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He owned me heart and hole

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I want to tell you a tale of contentment and bliss. It is also a story about the depths of domination and lust. It is my story. I'm a college graduate named Patty and I'm 5'7'', 110 lbs and 24 years old. I'm not boasting when I say I have a beautiful figure and long sandy blond hair. I've been married for a little over a year to my husband Tim. He has made me what I am today. In college I just wandered around not able to decide what I wanted to do and Tim being almost 30 at that time gave me direction. At first I wouldn't say he was controlling but he was very subtle and manipulative. He would do things like ordering off the menus for me and he would even pick out clothing for me. He's the one that told me how much better I would look as a pure blond. I loved him and would doing anything to please him so of course I bleached my hair. He inferred that he like me to shave off all my pubes so I started getting wax regularly. He liked me blond on top and pink on bottom. The sex was incredible and he taught me things I never thought I would do. Because I enjoyed the sex we had together, I guess I overlooked somethings when we were dating. He knew exactly what buttons to push and showed me a world of toys and accessories. He introduced me to anal sex and although it's not my favorite Tim really seems to be turn on by it. When he does shove his thick 8 inch cock inside my petite butt, he always takes it nice and easy. I have to admit that I do enjoy the warmth I feel inside my bowels when he deposits his hot seed as he cums. Where most guys would leave their toothbrush at your apartment, he would leave vibrators and butt plugs. Sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for 3-4 days at a time. He would say it was work related or one of his many guy friends that dropped by for the weekend. He never gave me a key to his place until we got hitched. I would always have to call if I wanted to come over where as he would stop by any hour of the night. I wasn't ever suspicious until after we were married. Once I hadn't seen him for 2 days and he shows up around 3 AM after supposedly partying with some of the guys one weekend. He was inebriated and ordered me to get on my knees. He didn't even fully undress, he just dropped his pants around his ankles and told me to suck his cock. I was barely awake but I obediently did as I was told. His cock smelled of fresh sex, pussy to be exact. I bet my tight ass that it had been in some slut's cunt earlier that evening. I didn't have time to accuse him before he shoved his cock into my mouth. His dick harden quickly and filled my oral cavity. The scent of pussy filled my nostrils, but the knowledge of sucking his cunt covered cock was somehow exciting. I grabbed his iron hard buttocks and pulled him to me and sucked him eagerly. I wanted him to fuck my pussy so badly but he had a lot to drink and was only interested in getting off. He reached his hand under my Teddie and roughly mauled my soft white orbs. By the time he was close he was literally fucking my face. He held my head with both of his hands and pistoned his dick like a well tuned Detroit car engine. I looked up at him and saw a man who wasn't going to let anything keep him from blowing his wad. He was close and began to shove more of his huge cock deeper into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat to accommodate the pounding from his bulbous head. He yelled out, "Suck it!" before I felt him exploded against the back of my mouth. He grunted and I felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat. He held still as his dick spasmed and pumped load after load of warm gism into me. I rubbed my tongue back and forth under the base of his pulsating shaft. My husband's loads are legendary for their amounts and all I could do was swallow as fast as I could to keep from gaging. If he had already cum once tonight inside of some slut's cunt I couldn't tell it because he gave me a massive load. I continued sucking as his spurting finally wound down. When he had nothing left to give he pulled his sensitive cock from my mouth. He fell on the bed and soon passed out. My cunt was soaked but he was in no shape to take care of it. It had been two whole days since I had any kind of action. I reached my hand down and frigged my juicy slit like I had in high school and soon found the relief I needed. Afterward I collapsed on the floor next to the bed in a state of partial bliss. I wanted to be fucked after having been used like a common streetwalker but at least I did get to cum once. I soon went to sleep also after having my teeth 'brushed' for the second time this evening.

The next day Tim wanted to spend some quality time with me so he took me to dinner. He was back to his usual self, charming and debonair. I had never noticed before but this evening I saw him checking out other woman routinely. I was jealous and still upset about my suspicions and I let him know it when we arrived home. I asked him if he had been with another woman because he smelled like sex yesterday. He smiled and told me that it was so hot making me suck his pussy coated cock last night. I was shocked. He didn't even try to deny it and he continued that he could tell that it had turned me on some also. I protested and told him that I wasn't about to let him fuck other woman while I was his wife. His demeanor changed and then he told me in no uncertain terms that I was his wife and that I would be obedient and obey his every command. "I own you!" he shouted. He tossed me down on the bed and removed my clothing. He practically ripped off my panties and pulled me to the edge off the bed. He got down before me and ordered me to spread my clamped shut thighs. I didn't want to but something told me I should. I spread my legs and he began to eat me out. Tim's tongue could always drive me wild and my pussy betrayed me once again. My pussy loves hard cock and a soft tongue too and once it's had a little of either there isn't anything I can do. When he had me nice and wet he stood up and dropped his trousers and entered me roughly. He fucked me nice and slow until I was begging for more. That's when he would slow down or even stop completely. The mother fucker was playing with me and he never allowed me to cum. He intentionally brought me to the edge and then backed off. He pulled his cock from my cunt and pulled me off the bed, "Clean it!" he ordered. I took him in my mouth and tasted my own wetness. His cock was dripping with our juices and it was especially nasty and it only turned me on some more. I was so horny that I reached down to finger myself. Tim immediately saw what I was going to do and yelled out, "NO! You will never pleasure yourself again unless I allow it." He pulled my arms around his ass and had me continue to suck him. Later he had me stop and get back on the bed on all fours. He grabbed so lube and told me to hold still. He was going to ass fuck me and my pussy was still on fire. He shoved one lubricated finger into my ass and I winched and pulled away. "Don't ever pull away like that again or you will be punished." he told me. I wondered what punishment was? He withdrew his finger and told me I wasn't fresh enough. He took me into the bathroom and pushed me into the shower stall. As I started the shower I saw him pull out a red douche bag from under the sink. I hadn't seen one of those since I was a little girl at grandma's house. I watched him fill it and add some soft soap to the mixture. He entered the shower and told me to bend over. "You're not go.." I asked. "Only talk when you're spoken too." he interrupted. He told me that I was going to need alot of punishment and training and pushed me against the side wall. I leaned against it and he yelled loudly, "I said bend over!" I leaned over at a 90 degree angle and placed my hands against the wall. He inserted the nozzle into my ass. I felt the warm water flooding my bowels and soon I began to be bloated and full. "Please, no more." I begged. "I'll tell you when it's enough." he chuckled. I wondered how he could know when it was 'enough' and how many times he had done this before. Thankfully he finally stopped as I felt I was going to burst. "Hold it in, do not let it out or you will be punished." he commanded as he pulled the nozzle out. I clamped my sphincter shut trying not to let any of the contents escape. He then pushed my backside against the wall and shoved his cock back into my pussy. He fucked me hard butt his sweet rod gave me some relief and I started my climb back to the summit. He slammed me against the wall which had two results, one: it was forcing the enema out and two: it was squeezing my ass shut to keep it in. I didn't care anymore as my pussy was in heaven. I muttered, "Fuck me, fuck me." over and over. I was finally going to be able to cum. Tim sensed this and put his arms under my thighs and lifted my feet off the ground. This spread my butt wide apart and I had to squeezed my anus as hard as I could. He slammed me unmercifully against the side wall as the water rained down around our waist. My sensation of being bloated was replaced by a burning inside my womb and once again my husband was going to make me orgasm like no one else could. I shrieked like a banshee as my pussy spasmed in climatic bliss. As soon as I came I realized that I had relax my anus and the enema pour out like a busted water pipe. It was fucking intense! My orgasm lasted almost exactly as long as it took to evacuate my bowels. I was happy that the shower was hosing us down to wash away my filth. When I finished cumming Tim lowered me the stall floor and got out. I don't know how long he was gone as I was recovering from one of the best orgasms ever. The shower water was pelting me and I came back to reality as I heard my husband reenter the shower. "I told you to hold it in," he said sternly. I saw the bottle of lube in his hand and he pulled me to my feet. He pushed me facing the wall and told me to spread my ass. Was this to be my punishment? I hear him squirt out some lube and felt his enormous head slid up the crack of my ass. He whispered in my ear, "Tell me you want me to fuck your ass." I was to say the least a bit apprehensive but I knew I should do as I was told. "I want you to fuck me up the ass." I cried. He thrust his huge cock deep into my butt. I gasped from the shock of it, "Aaagghhh!" Where as he had always anal fucked me nice and easy, not this time. He immediately slammed me so forcefully it shoved my breast hard against the wall. He fucked my ass as he had fucked my cunt and my anal ring was being stretched to it's fullest. I reached back to protect myself but he only placed my hands behind my back and continued his assault. This was almost more than I could stand and my legs were still weak from my previous orgasm. His thick cock in my ass was the only thing holding me up at this point. As hard as he was fucking me he actually picked up the tempo as he approached his own climax. He let go of my arms and grabbed the sides of my hips. He ordered me to spread my ass cheeks apart and then asked me, "Where do you want me to cum?" "Cum in my ass, please?" I pleaded. He shoved his cock balls deep and I felt him start to give my ass it's second enema tonight. He grunted loudly and pour one of his huge loads into my butt. Again he gave me one of his patented mother loads. It went on for what seemed like minutes until his cock stop twitching and he finally pulled out. I collapsed to the floor in a heap. Before my husband stumbled out of the shower, he reminded me that I was his wife and that meant he owned me. He would fuck whoever he wanted and that I WOULD FUCK whoever he wanted me to. My cunt and ass belonged to him! "Your training will start tomorrow." he stated as he left the shower. I couldn't move, I couldn't respond as I was completely spent. Things were racing through my brain at light speed. Training will start tomorrow, I would fuck whoever he wanted me to, I wasn't sure what it all meant, who was this man I had married but on the other hand I also just had some of the best sex ever. The shower had reviving powers and I lay there savoring it. My asshole was numb but I thought I could feel warm cum oozing out of my gaped ass. It was going to take awhile for me to empty myself of it and I lay there peaceful and silent.

My 'training' began the next day. When Tim came home he ordered me to get completely naked and to stay that way for the rest of the evening. He remained dressed while I had dinner in my birthday suit. I found out what 'punishment' was when I protested half way through the supper. For desert he made me suck him under the dinner table while he continue eating. After he came he placed a ball gag in my mouth for the rest of the night as my punishment. His punishments were never physical and he never laid a hand on me but it was things like having to wear a butt plug if I didn't obey him or being tied spread eagle to the bed if I didn't respond the way he thought I should. Sometimes I had to wear a studded human dog collar. It had a small chain that hung down to my navel so that he could lead me around. It soon taught me to understand what was expected of me. I was his bitch and every once in a while he would throw me a bone and you know the kind of bone it was. Strangely enough when he did bone me I found it highly erotic and I would do anything for his special treat. I loved the way his cock filled my being and became his obedient slave. Not that I didn't mess up sometimes. Once when I did he tied me to the bed and used a vibrator on me. He would bring me to the very brink of climax before he would stop and leave me withering in agony. He would return 15 minutes later and repeat the process but never allowing me to cum. This would go on for hours. That night I had to pee half way through the ordeal and he lead me to the enema room and had me squat in the shower stall to piss. He had train me to the point of having complete control of my body and mind. I knew that if he would have had his buddies there I would have had to pissed in front of all of them and I would have done it. And the enemas were something I had to give myself whenever he fancied fucking my ass for the night. By that first weekend my responses to the training was becoming routine such that he moved to the next level. He told me that he was going out Saturday night and that I was to remain naked and ready to serve him when he returned home. He returned late that night and took a pair of 7 inch stripper heels from a bag and had me put them on. It was a feat just to remain standing wearing those suckers. He had me perform a lap dance for him and then he ordered me to get down on all fours in front of him. Once again he only dropped his pants and ordered me to suck him. His cock was covered with fresh pussy! As I sucked him he laughed and told me that he knew I secretly loved to suck cock covered with cunt cum. "Don't you?" he asked me forcefully. "Yes, yes, I love to suck your cock after you've fucked another woman's cunt." I replied. He wasn't drunk this time and I hoped that he would fuck me with his nasty cock before he came. But it wasn't to be, he gave me another huge load and then had me get back up and give him another dance. I had to wear those heels for the next several nights. At the end of two weeks he had me exactly the way he wanted.

It had been two weeks since I had been out of the house and I was excited because we were finally going out dancing. The last four days we hadn't engaged in any form of sex and I was longing for some hot action from my husband this evening. Tim even bought me a new dress for the occasion with some matching 5 inch spiked heels. These heels were a breeze to wear compared to the stripper heels and with the high hem line on my dress it made my legs look 2 miles long. He told me to wear a thong but no pantyhose so that's what I did. We went to a club that I had never been to before called Secrets. There was mainly couples there and later I learned it was a swinger club. We danced some and Tim kept the whiskey flowing. I noticed a large amount of PDAs being displayed throughout the night. Eventually we were joined by another couple named Marie and Bill. They were about Tim's age in their early 30's. I thought Bill was nice looking but his wife was a knock out. She was a tall black hair beauty with what I thought were surgically enhanced breasts. We hit it off and giggled like school girls while the guys talked among themselves. I couldn't hear exactly what the men were saying but I thought it was definitely about the two of us girls. After several rounds of drinks Marie needed to use the little girl's room and asked me to go with her. Before we left Tim whispered in my ear that he wanted me to take my thong off and put it in my purse. The look in his eyes told me that I had better do it. While I was in the stall I heard some interesting noises from the one next to me. There was definitely two girls in there and they weren't doing drugs. After I finished peeing I took off my thong and placed in my purse and hurried to leave. When I opened the door there stood Marie. She stepped in and saw the top of my thong protruding out of my purse. We both looked up at the same time and she smiled and then kissed me. Her lips were soft and sweet. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I kissed her back. A woman's kiss is so much more sensual than a man's. I could taste her lipstick and continued our brief interlude. It was forbidden and erotic. It was at that time that one of the girls next door was really getting into it and she wasn't very quiet about it either. I broke off our kiss and Marie whispered to me how nice it was. She helped me with reapplying my lipstick and we both left hand in hand. Back at the table Tim told me to show him. I open a purse slightly and he said, "Good girl." The rest of the night was filled with drinking and dancing although I never danced with Tim. We both danced with each others spouse and even sometimes I danced just with Marie. I think she was more into me than her husband and on the dance floor she bumped and rubbed against me numerous times. Marie became friendlier as the night went on. She would put her hand on my arm as we conversed and then under the table she placed one on my knee. As the night passed her hand inched further and further up my skirt. She never actually touched my pussy but she came awful close. My husband knew I had made out with one of my close girlfriends in college once when we had become very drunk but we never went any farther than just kissing. And tonight I had alot to drink. I wasn't sure if that kind of thing is what he wanted me to do. I'm sure he wanted to fuck Marie but she seemed more interested in fucking me. The alcohol was doing it's job and the fact that I wasn't wearing any panties made me feel erotic and slutty at the same time. Just before closing Tim ordered everyone one last shot and then invited them back to our place and suggested that we should all drive there together. Bill jumped into the front seat so Marie and I sat together in the back. She entered the same door as I and I scooted over but when I reached the middle of the back seat she grabbed my arm to keep me next to her. With Marie snuggling right up next to me we took this party to our house.

On the way home Marie whispered things like how beautiful I was and occasionally nibbled on my ear. This lady was working her magic on me but I held back not really knowing what to do. Finally Marie said, "Tim, your wife is so gorgeous, would you mind if we play abit?" Tim responded, "Not at all, just remember she's a virgin." "I KNOW, Bill told me." she replied. Her I KNOW had a hint of perverse excitement to it. Tim must have told Bill about my my personal life earlier. I saw his eyes through the rear view mirror as he had already adjusted it to watch us as he drove and he gave me a nod which I took as a go along with Marie. She began to kiss me tenderly and her hands gently touch my body. This girl was skilled in this forbidden art and I knew she was no stranger to lesbian love. I soon began to melt in her arms. It wasn't long before her hand began creeping up my skirt. She took her time and caressed my inner thighs lightly but moving inch by inch closer to my love tunnel. It had been almost 5 days since it had been touched there and I wanted her to hurry. We kissed deeply as her fingers brushed against my mons and vaginal folds. She wasn't as direct and rough as a man is and she only occasionally rubbed my clitoris and it began to grow. I laid back and closed my eyes and let her have her way with me. She slid one side of my dress off my shoulder and pulled my bra strap down exposing one breast and her lips were licking my hardening nipples soon after. I began to softly moan. I spread my legs apart and she immediately hiked up my dress and started exploring my vagina. My slit was slick with my juices and she slid her middle finger inside me. "Aaahhh!" I gasped. She rotated her finger for awhile and my pussy went into overdrive. My juices flowed and I felt a warm wetness down the crack of my ass. She fingered me faster and then pulled the sex coated digit out and rubbed it on my engorged clit. My lubricate made my clit even more sensitive and she began to work that pearl more vigorously. My breathes came hard and fast and I knew if she didn't stop I would soon cum. Her mouth left my tit and I heard her said, "Baby, can you see how wet she is." I opened my eyes for a second and saw Bill turned around in his seat. He was taking it all in and so was my husband through the rear view mirror. I was now aware of my situation. One of my breast was exposed and covered with red lipstick, my dress was hiked up over my stomach and my legs were splayed open like a back seat slut but I didn't care because my cunt was on fire. We were pulling into the garage and I yelled to Marie, "Don't stop!!" Marie started frigging me faster and I pulled her mouth to me and Frenched her deeply. The heat from my cunt radiated outward until my entire nether regions were ready to explode and then I came like the 4th of July. I hope the garage doors were shut because I was screaming bloody murder. My body bucked like a bronco in the back seat of the car. It was an awesome display and I heard Bill say in the background, "Damn!" It took me a good while to recover but when I open my eyes Marie was still a mere inches from my face. She kissed me softly and asked me where my bedroom was. I knew what that look in her eyes meant. She grabbed my hand and hurriedly pulled me out of the car. Tim held the door to the house open for us as Marie and I rushed past. She somehow had almost all her clothes off by the time we reached the bedroom. She then tore my clothes off. My eyes devoured her body as she undressed me. She was beautiful with hefty bosoms that defied gravity and a symmetrical shaved pussy like mine. Her tummy was flat and her ass was taut and I wanted to fuck her. We fell onto the bed and entwine ourselves so tightly that we might not ever be able to be separated again. I wanted to suck her titties as she had done mine. Her breast were soft and her nipples were hard. It was so intoxicating and so was I. I didn't even notice the two naked studs by the side of the bed watching us fuck. Marie pulled her breasts away and began to kiss a trial that started on my lips, between my orbs and down my belly. My anticipation of what her mouth could do to my vagina was almost more than I could stand. I knew, I hoped, I prayed what would come next and when her lips touched mine down there I shrieked, "Ooohhh!" She made out with my cunt like she had with my mouth. Her tongue flicked into and out of my wet pussy and it was so good. I heard her say over and over, sweet,so sweet, as she drank from my fountain. I thought I could feel my pussy pouring out juices as she lapped up every drop. She began to suck on my clit and that's when this ride really started. I couldn't remain still as my body twitched and slithered around the bed. She grabbed my ass to keep her mouth attached and sucked me harder. It was too intense and I began to whimper as she ate me like never before. The heat returned and I grabbed her head and forced my cunt hard against her mouth and came for the second time tonight. I'm not a gusher but I swear this time I pumped out a cup full of pussy juice. "Aaaaggghhhh!" I screamed. I must have passed out because when I regained my senses Marie was on all fours being fucked doggie by her husband while sucking my husband's cock. I could only watch as Tim looked directly at me as he fed Marie his rock hard dick. Obviously this girl knew how to give good head too. Tim muttered something to Bill about how I was back to the land of the living. "Welcome back," grunted Bill. He told Bill that I wanted to suck his cock and he pulled out immediately. He crawl over to me and I set up and he put his dick up to my mouth. He had a nice one and it was very much like my husband's in length and girth. "She likes sucking cock that's cover with pussy. " Tim quipped. In fact his cock was completely drenched and I did want to taste Marie pussy even if it was only covering her husband's dick. I took as much as I could with my mouth. It was perverse and sexy and I gobbled his knob with glee. Marie's taste was sweet and I tried to give her husband the best blow job I knew how. By this time Marie had climbed on top of Tim and she was fucking him. The poor girl had yet to cum tonight and she was riding him hard. Even while I sucked Bill, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. My husband's dick was embedded inside of her while my pussy ached from the lack of it. Even though I had already cum twice tonight I still wanted some hard dick. Her tits were bouncing up and down as her cunt slid over my husband thick rod. Marie was shouting fuck, fuck, fuck, the whole time. Tim was definitely enjoying this dark hair hellion but still would glance over at me from time to time with a big smirk on his face. Marie screamed out one last FUCK as she ground her cunt hard against Tim's groin and came. She collapse on top of him but her ass continued humping him until she was done. He rolled her off of him and moved over to us. My eyes must have had that begging look to them because Tim asked me, "Do you want some hard cock?" I garbled, "Uh, huh," as my mouth was still stuffed with dick. He told me to spread my legs for Bill. Finally! I laid back and presented my greedy cunt to Bill. Bill lifted up my legs and knelt before me. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and I bit my lower lip. Hurry, hurry, I so wanted Bill to shove his beautiful cock into me and he finally did. It had been along time since I had a strange cock inside me and it was wonderful. Bill slowly stroked it to and forth savoring this coupling as was I. He was a great lover and worked my pussy like a master. A man could never know how it feels to have a living pulsating cock filling the core of your being. I loved getting fuck above anything else. Marie had recovered and was watching us intently. Tim told her that I was ready to eat pussy for the first time. Marie scampered over and and placed a pillow under my head. She straddle my face and lowered her pussy down. I wanted to taste her even as her husband continued to fuck me. I drove my tongue deep into her pussy. Her wet hole was like an aphrodisiac and I greedily ate her out. She tasted so sweet and I knew I would be eating pussy whenever I had the chance, I loved it. I reached up and grabbed her ass and I knew that my husband was taking it all in. Both Marie and Bill picked up their pace and my body responded in kind. I heard Tim moving on the bed and he soon straddle my chest. Marie leaned forward and grabbed the headboard but continued to grind her cunt against my mouth. I felt Tim's cock brush my chin as he was attempting to put it into Marie's pussy. She gasped as he shoved it into her. I licked them both as he began to match Bill's pace. My entire body was covered by sexual body parts. A pussy was covering my mouth, some balls were rubbing against my tits and a wonderful cock was filling my cunt. I was the happiest girl in the world. Tim started slamming Marie with preemptive force and he was going to cum soon. I heard him grunt and felt the underside of his cock spasming. He was giving Marie his massive load. "Give it to me!" she cried. He pumped for what seemed forever and everyone slowed down to watch. Later Marie remarked, "Oh baby, he's still cumming." No body cums like my husband. He stopped finally and pulled his spent cock out of her cunt and fell to the side. Cum immediately poured out right into my mouth. "Eat it, it his cum out of my cunt!" Marie yelled. She started grinding again and cum continued to flood from her pussy. Bill started to pound me again as he had a bird's eye view of this spectacle. I sucked and Bill fucked and Marie beat us both. She shrieked and her pussy quivered against my mouth. Her pussy squeezed out even more of my husband's gism. I heard Bill yell and he slammed me one last time HARD. Now it was my turn to feel a spasming cock flooding my cunt with white hot seed. I couldn't take anymore and I came with him. He pumped out a large load also and the warmth of it filled my womb. My pussy went into seizure as once again I felt my sweet release wash over my entire body. Everyone collapsed on the bed after that. It had been an incredible evening and Marie slept with me all night. I wanted more the next morning but everyone else seemed spent. Tim drove them back to the club but I knew we would see them again. When my husband returned I asked him when we all could get together again. He smiled and told me soon, right after I finished the last part of my training. What? I hadn't finished my training yet? I didn't dare ask him then and I was filled with apprehension. I went to take a shower and pondered my fate.

The next day Tim asked me if I enjoyed last night and I told him I had. I asked him if I had done everything he wanted and the way he wanted. He told me I did fine but I had one more test to finished my training. The rest of the week was void of sex and Tim told me we would make up for it on the weekend during my final exam. I was on pins and needles and high heels everyday. Saturday night arrived and he took me to dinner. Bill was there but not Marie, my heart sank. Bill brought an good looking friend named Fred and we had all had a pleasant evening. Tim told me to take the car home and he would be back later. I waited and the hours ticked by as I drank a whole bottle of wine. After midnight he called and said he would be home shortly and told me to clean myself up and to get completely naked except for my stripper heels. I hurriedly gave myself an anal enema and dressed as he said. I soon heard the garage door and went to the laundry room to greet him. In walks Tim, with BILL and FRED, instinctively I turned to hid my nakedness in the kitchen. "Stop!" Tim ordered. He admonished me for being rude to our guest and told me to say hello to everyone. I did and he told me to get them all some beers. As they walked off into the living room, Tim told me I wasn't off to a very good start for my final exam. He also told me that I would be receiving some punishment later. Was I going to have to fuck all three of them? Was this going to be the exam? I also wondered how he was going to punish me as I got the beers. It was very embarrassing serving the boys in my birthday suit. After I served them, Tim told me to go put on my collar and return. Tim had me set down and they all continued talking about this and that. A naked subservient wife didn't seem to affect anyone a bit. When they finished about half of the beer, Tim asked Fred what he thought of my wife. He told him I was lovely and then Tim ordered me to get up and go stand in front of him. I did as I was told and stood in front of Fred with my hands by my side. After a few awkward seconds my husband said, "Well just don't just stand there turn around and let him get a good look at you." I turned around to quickly and Tim told me to do it again but slowly this time. It was very demeaning doing this in the bright lights of the living room. Fred commented on how sexy I was and how the heels were a nice touch. Tim got up and said he needed to get something done in the bedroom and he told me to have a seat on the sofa between the guys. Tim returned and asked Fred if he liked my ass and he said that he did. "You'll get a CRACK at it later tonight." Then Tim said it was time to take this evening's entertainment into the bedroom. He led me by the chain and and reminded me that I was only to respond when I was asked too. In the bedroom I saw what he had been up to. He had taken the small circular table in our sitting area and moved it next to the bed. He had put the pillows on top of it and covered those with the bedspread. He told me to lay face down on top off it. It was just the right diameter to have my mouth at one side and my ass hanging off the other. I looked on the bed and saw some lube and a butt plug. I knew it was going to be a hard exam. Tim asked Bill to do the honors and he picked up the items and went around to my backside. Tim ordered me to spread my legs wide apart. Bill worked the plug into my butt and left it there. "Check her pussy." said Tim. I felt Bill spread my vaginal lips apart but no comment was made. I was wondered what that was all about when my husband stuck his cock in front of my face. He didn't even have to say anything as I just started sucking him. Bill made his way around front and Tim told me to take his dick out. Bill unzipped his pants and I reached inside his liar and pulled out his man snake. As I suck my husband I stroked Bill until his cock was just as hard. Tim pulled back and Bill took his place. I alternated sucking both of them and fantasized about both of these magnificent pieces of man meat filling my love tunnel. I had completely forgotten about Fred until Tim told him it was time. Fred moved behind them and got undressed but I couldn't really see all that much. Then Bill and Tim moved aside and there stood Fred in all his glory. OMG! His cock was semi hard and it hung down his right leg like a Bratwurst sausage. Both the guys chuckled as Tim said, "Did you see her eyes when she got her first look at it?" Fred moved forward and I reached out it utter amazement and put my hand around it. It was soft and warm and so thick. It became erect in my hand as I caressed it. I pulled it to my mouth and licked his huge cock's head. It grew some more and I covered it with my mouth. It was alive. As I sucked it continued to grow in my oral cavity. When I finally got that sucker fully erect it had to be nearly 9 or 10 inches long but it was at least an inch or two larger in diameter then Tim or Bill's. I wanted it inside me and hoped that it was going to be on the menu tonight. I sucked him hard and sloppy. I could barely get my mouth around his monster cock and saliva dripped off his shaft when my lips squeegeed it off. "Look at her go." Bill stated. The boys moved around behind me as the small table give them quick access to either my mouth and my ass. I felt someone spread my pussy apart. "You were right and you won the bet, hell she's almost creaming already." said Bill. They were examining my backside like I was a piece of meat. They went on to explain to Fred that Tim had bet Bill that without even touching my pussy that I would be dripping just after sucking all of their dicks. It seemed that my husband won and would get to ass fuck Marie whenever he wanted. Bill told Fred that she would only let him do it if I were there. Bill went on to say, "If her mouth is attached to your wife's cunt, I'm sure she have no problem letting you butt fuck her. She absolutely loves eating Patty's pussy." Oh Marie, my dear Marie, how I wish you were here now. I heard Tim say be my guest and Bill shoved his cock into my wet cunt. "Tim, your wife has such a hot pussy." Bill stated. He took his time as both he and Fred fucked me at their leisure. Tim came around and dropped down and ordered me, "You are not to cum until I say so. Do you understand?" With my mouth stuffed full I garble 'yes' as best as I could. He stood up and commented, "Damn Fred, you know you get to go last just so there will be something left for us." Fred groaned and laughed at the same time. At this point I was a piece of meat, They used me like a whore and they would fuck me however they wanted. Even as degrading as this was my cunt took over as it always does. Once it received some thick hard cock I was helpless to it's desire. My pussy was burning and my husband knew it. He told Bill to pull out as I was getting to close. "We'll be able to fuck her all night if we want." he informed him. Bill pulled out and my mind screamed Noooo! I wanted to cum and I made up my mind that I was going to orgasm and suffer the consequence later. Bill came up front he told Fred how I liked sucking nasty wet cock and Bill took his place. After a minute my husband stuck his cock in me and slowly began fucking me. My pussy recovered rapidly and I began to squirm on top off the table. "Take it easy baby, it's going to be a long night." Tim said as he withdrew his lovely dick from my cunt. Shit! I needed to cum it the worst way and this was truly torture. He moved around to my mouth and Bill backed off, he shoved has wet dripping juice covered cock into my mouth. "Tim, you have the loveliest, sexiest wife in the world." commented Bill. I felt a small twinge of satisfaction run through my body but what I needed was a hard cock inside my body. I suction sucked my hubby's dick and I heard him have to gasp to tell Fred to have a go. YES! Finally Fred, with his monster cock, I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard. I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks, of course, with his thick rod he needed more access so I spread my feet further apart. He took his damn sweet time as he rubbed his enormous head up and down my slick slit. Bill told him to hold on a sec as he wanted to see this. My mind screamed, YOU MOTHER FUCKER! I wanted Fred's cock and I wanted it now! Bill was in position and so was Fred, he gently pushed his cock past my vaginal folds. It was the most incredible thing my pussy had ever felt. He stretched the walls of my cunt like never before. I could feel every ridge and vein as his shaft invade my wet tunnel. I moaned like I was cumming. Bill called out, "Tim, you really need to see this." My husband pulled his cock out as Fred's serpent nearly reached it's journeys end. Fred then held perfectly still as he and I both savored the feeling this coupling was giving the both of us. "Shit Fred, she'll never be satisfied again." said my husband. I don't know what it looked like back there but I knew what it felt like and I cried out, "FUCK ME!" Fred obliged, he withdrew it almost completely and slowly shoved it back in. I would press back slightly as he filled my with the trophy cock of all time. My husband and Bill were getting quite an eye full and there was almost a running commentary going as Fred fucked me. They talked about how tight my pussy was and how it wrapped around his shaft on each back stroke. Fred began to fuck me faster and they were urging him on like they were at a sporting event. I didn't mind because my cunt was an inferno. I knew I wasn't suppose to cum until Tim allowed me but my hot little cunt was in control. I tried to hide this but I heard myself crying out, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Tim came up front and and leaned over and said, "Don't you dare cum, slut." I didn't listen and began to shove my ass back in unison with Fred. Tim stood up and yelled for Fred to stop and he did but his cock was still fully embedded in my pussy. I shoved back as hard as I could and that did it, "Yeessssss!" My ass quaked, my ass spasmed, my ass went ballistic against his groin and I CAME HARD! I grounded my cunt against Fred in an effort to get him to exploded inside me but it wasn't to be. Beside that my climax was absolutely wonderful. My orgasm was so intense it almost hurt, I said almost because it was the best feeling ever. When I finally finished there was only silence and a state of bliss that carried me off to another world. I felt Fred pull his beautiful thick cock out of my satisfied pussy. When I became coherent again I heard the guys whispering things like that was the most amazing orgasm they had ever witnessed. Fred was apologizing and Tim told him not worry about it that it wasn't his fault. Tim finally spoke up and told me I was a disobedient slut and that I was going to be punished. I didn't care, anything they did to me at this point was worth what I had just received. Tim shoved my legs apart and entered me. He was fucking me hard when he pulled the plug out. Somehow it had remained embedded in my ass the whole time. He slammed me hard but my pussy still hadn't recovered from my last orgasm and it was still dormant. He pulled out and guided his cock to my lubed hole and pressed it into my ass. I gave out a small squeal as pre-plugged asshole still had trouble accommodating his thick dick and Tim enjoyed hearing that, "Here comes just a small token of your punishment." He was fucking my ass quickly and I knew he was going to cum and a massive load was forthcoming. He must have been extremely excited after watching these guys fuck his wife and he grunted and then gave me the mother load again.. When he finished he told Bill to fuck my cunt until he was close and then cum in my butt also. Bill didn't seem to have any problem with that request and he only had to pussy fuck me a short while before he too pulled out and shoved he cock up my ass. He commented how good my ass was as he fucked it. I guess he didn't get it that often from Marie. He finally slammed it balls deep in my butt and pumped his load into the depths of my bowels. My senses were coming back on line and I could feel the warmth of his seed now. In fact I was beginning to feel a little fuller from the sperm enema these boys were giving me. Bill groaned the entire time he squirted gism in my ass. Bill left his cock inside me after he came and Tim had to remind him that everyone had not had their turn yet. "I bet Fred doesn't get to fuck some tight ass very often." he chided. My mind began to race, 'very often' what girl would let him fuck her ass at all! While I considered how good his cock would feel back in my pussy once again, I also realized that he would be sticking it up my ass afterwards and I was a little afraid. The thought of his huge rod ravaging my asshole....Bill pulling his cock out snapped me back to reality. Fred entered my pussy and it woke up. His cock was mother's milk. He increased his pace and my cunt responded. Maybe if he fucked me long enough I could squeeze of a quick one but not this time as he quickly pulled out. He put the head against my loose asshole and pushed. It was like giving birth and the head finally popped through. "Aaarrgghh!" I screamed. My reamed out sphincter clamped down on his bulbous head and would allow him any further. He tried backing out and it tugged on my anal ring. "More lube! more lube!" I begged. Tim thankfully poured some down the crack off my ass and Fred tried again. Inch by inch his massive dick slipped in. I forgot all about the cum that had started to make me feel full because now my ass had a much bigger problem to contend with. He stopped about half way and began to fuck my ass. Even with all the lube, my asshole was stretched to it's limit. He picked up his pace and depth of his stroke and now I was the one groaning. My mind cried out cum, cum, hurry up and cum. My ass tried to get away but he was holding me down tight as he was nearing his own release. He shoved as much cock as he could up the old shit chute and we both screamed together. Fred finally came...and came....and came! It stand to reason, huge cock, huge load but this was ridiculous. Tim was no longer the King of Kum, Fred had taken the title from him. He must of pumped over a quart of man juice. When he pulled out it felt like it left a vacuum back there. I felt the cool of the air conditioning entering my backside and I surmised that my numbed asshole was profoundly gaped. As Fred fell to the floor the guys stared at my backside to surmise the damage. No one said a thing, they just stared. Tim told me to go clean myself up and helped me stand. I felt something wet running down my thigh and I clamped my cheeks together as best as I could. I scurried to the bathroom like a Geisha wearing a kimono. In the bathroom I was going for the toilet but Tim opened the shower stall and told me to go in there. I kicked off the heels and entered. He adjusted the water and I leaned up against the wall and cleansing water rained down on me. I leaned back against the side wall and slid to the floor. Only then did I spread my legs on the way down. At first as I was squatting it was just a small trickle but then I began to piss white ropey cum out of my ass. It went on for several minutes. The water carried the enormous amount of man juice away and I was mesmerized by it circling the drain before going down it. I rinsed myself off and the shower revived me some. I returned to the bedroom and it was empty. The sheets on the bed looked cool and inviting so I sprawl across them. The only sounds I heard was the guys having another beer out in the living room. They were bantering about their current escapade and how they couldn't believe how much Fred was able to cum. It started me thinking about Fred's wonderful cock and I started squeezing my wanting thighs together. My fantasizing was interrupted by the sounds of footsteps and when I turned over I saw Bill's cock. He moved onto the bed and put it near my mouth. Tim was right behind him and he told me to suck it. I guess they were back for round two. I took his cock into my mouth and thought how glad I was that I had given myself an anal enema earlier today. Bill moved around to where he was laying on his back and as I continued sucking him and my pussy began to juice up. My pussy had a mind of its own and there was just no stopping it. I looked into Bill's eyes and he saw the lust in mine and he said, "Fuck me." I climbed up to his stiff cock and lowered myself on top of it while throwing the chain over my shoulder. I rode him slowly, enjoying every second his cock filled my pussy. I began to hump him faster as I was in complete fuck lust. I was acting like an unadulterated nympho slut. I just couldn't get enough and would have humped him all night if I could. I didn't even notice someone shimmying up behind me. It was Tim and he yanked my chain back ad whispered in my ear, "You've past the test. You are now the obedient slut I own." I answered him, "Yes, yes, you own me." At that moment I experienced an epiphany. I realized that from that point on I would fuck anyone my husband wanted me too. I didn't care, I loved being used and abuse as long as I could have big cocks stuffed in any of my orifices. I knew that I wanted to fucked by men, by women, the bartender, the waitress, and that my husband would make sure I had all the cock he felt that was worthy. My training was over and Tim had the obedient slut wife that he wanted and it was now what I wanted too. He let go of my chain and just tapped me on the back and I leaned over Bill to give him access to my ass. I spread my ass cheeks and Tim immediately shoved his cock into me. Now they both fucked me in unison. It was my first DP but I knew it wouldn't be my last. I was stuffed full of hard cock and I bounced back and forth between them. It was better than I could have ever dreamed. Bill came first and that set me off. I screamed and shook as wave after wave of a orgasmic tsunami racked my body. Tim came soon after and exploded in my ass. They flooded my cunt and ass. I had received a week's worth of cum in the space of an hour. I rolled off of Bill leaking like a sieve. But as soon as I did Fred was waiting for his turn. I guess he was used to sloppy seconds with his massive cock. Nobody probably wanted to fuck a girl's pussy after he finished with her. I was completely exhausted but my pussy was still on fire. Fred pulled me to the edge of the bed. He pushed my legs back to my chest as if I was a rag doll. He penetrated my wet exposed pussy with ease this time but his wonderful thick cock still filled my every crevice. My legs flayed around as he banged my defenseless hole. I loved his huge cock and wanted this feeling to go on forever. My pussy started to spasm immediately and I climaxed in less than a minute. I'm sure they all didn't think I could cum again that quickly. Fred was pounding me to get off a second time and all I felt was the pressure against the back of my womb because I was done. You could tell he was close and I heard Bill say, "Let Tim see you shoot," Fred dropped my lifeless legs and climbed on top of my stomach. He stroked his huge fire hose and spurted out his first load. It hit my right tit. The next one hit directly under my chin. He fired another long stream that landed on my cheek. He grunted, "Open your mouth." He continued groaning and then fired off another and then another, it was unbelievable. Long lines of white hot cum crisscrossed my body and face, Fred moved over my breast and told me to stick out my tongue as his streams subsided but he still pumped out large amounts of spunk. His cock was almost directly over my mouth and he jerked off his shaft and poured his seed into it. My lips and face were covered. I held out my tongue and he covered it with sweet man juice. Finally he squeezed from the bottom of his dick to clear the last remnants he had and it dropped into my mouth and only then I swallowed. He got off me and I looked like a toaster strudel covered with warm white icing. I couldn't get up, in fact I couldn't move. But it was so worth it. I gave my heart and hole to my husband that night. He's owned them ever since.

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