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Games – The Beginning

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Games – The Beginning Patrick, my husband and I agreed to a “welcome the new neighbors” patio party and cookout invitation about a week after we move into our house. Nancy and Bill were our hosts, most of the neighborhood was in attendance and all were very friendly while welcoming us to the neighborhood. Their house was the largest and sat at the end of our cul-de-sac. Casual dress and new attendees didn’t have to bring anything. The others went all out with covered dishes and beverages of all shapes and sizes. We were pulled from ne conversation to another, usually with “you just have to meet…”. I lost Patrick in the confusion but I saw him with the guys on the lower level where a TV was set up and had the game on. Go figure. Bill, our host was busy with hosting duties and skipped the game, but did check the score from time to time. The rest of the time he acted as the bartender and bottom patter, yes his hands patted every woman’s bottom in attendance. Nancy, disappeared from time to time to check on the men and the game progress. I seemed obvious to me that Bill found me attractive and would find any chance to put his hands on me and whisper things in my ear. “Is everything okay?” “Anything I can get for you” “Have you met everyone?” with a nice soft pat on my butt each time. Sally, our next door neighbor noticed too and quietly told me that Bill is the neighborhood Casanova. She got the special treatment when they first moved into the neighborhood. I thanked her for the warning and kind of laughed it off, but Sally added, Bill and Nancy were suspected swingers. I gasped and looked at ill then Nancy and back to Sally who said, “Close your mouth, Dear” It was obvious that I was startled with the news. I didn’t say a thing but started picturing our host and hostess swinging and took closer looks at their intermingling with the others. They were more flirtatious than any of the other attendees. Some were flattered and I suspected they might have been swinging partners with Bill and Nancy. A few were less than flattered and discounted the gestures, shrugging them off. It was time for Patrick and I to head home, but at the front door we were asked to return for “Game Night” the next Friday at 6 PM. BYOB and casual dress, I suspected more flirting and Patrick was all over making new friends and accepted before I had a chance to speak. On the walk home I related Sally’s suspicions about them being swingers. Patrick said “Naaah! They’re just friendly folk”. “Besides, they’ve been in the neighborhood the longest and we could learn more about the neighbors. relax”. I was fretting about it to myself all that night. Bill and Nancy both waved each time we saw them drive by. Bill would stop and start a conversation if he saw me out in the yard. I think he wanted to have me put my elbows on his rolled down window so he could look down my blouse and check out my cleavage. Naturally I would wear lower cut tops and looser fitting clothes to tease him right back. Each time he would ask something about the coming Friday “Game Night”. Did we like board games, cards, charades, Twister, and so on. Most of the time I told Patrick about Bill’s chats but I found an urge to think about Bill in another way and fanaticized about he and I together as a couple. It got my juices flowing and I jumped Patrick’s bones an extra time or two that week. Nancy called me and we got the l plan for casual dress, play a game or two and enjoy the company while getting to know one another. All of it sounded innocent enough and I was less suspicious of them stalking us for sex and leaning more toward a friendly welcome to the community. Thursday night, I asked Patrick to have a seat with me at the dining room table asking what he thought of the “Game Night”. He surprised me with, what are we going to do if they are swingers and want to swap partners. My jaw dropped again. I asked “What do you mean?” He asked if I wanted to fuck Bill, to which I threw it right back to him and his desire to fuck Nancy. I had mixed feelings when I heard my husband say “Hell yes, I’d fuck her, she’s hot” I sat back in my chair thinking that he wanted to have sex with another woman and at the same time I had flashes of getting a permission slip to have sex with Bill. It was silent for what seemed like a long time. Then we looked at each other and we both broke into uncontrollable laughter. Nervous laughter but we were enjoying the reality of our honesty with one another. Between bursts of laughter we threw comments back and forth, “Do you think he likes top or bottom?” “I wonder if she swallows!” “Where did we put the camera?” “What is the proper dress for a Swing Party?” “Nothing, nothing at all!” Things calmed down and we started putting something together for diner. The comments got more serious. Would we be jealous, what might they want to do, what if they are into S & M or bondage, were all covered and discussed. Our rules would be to let them lead the way (and they might not try anything) but if they did we’d go along as long as no pain and we come home together and no hard feelings or throwing it up to one another later. We had a plan and after diner I started laying things for our Friday night Game Night. Sexy bra and bikini panties, tight black capris and a white button V-neck low cut blouse and black heels. I then set out Patrick’s tight jeans, snug tailored fit golf shirt and sandals. I still planned for the sexy look just in case my intuitions were misread and therein I would be ready for anything. Patrick came to the bathroom all ready and I commented on how Nancy wouldn’t bae able to keep her hands off him. He snickered and headed for the kitchen to pack a cooler. I yelled to put my wine from the self on the door in the cooler too. I come out to the living room all dressed and ready for “Game Night”. “Whoa Honey, Bill probably has a hard on already!” We laughed again and headed up the street for the night to begin. At the door Nancy greeted us with kisses, mine on the cheek to not mess up lipstick and Patrick got a full mouth to mouth open mouth ling welcome kiss. I was sure that the swinging part of the evening was going to happen, right then and there. Inside we met Bill in the kitchen mixing up some margaritas. He stopped long enough to give Patrick a handshake while Nancy had her arm around my husband and Patrick’s arm over her shoulder then Bill turned to me pulled me in close and planted a long wet kiss on me. “I guess you’ve heard rumors about us?” Bill asked. “What do you mean?” I asked coyly. He wanted to know if we know about them being swingers and if so then our being there was a good omen for the evening. I admitted that we had heard the rumor and yes we talked amongst ourselves before deciding to come to “Game Night”. “And here you are!” Nancy said loudly turning to Patrick for another log wet kiss. Bill approached me slowly lifted my chin for a nice soft slow tongue searching kiss. I melted in his arms and enjoyed the attention. Drinks were poured, chit chat was had and Nancy called for us to start the game. Unsure of what game they had in mind we followed her with drinks in hand to the great room sectional sofa. There was a deck of cards on the massive coffee table. She took up the deck, shuffled it, had Patrick kiss the deck for luck and then fanned the cards out in a big semicircle on the table. “The object of the game is high card wins” Nancy said. “High care gets whatever High card wants, understood?” We nodded but still were a bit in the dark about what we were doing but it sounded like fun and we were here to enjoy the evening. We each selected a card Bill had the highest with a Queen. He looked at Nancy and told her to remove Patrick’s shirt. She did and followed that with another kiss. Meanwhile Bill came to me and once they had Patrick’s shirt off he planted another kiss on my lips. Next cards were drawn and Patrick won, Bill was to remove my blouse, he did and while it was being removed Patrick and Nancy were exchanging another hot kiss. My blouse was placed on the back of the sofa and Bill came for another wet kiss and I accommodated his efforts with my tongue playing with his for the duration. Next was Nancy’s top, then Bills pants, his shirt and so on till Nancy, Patrick and Bill were naked, I was in my panties and I had been kissing Bill and getting felt up till I was ready to jump his bones. “Take them off” Nancy commanded me. Bill put a thumb under my waist band on either side and my panties went to the floor. Bill was holding them as I stepped out of them only to raise n knee and start kissing my pussy. I looked over to my husband and Nancy to see her sucking my man’s cock and talking in a husky voice that she wanted him to have anything he wanted tonight. Bill was focused and that made me concentrate on what his tongue was doing to my clitoris. I place one hand on his head and pushed my hips toward him to give him all the access he wanted to my wet pussy. He stood up to get another kiss as I tasted my juices on his lips I glanced over to see Patrick eating Nancy’s pussy and her getting louder from her delight. I pushed Bill to sit on the sofa, grabbed a pillow to kneel on and began sucking his cock with my very best blow job technique. I head Nancy speak up with “Let’s go to a bedroom and fuck these men” I replied “By all means, lets”. Nancy lead my husband by the hand and Bill took my hand to follow them to a back bed room at the end of the hall. Inside was a double sized King-size mattress next to another King-sized mattress on a custom made bed frame. Nancy got on the one side and pulled Patrick on top of her and they began working my husband’s cock into her pussy and they were fucking. Bill pulled me to mount him from on top and I lowered myself onto his nice full firm cock till we moved in all the right ways to have him full in me. “MMMMM’ I moaned which caused Bill to pump himself into me as I held onto him body and pulsed my hips to meet each thrust. Nancy started getting loud shouting “Fuck me!” “Faster!” “Oh Yes!” “Yes!” “OH GAWD!” “OH GAWD!” “OH GAWD!” “Cum with me!” “OH!” “OH!” “OH!” “OH!””MMMMM” Patrick gave out with his grunting moan that I usually get from him as he unloads his sperm into me, and I knew what He just did. T turned me on and I felt Bill getting close so I focused on getting him off with a faster pace that he gave me and I returned in kind, but the passion overtook my intention of taking the upper hand and I lost myself into an orgasm on his pounding cock. I heard myself uncontrollably yelling “Oh Yeah!” “Oh Bill!” “Yes!” “Fuck Me!” I began panting with pleasure and his cum inside me till he slowed to a nice soft pace and my orgasm subsided wo we could catch our breath. A round of applause come from across the bed from our spouses who enjoyed the last of the show. We held our lovers for a little while embracing the sense of oneness a lover has with a mate for the first time they share a sexual experience. Nancy and Patrick got up first and Bill and I followed. Nancy disappeared for a second and reappeared with a stack of towel say “Follow us to the showers” She took Patrick’s hand again and bill and I followed. His sperm running down my leg as we made our way to the lower level where a large five faucet shower was turned on and we all entered to wash one another like a bunch of kids playing in the lawn sprinkler in someone’s yard back when we were kids. Bill and Nancy both washed me and then Patrick and bill washed me then we did Nancy and then Nancy and I did each of the guys one at a time till all were clean as whistles. Dried off we retired in towels wrapped around us till we found our clothing in the great room and slowly got dressed. Patrick and I were like kids again kissing and touching one another, as if to let the other know all was fine and it was fun for what it was, but we were still us and nothing had changed except we had come to another level in our relationship. Nancy and Bill cuddles and did Patrick and I and we talked about swinging mostly. How they got started and where it had taken them in their relationship and how the hoped that we would enjoy the lifestyle too. They offered guidance and tips if we did want to get into the lifestyle, we thanked them for that and would have to get back with them if that is what we would decide. Then they talked about what it had done for them and the deeper love they found having recreational sex to enhance their sex lives together. “It’s hotter when you have sex with your mate after an Encounter” Nancy said and Bill added “Here! Here!” We walked home after another drink and good byes at the doorway. Arm in arm we must have said “I love you” to each other four times each on the walk home. We were done for the evening but could not resist to cuddle together and let the excitement wear down. When I woke in the middle of the night we were still cuddled together in the same position and I loved it. I returned form the bathroom and found Patrick on his side so I fit myself along his body and his arm came around me as we spooned the night away. Next morning my Patrick got one of my best blow jobs to start his day. “Wand to do “Game Night” again sometime?” I asked. “I will if you will” he said so I replied “let’s give it a few days and I’ll call Nancy”. Round Two – More Players Nancy and Bill were tied up for a few weeks with family in town so we postponed our “Game Night” till the coast was clear. Sally, from next door knocked on our front door I greeted her and invited he inside for a chat. She reminded me that too got the special invitation to “Game Night” at Bill and Nancy’s. I asked what she was up to. Sally told me that she had seen Patrick and I going to Bill and Nancy’s last Friday and was curious as to what games we played. I asked just what her initial “Game Night” with our neighbors was like. She stammered a little then confess that she and her husband Paul played a board game that changed into a sexual based competition. I asked Sally just why she was snooping around and just what would she like to know. Sally told me after a big gulp, “We were seduced by Bill and Nancy into swapping wives and having sex.”. “Oh My!”, I exclaimed, then smiled and said “Patrick and I were seduced too”. “I knew it, and Paul was sure too” she said with excitement in her voice. I went to the fridge for a bottle of wine and poured a couple of glasses then sat at our kitchen table to have a tell all. We exchanged all sorts of questions and answers, how was it for you, what did your husband think and say, how did it make you feel, how has your relationship been affected and so on. For the most part we agreed that swinging was fun and we were turned on by the erotic and exotic taboo of swapping partners. Then the big one, have you repeated “Game Night”? Sally related how they had been to several “Game Nights” with Bill and Nancy and always the sex was great and a little more intense each time. “More intense?” I asked. Sally went on to reveal positions, light bondage, girl on girl time with Nancy and Nancy even asked Paul to give her anal. I had to ask Sally if she liked anal. A long pause was followed by “Sometimes”. She then asked me if Patrick liked to give a woman anal. I replied with “I don’t know, but we can ask him”. The conversation got very personal with the second glass of wine almost gone. Sally finally got around to asking me what I thought about the four of us swapping partners some night. “Wow, Sally you sure know how to knock me off my feet even when we are sitting down”. We laughed. I asked if she had talked about it with Paul and she admitted that they had had the conversation the first day we met in the driveway while we were moving in. I side stepped the issue with a tactical “I’ll have to check with Patrick, but I think he’d go along with it”. “How about this Friday night after work at our place?” she asked. I told her we didn’t have plans as yet but again, I’d have to check with Patrick. We changed the subject to other topics and finish one more glass before Sally left for home. Patrick came home and I immediately told him of the idea Sally and Paul had for this Friday night. “Wow, another couple in our neighborhood wants to swap wives?” he exclaimed. “Looks like it’s true” I told him and filled him in on the rest of the conversation we had over wine. I even included the anal fucking part of the story. Patrick was set back on his heels with the butt fucking revelation. “Do you like to fuck a woman in the ass?” I asked bluntly. “That was a long time ago and before we met” he added. “How about you do you like it in the ass?” he asked. I told him that that was a long time ago and before we met which made us both chuckle. I added that I gave blow jobs and took it in the butt until I got on the pill, then it was all mouth and pussy from then on. “And you are so very good at both, my Dear” He added. We agreed to visit Sally and Paul Friday night, so I made the call and set it up. Paul met us at the door on Friday night. He was wearing bright yellow silk gym short, sandals and a sleeveless tee shirt. His muscular chest was impressive and just a little chest hair complemented his manly appearance. In the kitchen we found Sally in a teddy bear outfit that she most likely found on line from a sex toy mail order company. You could see right through it and there was nothing under it, which was also obvious. In the great room was a very large screen TV with a porn movie playing. Drinks were served, we sat in front of the TV me next to Paul on the sofa and Patrick sat on the large overstuffed chair where Sally sat on his lap. “So you guys had “Game Night” with Bill and Nancy?” Paul asked. “Yes we did” I answered. Sally was kissing Patrick and holding her glass in one hand. The she added highlights of our conversation at my kitchen table a few days prior. Which lead us to plan tonight’s meeting. Paul told us that the games were nice but they just liked to make out and get right into foreplay. That said he turned to me and planted a very nice warm, long kiss on me. Sally put her glass down and went into seduction mode with my husband. Paul was coming on to me and I let him have his way, kissing all along the way to my clothing being removed one piece at a time. Half way to being naked I slip my hand up the leg of the silky shorts and found a rather nice sized cock, all husky and ready for fun. But soon it was my turn to tug his shorts off and start getting serious about sucking him to a rigid love muscle. He pushed me back onto the sofa and went down on me. I closed my eyes and wondered who taught this man to lick pussy as perfectly as he does and slid a hand down to spread my lips giving better access to my clit. Fingers moved in and out of my wet hole then one slid down to tease my anus. He had a great way of sending me closer to full submission to him. Is finger soon entered both my holes slid in and out as his tongue never stopped licking my clit. I wondered if Patrick was watching me get this attention. Looking over in his direction and saw him watching me as Sally sucked on my husband’s cock. He smiled and winked, so I gave a small wave with one hand and closed my eyes again. I heard Sally offer to relocate to the big bed in the guest room. We all followed her to the room and we took position with the girls on bottom and the men on top of us fully engaged in intercourse. It flashed across my mind that here I am having sex with another man other than my husband within two weeks of each other. My thoughts went to Patrick and he was in the same situation but might not be thinking about what we were doing, just living the experience. I decided to give myself into the animal instincts and deal with the social issues later, if ever. I focused on the enjoyment of having a lover. It felt very good to have Paul in me and I let myself be his chattel. My attitude took me over and I fell prey to feeling so good that I realized I was fucking him back as hard as he was doing me. He exploded with a large climax pounding me with his pleasure and I welcomed every thrust. We were out of breath when he finished in me. I looked over to see my husband and Sally still well into enjoying each other. She was getting it doggie style when her head turned as caught me watching them. She said, “Fuck me in the ass Patrick”. Paul tossed a tube of lubricant to Patrick and once oiled up he pushed himself into Sally’s bottom. She began to moan immediately and rocked her body to meet his thrusts. “Oh yes Baby, fuck that ass!” she loudly coached him on. Patrick picked up his pace and pounded himself into her repeatedly till he reached that point of no return…. he came big time. They collapsed together on the bed as Paul and I snuggled watching them finish. “Your husband fucked my wife’s ass” Paul said to me. “I know” I replied quietly. “Do you like it in the ass?” he whispered nto my ear. All I could think to say was “Maybe next time”. Sally put on her bathrobe and Paul got his shirt and shorts on while Patrick and I dressed. The men found some golf show on the TV and I joined Sally in the kitchen. “Please have just one more drink before you go” Sally plead. I nodded and she poured. She asked if I had enjoyed Paul, and asked my thoughts on how Patrick and she got along. I confirmed that Patrick was a sexual machine some times and all you had to do was start him up. We laughed and she added that all men are alike in that manner. Sally continued with “Paul and I really enjoy our open marriage and sexually free relationship. I smiled as she asked if Patrick and I would like to have a threesome with her some time. “What about Paul?” I asked. “Oh yes you guys can have a threesome with him too if you like but I’s like to have just the three of us for the first time” she stated. I expressed concern about my being straight to which she said it didn’t matter to her she would pitch and I could catch and Patrick could join in or watch. I nervously gulped then took another sip of my drink. Sally added “You haven’t lived till you get fucked and eaten at the same time.” “Besides who knows, you might just feel like returning some oral once you feel my tongue on your clit.” “My therapist told me it was normal for women to be attracted to either one sex and/or both sexes, so I experimented with a few ladies and found myself ‘Bi-sexual’”. “Paul knows and encourages me to be the person that makes me happy with myself” She added that Paul was straight as an arrow when it comes to sex, but he loves to watch her with other sex partners. I was a little scared and yet intrigued as I had felt and thought about having sex with another woman more often lately. “A threesome might be a fun surprise for Patrick” I quietly told her so as not to be heard by the men. “Great, let’s set it up for next weekend and maybe the weekend after that we can get together with Bill and Nancy and have an orgy.” Sally with excitement in her voice. She reached for my hand and gently turned it palm up then licked it softly and said, “Just think about that till we are together again”. I felt like the prey for the Cougar about to devour me. I was excited on one hand and apprehensive on the other. I couldn’t wait to get home with Patrick and get his take on the whole thing. Once home Patrick and I opened the discussion with a recap of the evening’s activities and then I related the “Threesome” idea on him. “OOH LALA you mean two women and me?” He exclaimed. I told him that was the idea on the face value of the offer from Sally, but the underlying motive was t get me to let her go down on me and maybe do her in return. “Now that would be hot!” He replied, but then added “And I get to have you both?”. “Sure you can, but are you okay with me having sex with another woman?” He agreed then went on about the idea that somewhere along the line he was told that all women had it tin them to be Bi-sexual, just some didn’t explore it. I thought to myself, am I crazy for not acting on urges I’ve had over the years? AND, maybe I should let myself go with Sally and find my true sexual self, I could always go back to just men if I didn’t like it…. but what if I did. Almost immediately I started thinking of being with Sally, her licking me and my returning the pleasure. My mental focus was on pleasing her about every other hour of each day till Friday got here. Round Three – A Little Twist Friday come around and this time it was our turn to host the Threesome Encounter. Paul was out of town on a golf trip with his buddies and knew full well that Sally was coming over for some sexual fun. I didn’t need to hide the fact that we were going to have sex with Sally so I had Patrick put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and I wore one of his old dress shirts and nothing else. Sally appeared at our front door wearing a one-piece black pull over dress, low cut and mid-thigh and a pair of flip-flops. We soon found out that that was all she had on as she took it off while I poured us a round of beverages. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders as I held our drinks in my hands. She took her drink which freed one hand allowing me to let the shirt drop off one arm and I switched hands for my drink let he shirt fall to the floor. We were both naked and she wasted no time putting moves on me. Patrick was watching with intensity as she began kissing me on the mouth then moved down to my breasts and stopped to look his direction as she sucked my nipples, first one then the other then back to each again. Her free hand found my crotch and she playfully teased my pussy. I felt myself getting excited and wet. I tried to watch Patrick’s reaction which only turned me on more to put on a show for him and explore Sally bringing me into my Bi-sexuality. She placed her drink on the counter and kissed he way down me to just below my navel when she raised my leg to rest on her shoulder as she squatted before me and licked her tongue between my lower lips till she found my clit. Fingers then spread my vagina open to gain better access and I gasped with delight. When I opened my eyes Patrick had his cock in his hand stroking himself as he stared at Sally and I. My knee was lowered from Sally’s shoulder as she kissed her way back up my body to my nipples again and then we kissed one another with long sexual wet tongues followed by some suckling. I felt the need to put my hand between her legs and tease her pussy as she had done for me. Seeing me begin to give attention to Sally, Patrick moved in for some action. Pressing Sally’s naked body between ours She moaned “OH yes now we are about to have some real fun”. One hand on my pussy the other reached for Patrick’s cock to stroke it. Patrick turned her slightly to suck on one of her nipples so I took the other in my mouth. My husband and I made eye contact and smiled with Sally’s nipples in our mouths. “I’ve got to suck your husband” Sally said as she broke away and dropped in front of Patrick. I immediately went to my husband’s side to deliver kisses and get my pussy in reach of his hand, it was like he read my mind because he gently teased and worked a finger inside me. Sally sucking and Patrick kissing me and feeling me up was hot but then Sally, the imp slid her hand up the back of my leg to my bottom then teased her way to my anus, where she rimmed me with a finger. Sally broke off the blow job, stood up and declared “My bedroom now children it’s time for some serious fun”. We hesitated at the edge of the bed, looked at Sally, she commanded to Patrick “Your wife and I are going to 69. You can do anything you want with whomever is on top”. My mouth was agape and eyes wide with a smile as Sally pulled me on tome of her to position ourselves to 69. She pulled a pillow for under her head allowing my butt to be higher for Patrick’s access and her face close to my pussy. Her tongue went to work immediately between my vaginal lips, wrapping her arms around my legs, she used her fingers to spread my pussy open and gain better access to my clit, where she masterfully licked me with soft and hard and slow and fast tongue action. I tried to repeat everything she gave me with my mouth and her pussy. Patrick knelt behind me to wet his cock with my juices, up and down my crack pausing on the downward movement near Sally’s face. She switched her attention from my clit to his cock, which I committed to memory for my turn on bottom. Three or so cycles of this activity and his penis entered me as Sally became more aggressive with her eating pussy. I gasped at the sudden surge of pleasure it gave me. I lost focus a few time but then went right back to eating Sally. I was so taken with my oncoming orgasm that I began to shake and ceased to give head. Sensing this Sally and Patrick gave it to me even more intently and I came. Patrick withdrew from me, saving himself for some “Sally Fucking”. We rested for a short time to allow me to catch my breath. I rolled of the 69 to be joined on either side to become sandwiched by my lovers. Everyone kissing and touching as I regained composure. Soon I invited Sally to get on top for her turn. Pillow under my head, Sally got into our 69 on top and Patrick knelt just above my head, I reached up to get his cock in my mouth for two reasons, one to show my attention and willingness to have the threesome continue and the other reason was to keep him hard for Sally’s turn. In place Sally and I resumed our 69 activity as Patrick waited for our involvement to become stable and move in for the fuck. He popped out of my mouth and worked himself into Sally as She already began giving mem more attention and I resumed giving as good as I was getting. I found it hot to see my husband working with me to drive Sally into a frenzy. It didn’t take long till she was moaning, become short of breath and her body trembled. “Give it to me!” she yelled before returning to my clit. Patrick pounded her with some hard deep thrusts, I simultaneously increased my part of the action. Sally stopped licking placed her head to the side, held my legs tightly and rocked to meet each thrust from my husband till she pushed as close with her ass to his plunges and came, big time, came. We rolled around the bed once again to sandwich Sally in the middle, gently touching and kissing till she regained composure. Patrick asked “Who wants some cum?” I deferred to Sally and she accepted the offer citing “I’d like a good load of cum in my ass while I eat your wife some more. I pilled pillows on the head board, laid back to watch Sally get between my legs again as Patrick lubed up and knelt behind her. She stopped her licking and raised her head which let me know that Patrick was entering her ass. Right back to licking as my husband pushed in and out as I watched. When the pace was quickened Sally slowed the licking. “Oh yeah!” she blurted out between licks and intensified her tongue action. I felt the edge of another orgasm coming on. Patrick stopped pounding and pushed in for a pause, I knew he was squirting cum into her ass. He gave a few more long stokes to tease the last of the cum into her then pulled out and it was Patrick’s turn to be in the middle of the threesome sandwich. We all got to the shower in the master bedroom, Patrick grabbed a wash cloth to clean up his junk, as Sally and I got under the warm water, touching, kissing and soaping each other up. Soon Patrick got in, a little crowded but very welcome we put him in the middle and we both soaped him up paying close attention to wash his cock and balls repeatedly. First one then the other, Sally and I paid close attention to making sure his junk was clean and re cleaned. He got out to dry off and Sally grabbed my arm when I tied to follow him out of the warm water to have a little more kissing and touching. She whispered in my ear “Anytime you or your man want to be with me, please say so, I just loved being here today with both of you. Anytime at all just think of me as available.” Another long kiss and hands running over each other we got out to dry off. I fixed a cheese plate earlier and picked at it over some drinks till we were drunk, and laughing at everything. But not too drunk for Sally to get back to her house. “Our first threesome!” I said in a normal voice to Patrick who smiled adding “That was nice”. Round Four – A Group is Formed Bill and Nancy returned from their trip and settle for another weekend as Patrick and I took a break from swinging and swapping and did we ever need the break. The following Friday was set up by Nancy and Sally for the six of us to have some fun once again and Bill and Nancy’s. Patrick and I were back in the mood to go out and play with consenting adults so we agreed to be part of the fun. Friday late afternoon Sally and Paul collected us on the way to Bill and Nancy’s for the four of us to walk to the end of the cul-de-sac. The boys flowed behind Sally and I so we had a chance to chit chat on the way. She told me how little she had on under her flowered sundress. I confessed to a thong and no bra under my capris and blouse. Just a few doors later we were escorted into the foyer by Bill who shook hands with the men and planted a wet kiss on each of we girls. Nancy had some finger food out and a pitcher of “Margs” for the girls Bill had a tub of iced down beers for the men. Men on the back deck and we ladies talked about all kinds of topics till Nancy said “Okay girls who’s the lucky couple?” I just looked around for some clue as to what that meant and Sally offered that it should be Patrick and I since it was our first six-some. They agreed and I went along then asked just what that meant. Sally and Nancy were alternating sentences to be the ones to tell me that we would team up with Patrick and the two of them for a threesome and I would have Paul and Bill for my partners. I gulped thinking of the challenge and the anticipation. Sally said “I hope Patrick will be willing to fuck me in the ass again”. “OOOH! So He’s into that? Replied Nancy “I’m up for some of that too”. Nancy hugged me saying “You are so lucky to have a man like that”. Sally added that she really enjoyed it on the rare occasion and not all the time. They looked at me to get my reaction, so I replied “It’s been on my mind lately” We all had a chuckle till Nancy said “That’s the other end, Honey”. We were still laughing when the men reentered the house and Bill asked what time did we want to get started. Nancy, as our hostess announced that she and Sally were going to entertain Patrick and the men would have to make me happy. Bill and Paul both were saying things like “Well alright!” and “I’m ready for that!” and “C’mere little lady let me put a smile on your face.” And so on. They come over to me and sandwiched me one in front and one behind. Hands were all over me, and Bill, in front started kissing me as Paul pulled my shirt tail out. Bill’s hands went under the blouse and found my braless breasts and moaned with delight. Meanwhile, Paul had unfastened my capris and was slowly pulling them down and off. I tried to get Bills shirt off and he stopped to help so I caught a glimpse of Patrick and the two girls who had him naked and Nancy was down on him and Sally directed one of his hands to her crotch as she sucked on his nipple, Patrick had one of Sally’s breasts in his hand. I was working on Bills shorts and once down to his ankles Paul turned me around he had removed his own shirt and undid his shorts but they were still in place so I put fingers under each side and pushed his shorts and underwear down and off to his ankles, following with kisses along the way and “oh my look where I ended up face to cock in front of Paul” so I started sucking and playing with his balls. I had one hand from Bill on my breast and the other from behind between my legs. I think it was a finger and a thumb each taking a turn in my wet vagina then the moistened thumb made its way into my ass and the finger into my love hole. I have to admit these people living near me sure know how to make a woman feel gooooood! Nancy directed all to the play room, you remember, the one with the two king sized mattresses on a huge frame in the room at the end of the hall. Half way down the hall I was scooped up and carried by Paul to the room. Bill told me while Nancy unlocked the door, “Anything you want or don’t want just say so and it will happen or stop right away”. I replied “Thank you”. Then he said “Raise her up a little higher” to Paul wo complied and bill licked my pussy and put that thumb back into my ass as Paul gave me a robust kiss. The door opened for all to enter and I was placed on the bed as the sacrificial pussy for the two men to do with as they pleased. Patrick was on his back Nancy straddled his face and Sally was sucking him. I was immediately distracted by my partners. On my back Bill was licking me some more with his fingers back inside my holes and I turned my head to the side to suck Paul kneeling next to me. It felt great having two men and knowing I had twice the attention in store for the evening. They traded placed and I would peek over to see how the other threesome was doing. Patrick was still on his back but the girls had traded positions. Soon my men traded places and the host’s cock was in my mouth and Paul was licking my clit, he nicely wetted his fingers in my vagina and placed one in each hole as he pleased me with this tongue. I thought that they must have had a plan for me before we started the evening. I was reversed on the bed on my elbows and knees to suck Paul and Bill rubbed his cock head in my wetness a few times before pushing into my pussy. I reached down with one hand to play with my clit and used the other hand to tickle Paul’s balls. In a few minutes one of them said “Switch” and I was facing the other direction to suck Bill and have Paul fuck me doggy style. The other threesome spoke up with I’m first” I stopped long enough to look, they were getting into the women doing a 69 and Patrick getting into position to fuck the one on top. Bill took the distraction to lay on his back pulling me on top of him, him directing his cock into me and I was riding his pony and this cow girl was loving it. I felt Paul get up and noticed him getting lube from the night stand. He put a lubricated finger into my ass and finger fucked me. It was good and I started giving my best fuck to Bill below me. Soon I was light headed and headed for my happy sexual place when Bill stopped and told Paul to take a turn. Paul on his back me on top and I noticed Bill grabbing the lube as he moved around behind me and out of sight. Paul was interested in fucking me with a passion and I was refocused to fuck his brains out. Bill’s finger was lubed and comfortable as it went into my ass and then began to slowly finger fuck it. I was taken with giving Paul my attention till Bill placed an additional finger in my ass. It became okay and I was breathing heavier now. The two men were too much for me and I loved the attention along with the erotic and exciting sexual experience I was getting. I looked over to find the girls had rolled over for the other to be on top getting fucked by my husband. Bill said “I want back on bottom”. I tried to catch my breath as we repositioned and mounted Bill’s hard cock once again. We were busy getting a smooth pace to our intercourse when Paul moved in close behind me. I feared he was going to put himself in my ass. Bill whispered “Relax”. I tried to not tense up as my question was answered, he was going to fuck me in my ass as Bill’s cock was still in my vagina. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as I expected and the lube was really helping, not to mention my getting fingered with one and then two fingers as a prep for this activity. Bill lay still as Paul and I got into a comfort zone and he began to push in and out of me. I had to take a few deep breaths and relax but I was finding it erotic to have my first double penetration. I felt odd being used by my partners and I liked to be the willing victim. The evening ended with us all drinking too much and talking about past sexual experiences. Patrick and I were making mental notes as to what else we might get into with our consenting friends. Nancy told us of where they really went for the time away. Seems she and Bill like to get kinky a couple of times per year. S&M friends have an attic room with all sorts of toys, straps, sex swings, whips, cuffs and leg irons. Sally added that they knew the couple too and would visit them for a weekend sometimes. That lead us to ask about more specifics. The couple evidently only invites one couple or single woman to join them at a time. They have a light meal then move to the playroom in the attic. Dimly lit they have the guests stand still while they undress them in front of each other and there are several mirrors around the room. Soft music plays the whole time but once naked they put a harness on the guests and bind them to one of the devices in the room. Nancy especially likes the sex swing. She went on about toys, probes vibrators all while she sucked the host. The hostess sometimes likes to put on a strap-on and fuck her while she’s helpless in the swing. The swing can be swung around to have the human sex toy face up or face down and legs widely apart as the master wishes. You are helpless and take what is dished out. It is very erotic and causes multiple climaxing every time. Sally’s turn reviled that she liked the swing too but the “wheel” was her favorite. Strapped to a huge wheel spread eagle and naked, toys are inserted into each hole and the wheel can be as is spun till you are dizzy and wherever it stops the host and hostess take please with your body. Then they spin you again and again, each time using you sexually at their whim. The wrists and ankles cuffed together as you are on your back on the bed and each is tethered to the headboard, spreading her wide open is another one of her favorite ways to be used repeatedly by both the host and hostess. The men, Bill and Paul claimed that they both liked to be Masters and not Sex Slaves. Fucking both the Hostess and the strapped wife. Then they admitted that they had some of the same cuffs and straps at each of their houses and like to bind up the wives for complete domination of the women. Nancy said she liked that too. Sally claimed that she would let anyone strap her down as long as she got a climax. We had lots to talk about at our house after that little revelation. Patrick said if sounded like getting kinky was part of what the four of them wanted, and that they might be teasing us into trying it with them. He asked me how I felt about being tied up and used. I had to admit that I had thought about it and might like to try it, if he would be there to protect me just in case. I immediately thought about getting a S&M session set up with one of the couples. But which one? It didn’t take long to figure out that they all stayed behind when Patrick and I left for home. Because very next day I got a call from Nancy. Round Five – We Try Kinky Nancy started by asking if we were okay with the conversation the night before. I assured her that we understood the adult playtime that each couple was free to explore. She then worked the conversation to asking if we had ever tried it. I told her that Patrick tied me up a few times to screw my lights out and I liked it. She commented about that being the norm for most couples they knew and then it came to “Would you like to be our Sex Slave some night?” I stuttered a little relating that Patrick and I talked about it and expected to hear from either she or Sally with an invitation. “And your answer is???” she said. I told her that Patrick would not be into being tied up or bound but I was open to trying it. She asked if we had talked about who we would like to be with when bound and used sexually. I responded with an honest “Either you guys or Sally and Paul”. I got a chill when she said “How about the six of us getting together next Friday night at our house and the women will be the Sex Slaves for the men?” I don’t know what came over me but I wanted to have the experience and blurted out’ “I’ll tell Patrick, he’’ be delighted, I’m sure”. About an hour later Sally called to make sure we were all right with all of us meeting at Nancy and bills next week. She was so excited and liked the idea of the men using the women because women can be a bit brutal to other women. Our first time should be fun and no pain. Plus, pain can be added with each S&M encounter afterward as I liked. She told me that she a Nancy would set everything up and all we needed to do is show up horny. Friday night and we arrived at the front door of Nancy and Bill’s. Paul and Sally were already there. Sally was naked but for velvet cuffs on her ankles and wrists. Each cuff had a double quick snap to attach it to another cuff. Nancy had similar cuffs and her arms through a harness with a robe on but open allowing us to see her nakedness but for the robe and bindings. “We’ve been busy all week getting ready for tonight” Nancy told us with a big smile on her face. Paul had on a cock ring and slippers. Bill removed his shirt and sweat pants reviling a nice husky cock in anticipation for our evening of fun. The girls started undressing Patrick as the men removed my clothing one piece at a time and fitted my wrists and ankles with cuff with the quick snaps. They sat me down on the sofa each raising my ankle to my wrist snapping me causing my knees to be spread widely and each placed a quick kiss on my pussy, I felt myself getting wet already. They lifted me sprawled and carried me to the special bedroom at the end of the hall with the girls following wearing dog collars and Patrick holding the leashes for each. In the room, the lights were turned down to keep a sexy aura about the room and I saw straps secured to each bed post and some hanging from the ceiling over the double king sized bed where we had enjoyed consensual wife swapping sex a few weeks prior. I was attached with my cuffs to the straps suspending from the ceiling then hoisted to hag there spread eagle and it was surprisingly not too traumatic. Then Bill attached another wide webbed belt to each ankle and tightened it up to support my back and I was comfortable hanging face up, naked and I was completely vulnerable. Nancy was attached with ankles and wrists but put on her knees between my legs and told to eat me. She did and I loved it. I felt my harness being adjusted to have my head lowered Paul’s cock was in my face and I took it upon myself to give it a sucking. I felt lube being applied on and into my anus, then an object was inserted. I later found out it was a butt plug and all the girls got one. I heard Sally yelling “OH Gawd YES!” repeatedly. She was out of my line of sight but having a good time doing whatever it was she was up to. Not long till Nancy was directed elsewhere and I was lowered to the bed on my back, hands attached to each other and secured to the headboard, my feet were secured to the headboard too but spread wide. I could see Sally spread eagle bent with her hands tied to and tummy down over a bench, her feet wide apart and a tall muscular black man pounding his big cock into her, she was panting feverishly and encouraging him to continue. Nancy had a red ball in her mouth with a head gear holding it in place strapped to a large X shaped frame on a wheel. They spun her then stopped her upside down then Paul started eating her pussy. Bill put a clip on each of my nipples then placed a pillow under my bottom to better position my angle for his pleasure. He removed the plug from my bottom and I started to get a chilling feeling that I was about to be ass fucked by that large cock of his. He lubed up and I gulped. He pushed himself into my ass and fucked me as if it was my pussy. “OOH! OH MY OH My Gawd!” I yelled as his uncomfortable large penis cause fear to turn to wantonness to be his sex slave. “FUUUCK MEEEE!” I prodded him in my gaveled husky voice. He unloaded his sperm into my ass, retracting himself and wiped his equipment off with a towel as I lay there helpless but quite effectively freshly ass fucked. I caught my breath and was calming myself down when the large black man come my position offering his massive black snake to my mouth. I tasted Sally’s juices as I sucked it. I wanted so much to use my hands and give it the attention it deserved but I was limited in movement. With the pillow still in place under my bottom, he moved around to between my legs. I feared he might fuck my ass again and with the enormous size I became very afraid. I was relieved when he rubbed the end of it between my lower lips to moisten the end and pushed into me. It was like electricity zapping me as the largest cock I had ever had in me was now having its fun and I had to take it. So very deep into me and repeatedly pushed all the way in and almost out, then back in and long strokes sent me into a state of pleasure I had rarely experienced. It was glorious and I relished him doing me. When his pace quickened I felt an extreme climax building throughout my body. “OH Yes!” I said repeatedly and I become more and more involved in his taking and giving please while I was secured and nowhere to go, as if I’d regret this wonderful fucking I was receiving. He must have sensed my pleasure and quickened his pace to a fast pounding causing me to become more vocal and yelling obscenities and encouragement for his actions. I reached a most intense orgasm. I was so taken with the intensity that I was on the edge of consciousness. He came in me and pulled off the nipple clips to go full into me and lean down to suck my sore but welcome nipples. His large cock still in me, I could feel a few throbs of squirting sperm spasms and he tried to go deeper in but it was already all the way up in me. Catching my breath again as he got off and out of me, I noticed Patrick fucking Nancy in the ass and she moaned with that red ball strapped in place muffling her sounds. He finished in her as I watched there still secured to the bed. Paul came over to release me from my bindings and I rolled up into the fetal position. He smacked my butt, sat beside me and asked “Was it what you were expecting?” I just nodded. Patrick came over to check on me and see if I needed anything. We hugged on the bed together and I kissed his neck then our lips met and we held ourselves together and had a nice long kiss. Bill broke the silence as each of the women were now free of all bindings. Sally, was red on several parts of her body and her hair was a mess. She nervously laughed and tried to gain composure. Nancy was exhausted and panting from the action but exclaimed, “I need a drink!”. Paul added “Don’t we all!”. Slowly the men stood next to our special guest as Bill introduced Peter, the big black cocksman. Nancy asked why she didn’t get any of Peter’s peter. Bill promised to invite him back for her pleasure another time. Peter went to her and kissed her. She took that snake hanging between his legs in her hand and sucked the end of it, promising him a good time. That’s when I got a good look at that cock of his. It had to be 11 inches long and thick enough that I could barely reach all the way around in with my hand. I thought to myself that I’d like a repeat performance too. Men went to the rec room and the women help each other to clean ourselves up and become presentable then head for great room to retrieve our clothing. We got drunk and laughed till we each almost peed ourselves, mostly form a nervous condition. S & M party was experienced. “Sorry Sally but no crops to spank your lovely little bottom tonight.” Nancy said. “Next time maybe” Sally replied. Peter come back through the room and gave each woman a long kiss goodbye. He left and we started talking about him. Nancy, Sally and I were out of ear shot of the men when we plotted to have Peter come be entertained by the three of us one night. Then Nancy told us of how she and Bill met Peter. How Bill had filmed her with Peter on two prior occasions. Sally and I were so jealous. Then we each told of how we liked the evening’s events. Sally said that she too had a near fainting spell when I said I felt like I was going to pass out with erotic aura from Peter fucking me. I made Patrick tell me everything he was doing while I was immersed in my bondage and had limited viewing opportunities. I learned that he got sucked by both Nancy and Sally, then he fucked with them while they were tied up and he came in Nancy’s ass. I told him of my getting licked by Nancy, while I sucked Paul, then fucked in the ass by Bill and finally had Peter fuck my brains out. We gave honest answers as to our feelings about the evening and came to think alike in that we could not do that very often. But we agreed that once in a while it might be fun to try again. Round Six – Chocolate Fun Nancy called for Sally and I to come over to her house. I suspected that she had talked to Peter and wanted to set up a play date with him. Sally and I got to the front of Nancy’s house about the same time. Once inside, Nancy poured some lemonade and we sat around the kitchen breakfast bar. “Well I talked to Pater” she said and watched for our reactions. Sally squirmed on her stool, giving out with a quiet little evil squeal and I smiled widely. “Well, he is willing to entertain all three of us here, but offered an alternative” Nancy explained. We looked inquisitively as she added “He has some friends who like white women and are built similarly” Sally and I glanced at each other raising eyebrows and turned back to hear more as Nancy continued “He said he could invite two more friends and we could each have a big black cock to ourselves, so what do you think?” “I’m in Honey” Sally exclaimed and I added “Me too”. Nancy then pulled out pictures of the men, they looked like glamor shots then other pictures of them naked and their big cocks in full view. Sally and I were open mouthed looking at the boy toys. I so wanted to have a big black cock again as I couldn’t stop thinking about getting so completely satisfied the other night. Nancy was to set it up and we were to be honest with our husbands letting them know what we were up to. Another thing was added, and that was that the men would select us as partners and we needed to send them like pictures of we girls. We agreed and Nancy took us to the play room where a camera was set up on a tri pod, an lights were bright like a studio would be. We unbuttoned blouses and hiked up skirts to show some skin, then stripped down to our birthday suits and posed for the camera. We viewed the set of photos on Nancy’s computer and selected the best ones, which were emailed to Peter right then and there. Back down to the lemonade and we giggled about the what ifs and tried to second guess the evening with our black studs. We heard the ping from the computer and Nancy declared “We are all set, just need to tell them when to be here” “Sally said “How about right now” and we all laughed. Nancy said “I’m not doing anything this Saturday, how about your girls?” I added “I’m going to get laid by one of these black men” We all laughed again as Nancy typed a reply. It pinged again almost immediately. Nancy read the line “This Saturday at 7 PM, dress sexy”. I felt myself getting wet already with anticipation. Sally asked if either of us felt like some girl on girl time. Nancy and I both nodded and we went back to the paly room and got undressed again. We made sure each woman got an orgasm and lounged around thinking about the coming Saturday. Back home I mentioned the idea to Patrick who countered with a request for a night with women to keep the score even. I agreed and requested he be honest as to when and with whom he would be having his orgy. Agreed and sealed with a kiss that turned into an afternoon delight session. I love my husband so very much and want to keep the lifestyle we found together alive. We gathered at Nancy’s in the big bed play room to dressed in low cut short cocktail dresses ready to have an orgy with three big black hunks. None of us were wearing underwear or bras, just the reveling cocktail dress and heels. We had a pitcher of a fruity drink and each poured a glass of courage. The doorbell rang and Nancy showed them in escorting them to us in the playroom. There was a small fridge in the corner and each man was given a beer. I stood on one side of the big bed while Sally did likewise on the other side and Nancy directed the men to introduce themselves. Michael come over to me leaned over, because he was so tall and kissed me and say hello. Then Jerome came from Sally’s kiss around to me as Michael went to kiss Nancy and Peter kiss Sally. Peter came to me next, and all the men had made the rounds and kissed each of us. Peter said “We have a change of plans.” “We’d like to have some sex with each of you, if you will agree to multiple partners for the evening” Nancy said that that wouldn’t be a problem and that we women would love to have an experience like that. I got so very excited and Jerome come to me and slowly removed my dress, as I started taking his clothes off f his tall muscle bound sculpted body. I remembered his big cock from the picture but it was full of blood now and looked much bigger. Bigger than Peter’s cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and sucked him, looking up at his expression as I licked and sucked that big hunk of meat. He pushed me onto my back and spread my legs to eat me with a talented tongue. I noticed Nancy wrapped around Peter as He stood with his cock in her pussy at the foot of the bed. Sally was getting head and fully engrossed in what she was getting from Michael. Jerome moved me up further on the bed, crawled over me and pushed himself into me as I wrapped my legs around him and welcomed his manhood into my wet pussy. It was so exciting and taboo to willingly fuck a black man. Deeper and deeper he pushed into me with longer and longer strokes. It was heavenly. Sally was getting loud again so I looked over to see that she was getting pounded but good and loving it. Nancy was on her knees and elbows getting fucked doggie style by the foot of the big bed. Jerome pulled out and stood to move around to Nancy Peter moved to Sally and Michael joined me for my second round of fun with a black man. Michael felt just as god once inside me and getting comfortable with a pace of intercourse that we both seem to enjoy greatly. This man was into recreational sex at its best. He was very good and kissed me while going faster and deeper which made me get even more involved in having him enjoy me as much as I was getting treated so very good. I hear Sally reach her first climax of the evening. This caused Peter to retract himself and move to my direction sending each man to his next piece of ass. Completing the circle, I now had Peter in me and that big cock was mine again. Peter sucked my nipples again like when I was tied down and he sent me reeling with a robust fucking. Now I was free to give as well as get. I tried to meet every thrust and felt the deep penetration and felt myself being consumed back into the exciting erotic taboo of an orgasm from a black man. I was on the edge of heaven again and encouraged him to take me, and he did just as I reached my orgasm it must have triggered his and we thrashed ourselves in mutual pleasurable sex. We both finished just as we heard Nancy getting off on the same bed. Michael and Peter were spent but Nancy offered to give Jerome a blow job to finish him off and He leaned his back on the headboard while Nancy got between his legs and sucked him till he blew off into her mouth. The men got up and g=each grabbed another beer, the made the rounds again. From one of us to the next getting a goodbye kiss and getting dress along the way around the bed. We girls were still naked and willing to let them have a feel of anything they wanted as they made the kissing parade around the bed. I spread my legs for each to touch my clit and breasts as the came to give me my thank you kiss. All men were now dressed and escorted by Nancy to the door. Sally and I both collapsed on the bed hugging pillows. Nancy returned saying “Did everyone have a good time?” We agreed then she added “Now for a little surprise” and went to the closet. The big screen TV flashed on and the evening had been recorded. “Oh MY Gawd!” Sally exclaimed. I sat in awe watching as we relived the introduction and sex with each of the men. Then another view point from a different angle, starting with the introduction to sex all around the room. Then a third time with a different camera and we had a complete panoramic view of our interracial fuck fest. Nancy said she would put all three on a DVD for us to take home. We scolded her for taking our pictures while we were unaware and then joked and thanked her for the videos. “What else have you recorded?” I asked. Nancy offered me a copy of the three angles of our S & M night. Now I was really shocked but eager to see it again. She gave e another DVD and Sally said she already had hers. I threw a pillow at each of my girlfriends and we stepped into the bathroom to freshen up and then get dressed in our sexy outfits. Cocktails were had all around and we composed ourselves for the return home. DVDs in hand I reached the front door where Patrick was watching a game on TV. We chatted about the interracial fuck fest and I told him of the orgy it turned into. He said he couldn’t wait to experience his turn. I told him it would be a tough act to follow. I got into my pajamas and we snuggled on the couch till he woke me and we headed for bed. Next day we girls got together at Sally’s and sat on the back patio sunning ourselves in the nude. Rubbing lotion on each other and darting little snide remarks like “Whore!” “Nigger Lover!” “Bitch!” each time the reply was in full agreement and we were each proud to have had our fun with the black men. Sally asked” What else can we get into?” We roared laughing and started coming up with ideas. My favorite was to make porn movies. Sally and Nancy both got very serious about the idea and we started talking as if we were going into the X rated film making business. I wonder what we will do with this idea. Round Seven – Our Documentary Nancy called us together again and we were to meet with our spouses at their house for a Friday night cook out. Followed of course by a planning discussion on the ide pf making some porn flicks. Each spouse and group member was to come up with an idea for a storyline. Patrick and I each came up with a couple and looked forward to talking about sex with an open agenda and no holds barred. No one was to start sharing storyline ideas till after we ate and the steaks were on the grill as soon as we all arrived. Adult beverages and pot luck side dishes were well received to complement the steaks. Light sweets were set out for after dinner and we were assembled in the great room facing the plasma big screen TV on the wall. Playing while we ate was the S & M film. Bill clicked it off and called the meeting to order. Announcing why we were all there and asking if anyone was opposed to making some sex flicks but finding no “stick in the muds” we moved on to business. Pointing to Paul on Bill’s left he was asked to start with his idea. Paul wanted to film an ogry like the S & M without the odd number of players or with several men and one woman or vice versa. The idea went around the room and Paul took notes. All good ideas and we could make that in the playroom right here. Nancy liked the idea of the multiple women and on guy tied up. Next I offered the idea of one couple seducing another couple into swinging for the first time and the newbies while shy were also willing. Sally liked that one adding that she had a similar version as her idea but they played a game that turned into a strip game then a sex partner swap. We all commented on that idea and the crowd was more open to the discussion thereafter. Patrick offered an intruder story with a break in followed by a woman getting ravaged by two men while her husband was tied up and made to watch. Nancy told us of a gambling debt that the husband couldn’t pay or that he bet sex with his wife to another man and lost her pussy at cards. Sally added that she’d like to be lost to a poker player. Paul added “A Star Is Born”. Bill offered a horny housewife tired of her husband’s lack luster sex, so much that she invites a big cocked man to their house to fuck her brans out in front of her wimpy husband. Nancy wondered who we could find to be a wimp, all our men are hot in the sack hunks. I took another turn with a woman getting her first anal fucking. First forced and then willingly requesting it from another man, not her husband. Bill had another idea with a job interview that called for sex to close the application. Nancy wanted two versions one with a man employer and the other with a female employer. I added “Is the applicant a woman in both versions?” “OOH! I like that” Nancy said as she wrote down her notes. “Okay we all have great ideas and need to work out the scripts for each effort” said Bill. We were then directed to view the camera set ups in the playroom. The parade of friends with benefits filed into the magic room. Paul was behind me playing with my ass. I glanced back and smiled allowing him to tease me all he wanted. Bill lead the show with location of the cameras and zoom capability. He also offered to set up digital video cameras on a tripod and get an even better film recorded. We all liked both ways. Paul was now touching his body all down mine and his one hand was inside my blouse teasing my nipple. I saw Patrick noticing what we were doing and he stepped behind Nancy and started kissing the back of her neck. Bill took note and asked Sally if she wanted to fuck. Sally looked around the room and knew immediately that she wasn’t getting felt up saying “Fuck yes I want to fuck”. Clothing started to be removed and sex was had by all in the room. After all were done, Bill announced, “Let’s play that back”. Popped out the DVD from the closet and we all went back to the great room to watch the show we just created. Oddly enough we critiqued the film on how to make it better. And include a sexier aura in what was in the show. Real amateur fucking was about to be edited into great professional fucking. The very next day was Saturday and Paul was heading up Sally’s script which was mostly ready for us all to have a rehearsal. Sally’s script but she wanted she and Paul to cast the players and direct the scenes. Patrick and Nancy were one couple and Bill and I were the newbies. I was to be shy and slow to go along with wife swapping while my play hubby Bill wanted to fuck Nancy. Right away we traded partners to our real spouses and that way we would be having sex on camera with other than our true spouse and it would be easier to act the part. The scene started in the kitchen playing cards, boy girl boy girl around the table. No one really played cards but we acted like it was a real game. We cut off the cameras and then shot poker hands with one beating the other. One wife wanted to spice up the game and three out of four said okay right away but I was to be reluctant to shed clothing. So of course I was to be the first to have the low hand and lost my blouse. Acting shy and embarrassed we played on and soon Nancy had less on then I did and the men had an article or two off. We fast forwarded to keep the story moving. We were all down to our panties and we switched to high card and the panties all were on the floor. Nancy called for gratuities and the game continued. Bill won and had a long kiss with me playing with my breasts. Patrick won and got sucked by Nancy. I acted shocked and nervous. Bill won and I had to suck his cock. The camera focused on my sucking Bill and when I got up in the background was Nancy facing Patrick sitting on his cock fucking. I was pulled by Bill into the same position straddling him and lowering myself onto his cock. My transformation from shy housewife to recreational sex partner was Oscar level acting but I also had Bill’s nice cock in me and I forgot my role for a moment and bounced on his member because it felt so good. Next scene was Nancy dragging Patrick to the bed room and Bill carrying me to bed. The camera zoomed in on my pussy as Bill had one arm around my back and I held onto his neck and his other arm under my legs so the shot of my pussy and ass followed all the way to the door of the playroom. In the bed we fucked for real and played as if we hadn’t done it with our partners before. Bill came on my face and Patrick pulled out of Nancy doing it doggie style and cam on her back. She forced me to lick the cum off her back and she licked it off my face as a finale. “Great cum shots kids” Paul shouted as Sally yelled “Cut that’s a wrap and a print” We cleaned up and returned to the great room for a critique and preview then offer who to edit the first offering for our new venture and first attempt at a porn film. The first run through we were to make notes and offer constructive critique. Surprisingly my part as the reluctant house wife being dragged into wife swapping was positively accepted as both believable and sexy. Bill’s part was also spot on as the seductive experienced swinger. The group had little to say about Patrick and Nancy’s parts except for the cum eating scene at the end. Everyone thought it to be a full transition for my part from being seduced to being a player. Next Patrick and I were to direct a woman’s first anal experience. Sally was our starlet. Paul hadn’t planned on being in a movie that day but Sally convinced him to play the part. The scene called for Sally to be a housewife taking delivery of a home repair and not having a check book or cast to pay for the service. Paul had a clip board and work shirt on for the scene. The lines were written out on big cue cards off camera to prompt the actors and keep the scene moving. Paul had Sally sign for the finished job and then he asked for payment. She fussed around not having a way to pay he became irritated with the situation demanding something now and he’d return for the money in the morning. When she kept saying she couldn’t pay he started touching her breasts and running the back of his hands on met face then her butt and soon the clip board was on the coffee table and he had an arm in each hand. Sally blurted out “I know what you want, you Bastard, you want what all men want, you want sex, don’t you?” Paul admitted that he liked sex and in order for him to let her delay payment she could trade sex for the delay. She complained that he husband couldn’t ever find out if she went along, to which Paul responded “Who’s going to tell him?” So Sally started to disrobe. Paul quickly stripped down to nothing and Sally began sucking his cock. “You give good head, Bitch” Paul told her. After he was fully erect he pulled her to her feet and said “What else do you do well?” Then he pushed her onto the sofa knees on the seat and face hanging over the back. He spread her fee and legs to gain access. Then spread her as cheeks saying “Nice holes, Bitch”. She braced herself but then Paul pushed his cock in her ass. “Oh no, wrong hole, wrong hole” she cried in vein. “I’ve never done nit this way!” she went on “Let’s start over and do it the regular way. Please!” “No Bitch your ass is mine just shut up and take it” he commanded as he continued to fuck her ass till he was done. Sally acted as if she didn’t enjoy it at all. But a few whispered off camera that it was good acting and she really love it in the back door. Paul reached his climax and pulled out to squirt his cum on her back and she acted mortified and used, started crying as he packed up his things and commanded her to have the money in the morning. Patrick yelled “Cut!” That was great for all who watched it be filmed. “Now we need another man to take Sally’s ass but this time she’s going to be willing” No takers as all the men had full cycle sex within the last hour and a half. We planned for the second half to be shot in the morning with either Patrick or Bill to be the actor. We straightened the place up and gave complements all around for the efforts. Next morning about 10AM we reconvened at Bill and Nancy’s. Once there Patrick called for quiet on the set and Bill would play the part of the payment collector. The scene was begun at the front door where Sally dressed only in a house coat answered the doorbell to find Bill with a clip board. “Oh my, you want the payment for yesterday’s service call” He agreed and she invited him in while she retrieved the check. He marked the payment on the paper from the clip board attached the check to the clip boars and told Sally “My man was here yesterday and you were supposed to pay upon delivery” “I know” she said “But we worked it out to let me pay today.” “He doesn’t have that kind of authority with my business” Bill commanded. “What do you mean” Sally asked. “We worked it out”. “No Lady, you owe me for a late fee” he barked. Sally stammered about not having any money but Bill kept demanding extra payment. Then Sally asked what he wanted and Bill explained that he talked with his service man and the arrangement and that he was willing to make the same deal for payment in full. Sally acted insulted and embarrassed and oddly willing to comply. Pausing for a moment she finally agreed to his terms so he untied her robe and pulled it off her tossing it onto a chair. He lifted her (just like he lifted and carried me yesterday) to the playroom they went. The camera catching her pussy shot just like mine from the other film, as they made way to the playroom. He tossed her on the bed and she squirmed around as if to be scared while he dropped his pants. While he was removing his shirt he commanded her to suck his cock. She did. Once fully erect he told her to assume the position. He spread her cheeks ad she braced herself for the inevitable. The camera moved in close to capture his cock being pushed into her ass. This time Sally didn’t have to play quite a resistant as she was supposed to want it in the ass this time as part of the story. Bill proceeded in fucking her but hard and she met his thrusts with a rocking motion, indicating her acceptance of the duty. He got there fairly soon and pulled out pushing Sally onto her back shot his cum wad on her stomach. “Nice ass Bitch” Bill yelled as he dressed and headed out the front door, slamming it behind him. The camera returned to find Sally still on the bed fingering her ass and smiling into the camera. “Cut” Patrick shouted. A round of applause for the actors and we were relocated to the great room for another preview. Next we set up for an employment interview that included sex to seal the deal. Nancy along with my husband, Patrick were to be the characters. Nancy wanted to be the employer that demanded sexual demand attention from Patrick to give and edge over other applicants. Patrick wore a three-piece business suit and Nancy wore studious looking glasses, low cut white blouse and a navy tight skirt with matching jacket and stiletto heels. We set up an office with desk and chair, sofa and credenza that had a full bar inside. I did the voice of the secretary off screen, announcing the applicant’s arrival. “Show him in” Nancy barked, and the scene began. Patrick entered with a sheet of paper in hand, introduced himself and thanked Nancy for the meeting. “Well now aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” she replied. “I brought my references” Patrick offered as he handed the paper to Nancy. Nancy thanked him and sat behind the desk. Reading over the papers, Nancy noticed Patrick still standing, “Oh please relax, make yourself comfortable, your work history is impressive. “she said as Patrick sat on the sofa and Nancy rose to come around the desk and sit on it legs crossed. “Now impress me with something that’s not on your resume” she said as she took off her glasses. Patrick payed the nervous applicant stammering for an answer then saying, “What did you have in mind that you’d like to know?” “Well quite frankly I would like to know just how married you are?” He responded with “I guess I’m just as married as the next person”. Nancy then told him that was a good thing since she started at the lower levels and worked her way up, using her body to make advancements come quicker along the way. Patrick acted fidgety but remained silent. Nancy continued with letting him know that she expected the same kind of path for him if he would come to work for her and want advancement along his career. “You mean….?” Patrick started to say. “Yes my Dear, it’s my turn to be the recipient of sexual favors from my employees” Nancy commanded. “But I’m married?!” Patrick replied. “So am I, so what, now let me see what’s in your pants” Nancy barked. Reluctantly Patrick stood and un did his trousers, lowering then and his underwear to revile his sex package. “Nice junk!” Nancy said as she got off the desk and walked over to take his cock in one hand and cup the other under his balls. “Okay Honey you pass the test so far but let’s see what you can do with it” She said while fondling and stroking his equipment. Patrick removed his jacket, vest, tie and shirt as Nancy squatted before him and helped him step out of his pants. She stood to remove he jacket, and blouse, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra and turned to have Patrick unfasten and unzip the back of her skirt. It was pulled down across her bottom and there she turned to face him in her scanty black thong and high heels. She pushed him to sit on the sofa then placed one foot beside him on the seat. “Please me” she commanded. Patrick began kissing and gently running his hands over her bottom, sliding a finger under the thong a few times to tease her, then down and off it came. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and pulled his face to her crotch, Patrick started giving his best head to her as she stood there and became more and more aroused. Then she knelt with a knee on either side of him while he leaned back and she lowered herself onto him cock. She did most of the bouncing to have his cock please her hole and drive him crazy. Patrick was trying to meet her cadence with what little movement he could find. She came off her mounted position to lower herself to knees on the floor and suck his cock. All I could think of was how much Patrick said he like the way Nancy gave head and how this was both acting and sexual pleasure combined for him. Next she stood turned around and backed up to lower herself onto his cock again only both facing the same direction. Patrick reached around to find her clit and tease it as she bounced up and down on his rock hard cock. Nancy acted like she was having an outrageously fantastic orgasm. Patrick moaned “I’MMM Gooooing tooooo cuuuuuum”. Nancy raised up to let his cock come out but stayed right there for the camera to catch him squirting all over her belly. Nancy wiped his cum off her tummy with her fingers and ate it. She licked it off her hands then stood, spun around and licked and sucked his cock till every drop was devoured. Her face still by his cock the camera closed in and she said “You passed the physical part of the test, and I’ll expect you to be here in my office every Thursday afternoon at 3 PM. And you better be ready to give me pleasure” Followed by “You’re hired!” We all heard “Cut!” Bill announced that all had done a good job so far but we needed to have a special meeting in the great room. Once assembled we got a new direction from Bill and Paul. They had found a building where we could set up a studio and cameras to make better films. Our team would own the company jointly if each would put up their fair share and put some work into making porn films for real. I whispered to Patrick, “Did you know about this?” He whispered back “Only that they were talking about it one night on the back patio”. The investment was small and idea was intriguing. Patrick and I looked at one another and nodded. “We’re in” Patrick said for the two of us. Everyone else agreed so Bill went into some more detail. We would find others from ads in magazines and internet and swingers web sites to be the actors. We would have interviews, full swing sexual interviews. We were looking for acting ability and physical features that would be sexy and appealing for other perverts like us to watch and or pay money for. All agreed again. Bill would get the paperwork set up for the lease and he had a rent-to-own place that had all the cameras and lighting equipment we would need. I said “Wow we are going to be porn Producers and directors!” We went home and met back in an hour to go out to a nice steak house where we could celebrate our new venture. Round Eight – The Studio We got it all set up and signed to go into business making porn movies. Nancy took charge of the design for each scene. Patrick would build or acquire furniture or fixtures for the props. I was to help write scenes and cue cards, Bill would be in charge of finding actors and promoting the finished films and Paul was in charge of interviews for the actors. We all like the idea of taking turn having sex with the actors during interviews. Paul said he thought some might need to be recalled for another “reading” if we thought it would be worthwhile. We all had a laugh over that one, and each of the women had a snide comment. It only took a few days for the applications to come in. Each included glamor shots, full frontal and full back naked view and a list of experience. As expected only a few were really porn stars and while they looked good and most likely were, they were out of our price range. We found many that would do the film for free to get started in the business or for their sexual appetite. We offer to give them royalties as we were going to sell the films to buyers and distributors and money would be shared by those in the film as wll as the people making the film. These were our favorite kind of porn stars to be. Four were set up for Saturday right after lunch and we all showed for the first day of screen tests. First candidate was Kerrie, a 35-year-old housewife with only one small tattoo on the small of her back. When asked why she was looking for an acting job in the porn industry, she replied that she like sex and wanted to fuck on camera and show her Bastard husband that could fuck as good as his secretary. Paul asked her to disrobe and show us her body. She did and posed in seductive stances for the cameras. Then he wanted to see her give a blow job. She agreed and Bill removed his pants for the effort. The camera moved in and she went to town on Bill’s cock. The cum shot was on her face and in her hair, but the clincher was when she ate every drop and hammed it up for the camera. We escorted her to the office part of the facility and summoned the next actor. Next hopeful actor was Kevin, a young man, no tattoos, in his mid the late twenties. Handsome and muscular Nancy asked him to remove his clothes. He did, I gulped when his 9-inch cock was pulled out of his underwear. Sally went over to whisper in Nancy’s ear, I could only imagine what she wanted. Nancy asked for him to have intercourse and he agreed. Sally stepped up for the change and disrobed in front of him rubbing herself on him as she got out of her clothes then squatted once naked to suck him up to readiness. Once hard she looked up to him and asked “Ready to fuck me now?”. He agreed and Sally had sex with him in three positions. Nancy wanted a cum shot so he complied by pulling out of Sally while fucking her from behind and shot his wad on her back. Someone escorted him to the office to sign him up too. Next was Tex, a man in his forties wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots and a tee shirt. Sally interviewed him with a few questions and then had him disrobe. He had an average sized penis but thicker than most men I had seen. He posed for us as requested and then Sally asked him to fuck me and he accepted the invitation. I striped down to naked and ready approached him and took him in my hand saying “Mind if I give you a little warm up?”. He nodded and I got down to suck on him. His cock began to grow and grow. Soon it was huge. “Wow”, I said “I’m going t need some lube for this thing”. Someone handed me the tube of lubricant and I coated him large cock then bent over an overstuffed chair we had on the stage area. From behind He worked his manhood into me. I tried to act natural, but I was loving this size and handy sexual method he brought to the stage. Sally asked for a cum shot and I asked if I could please have him cream me. Sally and my actor agreed and he came in me. I then turned to sit on the big chair and spread my legs to have the camera record him sperm running and dripping out of my pussy. He was lead to the office for paperwork. Next was another woman, named Lilly, in her early thirties, no tattoos, huge tits. Paul fucked her brains out and she performed as if she had made sex movies forever. Then she wanted to know if there would be any lesbian or bi-sexual scenes for her if she was hired. Nancy agreed that from time to time that would be part of the actor’s role. She asked if she could demonstrate her talents with another woman as part of her interview. Nancy agreed that she would have sex with her. She stripped down and approached the woman. The applicant was sexually aggressive in her behavior, seducing Nancy with a purpose in mind to please Nancy. Nancy was following her lead with a lot of mutual commitment to having sex with her and each soon was on a mission to get the other to her climax. The scene was getting hotter and hotter as they kept the passion in high gear. We were all surprised when Nancy reach her climax first. Especially since Nancy was a sexual predator of sorts when it came to girl on girl time. Sally stepped in to take over for Nancy and get the girl off. Eventually she reached her limit and came for the camera. She too was escorted to the sign up session in the other office. In recap of the days’ interviews, we all agreed that we were on the right track. All would be viable actors for our movies and we were now to focus on scripts that would exploit the talents we just witnessed. Nancy added that she thought that last girl needed to have another on camera reading. We all laughed and teased her claiming that we should each have a shot at the girl next time. Nancy offered that that Lilly was the best licking she had for some time. We all agreed to give our opinion after experiencing the girl personally. Screen shot storyline boards were built for a couple of films to be made. Casting would be from the people we interviewed. Scripts and cue cards would be produced and Paul requested to be the first director with me as co-director. We all went along with that and the progress kept moving along toward our first full production. Meanwhile we would continue to interview actors one day per week and allow a rain date for some with legitimate scheduling issues. Nancy reiterated that she thought we should bring the one girl back in for another session. I spoke up saying “He name is Lilly, so Just call her up and I’ll help you have a threesome with her”. The gang laughed and started teasing Nancy again. Nancy said “I don’t care who knows it I want to be with Lilly again”. Bill said “I’ll help you with her Honey just get her to meet us and we can all have her as often as you like”. The follow up and launch meeting for the project was at Bill and Nancy’s house. Everything was set for dress rehearsal and a dry run then to start shooting the film. The story line was in place and lines formatted into an actor’s script. Cue cards were prepared. Props were all set for the story shots and sex scenes. We all joined in for a toast to our new adventure. Bill mentioned to Nancy that she should get ready and Nancy checked watch and excused herself form the meeting. We gathered up our assignments and headed out the door. As the four of us Paul and Sally, Patrick and I walked toward our homes in the neighborhood we noticed a strange car pull into Bill and Nancy’s drive way. Out stepped Lilly in a slinky, very sexy long black dress. She recognized us and waved as she went to the front door. Bill let her in and wiggled his eye brows as he closed the door behind her. Sally said “That Nancy must be horny tonight” Paul said “Aren’t we all” I offered to have us stop at our house on the way home and take care of that. Patrick asked Sally, “Would you like to fuck?” Sally said she wanted to eat my pussy, get her pussy licked and fuck both Patrick and her husband. And so we did. Round Nine – New Filming Idea We got all met to review how our little porn business might get a push to the next level. I offered the idea of some husbands wanting to see their wives with other sex partners, the group nodded in agreement with that idea so I continued. So since the men thought that was hot and the women like getting their men hot, I read from my notes on the next twist to our porn project. We get couples to play as we film the wives doing it with strangers. Then sell them the DVD. The group was behind the idea right away, Bill adding, “I see you have more notes, please go on”. So I read off the list of support and content for the project. We run an ad in a few sleazy publications and on internet sites for swingers and wife swappers. We could even get a profile on one as a couple looking for friends to have recreational sex and let us film it. Bring in someone other than one of us to do the wife and film it from several angles. Edit the film and offer it for purchase if they want a copy and/or offer it on the internet and let the couple get a royalty if we sell any copies. All were still on board. Bill would get an ad written, Paul and Nancy would sign up for a Swinger’s Site” and write up the profile. Sally and I would search for the men with whom the wives could be with and Patrick would bird dog for some meeting places to have a preliminary interview and comprise the questions with my help. We would be back together on next Wednesday for a pizza and skull session. Wednesday came and the response was crazy. Bill had fifteen couples interested in getting involved. Paul and Nancy had seventeen couples ready to interview and the questionnaire was reviewed and edited to a final offering. We contacted three couples for interviews and set up meeting in a shelter house at a popular local nature park. We sat in the SUV watching for the first couple’s arrival. They pulled up and slowly moved to the shelter house sitting on the table with feet on the set part of a picnic table. The husband was average build and in his mid-forties, she was in a sun dress and a few years younger, both looked sexy. Patrick and Nancy got out and approached the couple. Paul and I sat watching in the back seat of the SUV. Words were exchanged as we sat waiting for the cue to join them. You could cut the tension and anticipation with a knife. We got the high sign so we joined the shelter house interview. We exchanged introductions, then Patrick and Nancy explained what they learned in order to confirm the couple’s willingness to go forward. She was Kathy and he was Jack. Paul and I stuck to the business side of things confirming a full understanding was had by the couple and Nancy and Patrick kept the intrigue and sexual aura going. They were hooked, so we had them read a disclaimer and sign it right there and then. We set up a shooting date and told them of our studio. The wife asked “Do we just show up and the man and I have sex, just like that?”. Paul replied “Would you be more comfortable with a dress rehearsal?” They both nodded and we offered to let them follow us to the studio. Back in the SUV with a couple in close pursuit, we had the men arguing about which of them would fuck the soon to be actress. Nancy piped up “Oh for heaven’s sake why don’t you both fuck her!” “I’ll bet he would like to get some strange too, don’t you Nancy?” I added with a big smile. She said “You must have read my mind”. Inside the studio we turned on the cameras, lights and positioned the couple on the sofa on the side stage. Interviewing them was Paul, from off camera. They admitted having talked about him watching her have sex with another man, how long they had been a couple, past experience with other sex partners and that they each had a tryst with someone other than their spouse in the past year. Paul called for the action to begin and moved the husband to a side chair in the background but still on camera to get his reactions. Patrick approached the wife, Kathy, had her stand and started unbuttoning her sun dress. Slowly but surely her clothing came off an was neatly placed on the arm of the sofa. Sexy bra and skimpy thong underwear told the story that she came to the meeting with full intentions of getting laid. Paul pulled off his golf shirt and Patrick quietly told her to kiss and suck his nipples, so she did. Paul’s jeans were off and neatly placed across the other arm of the sofa with his shirt. Patrick directed Kathy to pull Paul’s underwear off and play with his “junk”. She made sure the camera would capture her actions, turning Paul slightly and kissing and sucking his cock. Nancy whispered to me to say,” I’m getting in the mood, are you?” I silently nodded and we quietly moved over to sit on each arm of Jack’s chair. Paul was between Kathy’s legs licking her into a frenzy as she lay across the sofa. I bent over to rub Jack’s crotch. He looked up and smiled, “Would you like some attention too?” I asked. He nodded and Nancy was kneeling between his legs tugging his pants off in a heartbeat. I swung one leg over his head and lifted my dress for him to have full access. He made his move to touch, tease and kiss my crotch, then my panties were pulled to one side and his started licking me. We remained in that position till I noticed Paul on top of Kathy fucking her hard and fast. I raised Jack’s head to let him see the action on the sofa. “That’s what I want” I said in a soft voice so as to not disturb the sofa action. I move to sit on his cock both of us facing Nancy. Nancy licked my clit while I bounced up and down on Jack’s nice sized cock. I was getting hot and near a level of euphoria when I noticed the sofa action getting to its peak. I stopped and gave Nancy and turn on Jack’s hard cock, with a knee on either side of him she mounted him planting kisses coaching him to cum in her as they went into hard and fast fucking mode. She was moving her hips to fuck him as he sighed and went limp. He had cum in her. The sofa scene had ended about the same time and Kathy laid back to catch her breath. Patrick come from behind the camera to see if she was okay. Kathy asked Jack, “Did you fuck both toes women?” “They fucked me” he replied. Kathy said something about Patrick being left out and her not being even with Jack in the recreational sex department pulling Patrick toward her naked willing body on the sofa. Patrick dropped his trousers and Kathy got her bottom on the edge of the sofa legs wide apart. “Are you watching now Honey?” she yelled to Jack. Patrick was ready and knelt in front of Kathy to get a quickie. The rest of us watched the action. Kathy took delight with the fact that she fucked Patrick into an orgasm in such a short time. The women cleaned up and the group got dressed. We transformed the gathering back into a business meeting and set up the shoot schedule for Kathy and Jack to get their film made in the morning. We met the next day to get Kathy fucked on film and Jack to watch. Coaching them on things to say that would help sell the DVD and go through the plot of the scene till all were ready. We started filming with them entering the door, cut to the sofa where they sat next to each other and explained the reason for being there was to do what they had talked about “Her getting fucked in front of her husband”. We got their willingness and interests in dong this as their idea on camera and coached Jack to sit on the side in the chair as we brought in our hunk for Kathy. Little did the couple know we set this up for Jerome, the big coked black man we all had enjoyed. The couple was shocked to see a black stud come on set. “Oh my Gawd!” Jack said “This is going to be so very hot!”. Kathy said, “I’ve never been with a black man” with some apprehension in her voice. The introductions were had and Jerome took Kathy’s hand to get her to her feet. She was looking to each of us around the room and darted her eyes toward her husband, “Did you know about this?” she asked her husband to which he responded “No but it should be hotter than we were expecting Dear”. Jerome started removing Katy’s clothing. She was warming up to the idea of her first black lover. She showed some fear as they kissed and touched and he made little sexy remarks as her clothing was slowly removed till naked. Just like rehearsal, she got more into her part and when Jerome’s pants were removed and the bulge in his underwear was obvious Kathy uttered “Oh My!”. Then repeated herself as she pulled his skivvies off as saw his love muscle. She took it in her hand and looked to her husband, watching his reaction as she began sucking Jerome’s cock. Soon she was focused on having sex with her first black man. They repositioned on the sofa and Jerome put his talented tongue to work on Kathy. Moaning ensued and Kathy was really turned on and getting vocal with her delight. Jerome positioned her for entry and pushed into her little by little. Kathy was breathing heavily and welcoming him into her sexual aura. She clung onto him and he picked up the pace. Kathy was losing control and succumbing to her sexual instincts and deepest urges. Urges she only dreamed of were happening in front of her husband, Patrick, Nancy and me. We girls knew that feeling and were witnessing nature consuming the couple, we held each other’s hands to share the event. Kathy let go with a ballistic orgasm. Jerome got excited by her actions and it prompted to near his climax. Faster and deeper he fucked Kathy feverishly. She screamed in delight and it seemed she got an even greater level of orgasm as he finished with a big finish. Jerome pulled out and jack the last of his cum on Kathy’s belly. She lay there exhausted and looked around the room. Nancy motioned for her to eat the cum. Kathy wiped the cum off her belly and licked it off her fingers for the camera as Patrick moved in for a close up. “Nancy told Jack that is was customary to tip his wife’s lover, adding a whispered amount. Jack folded some money and shook Jerome’s hand passing it over to him. They thanked each other and Jerome dressed and returned to the office. We thanked him for his picture perfect performance. He left offering to come fuck white women anytime. We gave credit to Nancy for the prompt to tip the performer. Kathy had cleaned up in the lady’s room but remained naked. We sat and discussed the terms of the agreement again and set up a review of the film once it was edited. Jack told Kathy it was time to go. Kathy was still stunned, dressing very slowly and appeared to be freshly and thoroughly fucked as Jack helped her to their car. We were so proud of

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