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He baby sat for me

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Hi my name is Judy and I thought I would share this with you all. I'm 38 long brown hair, divorce. I live out in the country and don't get to go out much. When I do get the chance the boy down the road will baby sit for me. He 17 and a good kid.He come up to my house a lot because I do have a pool and our summer are hot. So I let him swim and he will do things around the house for me, works out well. He did baby sit one afternoon for me. When I got home he was reading a book in the living room. So I stop and was chatting with him and notice the book said How to Hypnotize someone. I pick on him and told him that wouldn't work on his girl friend. He laugh and said it wasn't for her. So I told him that even if he did learn how to do it, you can't make anyone do anything that they wouldn't do already. He said he knew that and that he only wanted to help people to quit smoking loose weight. I just laugh and told him sure.

About month late my girl friend wanted me to go out with her for my birthday. So I got him to set for me and went out . We did some partying and dance and had a great time, But I didn't run into any real cute guys. So I went home alone, Dam lol . When I got home Jimmy, baby setter, was watching TV and had his book with him. I had set up with his mom if I got home late he would spend the night and I would bring him home in the morning. It wasn't to late so I ask him if he wanted to go home and he said he wanted to watch his movie and was cool with spending the night. So I sat down and watch it with him for awhile and I notice his book again, So I ask him how he was doing with his hypnotize people. He said he learn how to do it but no one would let him do it. So then he ask me if I would let him do me.I told him I don't smoke and don't think I need to loose weight. He agreed and said he just wants to practice. So I told him again that people will not do thing under hypno that they wouldn't normal do, and he said again he knew that. So I told to go ahead and he could try. So know he all happy and get out the watch on a string and go's about trying to hypnotize me. He was really serious and really try his best. But need list, to say he didn't hypnotize me. But he was trying so hard I decide to help him out and pretend to be under. So when he got threw and thought I was under and started to ask me to do some small things, arm up . leg up , stand up , dance , ect. So I'm doing it all and he really thinks I'm under. I guess he got braver because he started to tell me how hot it was and that I was really hot. and that I need to cool off. So he tells me that I should go put on my bikini and take a dip in the pool to cool off. So I figure no harm in that and went and change and head for the pool. It was hot out and so I did jump in. So he watch me swim for a bit. I did get a bit carried away and swimming on the sexy side to tease him some. So after a bit he told me that I was cooled off and should get out. So I climb out dripping wet. He told me was time to head back into the house before I catch a cold. So I head into the house. Once in the house, he started to tell me I was all alone in the house and no one was around. I was wondering where he was going and it didn't take long. He told me that I need to get out of my wet suit and take a warm shower. So to humor him I head to my room to change and shower. But then I notice he was following me this time. He keep saying that I was home alone and need this shower now. So when I got to my room I walk in but shut the door behind me. He slowly open it and slide in to my room. So know I see he is trying to get a peek a me. Now its been along time that a guy has seen me naked or that I've had any sex life. It made me feel good that he want to check me out. So I figure I would tease him a bit more and walk into the bathroom and stood with my back to him and set the water. Keeping my back to him I slip out of my suit really quick and jump in, shutting the door behind me. I've got the foggy glass and can't really see threw it, but can make out shape and tell what going on. So I went about showering and notice he stood really close watching me threw the glass, I did along shower and wash my hair too. But now I'm done and he still standing there. So I shut off the water and reach out and grab my towel and wrap it around me and climb out. I grab a second towel and started to dry my hair and acted like he wasn't there. He stood there watching ever move. So I got out my hair dryer and was blow drying my hair. As I dry I fluff it up to dry it. So then he told me that I need to brush it. My brush was in my bedroom on my makeup vanity. So I went out to get it and that's when he told me to sit down and brush it. So I sat down and went to brushing it with him watching every move. This went on for a while I guess he was try to decide what next. So then he told me to stand up and go stand in front of my full length mirror to see how my hair look, I was sitting in front of one but did what he told me. So standing there I turn to check out my hair. So now he telling me how well I like my hair and how it turn out. Then he told me to pull my towel really tight so that I can check out my figure. Laugh to my self I pulled it really tight and did some pose in front of the mirror. then he started to tell me how nice it was to be home all alone. He keep saying this as I pose and he watch me. Then he said your home alone and you can't really decide how good of shape my body is in. That I need to take the towel off so I can really see what shape I'm in. Now I'm a bit nervous about this move. But I'm really horny now and a bit excited about him wanting to see me. So nervously I slip the towel off and acted like I was checking myself out. He move to the side so he can see me and watch me. He telling me to turn and check all myself out. So now im turning and now he can see my tits and pussy as I pose and turn. He a bit nervous as he watch, I can tell my his breathing and can hear it in his voice. He tell me to run my hand all over to see if I got any fat wiggle. So now im getting even hornier as I do this. I notice he rubbing himself threw is jeans as he watching me. Now he really excited along with me. So he told me to go over and lay on the bed on my back and to relax. So I slip over and laid back as I was told. In a nervous voice he started to tell me that I was moving back in time, way back in time. All the way back to my wedding day. To remember it and how nice it was. He ask me if I can remember it? I told him yes. So he told me to think about it and how great it was. Then he told me to move forward to the night of it and that I was in the hotel room, been drinking at the wedding and giggle mood. So I acted a bit tipsy and giggle for him. As I did this he started to take off his clothes. when he pull off his shorts his cock came out, rock hard and lots bigger then I thought, In fact he was bigger then my ex. then he told me I was hornier then I ever been. I was to turn and see him and when I seen him I see my new husband standing there naked. I turn to look straight at him and smile. He said your horny and like what you see and want him. That I would pat the bed telling him to come join you. So in a soft sexy voice I told him to come here, as I pat the bed. So he come over and laid down be side me. He telling he im so horny now. That I pull his head to my tits make him suck my titties. So I pulled him in and started to suck like no tomorrow . He stop long enough to tell me how horny I was, that I spread my legs and take hubby hand and shove it to my pussy so that he will play with it. Hell I need that, so I took his hand and guide it to my pussy as I spread my legs. He found one hot wet pussy, its been along time for me. Once he found out how wet I was he really started to finger me. I was so wet now that I could hear my wet hot pussy. After a bit he told me to spread my legs wide as he keep playing with me. He move down an bit and keep playing, I guess he was getting a better look at my pussy as he played. I guess he like what he say, because now he telling me how horny I'm and that I need to fuck. That's when he roll over on top of me and I could feel him guide his cock to my pussy. He started to easy his cock in and telling me I want this cock and to start to fuck back. He didn't have to say that twice. I wrap my legs around his ass and started to pull him to me as I shove my pussy up to his cock. With in a couple thrust I felt him bury his cock as deep as it would go. His cock was where no other cock made it before. I found my self moaning as I fuck him harder and harder. Then I felt him tense up and I knew he was going to lost it, and sure enough he was pumping his seed deep into my pussy. I was so close but didn't make it there. I guess he got a bit scared and pulled off me and rolled off. He rolled off the bed grabbing his clothes. Dam I was ready for more. So then he telling me to take a shower and clean up. Then to go to bed and sleep piece full and wake in the morning all fresh and feeling good. I will remember the fucking and feel it was just a dream. He started out of the room but stop dead in his tracks as if he forgot something. Then he telling me that anytime I hear, (I will have silly cake's) I will fall back deep into the hypno trance that I'm in now. He repeated this a few time and sneak out. DAM. I was still pretty horny so I went over to my dress to get my favorite toy. Vibrator lol and went about to finish the job.

When I woke up I took my shower and clean up my room and head down stair. My kid was still asleep but Jim was sitting on the couch watching TV. He seem scared, like I knew what he had done, But I acted as if nothing happen and chatted away with him. He said he should be going and that he would ride his bike home. I told him that I was going to fix me some breakfast and he could join me, So he said he could because his mom probably already left for work and he didn't want to cook. So off to the kitchen we went. I ask him what he like and started to tell him what I had. In a nervous voice I heard him say ( I will have silly cakes). Not thinking I as what do you want? So he said it again, then I remember what he said about that last night. So I just stop and stood there. He walk over and looking me over, I know what he was thinking, Dam it works lol. So now he telling me I'm going deeper and deeper sleep. Then he telling me that I'm going back in time to when I was married again and mad in love with my hubby. That I feel hubby walking up behind me and he wrapping his arms around you giving you a hug from behind, As he said this he wrap his arms around me and hold me. Then he tells me hubby is a play full mood and he starts to play and you like it and let him play. So he started to kiss and nibble my neck so I tip back my head so he can do it better. As he suck on my neck he started to have roaming hands and move up to cup and play with my titts. I let him play and pretend he was my hubby, So he gets brave again and push me into the counter and grinding his cock against my ass as he suck and played with my tittys. Now I'm still in the mood from last night, so I started to grind back into him. I can feel his cock get hard as we play. He breathing heavy the more we get into it. Then he stop and turn me around telling me to get to my knee's for hubby. So I slowly knelt down and as I did this he was working his shorts off and out sprang the big cock of his. He move forward telling me to suck hubby cock. I open my mouth and took it in suck and bobby up and down his cock. As I work it I felt it growing and getting harder. Well it wasn't long and I felt him tense again and I knew he was bout to blow. So sucking harder and deeper I felt him start to cum. I keep suck and trying to swallow all I could, He was a heavy cummer. I suck until I got the last drop from him. He was still semi hard cock as he pulled out. He step back to catch his breath so I stood up not know what to do now. It take him long to decide what he wanted to do . He told me to take my shorts and panties off and to lay on the table. So I figure it was my turn, so it didn't take me long to get them off and on the table. He tell me to spread wide as he step in between my legs. rubbing his cock against my pussy. But he step back some and started to finger and play with my pussy getting me hot and wet. I'm more then ready to fuck or him to eat me, but he still play with me .I'm about ready to scream fuck me, but the worst think that could happen did, I heard my kid getting up and moving about up stairs. Dam not again! He hear her too and step back pulling up his shorts. He telling me to get up and get dress fast, I had no choice but had too. So now we are dress, he pulls me in close and kiss me on the lips as he felt my ass. He tells me that he going to eat my hot pussy later. But I need to get it ready for him. I was wondering what he was talking about. When he told me that hubby love bald pussy with no hair and that I forgot to shave it for him. That I need to shave my pussy so hubby can eat that pussy. Then he told me in a few minutes I would wake and go on with my house duties. Then he slip out the door on me. There I stood horny as hell again. wondering how I can really get fuck. As my daughter came in , I started to fix her something to eat. As I did this I was making mental list of what I had to do today and I did put on my list, shave one pussy. Got to go finish this in a part 2 please look for it, Judy

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