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He made up for a disappointing party

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The party hadn't turned out as we had hoped, so we were driving back from another disappointing evening. My husband told me that we were stopping at the local grocery. He had to pick up something for later. I never worry too much about how a party will turn out...because good or bad, my husband always makes it better when we get home.

When we got to the grocery store, he walked around to the alcohol aisle. This surprised me because neither of us is really big on drinking. He picked up a bottle, shook his head and moved on. This went on for some time. I asked him what kind of drink he was looking for. He told me that the drink itself didn't matter, because I wouldn't be drinking any of it. This confused me a little. He continued on his search. Rejecting each drink, one after another. Finally he decided on 6-pack of malt liquor.

We had a thirty minute drive home. My husband told me to make good use of the time. When we were on the highway, he had me remove my skirt. "Finger yourself. I want you wet and hot when we get home." He helped me along by talking about what he was going to do to me.

About five minutes from the house, he had me remove my top and panties. Leaving me in nothing but my thigh-highs. "Pinch your nipples. I want them ready for my tongue."

When we got home, my husband allowed me to put my heels back on. However, the rest of my clothes were left scattered in the car. He told me to walk to the back of the car, where he stood waiting for me. He lifted me up onto the truck of the car. That is when I noticed he was holding one of the malt liquor bottles in his hand. He had me spread my legs as far as possible. Tilting my body back against the rear window. He emptied the cool liquid into my open pussy. The fingering and teasing had done the job. I was hot and wet, but the chill didn't cool me off. The alcohol caused me to tingle even more. I didn't know what else to expect, but the anticipation was adding to my excitement.

My husband helped me off the trunk of the car. Still holding my hand, he led me to the back door. When we got into the house, he continued to our bedroom. He had me lay down on my belly, at the edge of the bed. My butt was up in the air, angled just the way I knew he wanted. He took off his belt and softly paddled my bottom, until it glowed red and was warm to the touch. He reached around and inserted one finger in my pussy. I was dripping and came again quickly, with his light touches.

My husband entered me from behind, filling my ass to capacity. As he pumped into to me, he reached around to pinch and pull at my nipples. When he finished, he told me that he had a surprise for me. He told me to stay where I was. He dug out the lube from the drawer, and applied quite a lot to his right hand. He leaned over me inserting one of his fingers into my pussy. After a moment, he added a second finger. Pretty soon, he had four fingers in my pussy and he pushed his thumb into my ass. He started pumping, and told me to push back against his hand. He took his thumb out of my ass, and slipped his entire hand into my pussy. Pumping in and out, while I bucked back, trying to take his whole hand into me. He leaned over and whispered that he had his hand in me to his wrist, and he was going to slowly form a fist. Just the thought of it made me slide over the edge. I came and came and came.

My husband slipped his hand out of my pussy. He was talking to me, telling me what he was going to do next. He slipped one finger into my ass, than a second. Pretty soon, he had three fingers, to the third knuckle, in my stretched ass. His thumb was busy on my clit. When he got me to cum again, he leaned over and whispered, "Now I am going to show you what I picked up earlier."

My husband opened up my "toy drawer", pulling out the thickest dildo I had ever seen. "What are you going to do with that?" He told me that he was going to fuck both my pussy and my ass with the dildo. It was at least 8" around. I told him there was no way it would fit. My husband told me to be quiet and to remember that my body was his. That he could and would do anything he wanted. He also reminded me that he wouldn't do anything that would hurt me, beyond what my body liked.

My husband told me to flip over on my back and to relax. He applied lube to the toy, and slowly started pressing it into my pussy. He leaned forward and took my right nipple between his teeth. Nibbling on it until it stood erect. He looked into my eyes and whispered, "It's all the way inside of you. How does it feel?" I told him that it was really filling me up. He grinned and told me, "Just wait." He reached between our bodies, and placed his dick against my ass. He leaned forward, pushing the head of his dick into me. Then he paused and let my body adjust for a minute. Soon he was buried deep into my ass, the rim of the dildo pressed against his stomach. Each time he thrust forward into my ass, his stomach muscles pushed the dildo further into my pussy. I was so full; it didn't take long for me to cum again. My husband quickly flipped me over and slid the dildo out of my pussy. At some point he had pulled out a second toy from the drawer. This one was only about 3" around. As he inserted it into my ass, he told me that he would wait until next time to insert the thick one into my ass. When he said that, my body started bucking, and both my ass and pussy gushed with more cum than I thought was possible.

When I finished, my husband swatted me on my ass cheek and told me to get up and get a wash cloth. My legs were like rubber, but I quickly got up and got a warm, damp cloth, so that I could clean our mixed cum off of my husband's dick.

My new experiences had caused me to lose count of the number of times that I had cum. It had also left me looking forward to a repeat performance.

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