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Her gift..

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She sat quietly with her hands in her lap, her eyes lowered, and her body trembling slightly. She new He would be home soon and she was still nerves and to be honest a little anxious. She had decided that today was the day she would, well, give herself to him completely and trust in him. This decision was not a hard one but it was a scary one. It meant giving all of herself even the parts of her she had worked so hard to hide and protect from the world.

She heard him enter the house. She knew it was now or never and she wanted it as much as she hoped he truly did. She took a long and steadying breath then let it out, and hoped he was not close enough to her here breath shake yet. When he walked in to the room where she set she looked up at him from beneath her lashes, very coyly, and in her softest, most flirtatious, and what she hoped was a very demure voice and simply said, SIR, I wish to speak with you, could you spare a few moments for me. She, knowing he would, then motioned for him to sit in his favorite chair. As he did she knelt before him, still keeping her eyes slightly lowered and only daring a look from beneath her lashes, she began to remove his shoes and gently rub his sore ankles. As she did this she was trying to think of the right words to start off with. She could feel his eyes on her feel him watching her and she could tell he was waiting for her to tell him why she was behaving in such a manner. Not that she had never taken his shoes off or rubbed his feet and ankles but, she had never done it this way with such unasked for but much loved obedience.

He finely spoke first and asked her “My love what is on your mind that makes you so meek before me today". She, still with her eyes lowered and her voice just loud enough to here, said simply I am yours to do with as you will all I ask is please be kind and patient with me, I will do my best to please you, SIR. She saw he looked a little puzzled but held her silence until he spoke to her. He softly placed his fingers under her chin and lifted her head. When she still did not look directly into his eyes he kissed her gently on the forehead and said almost in a whisper my pet look at me and tell me what it is you mean. Tell me what is in your heart and on your mind today. She swallowed hard and took another long steadying breath.

He had to admit seeing her like this was well... very arousing if he where to be honest. He liked seeing her so meek, so mild, so at his will. He thought he might truly like her at his side, his feet each and every day when he came home from work. To not only know but see and hear her devotion, loyalty, and obedience every time he looked at her or spoke to her. He could feel himself starting to grow hard at just the thought of it but refused to allow himself to think on it any longer. He knew he must hear what she had to say first, for they had talked before about ...... well...... about just this type of thing but he never pushed her for fear she would run, and that he could not live with, for he loved her to much to live with out her.

He realized she was watching him and wandered if she could see his arousal at his thoughts. As if she could, she smiled at him and laying a hand on his leg she looked at his face and knew this was right this is what she wanted and she knew it was what he wanted. She spoke softly and keeping her voice steady she told him all she had been thinking about and what she had found herself wanting and needing.

I SIR give myself to you fully and without reserve. I trust in you unwaveringly, blindly, and fully. I love you, respect you and honor you with every breath in me. I SIR lay my life, my well being and my very existence at your feet and in your hands from this moment forth. I ask that you teach me and mold me into what you will for me to be for without you I am nothing. Your every need, want, desire, and whim is mine as well. I SIR am yours. I live to please you and I am because you allow me to be. I know I may stumble and falter although I will do my best not to. I look to you for guidance and instruction on how to be the best..., here’s where she had to stop and take another steadying breath for after she spoke these words he would have no questions about her meaning, the best SLAVE I can be for you my MASTER.

He set there staring unblinkingly at her for a few moments. Then put his hands on her cheeks, which where hot with color and anticipation, and lifted her face to him and kissed her more thoroughly then ever before. He pulled away only enough to breath the words " are you sure my pet" and as he did her hole body shook with delight at the thought of him claiming her as never before. She could only nod her head in response to him for she was still trying to catch her breath.

He picked her up in his arms and held her to him with such fierceness she thought she might just melt into him if he held her any longer. He was leading her to the bed room before she realized it. He leaned in close behind he, so close she could feel the heat of his breath on her skin, and whispered to her tonight my pet I will claim you as mine. I will show you the reward for loving, and obeying me, but tomorrow you will know me as your master. You will learn how to please me. You will learn my every need; you will learn to anticipate my needs, wants, and desires. You my pet will learn a new life. And that night he did as he said he was going to, he claimed her as never before. That night he started her on a journey into a new life. A journey she was happy to take.

She lay awake after he had fallen asleep and wondered what he had in store for her on the marrow. He awoke early the next morning to find her lying next to him peacefully and he set watching her for some time. She was more beautiful then he could ever recall her being and she was his completely, fully, unquestionable. As he set watching her he thought of how best to go about teaching, and training her for him and him only. He decided to take it slow until he knew her limits. After all this was new ground for him as well as her. He woke her gently and told her to go fix her MASTER some coffee and ready herself for him this morning. She smiled and did as he asked gladly; as she did she thought to herself and couldn't help but smile that much harder because she knew she had made the right choice in giving herself to him fully. She would do her best to be perfect for him. She readied herself and went to him.

She stood before him with cup in hand and said in a low voice SIR your coffee, she thought she was doing right; But He only looked at her. When he finely spoke she trembled in spite of herself. He was saying, not in a mean tone but more of a firm one then anything. You will rise before me and prepare my coffee and breakfast, you will sit just so by my side as I partake of my meal. You will not hide yourself from me at any time. You will speak only when spoken to or told to. You will ready yourself for me each morning and you will be sure to be ready for me at any time day or night I should choose to take you. You will address me with respect at all times, as a matter of I like hearing you call me SIR, that is how you will address me unless told otherwise.

She felt a small shiver go through her body. She was nerves and anxious at the same time, the thought of her Master simply taking her at any time and doing as he pleased. It sent a thrill through her but, she knew she would have to be ready for if she wasn't he would make her pay. She did as she was told and sat beside him as he ordered. He gently stoked her hair and continued to instruct her. He told her of the punishments she would endure and the rewards he would give. She sat staring at her hands but listening closely not wanting to miss anything. As she listened she thought to herself that this was going to be hard for a while but, if her Master held to his part it wouldn't be hard for long she would learn fast and with him it certainty wouldn't be freighting.

She went through her day trying to remember all he had told her and, in her opinion, did quite well. He told her of her missteps, which were only a few, and reminded her that she would be punished latter for them. She showered and as she was stepping out she heard him call to her she answered Yes SIR and with that he opened the door and told her to bring herself to him with out drying he wanted to see her body glistening with the dampness from the shower still. The smile he wore while saying this to her made her shiver. She knew, inside she knew, the time had come for her to endure whatever punishment he was going to give her tonight. She prayed he would not be too harsh with her for it was after all the first day and the missteps were small.

Steeling her self for the punishment to come she wandered what he had in mind. She soon found out. He set on the edge of the bed and ordered her to stand in front of him, she did so. He lightly ran his hand over her body as he turned her around and the feel of her soft skin naked and damp against his hand started to arouse him. He was thinking about the pleasure of punishing her as well and started to become more aroused. He then laid her across his lap and letting the anticipation build and feeling her body tremble slightly he once again ran his hand across her body, her lower back, her butt, her upper thighs. As he did this he reached up and drawing one hand back he felt her anticipate the first spanking but, instead he reached up with his other hand and firmly pinched her nipple between his fingers an between the surprise and the slight pain she flinched and forgot about the hand waiting to spank her still damp buttocks. Then she remembered as his hand came down. First one side then the other, he softly ran his hand along the pretty pink marks beginning to rise. She tried not to let him hear her whimper but she let out a small sweet little whimper in spite of herself.

He had to admit that hearing her whimper, so soft, so sweet, so obediently to the demand of his hands, greatly aroused him. She could feel him growing harder beneath her. He had positioned her on his lap in such a way that her most privet and sensitive places were directly over him. He continued with one more round of spankings and as he did, he slowly, gently slid one finger between her thighs which where slightly parted and feeling her hot moist eager and ready for him made him even harder almost to the point of pain. Knowing she had been excited by this as well, made him grin, a most devious grin. He knew this was going to be good and looked forward to her punishments as much as her rewards.

Seeing the pink marks rise on her buttocks and feeling her become so hot and wet made him desire her all the more. He could no longer hold out he had to have her. He wanted her hard, rough, hot, animalistic, and by god now. He did not bother taking it slow or easy this time he wanted her to know to feel the power he could wield, the hunger, need, and desire he had for her and her alone. He lifted her up and stood her before him. Taking both nipples between his fingers roughly but not so he would truly hurt her he pulled slightly. Feeling her nipples tingle and swell to a painful tightness she moaned and leaned her head back just a little. He then released her nipples from his grasp and curled one hand tightly in her hair pulling her down to him he took one, swollen throbbing tingling nipple into his mouth and began sucking licking and nibbling until she thought she might scream for Mercy.

He was so rough, so powerful so commanding it mad her hole body tingle and tense and ache for his touch. He pulled her to the bed and with one almost unseen movement was on top of her. The weight of his body was heavy and strong. He covered her completely and she could not help but to move against him, her whole body begging him for more. She could see in his eyes he wanted more but refused to give in. He was torturing her. Moving against her letting her feel him his strength his hardness rub against her so soft so wet she could feel her own juices dripping down her thighs. He then reached one hand between there bodes and feeling her he slid two fingers inside of her. She felt soft, sweet, wet, and ready for him. As he thrust his fingers into her he went deeper and harder with each stroke knowing what he was doing to her feeling her body move and writhe against him watching her face contort with pleasure. He slowly moved his body down hers until he was at the perfect spot to get the deepest penetration he could. He could feel her start to tighten around his fingers, her sweet hot juices dripping off his wrist running down her thighs across her butt. He slid a finger lower and started to trace small circles around her anus as he did she pushed harder against him forcing his finger into her and moaning with pleasure. Pleasure she was sure was going to be the end of her. She tried not to but had to she began to beg him, SIR oh god SIR please, please no more I want you inside me Please SIR.

How sweet it is to hear you beg me, he said, but it is not your choice when I enter you tonight nor is it your choice when you will cum for me. You will not cum until I tell you do you understood. She began to whimper slightly but nodded in response, for she could no longer speak. He teased and played a wile longer till it was almost impossible for her to hold back and as the tears began running down her cheek ,not from simply pain but from the pain of pleasure, He could no longer with hold himself. The sight of her was almost more then he could take knowing he had brought her to this height and she needed him all the more for it. He brought himself up beside her and slowly stoked her body with his hand that was now dripping with her juices. The change in sensations and intensity made her eyes role back, her breathing become so deep and shallow he thought she might stop breathing altogether, and her body arch high against his hand. He then finally gave her what they both wanted and by now needed. He move his body slowly on top of her and thrust himself deep and hard into her taking her and claiming her as his once again. He thrust himself into her harder and harder with each stroke feeling her body mold itself around him until she was so tight and so hot that he could not hold back any longer. He wanted her to cum with him. In a hoarse voice which was almost a growl he told her my love I want you to cum for me now and with out even a nod of her head in response he felt her body tighten even more and began to pulse with the release of her pleasure. And with a rush he felt all she had to give him and all he had done to her, and in that rush of pleasure he released his pleasure into her with such force she shuddered and came again.

She lay cradled in his arms for a long time both of them sated, for now. She lay awake thinking of so much her head felt like it was spinning. She wondered if this was the pleasure he could give which was so terribly powerful and unbearably sweetly tortures, and so commanding of her body, what her punishments would be like if she truly angered him, disrespected him, or disappointed him. A shudder ran through her at the thought but she knew in side that he would not injure her. Although a person could inflict allot of pain with out injuring and he had said that she needed to remember even while being punished that he loved her and would always protect her. He had told her that there would be times he would make her cry from the punishment she would endure. He had also let her know that as his he would provide every thing for her and protect her and she would receive her hearts greatest desires in return for her good behavior and obedience.

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