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Hidden away captive

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She opened her eyes and looked around the room. Her first thoughts were of where she was, and how she had gotten there. The only light came from a small night light on the wall farthest from her bed. The walls and ceiling were smooth and painted beige, the floor concrete, covered recently with thick carpet. There were bath fixtures, a stool, vanity and shower in one end of the room and her bed in the other. When her mind cleared and she realized she was in a sealed room, she still had none of the answers she sought about who had taken her - or where; nor would I reveal them to her over the weeks and months that followed.

Upstairs I lived my life as an ordinary citizen of the community. I worked my forty hours and had a wife, three kids, and a dog; realizing the American dream if you will. But for the past few months, unknown to anyone in my family, I had been constructing my slaves secret room. No one other than myself ever went into the damp, dark basement, so I knew the chance of her discovery was very slight; and now, after weeks of working on my day off to complete my dark, demented project, it was finally complete.

I knew my week with the family away, was the perfect opportunity to secure my slave, and had been flirting with her for weeks at every opportunity. When she woke she did not move for several minutes. Then, after rubbing her eyes and asking herself where she was, she began to stir and sat up on the side of the bed. It was then that she discovered the chain; one end wrapped around her ankle, the other secured to a swiveling bolt in the floor. Her eyes grew wide when she realized this was a prison - and she the prisoner. Who could it be?, she thought.

She felt cold. Her skin crawled at the thought of being violated this way. She shrank back into the corner on her bed and pulled the covers up to cover her nude body. She screamed many times over the next hour for someone to help her, but there was no answer; nor would there have been, because the room was soundproof. There was no clock so she did not know what time it was; until she heard the key enter the lock, and the knob turn.

She did not know whether to rise and thank her rescuer, or remain quiet and await the advance of her jailer. It was, of course, the latter. When I entered I placed my finger to my mouth, motioning her to be silent. She did as I asked her. I closed the heavy door and began to tell her what was expected of her. "You will remain here. I will get you a clock to tell you when to sleep and when to be ready for me to come home. You are going to be my plaything.", I said. "What do you mean - plaything?", she asked, an air of pleading in her voice. "When I want sex, you will give it, and give it freely. When I tell you to play for me alone, you will do it. When I forbid you to touch yourself, you will not. If you do not do everything my way, I will punish you. Do you understand all that I say?", I asked in a slow, quiet, commanding tone.

"I understand. But why do you have to keep me here in this room?", she asked. "Fair enough. I will tell you that you are locked in my basement, and will remain here until I let you go. That is if I ever let you go. I will bring your meals every night. I arrive home an hour before everyone else. When you see the little red light come on, you will know I am here and that I will come for you.", I said. "What do you want me to do?", she asked. Saying nothing I then went out of the room and left her alone with the tray of food as I knew she hadn't eaten.

I returned a while later after she had finished and when I entered the room she covered herself again. I walked to the bed and sat down beside her. I saw the timid look in her eyes and smiled at her reassuringly. "I won't hurt you. I spent years picking just the right girl. You are her.", I explained. Then I moved my hand to her shoulder and slowly pulled the blanket from her, revealing her soft, delicate skin to my gaze. She sighed as the cool air hit her flesh. I placed my hand under her chin and starred into her beautiful eyes.

When she returned my stare, I stroked my hand on the side of her face and through her blond, lochs of hair. I pulled her closer to me and gently kissed her on the mouth, cheeks and neck. Her breath came in shorter gasps. My hand trailed across her shoulder and I told her to lay down on her stomach. She did as I said and looked at me as I removed my clothing. My cock was already hard, anticipating the slow journey into her sweet wanting tunnel. I placed a knee on either side of her and began to massage her back and shoulders.

She finally relaxed under my manipulation. I lay my body flat against hers, enjoying the feel of my skin against her. My cock resting in the crack of her ass, I pumped it slightly, teasing both her and myself. She moaned and closed her eyes. I then told her to roll onto her back, exposing herself to my wanting stare. With my body over hers as before, I began to massage her breasts; driving her further into heated desire. Her nipples craved attention, and though I knew this, I only grazed my thumb across their rigid surface for quick, tantalizing seconds.

Starting at her belly button, I slowly moved my hands upward until my palms rested just under her beautiful tits. I gave the underside the first caressing they'd had in months, before working the sides, top and finally the nipples. I did this for a long time, making her mind race from my touch. I reached between her legs and felt the wetness at her moistening entrance.

After preparing her for more, I then lay beside her, pleasing her breasts further with oral manipulation. My tongue made circles under and then over her tits, occasionally stopping at their apex to suck each nipple into my mouth. My right hand trailed to her soft pubic hair before stopping and moving up again. Much to her disappointment I sat up beside her, then forced her knees in the air and parted them.

She looked at me with burning need behind her beautiful eyes, begging me to touch her; and touch her I did, because I placed my left hand on her pussy and parted the outer folds that I might please her further. Although the light in the tiny room was dim, moisture glistened on the delicate, pink folds I now held open. I placed the first two fingers of my right hand on either side of her throbbing clitoris, rubbing up and down with long, steady strokes; not touching it, but showing promise that I would at any moment.

Her breasts rose and fell and I watched them for a time as though in a trance of my own. Her hands slid down her body, stroking across her tits and coming to rest finally on my masturbating fingers. I told her to please her breasts as I had done, and pretend it was me twisting and tormenting them. She did as I asked, then I changed my method, placing my middle finger over the little bud at the top of her slit, driving her insane with lust. I began by making slow circles over her clit, then stroked side to side, ending by sliding the full length of my finger from the top to bottom of her cunt. Then I began the entire process over again.

My captive lover was nearing orgasm, of this I was sure, and I had every intention that it would be her best ever - to that point at least. She obeyed my commands to perfection, and enjoyed every minute of my careful touch as she did so. I looked into her face and saw total concentration there; concentration that was erupting in savage orgasmic bliss. Her teeth were clinched. Her eyes were shut and her hands mauled her breasts as her body shook in convulsions. The muscles of her stomach shook violently as wave after wave ravaged her body. For seconds her breathing was labored and sporadic, until the tide had finally washed through her.

"Oh god that feels so good.", she said. "I am glad. It is my desire that you be pleased as much, if not more, than I am pleased. Now, pull your knees back up so I can finger your ass while I watch.", I commanded. She again followed my instructions to the letter. Taking both hands and spreading the cheeks of her ass, I rubbed the tight opening with gentle strokes. I wanted to see more, and forced the middle finger of my right hand into her wet cunt to moisten it. "Fuck your pussy for me, while I fuck your ass. And you had best do it right. I want to see it go in." At first she did not do as I asked, but I soon found out why. She liked being an exhibitionist, and me her audience.

Her hands stroked the backs of her legs for the longest time; her eyes closed and enjoying the self pleasure that ran through her. Later I inserted the same finger in her pussy again to moisten it, then fingered her asshole as I had wanted. At first I inserted it with short, steady strokes, then, as she became heated, my intensity increased. The first knuckle disappeared, then the second until my hand rested against the cheeks of her ass; then I gave her a Dildo and told her to suck on it, lubricate it an then fuck her pussy with it, She took the make believe cock into her with wild pumping motions.

I leaned forward and stroked her clit with my tongue, sending her to another orgasm almost the instant I touched it. The scent of her heated cunt sent my mind reeling; intoxicating every nerve in my body. At that moment I was no better than the most savage animal in the world, claiming his mate. I placed my mouth over her cunt and sucked and licked her through her second orgasm, with her moaning her appreciation. She placed her left hand on the back of my head and pulled my face into her as tight as possible. When she had finished, she lay there with a peaceful look on her face, awaiting anything else I had in mind.

And on my mind at that moment was but one thing, to slide into her soft, wet, pink, velvety walls and slam my cock into her as long as I could. Her second orgasm had barely subsided when I climbed over her. She took my cock in one hand and parted her pussy with the other and I entered her in a single stroke. When I was fully inserted into her sweet pussy, I just rested it there, my pubic hair against hers, my balls laying across the asshole she had just fingered for me; enjoying the feel of her. She wrapped her legs around my back and enjoyed the sensations of me inside her, but wanted more.

I was determined to make this last as long as possible, so started slowly. I was glad her eyes were again closed, because I am not sure that I could bare to look into them. Wanting to give her as much stimulation as possible, I propped myself on my left arm, and stroked her tits with the other. After a short time I began to increase my pace. My mind was spinning as I looked at my beautiful lover beneath me. I now pumped as fast as I could, and our bodies smacked together in unison. I fucked her this way for several minutes, realizing I was about to cum. I stroked her tits harder, then spoke to her in a pleading voice. "Are you ready?" She nodded that she was. "Let me se those pretty eyes."

She then opened her beautiful eyes and her gaze met with mine; and at that moment there was nothing else in all the world that mattered to either of us, except for our pleasure. I did one final thing that sent her over the edge. Her hands were stroking my chest, when I grabbed her wrists roughly in my hands, pinning them over her head. I did not hold her hands, but clamped my hands around her tiny wrists, holding her like the captive she was. In her mind there was apparently an erotic sensation at being my slave, and as the tight walls of her cunt gripped my cock while they spasmed, I shot spurt after spurt of my seed deep into her.

As I held her wrists, I couldn't help but look at her beautiful face while we came. As much as she tried to hold her eyes open and look into mine, she found it impossible to do so. My face was close to hers, and I could see her body in blissful torment as each wave of pleasure ran through her. When we were both spent, I moved my right hand to her cheek, then moved nearer and kissed her softly on the mouth. I lay there for a time, how long I did not know, but I didn't want to move from inside her. But I had to, and I knew it.

When my soft cock slid from inside her pussy, she tried to rise to get cleaned up. I told her to stay, and she asked why. "Just trust me. I told you before we began, that mine is the right to please you, for that is where real pleasure comes from if you are true lover of the female body." Then I walked to the sink and retrieved a pan of warm water and a washcloth. I ordered her to part her legs and I began to clean her with the warm, soothing liquid. She just lay back and relaxed, enjoying the attention rewarded her for being my good girl. Although she was indeed washed as best I could, I continued to stroke her as I watched her drift off to sleep. When I was sure she was well asleep, I left her a small note.


Good morning.

I trust you slept well. I hope you enjoyed yesterday afternoon even half as much as I did. I will be home at the same time today, and look foreword to exploring our sexual adventure further. You will be tempted, I am sure, to play while I am away, but do not. If you do not obey me, I will know it, and I will punish you.


The End ?

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