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First time sub, domination

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We have been married for many years, and everything has been great. Sometimes you just need to add a little spice to something that you have been doing for so long. My wife and I had discussed some of our previous sexual experiences before we were married, so I already knew that she did have some experience before we were married.

Since we have started to lose some of the spark that we had for many years, I told her that while we were having sex, I would like to hear about some of them again, and in more detail than we had previously discussed. She seemed a little reluctant at first, but I told her that we could try it and if it doesn?t work out, we could forget it. So with that, she agreed to give it a try.

Once we were in our bed, and my wife had removed all of her clothing other than her panties, she said ok, where do we start. I told her that she had mentioned before that not all of her sexual encounters were willing on her part. I said that I wanted to hear more about that, and in more detail. She said ok, and I just started to play with her breasts. I told her to just talk to me, until she feels like she should become more active in our sex play.

She said the first time that she was in a situation was with one of the guys from our group of people that we use to hang out with. She said that he had been flirting with her for awhile, and would occasionally grab a quick feel of her breasts or her butt. She said that she hadn?t really been upset with that, and that others had done the same thing, so she just kind of shrugged it off. Finally, one day, he asked her if she would like to go to a drive in movie with him, and she agreed on the date.

When Friday night date night came, she was meticulous with getting herself prepared. She showered, spent time on her hair and makeup, and put on a nice dress. Back then, pantyhose were not a big thing, so she usually just wore her stockings, panties, and a garter belt. She asked her mom and her two sisters how she looked, and was told that she looked great, and asked her about her date. She didn?t go into a lot of detail, and just said that he was one of the guys that the group all hung out with, and that this was their first date. Mom said that she was anxious to meet him.

The next thing she knew was that her date was outside her house, and beeping his horn for her to come out. She just shouted good bye and ran out and jumped into his car and they were off to the drive in. Her date was not quite as meticulous in preparing for his date, and just had on a T-shirt and jeans, and didn?t look like he had combed his hair since he got out of bed in the morning. She did say, however, that he was a very hot, good looking young man.

When he pulled into the drive in, he parked all the way in the back, in the very last row. Once he got the car parked, he moved over to the passenger side of the car and started to kiss her, which kind of surprised her how quickly he was moving.

The next thing she knew, he had her dress up around her waist and was rubbing her pussy thru her panties, and he wasn?t exactly gentle. She tried to get him to slow down a little, but he had already dropped his pants, and had a hard cock in his hand. He took her hand and put it around his hardening cock and told her to jerk him off, which she did. She felt that if she jerked him off, he would calm down and enjoy some of the movie with her.

While she was jerking him off, he had opened up her dress, and had both of her breasts out which he was now playing with and pinching and sucking on them, again, not being very gentle. He apparently, was becoming more aroused, and she was hoping that he would cum quickly.

He was now finger banging her pussy, and said that he wanted to fuck her pussy. She said that she was a virgin, and that she doesn?t want to do that. He told her that she would have to suck his cock if she wasn?t going to allow him to fuck her. She got herself in a position so that she could suck him off, and would allow him to play with her pussy and her breasts. Since he was not very gentle with her, she was not really enjoying their sexual encounter, even though the young man had a decent sized cock. Apparently, the only thing he was interested in was getting himself off.

He told her to lay down across the back seat, which she did, and he mounted her face and began fucking her face while he was reaching back and had his hand down her panties as he played with her pussy. It wasn?t long before he started to cum in her mouth, and with the position that she was in, there wasn?t much she could do, other than to allow him to cum in her mouth, and she did the best that she could in trying to swallow all that she could.

He told her that he thought that she was a pretty good date, and told her to just keep sucking his cock, that he wanted to cum again. She did as he requested, and he told her to take off her panties so that he could play with her pussy better while she was sucking. She removed her panties as requested, and continued to suck as he got progressively harder again.

He told her that her pussy was really wet, and that he wanted to run his cock up and down her slit, and the crack of her ass. As he positioned her, and himself, he was now totally hard again, and rubbing his cock up and down her slit and getting it wet. She said that she was a little nervous about what he was doing, but that she was so far away from home, that she just couldn?t get out of the car and try to get a ride home, so she allowed him to rub his cock on her hoping that he would cum again soon and it would be finally over.

She said it didn?t take him very long, and the next thing she knew, he had pushed the head of his cock into her pussy. She told him to stop, and he just ignored her request and continued to push. Now, he had his cock fully inserted into her pussy, and he seemed to be going totally wild with passion. Before she realized what was happening, she could feel him spurting his cum inside her pussy as he was grunting. She said she was just lying there at that point, and realized that there wasn?t much that she could have done to prevent what had just happened. At this point, she was just hoping that she wasn?t going to be in high school and be pregnant.

When up pulled out, she said she could feel his cum dripping down her legs, and she quickly put her panties back on. He told her to get dressed, and that he would go and get some soda and popcorn and be right back.

She sat there thinking about what she should do. Should she just get out of the car and try to get home, or just ask him to take her home when he got back to the car. There weren?t any cell phones in those days, and she didn?t have any change to use on a pay phone. So there she sat, waiting for her date to return to the car.

When he returned to the car, he offered her some popcorn and soda. She refused the popcorn, but took the soda and figured it would was some of the cum out of her mouth.

He tried to make small talk as he ate his popcorn, but she really wasn?t into the conversation. So she just sat and watched the movie, and how anxious she was to get home and take a shower. She had pretty much put herself back together as they sat and watched the movie. At the time, she wasn?t real crazy about watching some of the sex scenes on the screen.

Apparently, the scenes on the screen had an effect on her date, and he started to nuzzle her neck. She started to try to push him away, but he was in control of the situation. Before, she realized it; he had his cock out again, and told her to jerk him off. She was hoping that this would be the end of it.

As he was enjoying his hand job, he had his hand up her dress and was playing with her pussy. He told her to suck his cock. She was reluctant, but he said she wasn?t going home until she sucked him again. She went down on him as he fingered her pussy. He kept pushing her head further down his cock, and would resist any effort that she made to get away from his cock. He told her that he wanted to watch her jerk him off on her face, so they changed positions so that he could watch her.

She did as she was told, and she jerked him off till he was now shooting his cum all over her face and in her hair. After the first few loads of cum, he took his cock and pushed it into her mouth as she cleaned the cum off his cock.

He said that he had to work the next day, so they would have to leave early; otherwise he would be late getting up for work the next day.

When he pulled his car up in front of her house, he told her that he had a really good time, and that he would like to date her again next Saturday. She just said, no, I don?t think so.

She told me that she had worried about getting pregnant for several weeks after the date at the drive in movie, but other than that, she was fine with it, and never told anyone but me the full story.

That was the end of her date, and she never dated him again.

Now, as I laid there with a raging hard on after listening to her story. Her panties were now pretty wet, and she told me that she wanted to give me the best blow job that I ever had. She told me to mount her face, and just keep pumping her mouth until I filled it with my cum as I finger banged my wife.

I did as she requested. When I had finished, she asked what I thought about it. I told her that I was surprised that she would want me to do the same thing to her that her date did that night. She said that she wanted to provide me, her husband, with the same pleasure that she had to provide to her date, except this time, it was her choosing, and she was happy to provide me the pleasure.

I can hardly wait to hear more.

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