that man for over an hour. This time would be different. He was getting fifteen minutes of her time past the time they agreed to meet. After that, she was leaving and would never talk to him online again. Remembering her third lesson, she forced herself not to look at her watch. She sensed the time as best she could and finally after waiting for what seemed like far too long she looked at her watch and saw the time was 8:14PM. ?One more minute and I?m out of here!? she said to herself under hear breath.

At that very moment her cell phone rang. She reached into her purse and answered the phone.

?Patience, Tracey, Patience? the male voice exclaimed through the phone.

Craining her neck and looking all over for him, knowing he was somewhere watching her

?Where are you? What are you doing?? she asked

?I?m very close princess, I?ve been watching you. Watching your style, watching you move?

His voice was soothing, calming and yet direct and confidant. He was enjoying her and still she never had laid eyes on him.

?Please come out so I can see you!?

?Very well, do you see that 7-11 straight across the street from you??


?I?m over there, I?m coming to you now, hang up your phone, I?ll be right there?

She folded her cell phone closed and looked in the direction he told her. She could see nothing. No one was walking her direction. She had a pang of fear go through her as she suddenly conjured thoughts of a serial killer who perhaps had lured his newest prey to him. Her heart raced again with the paranoia now maybe taking control of her, should she run? Should she hide? She knew he was watching her, hiding wouldn?t work. Suddenly she felt the soft caress across her left cheek. She lurched to the right in time to see a single red rose coming into view as he reached around her offering her the rose. He was kneeling behind her reaching around her.

?Hello Tracey? he said with a smile and standing upright

?Oh my god you scared me Frank! You really did!? standing to face him

?Yes I know I did. It?s part of the process.? Still smiling with a wink added for effect. He stretched out his right hand for a handshake.

She smiled nervously and shook his hand which was brisk at best as he rounded the table and took a seat across from her.

?You haven?t ordered anything?

?No, I was waiting for you? she replied with an almost perceptible dry throat.

?No, You were waiting to see if I?d even show up!? he responded laughing

She lowered her eyes to her purse on her lap and almost sheepishly looked back into his blue eyes

?Yes, how did you know??

?Because you?ve been through this before Tracey, we all have and you were on the verge of the great escape when I called you.?

?You?re right! I?ve never met anyone that says and does the things you do Frank. It?s almost like you?re playing a game with me and I hate being made a fool of?

?Don?t worry sweetheart, here I am. The games you refer to are more like exercises to see how you respond. The emotions are extremes, again to see how you respond. It?s part of the process of learning to be a submissive?

?And what if I decide I don?t want to be a submissive? she said smiling to him

?You do? he winked

?And I suppose this is another thing that you?re sure of, you?re confidant that I want to be your submissive?

?I?m confidant that you want to be a submissive, yes. Mine? We?ll have to wait and see about that. The night is still young, now would you like something to drink princess??

?Yes a capachino please, just a small one though?

?Coming right up! I?ll be back in a minute!?

As he stood to get up and go order her mind flooded with all kinds of thoughts as she picked up the rose from the table and admired it, smelling it?s essence and peering over it in the direction he walked to. ?He only shook my hand? she thought to herself. ?He never hugged or kissed me, just a handshake?. She again was confused. She couldn?t gauge his interest in her. He was here barely a minute and left to get drinks. He was very attractive to her. She did want him sexually if nothing else. But she decided it too early to tell if the chemistry was flowing in the direction of her getting what she needed.

It was only another moment and he returned to the table. Their conversation was fluid and friendly but there was no indication from him that he wanted her. He never made any mention of D/s he never made any physical contact across the table; he never did anything whatsoever to give her a clue that he was interested in her. They talked about everything from people sitting around the fire next to them to World events. They talked about family, friends, and online dating. They laughed, shared many philosophies about life, she was relaxed with him. She was comfortable with him. That in itself made her believe that tonight she was going to be masturbating herself to sleep. An hour passed and she decided that even though this wasn?t going anywhere she wanted to know more about D/s. She wanted to feel the things she?s felt this past few days but had no idea where she would successfully find it online.

?So tell me Frank, Do you enjoy putting girls through the emotional stretch that you?ve done to me this week??

?Very much so, yes.?

?Are you a control freak? Is that why? Do you like to play with people?s emotions??

?Well first of all, I don?t do this very often at all. Only when I have an initial interest. The process is fundamental. Can you and will you obey me. This of course only applies to your body and your release. I can see that you have obeyed me this week and that?s nice to see.?

A slight glint of hope radiated out of that answer for her.

?And what is it that the submissive gets out of these uhhh exercises besides becoming a neurotic mess??

?She learns about herself Tracey. She learns about extremes. She learns how her mind controls her libido. She rides the emotions and if she?s paying attention, she sees how her body responds each time. It?s more pronounced this way, it?s more condensed and intense this way. You know how you?ve felt and how you?ve reacted. You?ve called me an asshole at least twice! But that pussy of yours has brought you here tonight, not your mind. The exercise is to learn how that mind when turned over to me will keep you better balanced. The key is never knowing what?s coming next.?

Clearing a big knot in her throat at the word pussy, she smiled nervously back at him.

?And how are you so sure that I?ve felt all these emotions? How are you so sure that I?m not just here to see what kind of guy would play these games?

?Because you ARE here Tracey. No one goes through what you?ve been through and goes to see the guy that was playing the games. You want to be a submissive; I had you the hooked the first night. You didn?t know what was coming and you still don?t. That is a large part of the excitement and the arousal you feel coming on now. The key is the unknown. For example, usually in times just as these when I have a submissive in my life, I would instruct you to go to the bathroom and bring me back your panties?

?Is that what you?re going to do tonight??


She felt the blood drain away from her face as again she felt that the attraction was not there and she switched back to masturbation mode.

?Why is that? she asked nervously blinking twice as if to fend off the rejection

?Because in about thirty minutes when I have you strip for me the first time, I want to see them on you.?

The words hit her like a speeding freight train. She flushed up, looked down, and trembled as she set her coffee cup on the table.

?Holy shit. Do you have any idea what just happened to me when you said that??

?Yes, you almost came right then?

A little light headed, she looked at him again and his intense stare seemed to keep her lightheaded. He then stood up, reached out his hand to her

?It?s time for us to go Tracey?

Somewhat weak in the knees, she stood, took his hand, and maneuvered herself around the table in his direction. Her first few steps were a bit unsure but she soon found herself able to walk without assistance, which he seemed unwilling to offer.

?You ok to walk now darlin?? He asked

?Yes, I think I?m fine, thank you?

He then took back his hand and together they walked west in the direction of his place. He again began to banter about topics completely unrelated to what was about to happen. He seemed nonchalant and at ease. His demeanor was one where she felt always comfortable albeit tense. She trusted him, although she didn?t know why. It was something unspoken about him. It was the fact that although he was about to have her sexually, he made no pretense of it. He was confidant, yet not cocky and arrogant. He was ready for her and she was going to give herself to him, totally and completely. She was going to relinquish all control to him. She in essence was going to be his slave for the evening during which time she would have no say in the matter whatsoever. Never before had she experienced such an attitudinal and structured approach to sex. Never before had there been a process. Sex was sex; making love was almost mechanical although the emotional aspect was there. It was just never there, like it is now. Tonight as she walked with him, she watched him, she absorbed his many dimensions that included much more than just sex, she admired him for that. Before the evening ever began, the fact was known by both of them that sex was going to be the undercurrent, More than likely it was going to be the cap on the evening. This was very unlike any man she ever met who almost always pretended that sex was the furthest thing from their minds. At the last moment they would often lie, cheat, or even force themselves upon her for the sake of having her. Tonight she was trundling along, walking two steps behind like a puppy on a leash as he led her to her fate. She was going willingly, watching his jovial attitude as he was tossing an orange he just found into the air over and over and catching it, pointing out insignificant landmarks along the two block journey to his lair. She was his and he knew it, he had a process, it worked. He wasn?t pawing her, he wasn?t all over her, there was no trickery. There was no force. There had been no kissing. There was barely even a touch between them. Somehow she knew that this was part of the process. She was now part of his process. And she was going along a willing and enthusiastic participant, as if entranced by it all.

Once at his condo, he stood very close behind her and reached around to unbutton and remove her sweater. He took the garment and placed it on a hanger in the hallway closet. Lightly placed his hand in the small of her back and led her to the living room. The sliding doors were open and the crashing of the waves right outside was filling the house with a muffled roar and the scent of sea air.

?Merlot right??

?Hunh I?m sorry, what did you say?? She turned to see him standing in the kitchen with a wine bottle in his hand and a smile.

?Merlot is your wine of choice is it not?? Still smiling at her.

?Yes! Thank you, I?m sorry I was someplace else for a minute?

?I understand completely?

He uncorked the wine bottle and took two crystal wine glasses from the cabinet and poured each of them the wine. She walked to the kitchen and he turned to her and offered her the glass, which she took smiling up at him.

?Here?s? to you Princess? as he clinked his wine glass to hers and they both sampled the first taste.

?Not bad! I usually get confused buying the right brand and not always is the most expensive the best, this time I got lucky? Smiling and then another wink to her.

?Very lucky I?d say? she responded as she moved a little closer to him

?Let me show you something darlin? He took her by the hand almost obviously avoiding her attempt at intimacy and led her to the patio over looking the ocean.

?I want you to put down your wine glass face the ocean, lean against the railing, and close your eyes. I want you to just experience the feeling of the sound and smell of what?s going on around you.?

She could feel him move behind her oh so very close but not touching her. Not leaning into her. She could sense his arms coming around hers and him too leaning on the railing. With her eyes closed she was suddenly flooded with the other senses taking over. She felt the cool breeze and her skin responded to it. She could smell the salt air as it filled her lungs but mostly she could feel the heat of his body all around her. She tilted her head back slightly and would move her arms slightly outward, move her body slightly backward all in a strained effort to actually feel him but she never could. A strong emotion flooded her again as the sensuality of it began to overtake her senses. He was there, he was so close, he?s wrapped around her she can smell his cologne; she was again on the verge of sensory overload!

A slight sigh escaped her lips, a whimper followed right after. A second after that she felt a gentle tug as her hair was being pulled downward further and further almost to an uncomfortable angle. A hoarse whisper rang in her left ear along with the hot stinging breath that drove it.

?Keep your eyes closed, only feel what?s going on around you?

She shuddered hard at the sensation that invaded her and began to tremble. She could feel her hands on the railing and sense his hands on either side of hers. The warmth of his body enveloping her from behind was a distinct contrast to the cool breeze blowing at her from the front of her body. He still held her hair back with her head tilted upwards then a very gentle moist pressing to her throat. Did he kiss her there? Her trembling increased as the sensations came at her in wave after wave. He slowly released the pressure on her hair and her head began to tilt back down to normal. His actions on her were almost imperceptible, yet the presence unmistakable. He moved away from her slowly and the void it created was enhanced by the cool air now cascading all the way around her. She stayed put, she didn?t move and then she felt only his hand slide under her left hand, lacing his fingers with hers as he pulled her gently to her left to face him. Slowly she opened her eyes and looking up to meet his gaze as he smiled back at her.

?See what the process can do to you beautiful girl??

At this point she could no longer speak but rather answer him by closing and opening her eyes slightly. He just admired her. He gazed into her eyes, scanned her face and took his left hand down to her right cheek and just barely traced her cheek down to her chin with the backside of his index finger. Once there, he placed the curled index finger under her chin and tilted her head back slightly as he moved his lips to hers. Another whimper escaped her as she opened her mouth slightly to receive the kiss. Her eyes fluttered closed as the first barely noticeable brushing of his lips to hers began. He brushed his lips across hers for two or three seconds, then moved away and as he did he squeezed her hand he was still holding. She moaned.

?Follow me?

He led her back into the Living Room where a small fire was burning in the fireplace creating the only light in the entire house. He pulled an armchair away from the wall and placed it in the center of the living room and motioned for her to have a seat. He then moved ten feet away and sat on the sofa facing her. She was reeling, her nerves were raw and she was having a hard time getting her bearings back on who she is or where she is. She never noticed him get up again, but suddenly he was standing before her holding her wine glass out to her which she gladly accepted and took a drink. He returned to the sofa and took a seat, again facing her. The wine did plenty to help her relax and come back down from the little high she was just on. She looked all around the living room, with the placement of the furniture and her actual relative position, then back at him.

?Well, don?t I look like the center of attention?

?You are the center of attention?

She closed her eyes, moaned slightly and took another drink from her wine.

?I want you to know that I feel very lucky to have found you Tracey?

?You do??

?Very much so. You?re very beautiful, so seem fun, and you?re extremely sensuous. I?m going to enjoy that sensuality tonight, we?re going to push that to its limits?

?Oh my gosh, how much more of this do you think I can take??

?A lot more than you?ve gotten thus far sweetheart. The problem is that you?ve only ever reached a certain level of passion so far and we?re going to shatter that barrier within the next hour and set a new one?

His tone was very matter of fact with her. She no longer doubted in the least that he was right. She silently feared that it would be more than she could actually take without passing out. Somehow he seems to sense just the point of overload, then pulls her back down just in the very nick of time. Each time she looked at him he was looking her up and down; admiring her. She felt admired. She felt beautiful but still very vulnerable. Her body was literally buzzing around her, she was wet, but had been since the minute she left home. Her panties must be a mess because she can feel the wetness well past them and further down her thighs. She finished the glass of wine as he was telling her some story about wandering around the Wine isles shopping for it. He shared his weaknesses with her, this one not knowing diddly about a quality wine purchase. She barely noted the conversation though as it was well outside the realm of her needs and desires. When the glass was empty, she looked around trying to decide where to put it when she noticed him standing in front of her taking the glass from her.

?May I have another glass Frank??

?No, one is enough. I don?t want your senses dulled?

She actually kind of did want to dull some of her senses. She thought that the wine would help her handle some of the sensations. Her debates on the issue were ignored and as she whimpered to him a little he returned to her from the kitchen where he put the glasses away and like lightning his index finger was sticking in the air two inches from her face. He slowly brought that finger down to her lips and he gently pressed at them.

?Hush? he whispered to her.

She continued a slightly mock protest for more wine as his finger pulled away.

?Don?t make me tell you again princess. We?re saving the wine for later. One glass, that?s it, case closed!?

He returned to the sofa where she was now beginning to soften the pouting expression on her face and feeling more and more self conscious due to the fact that she was more or less on display for him.

?Do you have any questions for me before we begin Tracey??

?Yes, Why didn?t you kiss me outside a minute ago??

?Because it wasn?t the time to kiss you.?

?Oh god! It was the perfect time!?

?NO IT WASN?T, you seem to forget you?re on a track here baby. You?ll know when it?s time to kiss you because I WILL kiss you. This is a process, remember??

Nodding her response in return she surrendered herself to the reality at hand. This process was becoming an annoyance now and running severely contrary to her needs.

?It?s time for you to take your clothes off for me now?

?Now?? She stood and he came to her holding her arm at the elbow and pulling the chair away from her and placing it back against the wall.

?Yes, now. I want you to take that dress and shoes off?

He then walked back over and sat on the sofa. Nervously she reached behind her back and slid the long zipper down as far as it would go. With her eyes glued to his, she slowly slipped the dress forward down over her shoulders and held it above her breasts.

?Come on, let?s get to it, I want to see the bra and panties?

With her hands trembling and feeling like a stripper for the first time in her life, she slid the dress down past her breasts then wiggled it past her hips until it fell to the floor in a heap. She then stepped out of it and kicked it to the corner of the room with her right foot. Standing before him now in her underwear only she was nervous, she didn?t know what to do with her hands and he instructed her to place her hands on her hips and turn so he could see all of her.

?Very beautiful Princess, very sexy. I see some moisture half way down your thigh though, are you having a problem controlling yourself??

Nodding to him

?Yes, a very hard time, I don?t think I am controlling myself now, you are?

?Very good! You catch on quick! Imagine how wet you?ll be with my tongue stroking that clit and fucking you with short little strokes!?

She began to tremble standing there and actually winced at his use of the ?F? word. Seeing her reaction, he stood and walked right up to her.

?Does the word Fuck bother you Tracey??

?A little?

?And why is that??

?I don?t know, I?ve just never talked like that I guess, I don?t know?

?Well what in the hell have you always told your boyfriends and your husband when you were in the mood??

?I always just said something like uhhhh Let?s make love?

?Making love is something we do together Tracey. Tonight isn?t one of those times. Tonight you?re learning and the last god damned thing I want to hear is someone telling me that they want me to make love to them, Why don?t you try again?

?Uhhhhh Screw me? Take me? Ummmm Fuck me??

?There ya go Princess! Now say it like you mean it god damnit!?

?Please fuck me Frank, Please take me and fuck me long and hard!?

?Not bad for an amateur.?

?I?m sorry, I?ve just always been on a belief that ladies didn?t talk like that, it?s hard for me?

?Well let?s get an elementary fact straight here so that you understand. I only ever want to cover this once, so listen closely, got it??

Standing before her using a stern tone, she looked up at him realizing a distinct sense of vulnerability as she stood with her hands at her side wearing only bra and panties with him still fully dressed.

?Ladies are a fine thing Tracey. When you?re at work, or you?re out in public, or we?re out together at a party or other functions, that is exactly what I expect of you and nothing less. When we?re alone, like now, your basic function in life is being my slut. The last thing a slut does is talk about making love. When we?re in this mode as my submissive, you?re my slut. Plain and simple, that?s all there is to it. So for all you?ve ever read or heard or seen in a movie, it?s time for you to go into slut mode right now and stay there until I?m finished with you, understand??

Back to an almost invisible buzzing, her body was responding to his words all on it?s own. She had no control over this, she just more or less felt herself along for the ride. But her knees kept the obvious, they would buckle under here now and then and no matter how she felt about being there with her clothes almost completely gone and him with his clothes all on, she was completely and totally under his control. Was this the process?

?Stay where you are, I?ll be back in a minute?

Still trembling she remained steadfast where she stood as she watched him leave the room and return a minute later with a piece of leather in one hand and walking right back up to her

?Oh my god, what?s that???

?A blindfold. Almost like what we did out on the patio where I had you close your eyes, I?m going to use this on you to ensure that particular sensory deprivation. So your little involuntary reactions to what?s about to happen to you won?t cause your eyes to open and spoil the effect.?

Her trembling increased as he stood behind her and placed the leather blindfold in front of her and secure it around the back side of her head with the tongue and buckle just like a belt. He pulled it snug, but not too tight and then walked around her to check the fit. She was completely in the dark now. Again though, every move and every sound around her made her more aware.

?I?m going to forego the wrist cuffs for now because I think you?ll obey me without them. If you fuck up more than once, then you?re going to be cuffed behind your back, got it??

Trembling harder and even noticeable to him, she nodded hard and was moaning off and on in short gasps timed with her trembling. He took a seat back at the sofa again and said nothing. It was silent in the house with the exception of the waves outside and the fire quietly crackling away in the fireplace. She could only hear, she could see nothing. She stood trembling on and off for about ten minutes.

?Take that bra off?

The sudden shattering of silence made her literally jump in place. She reached around behind her and unfastened the clasp and allowed the bra to fall to the floor.

?Nice firm tits princess, do you mind if I touch them??

?p p p puhlease, yes, ?

She heard him getting up from the couch and move close to her

?What the hell did that mean? Yes you mind? Or yes please touch them??

?Oh god, yes, touch them, please please touch them!?

Her trembling reaching a fevered pitch little jolts would run through here in reaction to his voice now. She desperately wanted to please him. She desperately needed her own release. She could sense him moving around her, first one side, then the other, then seemingly not at all. The touch was coming, she yearned for it, but she didn?t know how she would be touched and more importantly she wouldn?t see when it was coming. She sensed him to her left and was pointing her head in that direction just as if she could see him but of course could not. Again, a hot burst of his breath hit her in her right ear.

?Over here honey?

?Ohhh ohhhh god, oh god, touch me?

?Panties, honey, take them off and give them to me?

She whined and whimpered to him about being embarrassed and self conscious, her head swung wildly to the right he grabbed her by the hair firmly in his right fist and she felt his breath now in her left ear.

?Have you ever had a cock buried in your ass Tracey??

?Oh my gggg god no!?

?Well your gonna? Came the hoarse whisper in her left ear, then without a gap to his words suddenly he was across the room continuing, she couldn?t tell what he was doing, but he was doing, something.

?I suppose we?ll use that for your punishment, at least until you start enjoying it, then I?ll have to come up with something else?

?Oh gggod ppplease don?t ddddo that to meeeeeee?

Her body swung from side to side as she constantly tried in vain to sense his whereabouts. Now in front of her he directly told her.

?Panties, if I have to do it, the next thing you?ll know is being bent over that kitchen counter as I lube up your ass, now fucking do it, give them to me?

Almost crying in a whimper, she reached one hand out in front of her, which he took and helped to steady her as she reached down with the other hand and wiggled out of her panties.

?Hand them to me?

She held them up in the air, he took them and examining the soaking wet white silk garment, he smelled her sweet abundant aroma, and then offered it up to her.

?Very nice, ever smell your own panties Tracey?

She violently shook her head as her answer. He held them up close to her nose and told her to take a long breath in, she did.

?Very Nice indeed, I?ll be looking forward to tasting that sweet pussy soon.?

She was almost incoherent. He knew she was close to overload and needed to bring her down. She had performed almost flawlessly. She was a beautiful creature and she was in very bad need. His dilemma now was could he get her across the next level of training before she imploded? He knew she close to the point of exhaustion, another level he didn?t want her to reach just yet.

He led her by the hand a few steps across the room where she was standing on something thick and soft. Her feet we?re suddenly alive with the new sensation as all her senses we?re almost electric by this point.

?I want you on your knees Tracey, kneel down and get more comfortable.?

She kneeled down as commanded and sat back on her ankles. She heard nothing but silence and wasn?t sure if he was still in the room. Minutes seemed to pass and then she heard the same sound she heard before, the chair was being drug across the room and placed in front of her. Then silence again. There was another long pause and then right next to her left ear she heard the loud cracking sound of Velcro being pulled apart.

?I?m going to put the cuffs on you now honey. I?m not going to use them unless necessary but I don?t want to have to interrupt the session longer than necessary to restrain you if I have to?

She then felt a soft cushy band being placed around first her left wrist, then her right. Each time she heard the Velcro, then a third and one being placed around her left ankle, then her right ankle.

?Okay baby, now you?re ready?

His voice was now soothing, soft and although her trembling had subsided a bit, she had a larger sense of apprehension than before. The cuffs were a four point reminder that should he lose control of her, it wouldn?t be for long. She was terrified in one sense of being restrained and resigned herself to do everything he asked without question, even if it was anal sex.

?To be my slut Tracey is not a difficult task. I do though hate saying more than necessary to have you do certain uhhhh tasks. Right now you?re resting easy sitting back on your feet in that kneeling position. If I want you to raise up on your knees, I will place two fingers under your chin and slightly push up like this?

She then felt the fingers on her chin and raised up immediately in response.

?Very good honey. Now if we spend a long period of time separated for any reason and we hook up after that long absence and I want to see what you have for me, when you?re in that kneeling position I will push gently on your forehead which will mean I want you to lay on your back with your pussy facing me, pull your legs back and wide open for me to see that pussy and ass. Let?s try it?

She shuddered again at the thought of the humiliation but as soon as he touched Her forehead she did as instructed and laid backwards and spread her legs high in the air. She held the position waiting for the next request. She could hear some rustling from his direction and then feel his feet on both sides of her torso and squeezing in on her gently. She felt strangely sexy; she was proud of her body and enjoyed the fact that he was probably enjoying her as well.

?I?m looking right at your pussy and ass Tracey, I want you to feel that as I tell you. I like how you?ve shaved yourself for me. I?m going to really enjoy tongue fucking you later?

Each world he spoke bore into her and she DID feel him, she felt each word. When he said the word pussy, she felt the twinge in her pussy. This was so strange, electrifying and yet tiring as well. She trembled all over. Her voice was but a memory to her, she felt ready to explode at every suggestion he made.

?Now turn over, on your knees and elbows, stick that ass as high in the air as you can Princess?

She immediately turned over and did as he said. Her ass was always such a private place but as she took on her role as a slut, she enjoyed showing him, she enjoyed his power and she was enjoying and even feeling proud to be his slut.

?I love a good ass Tracey, you have a wonderful ass. Have you ever had anyone lick your ass before Tracey??

?uhhh uhhh no sir.?

?You WILL?

It was at that point that she sensed something very unique. She felt his breath there. She never even dreamed of anyone licking here there, that was dirty and foul, but she was finding herself yearning to experience that. She could feel hot breath right on her asshole. She was stretching up to try and meet the mouth that breath was coming from but like before, couldn?t.

?Na unh! I can?t lick your ass before I even kiss you Tracey! Do you want me to kiss you, or lick your ass??

?oohohhohohh I want you to kiss me, please kiss me?

?Kissing is a reward honey, you get rewards for certain tasks. Turn over and let?s get you in the kneeling position again, maybe you can earn a reward right now?

He helped her roll back over into the kneeling position and positioned her right in front of his chair. Her excitement grew as she thought that a reward is at hand and she was willing to do any task he asked of her to earn that reward.

?What are you Tracey??

?I?m your slut.?

She felt Goosebumps rise over her entire body as she heard herself actually say those words.

?What do you want to do for me right now Tracey??

?I want you to take me and use me. I want to suck your cock, I want you to fuck me, I want you to do whatever you want with me even fuck my ass if you want?

?And what do you want me to do for you Tracey??

?I want you to make me cum?

?You can?t just cum on your own, right??

?No, not any longer, only when you tell me to?

?That?s right! ONLY when I tell you to, and never at any other time whether we?re together or apart?

?No sir, not ever unless you give me permission?

? You understand that as my girlfriend, I want you to always act independently, do what you like to do, go where you like to go but that pussy belongs to me. I will tell you when where and how I want to use it, or what I want you to do with it, every single day, always from this point on, got it??

Her trembling increased again and voice got ragged as she affirmed his question and as he talked about her pussy and his owning it. Her enthusiasm was building close to the breaking point again because she knew that he had to know that she needed the release and she needed it soon! His voice remained calm and loving and although he so far has still barely touched her, she instinctively knew somehow that was about to change.

?A little while ago Tracey I got undressed and I?m sitting here three feet away from your mouth with a very hard cock. You like to suck cock don?t you Tracey??

?Oh yes, oh gggggod?

?I want you to get closer and feel me, keep your hands on your knees, I?ll position you?

He again moved her head by holding her hair in his hand and stroked her face across his thighs moving her closer and closer to his hard cock. She could smell him, she could smell his arousal and she could even feel his heat on her face as she came close but was pulled away before she could get close enough. The last time around he had to stop because he could feel HER breath. He pulled her back to a sitting position with strong whimpers of disappointment. But no words from her of protest.

?Tracey, there?s two other things that I expect of you. I expect you to suck my cock on command, anytime, anywhere I desire. I also expect that since I now own that pussy and control it completely that whenever I tell you with a Keyword that I want you to cum, you will. That keyword will be ?NOW?. If you fail to cum when I say that word, I will be disappointed and you will be subject to discipline. ALSO I expect you to cum the minute my cock is deep in your mouth on every blowjob I ask of you. If you fail to cum every time my cock goes in your mouth, that also will be a disappointment that will be subject to discipline. When I cum, you will always and mean always swallow it unless otherwise directed. Do you understand these rules as I wish of my slut??

With every word he spoke her body responded and jerked and spasmed in manners she herself could not believe. This was an awakening to her. She was alive with these new sensations and very eager to try them, to try them all. Most of all she wanted him to touch her and be with her. She felt him place two fingers under her chin and she rose up on her knees as she learned earlier. This time was different though, this time he told her to place her hands on the arms of his chair for support. She trembled terribly by now and did as she was instructed. He reached behind her and pulled her hair away from her face and tilted her head back just a little and brought her face closer to his. She felt him brush his lips across one side of her mouth and run them slowly up her right cheek. In her left cheek she felt him very gently cradle her face in his other hand and as his mouth made it?s hot, wet, slow journey up her cheek she felt a strong sensation all over her body. Finally his mouth reached her right ear and she felt the sting of his hot breath.

?You want to be a good little slut for me don?t you Tracey??

She nodded fast little nods in response.

?You don?t really ever want to disappoint me do you Tracey??

This time required shorter little shakes of her head, not wanting to move too much and lose the warm contact. She began to feel the gentle contact become firmer in her left cheek and hair. She felt him learn into her and his arm push against her left breast and she felt the warmth return to her right ear. He was bracing her, she was wobbling and he was holding her three-point style.

?Good, I didn?t think you were a disappointing little slut. ?NOW?

The second she heard her KEYWORD spoken, she lost all control of herself, an orgasm stronger than she?d ever felt washed over her. It was ungodly strong, it was four days of anticipation and anxiety, and it came at her like a bullet. And it came at her with only one ?Word?. The orgasm came in wave after wave. She wasn?t sure but she thinks he grabbed her and held her tighter and tighter to steady her and keep her from falling. Somewhere towards the end of the last wave she noticed she was ejaculating all over as she could feel it running down both her legs and puddled under her knees as she kneeled before her DOM. It was a good full five minutes after which she was just slumped against him completely exhausted. He pulled the blindfold away from her and gently held her to his chest and she begin to hear his heart beat as hers slowly subsided to normal. Soon she began to stir and pulled away to look back into his blue eyes. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the emotion that poured out with the physical release let it all go. As she looked at him she began to laugh as well. He pulled her to him and she received the deepest kiss she could remember as she was rewarded for her task. As their kiss broke she looked him lovingly in the eyes, her expression saying, ?thank you.?

?What can I do for you now sir?? She asked

He didn?t answer her but rather pushed the back of her head gently in a signal she had not yet learned but needed no coaching. She lowered her mouth to his cock and kissed, licked and sucked him in earnest. Through his moans of pleasure she could hear him mutter?.

?Don?t disappoint me now slut?

And she of course, didn?t.


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